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'As if' Gerald


Author's note: This story does not contain a lot of sex. That said, it introduces some characters who want a lot of sex -- and might get some in future posts. Thanks to Ladego for his text editing and encourgement. Hoping for some feedback and reader interaction to get an idea about what you all would like to read about in the future. Lastly, thanks to the real life Sarah, who inspired this story!

Gerald Smith © All rights reserved


You'll never

guess what

I'm doing!

It was 3 AM when Gerald received the SMS from his wife, Sarah.

All Gerald knew for sure was that the small fitness supply company Sarah worked for had begun their annual picnic around 12 noon, at a beachfront resort, after which the plan was to have a sauna, followed by a light supper.

In the past, these types of events were normally followed by the group either staying 'planted' at the resort; or, on the other hand, a trip into the downtown area for dancing.

Both options often stretched into the wee hours of the morning, but normally, Sarah was strictly 'offline' during this time, ignoring SMS messages, emails, telephone calls and ESPECIALLY her husband! So, Gerald was immediately intrigued by the early morning text...

OK -- I'll bite

What are you

doing? Being

good, I hope!


Gerald gambled a bit with his answer, both guessing and hoping Sarah was up to something a bit naughty. Erotically speaking, Sarah's core set of fantasies revolved around an escapist fling with another man. During the past several years she and Gerald discovered -- sometimes rather awkwardly -- that Sarah's desire to have an extramarital affair corresponded to a cuckold fantasy that was number one on Gerald's personal hit parade of fantasies. While Sarah wasn't too sure, especially in the beginning, what to think of Gerald's desire to be cuckolded, she highly appreciated -- and gradually realized -- that Gerald's hopes meant she had 'free hands' to do as she pleased, in terms of guys she was attracted to.

Gerald guessed that because of the context, especially the very late hour, Sarah wouldn't be texting him unless she had something rather interesting to communicate. He gulped, his pulse starting to race, as his wife confirmed his hunch.






Gerald's mind raced. He had difficulty imagining several -- or almost any -- of Sarah's colleagues playing 'spin the bottle' - a variant of 'truth or dare'' - even under the wildest circumstances...

'Not replying' was not an option, but his wife involved in a game like this-- and especially her TELLING him about it -- needed an articulate enough answer to get some of the erotic detail (if there was any), but short enough to encourage an answer - or at least keep the lines of communication open.

The first thought that came into his mind was the most obvious: Sarah was simply generating a ruse -- she was probably waiting for a taxi home -- and making up a story that she knew would drive her husband crazy (which was, he had to admit, working rather well...)

But, the only logical option open to Gerald was 'going with the moment' -- whether his wife was pulling his leg or not.

Who are you

playing with?

And how

long've you

been playing?

Gerald figured that if Sarah had answers to those two questions it would almost immediately establish: 1) Whether or not she was bullshitting him or not and 2) Enough info to hopefully allow for some type of follow-up question.

While Gerald nervously waited for the answer, he convinced himself that this HAD to be some type of fabrication. Sarah had never been very communicative about her flirtations -- especially while they were 'in progress'.

But, on the other hand, as the couple had grown more comfortable with each other's fantasies, Sarah had become increasingly bold about rubbing her desires in Gerald's face, somehow realizing that her behavior -- which would have both infuriated and humiliated most other men -- only drove Gerald crazy with arousal...

A few people

from work and

a few from



who are

using the

same resort

Haven't been

playing too

long --


nothing too

out of the

ordinary has

happened -



The new information -- about people from another company -- made Sarah's story slightly more credible. Gerald just couldn't picture too many people from Sarah's office engaged in such a potentially racy activity -- in front of each other, anyway. Additionally, her claim that 'nothing much' had happened, seemed fairly realistic, as Gerald guessed that most adults who started a game of 'spin the bottle' didn't normally get all that far... And his wife's message left a good opening for a natural follow-up message:




Gerald realized his pulse was racing, as he eagerly waited for a reply... He remembered that Sarah had packed a pair of tan shorts and a skimpy tank top - an outfit that'd be comfortable both after a sauna and cute on a dance floor.

More importantly, he'd spied the matching blue, white and black-lace-trimmed French push-up bra and thong that he knew would be concealed beneath her casual, sexy clothing! Sarah had only recently purchased that set of lingerie - he hadn't even seen her wear it yet!

Stephanie had to

kiss a guy from

the other

company -

but I could tell

She liked it


Gerald couldn't resist asking:


is there?

Gerald had never met Stephanie, but felt like he knew her - a bit, anyway - as Sarah often told stories about her colleagues.

The reply came almost instantly.

Yup! It was

her idea for

YOU to

play with us

- via

phone! I


she still


believe you

'exist' LOL!

'You' are

sitting next

to me - We'll

tell you if the

bottle points

to you and I

can spin for

you on your

turn, OK?

The speed of Sarah's replies again aroused Gerald's suspicions that his wife was fabricating the event. First of all, it just wasn't like Sarah to keep him 'updated' on her 'adventures' - as Gerald called them and second, even if she chose to, it was difficult for Gerald to picture anyone in a game like 'spin the bottle' taking time to send text messages.

On the other hand, the level of detail in the 'story' was much too complicated - unless, of course, Sarah had 'borrowed' the plot from an adult magazine or internet forum...

These guys

know you're

texting your


Won't that put

a damper on


Gerald wasn't sure it was a great idea to underline the fact - albeit subtly - that a married woman ought not be playing ANY form of 'truth or dare', but also thought that since Sarah was 'thoughtful' enough to Inform him of her naughty behavior (or taking the time and imagination to fabricate such a delicious lie), he could also 'play along'

I wouldn't

worry too

much about



Some of

my 'admirers'

seem to be

curious /

suspicious as

to what kind

of guy lets his

wife stay out

so late...


I think they

might be

tempted to

test your





Gerald's cock twitched at the mention of 'Jerry's' name, knowing that her colleague, Jerry, already made it clear to Sarah - and several of their colleagues on previous company social outings - that he lusted after his attractive 'MILF' colleague!




What do

you mean

- test my


Now Gerald was fairly sure Sarah was making this up. What she was reporting played into his 'wildest fantasies'

In a way, Gerald didn't want to ruin the illusion that his wife had taken the trouble to conjure up. But he also couldn't resist probing Sarah's bold assertion.





Gerald's imagination was firing on all cylinders! Could it really be true that his gorgeous wife was a) getting into a game of spin the bottle at 3 AM, b) with at least one colleague who'd made his affections for her known - in spite of, or maybe because of - the fact Sarah was a married woman and c) getting HIM involved, at least in a virtual sense?

Before Gerald really had time to process the info necessary for him to deduce whether or not this was 'really' happening, he got an a SMS from an 'unknown' number. Normally Gerald ignored unknown numbers, but normally he didn't get SMS messages at 3:20 AM - while his wife was out on the town, playing 'truth or dare'!

Hi Gerald!






Now Gerald's heart REALLY started pounding! The likelihood that Sarah would go to the trouble of using TWO cell phones, just to arouse him, was next to zero. Gerald poured himself a Scotch and created a contact named

'Stephanie' in his address book, for the new number that went with the SMS. Nervously, he replied.



Nice to




going on?

Stephanie replied instantly.

Spin the bottle!

Thought S told

u. S is busy

with J

Gerald found it surreal to be chatting with someone he didn't know and hoped he could adjust to the communication style used by young people.


Gerald texted back, (even though he guessed the answer.)





in your

wife!!! U


better not

let S play

2 long!

J already

dared her

2 kiss him!

Gerald shifted uncomfortably in his easy chair, as his wife's young, female colleague informed him about Jerry's illicit request. Gerald's knowledge that the pretty young woman not only knew Jerry desired Sarah - and was warning him about it - hinted at a potentially humiliating situation, especially coupled with the fact that Jerry had already 'dared' his wife to kiss him!

What made the situation - and Gerald's cock - even harder, was that Stephanie's 'warnings' made it clear she had no idea that Gerald would be helpless in a situation where another guy - especially one Sarah found very attractive - made a play for his wife! Gerald knew a young, attractive woman like Stephanie probably wouldn't understand his subservient behavior, and especially wouldn't understand his desire that she find out about any such decision - to continue to let his wife play the naughty game - because of her preconceived ideas about marriage.

Did she?!?

Gerald used ambiguous punctuation that both truly reflected his excitement. AND could be (and probably would be) misinterpreted by Stephanie...

Not sure,


S said

she couldn't

'in front of


but agreed

2 'negotiate'

in the hallway

(they r still


Do u

want me

2 check

on them?

All Gerald knew for sure was that if Sarah had cooked up the 'act' as stimulating foreplay, he'd 'bought it' hook, line and sinker! It dawned on him that the situation - at least certain aspects of it - might very well be real!

He was wondering how to respond to Stephanie, when a new SMS - this one from his wife - chimed on his phone.

Back now,

it's Andre's


- gotta visit

the WC,

back in a few



Gerald instantly wondered if Sarah REALLY had to go to the bathroom, or - on the other hand - if 'Andre's' request (the name was completely unfamiliar to him) had to do with her!

His first reaction was to ask Stephanie, but he didn't know her well enough for that... He stewed in his arousal for the next few moments, trying to guess what might be happening...

An incoming text from Sarah made him jump - he anxiously opened the SMS.





Truth or dare?


Gerald suddenly realized all the critical things he didn't know about tonight's game; How many people were playing? How many did he know? Were people sober or plastered? Who was posing him the truth or dare turn?



Gerald gulped, waiting for the reply.


Sarah texted. Not knowing who Andre was, there was realistically only one option Gerald saw:


The question came a few moments later, via Sarah's number.

Do you


your wife

would be

willing to b

on the TV




Gerald's eyes dilated and his breathing became shallow. He took an uncharacteristically large swallow of his whisky as he typed his answer:



Gerald waited nervously for the next message, guessing - because of the question and the kissing-related dares he knew had already occurred - that the game was on a rather erotic course....

An SMS chimed from a new unknown number. Gerald gulped and tapped on the Icon


answer and


according to

your VERY




Gerald couldn't help wonder how Andre, Sarah and Jerry would interpret the fact that he could not only answer a question like that correctly and whether the question would have follow-on implications... He made an address book entry for Andre, while nervously waiting for what happened next.

An SMS came from Sarah:

Your turn!

The bottle is

pointing at


Sarah had sent the SMS and wondered - along with several persons in the small group - whether or not Gerald could - or would - probe what she'd been 'up to' during the evening.

Gerald was in fact dying to know just 'how well' Jerry and Sarah had become 'acquainted' in the hallway a few moments ago, but couldn't bring himself to ask a guy - one he'd never met - if he'd been kissing his wife...

So far, the evening was only 'rated PG', and Gerald didn't feel like it was up to him to openly raise the stakes. A new SMS, from Stephanie, required action.

I asked

him truth

or dare,



Another text came almost instantly, again, via Stephanie.


Gerald texted Sarah something he was genuinely curious about - something that would give him a hint as to how to continue:

Ask Jerry

How much

has my wife

had to

drink (of


A few moments later, new unknown number chimed and a spike of adrenaline shot through Gerald - He was pretty sure he was about to communicate directly with a guy who wanted to seduce his wife! Not only that - a guy who was physically present in a game of spin the bottle/truth or dare with HIS Sarah!

Gerald gingerly tapped the message icon.

That's 2

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