tagErotic PoetryAsbury Fields of Joy III

Asbury Fields of Joy III


The wind blows a masculine cyclone towards filling her body with its powerful expression of tempting engorgement known to men as a wilderness of sprouting wood.

Her pensive stare towards her bed tells me she knows it has never been the answer she sought for her body’s endless pursuit of tender lips consuming her surging moisture of womanly passion.

A creature of special indifference she searches forward knowing that even her life offers delightfully unexpected joys.

Trickles of winding pain might find their way inside her empty cavity.

Any man might be captured to satiate her body’s endless flood of lust that she so carefully hides.

She cares to portray herself as the woman of his dreams but that image is an illusion to carefully distract him from understanding her need for his cradled blackness.

Within the blackness; that not even she admits to, lives their deepest desire that they might create a furnace of spurting soft butter inside her silky soft joyous invitation.

They are nothing except their entangled growing hunger to share that darkness of spurned powerful passion.

Still her men will try to look beyond her engrossingly gorgeous body that feeds their desire to settle upon her flesh as they taunt their bodies in anticipation.

For they are nothing more than bees which search for the flowers which it knows will answer its fullest desire for satisfaction of engrossing and gluttonous entertainment.

Together, lying in each others’ affliction of passionate craving, where those creatures knowingly search for the release that will gently turn her body rigid with unfettered delightful ecstasy that even a dancer cannot deny.

A slight smile plays on her lips as she contemplates where her body’s image displayed for another’s unrestrained entertainment might carry her own quest for knowing unbridled tenderness and passionate engagement of human matrimony that pulsates within her inner world.

As her hair dangles down across her breasts what dark creature would be denied the desire to swirl her hair in its burning fingers as it secretly cuddles her coveted nipples for only her to know.

She can’t deny it when he runs that hair longingly across his face so that he might breathe in the fragrance of her animal aggression of compelling rutting.

Intelligence lives outside her and entices those creature that lure her in, to caress her shimmering flesh that pleas with him.

For unwilling is he that is her captive and the blackness that cradles his lustfulness bring forward a hardness that is hers to entreaty in hysterical yearning for succulent fulfilment.

Dressed in hidden nakedness is she.

He sleeps in his frustrated stupidity of repressed spurting calmness.

Is she the wind that will carry him forward?

For she is the goddess of lingerie, her image is drawing him unwittingly towards her; like the succulent new leaves search out the sun to keep life’s perpetual dramas unfolding.

Those arms of perfection so delicately draped at her sides, so tenderly relaxed for satisfying every manly body’s unrestrained quest for her naked body’s shimmering embrace.

Pretence is not beyond him for he would shed a tear for his satisfaction of that desire to be perfectly connected with her.

Darkest creature why do you dream with so many pensive hopes?

You must know in that void that envelopes you that she will wrap you up and open her body to the shared wild longing that surely waits, quietly ready to erupt in nature’s uninhibited copulation.

How can anyone deny too long that she is like a mother’s welcoming embrace for her new baby to their shared body?

As their minds carry them in togetherness, they see the world’s deepest beauty when they are joined in pyretic lust as one.

Oh darkness provide them with the contented contemplation that as a copulating couple of craving creatures, from beyond the walls hiding them as they were before, and deliver them life’s radiant propensity for passionate entanglement.

Afterward as every party to life volcanic organisms tentatively wonder, these human’s lye together such that the world opens up to them.

Hold still, for they must never stop trying to demonstrate the sustainable passion that lives within the beauty that is always living.

Always known by those who feast upon life’s early morning joy, passionate satisfaction may be an unknown jungle for her now but her perfect body’s abstraction is bound to tear apart that hidden vision; on nature’s endless path to continuous contentment.

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