tagInterracial LoveAshley's Sacrifice Ch. 01

Ashley's Sacrifice Ch. 01


Ashley is sitting in café in Hong Kong about her next move. It looks like her company's German archrival is likely to get the $100 million deal she's been working on for months. Johnny, the chief negotiator for the Chinese telecoms firm has already hinted with the euro weakening as the European debt crisis worsens, the Germans are able to offer ever more competitive terms. She knows that if she goes back to the US empty-handed, not only would she likely lose her job, there is a good chance her company may go under as businesses worldwide batten down the hatches in the face of growing economic uncertainty in Europe and US and rapid economic deceleration in the erstwhile growth champions such as China and India.

Therefore, Ashley has to pull out all the stops and close this deal. She began to think about what Johnny said after her Powerpoint presentation was concluding. If she wanted another shot at the deal, she'll have to meet him tomorrow morning at 9 am in the hotel he is staying at in the Central. And he said she should come alone without her interpreter. The 25-year old newlywed from Nebraska began thinking about what it could all mean. The 5ft7 with an angelic and doey-eyed face (kind of like the up and coming young actress Anna Kendrick) and pretty well-coiffured and shiny shoulder-length hair, curly at the bottom knows she is very desirable as judged by the number of suitors she has had all her adult life, if not before. This is especially true in Asia because local men find her porcelain-like pale skin and innocent girlish face a bonus because of their fetish for Caucasian women and the high value placed on virginity even though she's not such thing. But she's not far from it. In fact, the only man whom she has ever had sex with is her husband whom she met as a sophomore in college. To make Ashley even more delectable from the perspective of Asian men, she's also very fit and toned but not too muscular to turn men off and has an hour-glass figure and firm 36C's which put just about all Asian women to shame. She also has a high-pitched and sultry voice that borders on shrill but still sweet to male ears.

Ashley is quite sure by the way Johnny's been lustily eyeing her that this is no innocent business meeting. But the Chinese are in the driver's seat and she has to do everything in her power to get the deal or else. And the latter is too horrible to contemplate so she's going to try a Hail Mary pass and hope it works. She takes a nice long shower and carefully fixes her hair and puts some light makeup on her flawless face such as some rouge that emphasizes her high cheekbones and eye shadow that accentuate her lush dark eyelashes and green eyes so exotic to Asians who all have nothing but dark brown or even black eyes. She carefully sprays sparingly some of her subtle French fragrance that her husband adores and also applies some red lipstick to her small, thin lips and begins to dress herself in front of the mirror. Ashley carefully selects a see-thru white lace bra that can barely hold her ample breasts and leave her pointy pink nipples clearly visible through the fabric. Then she puts on a matching white lace G-string and a garter-belt and carefully slides on a pair of beige/nude thigh-high stockings and fastens them with suspenders and hooks of her garter-belt. She finishes the outfit with a white blouse topped by a jacket and a black skirt and a pair of her husband calls her "slut shoes," which are two black three-inch open-toed pumps that leave her pink and well-pedicured toenails clearly visible. Before she left her room, Ashley undid the top two buttons of her blouse so she knows if she bends over, Johnny would get a very nice view of her cleavage. Feeling confident, Ashley walks to the lobby of the hotel to wait for a cab to take her to his hotel just a few blocks away.

Perhaps out of shame, Ashley quickly and surreptitiously makes her way up to the 18th floor where Johnny told her to go. It turns out the place is no ordinary hotel room at all but a very spacious and luxurious suite that must cost thousands of dollars a night. Ashley tentatively knocks on the door which is quickly opened by Johnny. To her surprise, there is a short and rather portly forty-something executive sitting on a sofa waiting for her. Johnny introduces him as the president/chairman of the board of his company, Mr. Wang. She courteously greets him with a slight bow, as is the Asian way and hands her business card to him. Wang looks at it quickly and tosses it aside.

"We're very pleased with both the price and terms of what the Germans are offering us so I am afraid your company will not get this deal," Wang said in a very stern voice. "But perhaps I will give you one last chance to change my mind."

Ashley begins her standard sales pitch but it is no use. Wang keeps shaking his head and dismisses all of her selling points by listing how much more advantageous the German comparable German term is. She gets more and more desperate and finally pleads, "Please help me. I must close this deal. I am willing to do anything to get it done!'

"Anything?" Wang asked in a curious voice while his cock swells further as he stares at the beautiful American executive. At the same time, he approached her with a wide grin and forcefully turns her around and starts to fondle her breasts through the fabric of her blouse and bra while grinding his raging hard-on next her buttocks. If Ashley can see his face, she will have no doubt about what is going to happen next.

"Y...es," is the best Ashley can mutter under the circumstances and she begins to shake out of apprehension in her shiny black heels as her legs grow weak.

Wang immediately begins to drop his loosen his belt and trousers and sits down on a nearby chair. He motions Ashley to get on her knees and she does so quietly.

"Suck my cock, young miss!" Wang barked.

Ashley reluctantly begins to free his cock from his boxers and lick the head of Wang's dick. She is not very sexually experienced but even she can tell he is not terribly endowed and is about the same as her husband's cock in length. That is to say about 4 and half inches. But his is a bit wider and quite a bit darker just as you would expect. Not that she has ever given her husband head. She thinks it's too dirty because of her conservative and religious upbringing although she is quite adept at that from the two servicing the two guys she dated before meeting her husband. She fobbed them off their insistent demand of sex by giving blow jobs. Wang stares at the incredibly exquisite face of the American with its perfect nose, green eyes and light make-up. Most importantly at the moment are her thin but ripe and red lips working their magic on his dark pole. He knows that this woman is well-bred with a nice upbringing and a sense of style and this gets him even more aroused, as if that were possible. He is thoroughly enjoying the sight of this gorgeous white woman's head bobbing up and down servicing his uncircumcised one-eyed monster. Wang knows he cannot much longer so he begins to massage Ashley's tits again. He then abruptly pushes her away and tells her to lay on the king-sized bed in the middle of the room for he has no intention of wasting his precious spunk in her mouth.

Wang then gets on his knees and leans over the nervous woman whose heart is beating like a drum as evidenced by her frantic breathing and heaving chest. With one fell swoop, he rips open her blouse and sends all the buttons flying in every which direction. He then gazes at the delectable pink nipples poking through the fabric of her bra and roughly pushes it upward without unclasping it and thereby exposes her tits for his inspection. Ashley instinctively crosses her arms in a futile attempt to shield her tits to no avail. Wang immediately bends over and begins to manhandle her left tit while sucking her right nipple. Despite herself, Ashley begins to feel her pussy getting warmer and wetter as her nipples respond to the attention they are getting from this barbaric Asian lecher. Her beautiful breasts flatten as pancakes with absolutely no sag whatsoever and their porcelain-like color turns Wang on as Asian men idolize women with pale skin. Wang then pushes up her skirt which bunches up around her waist exposing her garter belt, g-string and her stockings which further inflame his lust because he loves these western feminine flourishes. He imagines for a minute what the young executive's pussy looks like underneath her white g-string and whether she is shaven or not. He can make out some outline of pubic hair but cannot surmise what her pussy looks like.

So without further ado, he tears her panties in half and reveals a nicely trimmed bikini triangle of light brown pubic hair about an inch from the edge of her panties. However, just as he wanted, her pussy is clean shaven leaving nothing to the imagination, so unlike the prude Asian ladies he is accustomed to fucking who refuse to shave their private parts. After taking a whiff of her damp and musk-scented panties, Wang puts them in his shirt pocket as a souvenir and confidently knows she is getting aroused. He is also mesmerized by the fleshy yet dainty pink lips that are such a contract from the dark brown labia he is used to seeing. Wang cannot resist but immediately begins to play with Ashley's swollen clit which is only slightly darker than her labia and eventually shoves not one but two fingers into her pussy. It felt hot and lubed enough for him to proceed to the next stage of the white woman's humiliation.

Wang leans over to kiss her briefly and then then suddenly grabbed her legs and rudely pushes them aside. He quickly positions himself at her entrance and teases her with the tip of his cock covered in pre-cum. Wang then straightens his back and poses himself so he can have a good look at the glorious entrance his dark Asian manhood is about to make into the love hole of this drop-dead gorgeous white woman. This is his first white pussy and her first Asian cock and he is not going to let it happen without a suitable memento. Unbeknownst to Ashley who is absorbed by what is happening to her, Johnny has set up a camcorder to record the entire session for the later enjoyment of both men. Wang abruptly pushes his cock roughly into Ashley's wanton hole and watches her eyes widen in discomfort as he enters her tight pussy. She grimaces as Wang orders to watch her deflowering as he eases his cock out so as to relive the experience of entering her tight but wet cunt. Ashley gasps as he re-enters her brutally and bends her legs so her knees are next to her ears to allow him unfettered access to her nearly-virginal pussy.

Wang is delighted with what has happened so far and continues to shove his pleasure pole up the tight opening of her sex. Ashley groans and then moans in excitement as her love hole begins to relax and moisten to accommodate its merciless intruder. Luckily for her, Wang is too old to hold himself back for long but he frantically looks at the Caucasian beauty beneath him from head to toe and stare at her platinum wedding band topped by a 1-carat diamond and her immaculate French manicured fingernails. The tight sensation of Ashley's bare sex coating his tool with her love juice proves to be too much. Then he stiffens and lets out a loud grunt and he empties his balls of its hot, gooey and salty jizm. Disappointed at not having achieved her own orgasm, Ashley arches her back and pushes her cunt down on his rapidly deflating cock to try to bring herself to climax. But it is too late and she is so close! Ashley cannot but feel frustrated sexually but she also feels the shame of her devilish desire that leads to her grind her butt against Wang's shrinking cock. However, she does not have to wait for long before she gets the satisfaction she is now craving.

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