Ashley Ch. 03


She sidled closer and laid her left hand on my knee. Her touch instantly calmed my nerves while the scent of strawberry lotion lured me further under her spell. She raised her left leg onto the seat between us, her skirt riding up her thigh as she faced me.

"I can't answer that. There is no answer, Bry, don't you get it? I want you to be both, you can be. I know that isn't what you want to hear but I'll say it over and over again if I have to because it's true. I want you, as my brother and as my crush, to do exactly what you've been doing since the day I first laid eyes on you. You'll know when you can cross that line because... there is no line. Things don't have to be any different between us. We might hold hands a little more, but I'm still me and you're still you. I didn't fall in love with just my brother. I fell in love with a thoughtful and handsome man who knows how to treat me right. It's fine if you see me as more than your baby sister, but I'll always be that little girl next door who needs her big brother to care for her."

Now it was my turn to be silent. Her words left me utterly awestruck. My mouth parched dryer than the Sahara, my body caught in a sandstorm. Ashley spoke with so much sincerity and sympathy, I couldn't move in fear I would ruin the moment. I wanted to revel in her compassion, to be surrounded in her kindness. Look hard enough and you could see the rainbows and fairies flying around her magnificence.

Ashley's eyes remained dead set on me, though her piercing demeanor had vanished. It seemed she was feeling the same anxiousness I had felt, and she was waiting for my response. I responded the only way I knew how. "I'm positive one thing hasn't changed between us. You're still a million times smarter than I'll ever be."

Ashley let out a sigh of relief and squeezed my knee. "It's what I believe. You'll come to understand it yourself." She took a sip of her soda. "And I'll always be smarter than you. That'll never change either."

I couldn't say she made everything crystal clear to me. I like my answers divided into two clean cuts: yes or no, apples or oranges, paper or plastic. She has been seeing me as her brother, her friend, her significant other. Why couldn't I have done the same with her? Why was I trying to separate my perceptions of her?

Ashley was absolutely right. I didn't need to draw these invisible lines. She's the same girl I wanted to be with the week before, right then, and a thousand years into the future.

As we joked over our smoky pan of pizza, more and more background noise began to pollute our alone time together. It was nearing noon and people were crowding in, roaring their orders like a herd of lions so they could return to whatever cave they came from.

Leaving a leftover slice on the table, Ashley and I slipped out before a stampede of starving ten year-olds and their soccer moms could trample us.

* * *

"Have you ever been inside there?" Ashley asked, pointing at a small bakery.

Not wanting to spend a gloriously brilliant day inside our home, she and I had decided to take a walk down the calm strip. We were strolling by the various restaurants and gift shops while basking in the sun's rays. I had my arm around her shoulder and she had hers around my hip. I wasn't a frequent walker, but I would follow Ashley to the ends of the universe as long as she stayed in my arms.

"No, I haven't," I answered. "But I've heard some good things about it from my friends."

"I've heard good things about it from my friends, too. They bake really soft and yummy cream-filled cakes." She tugged on my arm and stepped in front of me. "Can we go inside?"

"Still hungry? How can you maintain your great figure when you eat so much?"

Her jaw dropped. "You did not just say that."

Ashley threw a punch at my elbow but I sidestepped from it in the nick of time. Laughing, she chased after me as I ran to the quaint bakery. I had a slight advantage since I wore sneakers compared to her sandals, so I stopped at the door for her to catch up. She was faster than I presumed, and before I could turn around, she jumped onto my back, wrapping her arms and legs around my neck and waist. I almost fell forward but managed to brace myself.

She whispered into my ear. "Mmm, it smells delicious. I think I'll like it here."

"Me too. You know I'm a sucker for Twinkies and Ding-Dongs." With my hands under the back of Ashley's knees, I turned to my side so she could push the door open. I carefully waddled into the heavenly-scented bakery.

"Wow, this is so cool," my baby sis squealed.

As pristine and spotless the bakery appeared, the fragrance had to be tampering with Ashley's ability to keep her voice down. But besides two women having a cup of coffee and two men old enough to be my granddads in the kitchen, there was no one else to hear her.

Although the bakery was in the middle of a modern-looking strip, the interior was very old-fashioned. Everything had a polished wooden texture. The tables, chairs, countertops, and even the walls were engraved with intricate drawings of birds, flowers, and other nature-y doodads. In contrast to the dark brown were immaculate green vines hanging from clay pots along each wall. The habitat felt very homely, sort of like visiting a distant relative or a long-time friend.

The bakery had every type of doughy delight you can think of: fudged brownies, nutty cookies, exotic breads, fruit tarts, and, of course, the cream-filled cakes we came to taste. The cakes were small pizza-bagel sized goodies. They occupied nearly half the rows of treats so it was clear to see they were the bakery's signature food item.

One of the old men dressed in an apron and chef's hat greeted us from the counter. "Hello there, ma'am and sir, and welcome to our humble little shop. It's nice to see new faces in the afternoon, especially of such young folks."

"This place smells amazing," Ashley said over my shoulder. "Everything looks so good."

"Would you like to try a sample?" The baker placed the tray of cinnamon rolls he was holding onto the counter. He sliced a piece from one of them and poked a toothpick through it. "My brother and I get carried some mornings and bake more than we can fit on the shelves."

"That would be great," my sister said, reaching for the sample. The roll flew briefly by my nose as she took a bite of it.

"I see your boyfriend wants to try it, too," the baker chuckled, cutting another piece. He handed it to Ashley and she fed me the morsel.

Let me just say it was the best cinnamon roll I had ever tasted. "Wow, this is really good. I should come here every morning from now on. Sure beats cold cereal for breakfast."

"Thank you, sir, we appreciate the compliment. But instead of coming in every morning, why don't you just take some home with you. Lord knows how expensive gas is these days."

"I think we'll do that," I replied.

Before I could order their entire stock of fresh rolls, Ashley asked, "Could we also sample some of those creamy cakes? We came in here to try them out and -"

"Ashley, we shouldn't be asking for any more freebies. Let's just order -"

The baker was next to interrupt someone in our game of verbal leapfrog. "Oh-ho, no need to quarrel over something so trivial. I'll be glad to let you kids sample our specialty." He pulled out a tray of the cakes and held them out to us. "I'm a firm believer in trying things before you buy them."

I grabbed one of the bite-sized treats and held it above my shoulder in front of Ashley's mouth. She snapped her teeth over it, nearly biting off my fingertips.

"Mmm, it's very soft and airy," she described. "The cream is like a pudding, not the fluffy whipped cream stuff in those Twinkies you pig on so much."

I took a little offense to her harsh words toward the illustrious Twinkie, but maybe it was time for me to move on to bigger and better things. "With a critique like that, we'll just have to order all you have."

I could see the dollar signs flashing in the baker's eyes as we ordered. We ended up with eight cinnamon rolls, two dozen small cakes, and a giant oatmeal-raisin cookie for the ride home. I finally eased my sis off my back when we had to carry the two boxes out of the bakery.

"Looks like we're coming home with a lot more than a full stomach," I said as we entered my car.

"Mm-hmm, looks like it." Ashley opened her small basket of cakes and quickly devoured one whole. I paid special attention to how wide her mouth opened. "Mmm, this is so good. It might be all gone before we get home."

She grabbed another one and brought it to my mouth. I took a bite of the delectable cake. "That is yummy. But it doesn't compare to the soft and creamy treat I had last night."

Ashley ate the second half of it. "If you want, I'll let you have some more when we get home."

"I definitely want some more of that." My cock sprung up at the thought of savoring my sister.

"Then drive fast, Tiger. My panties are getting wet and I don't want to be all soaked up before you get a chance to taste me."

Just like that, Ashley transformed from my sweet caring sister to a sexy libidinous minx. One second she was feeding me a cake, the next she wanted to feed me her pussy.

As I pulled out onto the main street, Ashley yanked my right hand from the steering wheel. I almost swerved into the next lane but managed to regain control of it to prevent an unfortunate accident.

"Ash, what the heck are you doing? Are you trying to get us..."

I flexed my fingers against a moist, silky fabric. My body instantly went numb as I contemplated the situation. I didn't need to be a genius to figure out what I was feeling.

My sister held my wrist securely in place with both of her hands, my right palm pressed squarely onto her hot burning oven. Rubbing my fingers up and down the fiery mound, Ashley mewed. "Are you getting worried I might make a mess in your car now? I'm getting horny just for you."

I swallowed my tongue. "Can this, uh, wait till we get home?"

"No, it can't. You treat me better than I deserve and I get hot just thinking about it." She took my hand off her soppy panties, but I knew her well enough by now to know it wasn't because she wanted to stop. I heard my sister fidgeting in her chair and her seatbelt unbuckling. Not a second later, my hand was shoved onto her bare soaking pussy.

Ashley gasped. "Stick your fingers in me. I don't want to wait."

As scared as I was of losing control of the car, I made no attempt at tearing my hand away. This was just too unbelievable. Fear mixed with lust made for a brute whirlwind of emotions. "Ashley, this is crazy. I only took you out for lunch. Why are you doing -"

"You know you've done more than that, don't try to deny it. Just screw me with your fingers, damn it."

Crap, crap, crap, what the hell was she thinking.

We were going over forty miles an hour - which seems like eighty when you can't keep your head straight - and she wanted me to frig her that very moment. And what's with her dominating attitude? I had to admit she was turning me on immensely, but my erection wouldn't do us much good if we both ended up in the hospital.

Crap, crap, crap, why won't these damn stoplights turn red.

Ashley brushed my palm over her swollen clit and puffy lips. Her pussy gushed like a river onto my fingers. No less than a gallon of her juices flooded out of her. The sweet aroma she exuded was intoxicating, and I doubted I would ever be able to wash the smell from the seat. She led my drenched hand to her lips. Slipping one finger at a time into her mouth, she sucked on her juices before returning me to her pussy.

I couldn't fight it anymore. I didn't want to fight it anymore. Over and over again my self-control had been stretched to its limits and snapped apart. This occasion wasn't going to be any different. Condemning my inner conscience, I slipped my middle finger inside her throbbing hole. I crossed my other set of fingers and prayed we'd make it home in one piece.

"Oooh yes, fuck me now," my siren cried.

She writhed in her seat, her pussy squeezing my finger and dragging it with her. I glanced over and saw her leaning against the door, her chest rising and her head lulling.

My attention was torn between the bustling street and my sexy seductress. In one hand was the cold rubber steering wheel; on the other was my scorching hot sister. The faster I got us home, the sooner we could tear our clothes off and fool around in the comfort of our beds. But the sooner we fool around, the faster we could we could cum and do it all over again.

Ashley was oblivious to my dilemma as she squirmed on my hand. She was getting what she wanted and that's all that mattered to her.

Turning my palm up, I plunged my digit into her pussy. As my knuckled rammed through her outer lips, more juices seeped from her. Ashley rose up from the seat with my finger following her pussy. She dropped down onto my hand, burying me deeper inside of her.

The next light turned red and I was finally given permission to stop the car. Getting a deliciously long look at my sister, I nearly came in my pants from the visual overload. And for a moment I thought I did when I felt precum saturating my boxers. Ashley had her left foot on the seat, knees bent, and her panties ripped and shoved to the side. A dark gray puddle of her girl juice stained the light gray cushion. My finger was inside the brightest, pinkest pussy I had ever seen.

She rubbed her clit furiously. "Stretch me open. Stick your fingers in me."

There was only one thing I could do at that point and that was whatever she wanted me to do. I stuffed another finger inside her tight pussy and was repaid with an ear-splitting scream. "Ah, oh, just like that. Fuck, fuck, fuck me hard."

As I thrust into my mushy sister, her juices vividly splashed against me. Her rhythmic breathing gasped louder than the low melodies of the radio. Her intense, lusty moans deadened the commotion outside our private abode.

I wasn't sure how I managed to do it, but I tore my eyes away from the erotic display to see the light ahead of us turn green. My practice in dealing with a girl overenthusiastic about ice cream was paying off.

Driving at half the speed limit, I continued to blindly plunge my fingers inside my delirious sister. I felt her rising off my fingers before plummeting onto my hand. Then she did it again. And again. I found her holding onto the handle above her window, using it for leverage as she rode my substitute cock.

"Ah god, faster, faster," she panted.

She and I quickly found a pattern for maximum pleasure. As her pussy rose up, my fingers would slide away, then we'd collide with savage intensity.

"Oooh, I'm so damn wet." Ashley elevated off me, her fluids cascading from her like a waterfall. She fell onto my slick digits, burying me to the hilt. Her nails scraped my palm as she abused her clit. My fingers pumped through her like a piston, reaching the farthest depths of her pussy. We both shivered in anticipation of her impending orgasm.

"Jam your fingers up my cunt. I need you so bad. Fuck... oh god, oh god... fuck yes," she yelled.

Her muscles clenched my fingers. Tides of pleasure and desire surged from her oasis. The ardor contained within her blazed forth, burning my hand. Her cum, an oil, fueled the passion threatening to consume me. She squirmed, wiggled, rocked her hips. Her fingers pawed at her clit. She yelled repeatedly, incoherently, increasing in pitch, shattering my eardrums, until all of a sudden she just stopped.

Everything froze in time. The scenery refused to pass us by. The cars beside us had come to a halt. Not a single peep could be heard from the outside world.

Ashley slumped from her door as her heat simmered down. I slid my drenched fingers from her swollen lips. Her juices, slick as water, dripped from my fingers. I brought them to my mouth, lapping them clean. The sweet taste soothed me, like drinking hot cocoa on a cold winter day. But her cum was much hotter, and I savored every drop of it.

With a calm mood, I spied a jogger in the distance running across the street. Time had resumed its flow. I looked around and recognized every house surrounding us. We were stopped in the middle of the street. The other cars hadn't come to a halt; they were parked along sidewalks and driveways. There was no sound to be heard because we were back in our quiet neighborhood.

My foot found the gas pedal. The car moved forward at a snail's pace.

Ashley scooted closer to me until she was leaning on my shoulder, her lips an inch from my ear. "When we get home, it's my turn to taste you." She closed her teeth on my earlobe and nibbled.

I slammed onto the brakes. Ashley fell forward, releasing my ear. I caught her around the waist and pulled her to me. Our lips embraced, sucking relentlessly. My right hand roamed her back as my left stroked her side. Her head tilted slightly, allowing me a view of the vacant street. Keeping our lips together, I stepped on the pedal to miraculously finish the last twenty seconds of the ride home.

Praise the almighty we made it alive.

Kicking our side doors open, we sprinted toward the house. Ashley remembered our pastries and was clumsily carrying them with her. I ran back to her side, took the boxes, and was rewarded with a sloppy kiss.

"Mmmph, I think I'm falling in love with you all over again, Tiger."

"Goddamn, I don't know what's possessing you but can you tell it to wait till we're inside the house?"

"Stop wanting to wait and just go with it." She pulled me closer, almost crushing the boxes between us.

I somehow slipped them away from our chests. Balancing them in the palm of my hand, I encircled my other arm around her waist and heaved her into me. Our groins pressed together as our tongues swirled. Ashley held onto the sides of my head, kissing me harder.

Our lips stayed locked as we stumbled through the front door. Stepping out of my shoes, I dropped the boxes onto the sofa. Ashley dragged me toward the hallway, kicking her sandals off behind her. She let go of my flushed cheeks and began unbuttoning her outer vest. I watched her nimble fingers separate each button, amazed at how fluently they moved in her state of hysteria. When the last button came apart, I reached between us to pull her vest open.

"Let me do it," Ashley breathed huskily.

My sister lowered my hands between her legs and continued stripping her top off. I brushed my palm against her pussy through the skirt, causing her to gasp and extend onto her toes. As I kissed my baby girl, her fingers worked frantically over the last buttons of her blouse.

Everything around me was a blur. I lost track of where we were. I couldn't recognize the childhood pictures of Ashley and me hanging on the hallway walls, the snapshot of her in a sundress from when she was eight, the framed portrait of her high school graduation. Photos of me, Nikky, and our parents were as familiar as my name, but the ones of Ashley, the girl I was groping with animalistic passion, were all alien to me.

Regardless of what was said earlier, Ashley had changed. She's so, so much more than just a sister or girlfriend to me. The change I see in her, however, wasn't a result of our fervor. It was the natural flowering of a young girl maturing into a beautiful woman, the only woman I wished to be with and should be with, forever. As we spun into her sunlit bedroom, it became clearer to me that that was how things would ultimately turn out to be.

I held Ashley by the waist and tilted my head back until she couldn't follow my lips any further.

Even without another mouth to return her kiss, she still puckered, still inhaled sharply. "Tiger, what is it?"

My mind raced through the eighteen years of her growth: her infancy when it was okay for us to take baths naked together, her childhood when she needed me to on the other end of the seesaw, her teens when it was just me and her spending the night studying for our finals. In her eyes I saw the beginning of a new stage in her life, one that I wanted to be a very large part of.

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