tagBDSMAs the Master Wishes Day 02

As the Master Wishes Day 02


Stephanie awoke to the second day of her husband's business trip with a smile as she realized that she would get to role play that day. The email appeared soon after she downloaded the picture of the "cable guy's" semen displayed on her ass to her husband/Dom. Her husband complimented her on complying with his wishes while he was away although he was ignorant of Stephanie breaking a few of his rules with her suitor. His response was not only a picture of his dick flaccid after climax, but an email detailing what the next day would bring.

Stephanie was instructed to rise early in order to change into her tennis clothes. According to him, her outfit was to consist of her white polo style shirt, her short white tennis skirt and a pair of red panties. A white visor was permitted to be worn as well as white socks and matching athletic shoes. As Stephanie began to grab for a sports bra, she remembered that she wasn't told to wear one. As she slid into the white polo, she could feel the fabric pressing against her breasts allowing her nipples to poke through. The panties were one size too small to ensure they could grab onto her ass and rise up higher on her legs. The skirt barely concealed this fact as she began to put the shoes on over the socks before the doorbell rang.

Standing at the door was an unfamiliar face as she opened the door. The man wearing the athletic gear presented Stephanie with a letter on her husband's letterhead. She began to read and discovered that she was to act as if she was a virgin and the man before her was to take her "virginity". As she welcomed him in, he flashed the camera to have evidence that she wore the outfit. As she took him to the rear of the house where the tennis court was, the sound of thunder resounded as the rain began to pour. With the role playing in jeopardy, Stephanie looked as the suitor told her to grab her racket so they could work on her form.

Stephanie was back in a moment with her racquet as they began practicing her form. He stood extremely close to her as she slowly went through the motions of a forward and back handed swing. It wasn't until she accidently fell over that she felt his endowment through his sweat pants. She haphazardly wiggled her ass against it a bit before she pretended that she did it by accident. He responded by grabbing her by the wrist and pulling her towards the bedroom where he threw her on the bed. She landed on her hands and knees giving him and eye full of her pussy with a pair of almost painted on panties. They were already turning wet with her moist pussy soaking them before he began to guide his fingers over her lips. She started moaning before she told him she was a "virgin" and she shouldn't be letting him explore her like that. He responded by pressing his lips against her pussy and tasting her. She moaned in response as he slowly moved the panties to the side and plunged his tongue between her naked folds. She could already feel an orgasm arriving as he kept stabbing at her pussy.

It didn't take long for Stephanie to roll over and pull the white polo up to show off her breasts at him. His response was to crawl up on the bed and place his dick within reach for her to suck. She took it into her hand before whispering how she had "never done this before" before allowing his dick to slide fully into her mouth. He moaned in response as her sucking was fast and almost vacuum like. As she sucked him off, he reached down and began to twist her right nipple a bit. Her moan seemed to vibrate along his shaft.

He pulled his dick out of her mouth abruptly and then move down to where her pussy was still exposed. He slides the head of his cock over before she grabs him and pulls him in. The abruptness of her movements almost caught him by surprise as she began to slide him inside her. He could tell she wanted to be fucked badly as she moaned louder in response to his fucking. Soon he felt his cock being copiously covered by her cum before he pulls out of her.

As she looked at him, the look was more of anger and arrogance. He told her to flip over as her panties were unceremoniously ripped away and left her ass exposed framed by the white frilly tennis skirt. He stood there admiring the view before smacking his cock against her ass. Almost on cue, she responded by saying that she had never had her ass fucked before. He responded by telling her how dirty she was. Then he spit a little on his hand and began rubbing it along his cock before slamming it within her anus. The roughness felt eerily comforting to Stephanie. She began to remember how rough her husband loved to take her ass and how his grip felt similar to her suitor's. She loved the feeling of her being on her knees for him and taking him in the most taboo of places.

His dick was pistoning in and out of her ass as he told her how naughty she was and how much of a cumslut she was. It was during that diatribe that he told her how her master wanted this climax on her gorgeous tits. She refused to let him as she told him how she wanted to feel his cum in her ass and how much of a slut she really was. This desire to let him do this prohibited act almost made him finish there and then. She told him how she wanted him to cum in her ass and how she was going to reinsert the butt plug her master gave her to keep his cum in her ass all day while she did everything. Then she started daring him to cum until a moan erupted from his chest and he slammed into her one time before he emptied inside her.

Stephanie was enjoying the feeling of a different man's seed inside her ass and the sheer rebelliousness of the experience. As her suitor fell onto the bed, she turned towards him and began to fellate him slowly as her eyes evilly glinted towards his. She paused her sucking to let him know that he had to cum once more to take the picture for her master. As his dick disappeared into her mouth once more, her mind wandered to what surprises awaited he the following day.

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