tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAshleigh Potter

Ashleigh Potter


Nate Sullivan was struggling. Classes were scheduled to finish early on the last day of semester and there were only minutes to go in the last class before summer holidays. Miss Potter, the subject of every student's erotic dreams was bouncing happily around the front of class writing on the board, smiling, questioning, gesticulating, all the things that young teachers do before the grind drags them down. Miss Potter, ah yes, Miss Ashleigh Potter: everyone's dream girl. Some people have it all, and she was one of them. Perhaps a little shorter than average, she was nonetheless blessed with a gorgeous figure and a smile that would light up a room. She had slim hips, tight ass, flat stomach, shapely legs, long bleach blond hair that hung seductively down to the small of her back and often worn forward over her full breasts. Forget the fact that she was engaged to David Richmond; old family, big money, big name around town: lucky bastard.

At that moment Nate was struggling to control a half erection. Not that he was alone. Every guy in class dreamed of Miss Potter. But today she had on one of those short tops which occasionally showed her pierced belly button. God she looked sexy. Nate was in heaven; Miss Potter needed some help to get her things home after school and had asked him to help as he lived close by. But he had to get rid of that damn erection before the end of class.

As a student, Miss Potter liked Nate. Everyone did, especially the bevy of young girls that always seemed to be around him. Tall, around 6'4" he was good looking with an athletic body. More in the basketball style rather than the massive footballer build. More importantly he was intelligent, had a sense of humour and spoke to her courteously; none of the slang and language that most students thought of as communication.

As the bell sounded no one needed any encouragement to pack and leave. Chaos reigned temporarily as the students rushed to the door in a burst of excited noise. Seconds later the room was empty and they were alone. He sauntered up to her table and almost swooned when she turned the full power of her smile on him.

"Hi Nate, ah well that's another year gone. It all happens so quickly doesn't it? I just want to thank you again for volunteering to help me; I couldn't lift these things by myself." Swelling with pride, not to mention his male hormones going berserk, Nate took the heavy gear and put it in his car. A few trips later and they were ready to go.

"Ok, now you are sure you know the address just in case we get separated?" she inquired.

"Yes miss; I know the area well so no problems. Not that I'll lose you anyway." He said as they got in their cars.

Twenty minutes later they pulled into her drive. "Just come in and I will show you where I want the things to go" she said leading the way to her door. Following close behind Nate couldn't help but ogle the seductive sway of her hips, the smooth shape of her legs as she walked in front of him.

She opened the door and led him down a short passageway before suddenly his world exploded in pain. His body jerked as 40,000 volts of electricity from a taser gun tore through his body. He couldn't move and sank slowly to the floor groaning in agony as his muscles collapsed. The box he was carrying dropped to the floor spilling out books and other personal items in front of him.

In the confusion he could hear someone yelling and screaming at Ashleigh to get down on the floor.

Ashleigh heard the moan behind her and started to turn around as Nate dropped her books on the floor. But her world exploded in fear and chaos. A small cry escaped her lips as she fell to the ground under the weight of an assailant. Her senses were numbed by the screaming in her ear and a jolt of fear hit her as her assailant waved a Bowie knife in front of her.

Tall for a woman, her assailant moved with a feline grace. Her athletic figure; long, shapely legs, an almost juvenile thin waist and smallish but firm looking breasts were outlined in black, skin tight clothing. But her looks belied the assured movements, strength, coordination and speed in which she took Ashleigh down and handcuffed her. In a fluid movement she forced a ball gag into her mouth and secured it in place. With a continuity of movement she quickly pulled Nate's hands behind his back and similarly handcuffed and gagged him. Seconds, only a matter of seconds and they were both neutralised and immobilised.

The intruder – Catie – stood and looked at the two stunned bodies on the floor. In spite of the situation Nate was struck by the erotic vision in front of him as she stood over them. Legs spread in an action pose, chest heaving from excitement and exertion, her pointed nipples showing clearly through the sheer material and a knife held firmly in one hand. Her long black hair was pulled back in a pony tail and her appearance made all more mysterious as her face was hidden by a balaclava.

But the vision was only fleeting. He was surprised at her strength as she dragged him across the floor and half lifted, half rolled him onto the three seater lounge where he lay, rather uncomfortably on his back; the handcuffs digging painfully into his back. With the ball gag securely in place he could only watch as the intruder pulled Ashleigh up to her knees by her hair.

"Fuck, timing is everything." she muttered seemingly more to herself rather than seeking an answer.

"I was just on my way out, another five minutes and I would have been gone. Now that we are here what the fuck am I going to do with you?" she mused.

"First I think I will have a look at that fancy ring you've got sweetheart. Wouldn't you like to see how it looks on me?" she said as she started to remove Ashleigh's 2 carat diamond engagement ring.

"No, no" Ashleigh screamed into her gag. She pulled her hand away before reeling backwards as Catie landed a stinging blow to her face.

Ashleigh screamed as Catie grabbed her by the hair, shaking her head violently before pulling her head back. She turned towards Nate and fired the taser into him again.

"Arrgghh, arrrgghh" cried Nate writhing in agony on the couch.

"See what you done. He's suffering because of your fucking stupidity. Now just shut your fucking mouth bitch or I'll give you a dose of the taser like he had. Now I will just do what I want and you will just say thank you if you don't want to be screaming in fucking pain like he is. Now do you understand you stupid fucking bitch?" she yelled angrily, eyeballing her.

Ashleigh could only give a terrified nod of her head. And she cried out again as Catie landed a stinging slap to her face.

"See, now you've got me angry. I was going to go but now I'm fucking angry." She growled.

Catie removed Ashleigh's gag. Taking a handful of hair she dragged Ashleigh, crawling painfully on her knees to the lounge chair next to where Nate was lying.

Looking at Nate she said "you gotta stay all secure honey 'cause guys like you get all gooey eyed around pretty women and try to play the dumb hero. Now I'm going have myself a bit of fun and I'm going to teach this stupid fucking bitch a bit of humility. You can watch and I'm sure you will enjoy the show".

Taking the ring off Ashleigh's finger she slipped it on her ring finger and showed her hand to Ashleigh and Nate. "Would you look at that" she said. "This must mean that I just got engaged to someone. My boyfriend will like that. Now when you get engaged you should have some celebration don't you think sweetheart?" she said to no one in particular.

Putting her hand behind Ashleigh's head she took a handful of hair. Slowly pulling her head back until Ashleigh arched her back in pain, she leaned forward, her face no more than six inches from Ashleigh's, paused for a moment then slapped her and said "this has made me all horny, I think I'm going to let you suck and lick my sweet fanny sweetheart".

"Oh my god, oh my god, that's disgusting. Please no, please don't do this to me" Ashleigh pleaded.

Catie smiled as she peeled her tights off and sat in the chair.

"Baby, there's lots of guys who would happily swap places with you right now I can tell ya" she said. Facing Nate she slowly spread her legs showing her neatly trimmed bush.

"Bet you would like to dip into this sweet honey pot baby" she said to him not expecting an answer.

Taking Ashleigh's head in both hands Catie pulled her face close to her fanny as she positioned herself. Ashleigh was horrified by the sight and smell of Catie's cunt as she was drawn closer to it. The soft, wrinkled folds of black skin down the length of her slit; subtle movements hinting at the silky, pink inner lining of her most private place.

Catie could feel Ashleigh's resistance, the warm, ragged breath on her sex as she said "take your time baby coz you gonna stay there until I cum. Now I know you're dumb but don't even think of not giving your all baby coz I got more tricks in my bag that you don't even want to think about. Trust me on that" and pulled her face into her twitching cunt.

Ashleigh fought the rising bile in her mouth and tentatively licked the moist lips in front of her. Urged on by Catie's instructions she kissed her sex before thrusting her tongue deep into her. Fearful of not performing she pushed her face into Catie's sex, licking, kissing, sucking, and nibbling her cunt from top to bottom; and at Catie's urging, increasingly paying more attention to her swollen clit.

She could feel Catie's growing arousal, smell it, taste it.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, that's it baby" Catie said pulling Ashleigh's head hard against her now dripping cunt.

Oh god, yes, yes, yessssss" she said bucking against Ashleigh's face as her orgasm spilt into Ashleigh's face. Ashleigh kept sucking as Catie hit the heights then gradually came back to reality.

"Baby, you're one hot chick I gotta say" and with that she got to her feet and proceeded to pull her tights on and gather her equipment.

"Oh, yeah baby, that was good, so good" she almost sighed caressing Ashleigh's face with the palm of her hand as Ashleigh sat back on her heels in stunned shock. Her mouth was still open and the sexual juices glistened from her nose to her chin.

"But as much as I love you, I think it's time for me to take my ass and my new engagement ring out of here" she said.

As she got up she looked across at Nate. With his hands tied behind him and unable to move, his arousal had created an obvious tent in front of his shorts.

"Hey baby" Catie said laughing "looks like you enjoyed the show too". Then stopped, looking closer at him.

"What you packing in there honey" she said intrigued "coz that's some show you got there".

Catie shuffled over to Nate, unzipped him before sliding his shorts and jocks down to his knees. Nate lay on the couch, his naked erection jutting out in front of him.

"Woowee" she said in amazement.

"Would you look at that. Man, you got some serious meat there, some real serious meat" she said with a note of admiration in her voice.

Slowly sitting down beside him she felt him jump as she tentatively took his rigid cock in her hand. Almost involuntarily her hand stroked the length of him.

"Honey, I gotta say, I've never seen a cock as big as yours. My boyfriend's pretty big but fuck me, what have you got 9? 10? Inches? That's not a cock honey, that's a fucking weapon; you should have a licence for that."

Then turning to Ashleigh, holding his cock straight upwards she laughed as she said "hey baby, I think you are marrying the wrong guy, I bet your fiancée only has half of this monster?"

"I, I don't know" she stammered uncertainly.

"What you mean you don't know?" Catie retorted. "How can you not know? What do you do bitch, close your eyes when he sticks it into you or what?" she said mocking Ashleigh.

"Well, we're only engaged, we aren't married yet. We don't do that sort of thing" said Ashleigh.

Catie sat stunned for a moment. "Oh, don't we now, well, pardon little old slutty me" she said mockingly. "What you saying? You telling me you've never done it?" she said in amazement.

And she could feel the tremor in Nate's stomach muscles when Ashleigh said quietly "No, we are saving ourselves, I'm a virgin. As everyone should be when they get married".

Laughing, Catie turned to Nate. "You hear that honey, we got a certified viiiiiirrrrrgin. When's the last time you saw one of them? Now I bet with this thing between your legs you ain't no fucking virgin are you?" she said giving his cock a couple of fond strokes.

Looking somewhat uncomfortable and with a quick glance at Ashleigh, Nate stammered "um, no, not really".

Slowly turning to Nate she smiled and said with mock shock "No? Not really? Well, fancy that, and you not married and all. You must be one real bad dude honey, not saving yourself an' all for your marriage."

She was silent for a few moments as she casually stroked his cock. "Honey, I got an idea, and I think you are going to like this." She could feel his cock throbbing in her hand as she said "I'm feeling real bad today, real bad". And she smiled wickedly as she looked at Ashleigh. "I think I might use this monster to break in this piece of snotty white trash".

Ashleigh's eyes opened wide in disbelief. "No" she whispered, then "noooo, you can't" more loudly as the full understanding of what Catie said sank into her brain. "Nooo, please, you can't, I won't" she cried, her voice quivering with fear as she tried in vain to stand.

Catie jumped across the space between them then slapped Ashleigh with such force that she toppled over.

"Shut the fuck up bitch" she said menacingly waving her knife around in front of Ashleigh's face. "I can and will do whatever I fucking want".

Ashleigh cried out in pain as Catie grabbed a handful of hair and violently pulled her to her feet.

She tried to resist, pushing back against Catie as Catie pushed her toward Nate. But Catie was bigger and stronger. Inch by inch Ashleigh was edged towards Nate, her eyes staring fearfully at his massive cock until she stood trembling in front of him, pushing backwards all the while. Nate could do nothing other than watch the uneven struggle in amazement; his cock throbbing with every pounding heartbeat as his beloved teacher was forced towards him.

"Look at that cock bitch" Catie growled into Ashleigh's ear. "Look at that big, black cock because you're going for a ride on it, that's going to be the first cock you fuck baby."

Standing behind Ashleigh, Catie slowly undid the buttons on Ashleigh's blouse and slid it down her arms. Undoing the clasp of Ashleigh's bra, Catie slid it off her shoulders, exposing her magnificent breasts to Nate's lusting view.

Putting her chin on Ashleigh's shoulder Catie looked at Nate. "How do you like these tits honey?" she mocked reaching around and cupping a breast in each hand, giving each a couple of gentle squeezes.

Ashleigh felt totally humiliated standing in front of her student but was helpless to do anything as Catie fondled her breasts, pinching and rolling the nipples. Catie gently twisted each thick nub, pulling and teasing them out to their full size.

"Pretty isn't she?" Catie said smiling at Nate who mumbled a non-descript response.

"Was that a yes?" Catie said more directly. "Here I am doing you a favour, is it too much to ask for an answer?"

"Yes, yes she is pretty" he croaked in an uneven voice looking at her sheepishly.

"And have you ever dreamed of playing with these" Catie laughed fondling Ashleigh's breasts in front of him.

"Yes" he said, his eyes fixed on Ashleigh's breasts.

Nate just lay mute, staring in awe as Catie played with Ashleigh's breasts, his lust growing, overpowering, and obvious.

Catie undid the button and zip holding Ashleigh's skirt in place and let it slip to the floor revealing a red G string.

"Well at least you got some sort of sexy thoughts baby" she said and proceeded to pull them down her thighs before they too dropped to the floor.

Using her knife Catie cut away the blouse and bra from Ashleigh's arms leaving her naked, tears streaming down her face.

From behind Catie again embraced Ashleigh reaching for her breasts and gently fondling them. "Honey, I'm jealous. You have the sexiest set of tits I've seen; so full, so smooth and firm. Angelina Jolie has got nothing on you babe" she said, slowly running the tip of one finger over the smooth swell of one breast.

Placing her head on Ashleigh's shoulder again she paused for a moment enjoying the feel before saying to Nate "Now tell the truth honey, have you ever dreamed of fucking this pretty bitch?"

Nate's eyes flicked to Ashleigh's momentarily before he somewhat embarrassedly looked away. He hesitated before answering.

"Yes" he said clearly and he could feel his cock throbbing as he spoke.

"Oooooh, baby, how do you feel about that? While you've been prancing around the classroom he's been dreaming of fucking your hot white ass?" she whispered in Ashleigh's ear.

"And have you ever masturbated while dreaming of fucking her?" she said mischievously.

Nate couldn't look at Ashleigh as he responded. "Yes" he said again as a drop of pre-cum dribbled down his shaft.

"Woowee" she said delightedly, still playing with Ashleigh's breasts.

"Oh baby, we got one serial bad boy here and he's got the hots for you" she laughed.

Turning to Nate she said "now you just make yourself as comfortable as you can honey coz I'm the fairy godmother and I'm gonna make all your dreams come true, you about to be the luckiest man alive". And with that Nate wriggled around getting his hands as comfortable as he could given that they were handcuffed behind him.

Ashleigh let out a cry as Catie pulled her hair back viciously. "Now sweetheart, you're going to straddle him, but don't put that cock in just yet. No need to rush, we've got plenty of time".

Nate watched in awe as Ashleigh was forced forward, shuffling toward him, prodded by the knife point in her back. His eyes fell to her sex as inevitably she spread her legs for him to be between hers. Leaning over him she placed her bound hands on his heaving chest. He could hear her strained breathing as she slowly straddled him. Careful not to touch his cock she lowered herself to a kneeling position above him. His heart was pounding as he felt the warmth of her as she settled over his thighs.

The room was quiet, no one moved. Nate could only stare at the beautiful woman straddling him. Her hands were still on his chest and she could no doubt feel the pounding of his heart and his ragged breathing. But she gave no sign as her head was bowed, eyes closed and her long blond hair, swaying as it tantalisingly brushed his stomach.

Catie reached between them and grabbed his cock, squeezing and holding the head.

"Don't want you cumming too soon now honey do we" she chuckled, spreading his dribbling pre-cum over his cock head with her thumb.

"You gotta be good honey, coz no matter what else happens in your lives, you will always be her first. She can marry her fiancée, but what she's saved for him is going to be yours. Think about it, no matter how long you live, every time you see each other, every time, when you sit in class, when you pass in the street, you will both know that you took her virginity, and you will never forget it. I like that."

"Now sweetheart, lift your ass" she said giving Ashleigh a slap.

Nate could feel Ashleigh trembling as she lifted herself above him.

Within their small cocoon three minds, three sets of eyes, three bodies, hot, tense, charged with sexual emotion were drawn to the glistening point of his shaft as Catie took his cock in her hand. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. A small drop of pre cum oozed from the eye of his cock as slowly, inexorably Catie guided his throbbing cock to the soft lips of Ashleigh's cunt.

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