tagLoving WivesAs Luck Would Have It

As Luck Would Have It


You can't pick your parents. Mine were bummers. My lot was to be treated like slave labor around the farm. As soon as I graduated from high school, I purchased an automobile so that I could drive to town, where I soon had two jobs, so that I would spend the least time possible on that damn farm.

Dating was new to me. Until I got my own car, the only time that I went to town was with one of my parents. My first boyfriend was John Cowden, once a star football player at another school in the area. Now, a police officer, he was well known around town. One of my jobs was at a local insurance agency. The other girls there commented on how attractive that he was. He asked me out. One date led to another. Summer led to fall.

One day we were at his house. His parents had taken a trip to Florida for a week. We were petting on his couch. During past dates, I had allowed him to fondle my breasts. He kissed and sucked them. It didn't feel all that nice, since they were very tender. His hand slid down to the front of my skirt. It rested on my pussy. I pushed his hand away.

"Johnny, let's just kiss and hug."

"Oh Baby, we have been going steady for two months now. I am so horny for you."

It was nice to be wanted. I so craved affection.

He kissed me again, as his hand caressed my thigh. I did not push it away. He placed his hand under my skirt. I stopped it from advancing to my pussy, but let it stay there.

The room felt warm. I was conscious of my pussy. He rubbed my breasts again. My head went back. He kissed my neck, while rubbing my stomach, hips. Now his hands were on my skirt covering my pussy. I closed my eyes. My mouth was open. His hand was slowly rubbing up and down. I could not help it. My legs opened wide as the passion in me grew. Pressing against me, he put me on my back. My panties were pulled to one side.

His cock was placed at the entrance to my pussy. He pushed his ass forward. Nothing happened. He put both hands under my fanny. He was on me completely. He thrust hard.

"Oh God, that hurts. You have to stop."

He tried to thrust into me again. No dice.

"Wait, stop. You are hurting me."

He slowly rolled off me. His face was red. He was panting.

When he recovered, we went back to petting. The next day, he again brought me to his parent's home. I knew that he would want to try to fuck me again.

After we had eaten some popcorn, drank a coke, he took me to his bedroom. I did not resist when he undressed me. Whatever sex was, I wanted to try some. Johnny undressed. He took out a condom. I stared at his cock as he rolled the condom on.

After a short time playing with my breasts, he tried to finger me, sometimes hard enough to make me cry out.

As he lowered himself onto me, he said, "I am going to push hard enough to get into you today. No matter what."

I was afraid. It hurt badly. But, suddenly he slid in. He was beet red from the effort. I lie there with my eyes open looking at the ceiling. What is the big deal with this? Once he was in, I could feel him move in me. It did not feel good. It did not turn me on. He cum. We kissed and petted. He washed his cock. Put another condom on, and fucked me again.

From then on, he fucked me every time we dated, except when my "Red Friend" was visiting. I now enjoyed being fucked. Some weekends, he would enter me ten, or more times. Over the next five years, he fucked me, I would guess, at least two hundred times a year, for a total of one thousand fucks. As luck would have it, he always wore a condom, so I did not become pregnant.

He was a pompous, self-centered, arrogant, "Prima Donna." He proposed to me. Two days later, I gave him the ring back. I knew that he was not right for me.

With only one days notice to my parents, I left to take a job in a small New England city. There were four promiscuous girls in the apartment that I shared. For the first four months, I kept to myself. No one knew me, so I had no dates.

One night, Kathy's boyfriend showed up with one of his guy friends. Kathy approached me. "Linda, Danny's buddy, Jack Whalen is here with him. We are going to the "Red Dog," (A local dive.) Want to come along? I gladly agreed to go with them.

The "Red Dog" was mobbed. It was shoulder to shoulder, with smoke so thick that you could hardly see. Right away, Jack put his arm around me. He was just a guy to me. Average height, looks and personality. Just a date to pass the evening with. A couple times, I felt his hand caress my ass. Johnny had conditioned me to let men feel me, so I let it pass.

We were all drunk when we returned to the apartment. At first, we sat on the two couches in the living room. Kathy and Danny were pawing each other. It was obvious that they would soon be in her bed. Kathy had a lot of boy friends. They all ended up in her bed.

That put Jack in sort of a bind. He had come in Danny's car, so if Danny spent the night, then Jack would too. I had no intention with letting him fuck me. Hell, I hardly knew the guy. Kathy and Danny left the room.

"Look, Jack, I have some things to do in the morning, so I am going to bed. You can crash on one of the couches."

Jack mumbled with drunken slurred speech. "Ya, sure, I'm okay."

I went down the hall to my room. Took off my blouse and skirt. Put on my robe, and walked into the bathroom for a shower, plus to put my hair up in rollers.

To my surprise, when I walked into my bedroom, there was Jack under my covers. I stopped. What the hell will I do now? I'm not going to sleep on the couch. I knew that he was there with the intention of fucking me. I was not on the pill. Had never used the pill. Johnny used condoms. Remember? I thought that it would be a safe time of month, so I crawled under the covers with him. He might have fallen asleep while I was in the bathroom? Even if he fucked me, he would probably cum shortly, so I could be asleep soon.

Two things. One, he was very intoxicated which prevented him from cuming for over thirty minutes. Thirty minutes is a very long time to have a man fuck you when he is a young, strong, guy, in good shape. Second, It had been four months since I had sex. It was the first time that I had been without sex in over five years. Jacks finger felt good when he inserted it in me. He smelled of beer and smoke. He kissed my neck. I turned my lips away from him. He slid on me. One hand found my cunt lip, spreading them. The head of his cock was put in. He shifted his weight, as he opened my legs wide. His shoulder pinned me. He grabbed both cheeks of my ass, as he pumped his cock in me.

He never said a word. I was only a fuck to him, as he was to me. He thrust with long steady strokes, in and out of me. He kept going and going. I could feel the tingling in my spine. My belly and pussy started to feel really good. I thrust my pussy towards his descending cock to speed up the tingling. It became urgent.

"Now, Fuck, Fuck," I demanded as I was shaken by the intensity of my arousal.

Jack never missed a beat, as his cock plunged in and out of me. He shuttered as he pumped his cum in me. He stayed in place. Soon, he was fucking me again. I cum again. By now I was beat, panting, from the effort. Jack cum a second time then stopped.

We both fell asleep. Around five, I got up to pee. It woke him. He peed. When he crawled into bed, he got between my legs.

"Not now Jack. I need some sleep."

As I was saying the word sleep, his cock was thrust into me. He thrust, I responded. We both cum. Sleep at last. I never let Jack in my bed again. As luck would have it, I did not get pregnant.

It was another three months before I was involved with another man by the name of Tom Lambert, who is now my husband. One of the men in my office was a friend of Tom. They drank coffee at a local coffee shop. Several times, I had spoken to them both when I went to buy coffee for the girls at the office. Tom, I thought, was happily married.

He did not seem to pay attention to me, or any other women for that matter. What I did not know was that he was in the process of getting a divorce. As luck would have it, we were both invited to a party. I got so drunk that I passed out. Since he knew me vaguely, he offered to drive both Kathy, who was also drunk, and I back to our apartment.

A month later, he was returning to his office at 11:41 PM, just as Kathy and I were coming down the street on our way to the "Red Dog." We took his briefcases from him. Put those in his car, while each of us held one of his arms. He was "Kidnapped," and taken to the "Red Dog."

I studied him during the evening. He was big, soft-spoken, smooth, considerate, funny, and completely at ease with who and what he was. This was a new breed of cat for me. During the evening, Kathy asked him about his marriage, since we both had noticed that he was at the party alone.

"Just divorced."

"Why did you guys split?"

"We were just not meant to be. The divorce was my idea. We are still friends."

"War of the Roses," this was not, I mused to myself. I had all sorts of fights with Johnny. I wondered what it would be like to be with a man who was like this one. I was twenty-five. An inner clock was telling me that I wanted to be married, have children.

I did not see Tom for a month. As luck would have it, one of my apartment mates, named Sandra, who did not know Tom, approached he and another man who were conversing on the Main street of our city.

"I am going to kill myself."

After talking her to his car, Tom asked her what was wrong in her life.

"The last five guys that I have dated, I have fucked on the first date."

They talked for a while. Tom brought her back to the apartment. I was there. We spoke, candidly.

"Why do the guys come on to Sandra so forcefully? They all seem to demand that she has sex with them?"

"All the girls that live her are sexually active."

"Including You?"

"Last guy that I dated spent the night in my bed."

"Nice. Well, keep an eye on her. She has a self esteem problem."

A month later, I got my own place. I approached Tom at the coffee house. We talked. When he learned that I was living alone, he said that he would like to stop by that night.

"Well, sure, please stop by. Anytime after seven."

I was no virgin. I had been fucked over a thousand times. But this was different. That afternoon I must have looked at the clock two hundred times. I stuffed my pussy with toilet paper, so that I would not wet my chair.

Upon getting home, I ate, showered, and changed my clothes to some loose slacks, with a sheer nylon blouse.

There was a knock on the door. Tom took off his coat, hat, and took me in his arms. He picked me up and sat on the couch with me sitting on his lap. He kissed me. His hand slid across my breast, then settled between my legs.

"Oh, ho, ho, ho. You are very wet."

I gave him a kiss. We got up. We undressed. Less then five minutes after he arrived, his cock was in me. I had to have his cock in me. I needed his cock in me. Four, five, six, seven, eight times we fucked.

There was no condom, no protection. He was with me several times each week. I would not let him out of the door. Sex, sex, sex.

It was no surprise when he asked me one night to marry him. What was a surprise was the absence of my period that next month. As luck would have it, I was pregnant by a man that I loved, and who loved me.

After the birth of our son, we decided to wait for two years before getting pregnant again. I went on the pill.

Tom took a new position, which required that we move. He is out of town a lot. We hung around with a group of young couples that love to party, flirt, and dance.

Tom made it clear to me that he wanted me to go party. I did. Helen Booth and Meg Riley ask me to join them at a USO dance. There must have been a hundred service guys there. Someone would ask us to dance every dance. A new drink was placed in front of us, as soon as ours were empty. I am not sure what happened, but we got separated. This young skinny sailor, by the name of Frankie, said that he would drive me home. He was cute, with hair that sat straight up. I was all of seven years older then he was. He pulled off the highway, stopping under the bleachers of a high school football stadium.

I sat up, sliding away from him into the corner. The streetlights shined on his face. He was so nervous.

"My girl sent me a "Dear John" letter. Could I hold you, kiss you?"

How could I say no to guy that wants that?


He slid over. We kissed. I felt his hand slide under my breast. Softly, he ran his finger around the nipple. I let him. I relaxed, while kissing him. My bra was lifted, tits were pawed.

In one smooth motion; I was pushed over, panties pushed aside, with a cock thrust between my cunt lips. Sure, I was a little slow from the drinks, but that was fast. I was being fucked. For a skinny guy, he had a nice package between his legs. When we had both cum, I told him that I had to get home to let the baby-sitter go. We arranged for him to drop me off. After the baby-sitter had left, he entered the back door. He left at daylight. I had been well fucked. As luck would have it, the birth control pills worked.

Our first child was a rambunctious boy. I dearly wanted a girl. I went off the pill shortly after we moved to a new city. Tom was away a lot. We lived in a four-unit apartment building. The owner, Ray Brigham, was shorter then Tom, ten years older, and so handsome that I could not keep my eyes off him, a fact, he noticed.

We were in the south, with evening temperatures in the seventies. I slept in the nude. I had a see-thru teddy that I would slip on to reach out the front door for the paper. He was within a few feet of me when I reached out, two days in a row. The second day, as I reached for the paper, my breasts were exposed to him.

I backed into the doorway. Ray walked in with me. With a smile, he whispered, "I think that you wanted me to see your tits, Linda. I'm going to see a lot more then your tits. I am going to give you a Brigham beef injection."

My knees went weak. The night before, I had thought of him fucking me, while I masturbated. I had no chance. He was going to fuck me. I was going to let him fuck me. It fully hit me that, yes, I had exposed myself to him to flaunt my tits, to attract him.

He pushed me backward into the bedroom as he said that. He pushed me onto my back. Immediately, his mouth was on my cunt, licking, sucking. He was almost crazed with lust. He moved up on me. His fingers separated my cunt lips, as his cock thrust in me. I felt him stretching, filling me. I wanted him in me so badly. I opened my legs as wide as I could. He would thrust forward, and at the end of the thrust, a deep push, then lift his cock upward so the end ran back and forth in my cunt. My hand found his ass, to pull him to me, deeper. With several hard thrusts, he pumped his sperm in me.

He stopped, just lying there.

Time stopped. I lay there holding him. Him, with his sperm in me. This was Tuesday AM. Neither Ray's wife, who was visiting her mother, or my Tom, would be home until Friday night. Ray would be fucking me, nonstop, for three and a half days. Would he tag me? Would he put a baby in me? Probably.

It would be a good-looking child.

As luck would have it, it was a girl baby. She is beautiful, intelligent, and has a dark complexion, like Ray.

Shortly after she was born, Ray had a vasectomy, as did Tom. As luck would have it.

I'm Softly.

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