Ashley's Special Gift


Brad had slid a hand up behind my head and wrapping it in my long black hair started pushing and pulling, guiding my mouth along his cock. I stopped moving and looking up at him, winked. Holding my head still, Brad started fucking my mouth. He was using long slow strokes, pulling his cock all the way out to the tip before pushing his entire length back between my waiting lips. He was moaning as I pressed my tongue hard against his shaft so I could lick every inch of him as he stood there using my mouth.

Brad pushed his cock all the way into my mouth until my lips were at the base of his shaft and shaking my head slowly back and forth I reached up and grabbed his balls. I could tell by the soft whimper he emitted that Brad was pretty worked up and wouldn't be able to take too much more. Sliding my mouth from his cock, I started to pump it in my fist, enjoying the sight of his shaft glistening from my wet mouth. I was also getting a kick out of showing his cock off to Ashley and wondering if she'd ever even touched one. Unable to resist an added touch, I lifted his cock and ducking my head made a show of tonguing his balls.

"Oh fuck Trish," he groaned, "Goddamn you can suck cock."

"I'll suck you off later; right now I need this big fat cock in my pussy!"

With his back to Ashley, Brad whispered, "Have I told you lately how much I love you?"

"That's not love written on your face baby," I told him as I stood up and placing my hands on the arm of the couch pushed my ass at him, "And it isn't going to be what's on my face in a few minutes, now get over here and fuck me!"

Brad leaned over and after giving me a quick kiss on the cheek got behind me and grabbed my hips. In the moment before he drove his hard cock into my needy pussy, I lifted my head towards the stairs so she could see the look on my face when...

"Oh fuck yeah!" I screamed as Brad drove his cock into me so hard I felt his balls slap against my pussy.

With no hesitation, Brad began fucking the shit out me. His fingers were digging hard into my hips and he was slamming into me with all the power in his hips. I turned my head to look behind me and moaned at the sight of the muscles in his arms and chest bulge while he hammered away on my pussy like he hadn't had it in weeks. Brad went to the gym three times a week and the results were on full display as the sweat made his muscles stick out even more. Turning my head quickly I saw the shadow had moved back a little as I was now facing her, but did catch a glimpse of yellow hair as she was still trying to watch.

"That's it baby! Fuck me!" I called out and started rocking back and forth on my arms, driving my pussy back into his thrusting cock.

I started yelping with every thrust and could feel the sweat trickling down my back as my husband continued his relentless assault on my uncomplaining pussy. Damn he hadn't fucked me this hard since the last time we...All thoughts stopped when reaching forward, Brad grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back. He had forced my face up towards the stairs and I could see even more of Ashley's knees than before. I cried out in surprise as Brad slapped my ass hard and somehow began to fuck me even harder.

"Fuck me!" I screamed, "Fuck that pussy! Give it to me baby...oh, yes!"

Brad had begun gasping and whipping his cock out, yanked me roughly off the couch. I landed on my knees and immediately spun around my mouth open. Brad was squeezing his cock at the base and as soon as I was facing him, let out a loud cry and began pumping it. A huge spurt of cum splashed against my lips and ran down my chin and onto my tits. His second spurt went directly into my mouth. I closed it then using my tongue pushed it out to dribble down my face with the rest of it. Brad was cumming more than he had in a long time and now aiming lower succeeded in painting each of my nipples before collapsing into a sitting position on the chair.

"Goddamn." He panted.

I couldn't resist standing and turning to face the stairs to give Ashley a look at my cum covered face and tits. After the longest pause I felt I could get away with, I grabbed my shirt and began wiping Brad's cum from me. I kept my head down as I did, resisting the urge to see if she were still watching. When I finished, I rolled the shirt into a ball and dropping it on the floor, picked my skirt up and shimmied back into it. I put Brad's shirt on over my tits and turned to see he had moved and slipped his pants back on.

He got up and putting his arms around me whispered in my ear, "Damn that was hot."

"It's been a long time since we had that kind of fun." I paused then decided to try to bring up something I'd been trying to discuss lately, "You know Brad, we should..."

"Let's have more fun." He interrupted.

Pulling away from me he made to sit on the couch, when he spoke loudly "Hey, Trish you hear something?"

Trying not to laugh I began to turn around, "Yeah, I thought I heard something on the stairs."

"Shit, is it Ashley?" he gasped.

Brad did such a good job of sounding serious, I had to pause to make sure I could keep my voice steady and managed to blurt out, "Jesus, I hope not, damn, what is she saw us?"

"I... ah, never mind," he waved his hand, "I think I just saw that dumb plant in the mirror up there, always looks like a person crouching."

Brad put his head down and plopping down on the couch next to him I gave him a huge kiss, "What a perfect touch!" I laughed, "I love it when you're twisted."


"So you think she's playing with herself thinking about us?" I asked from the corner of the couch, where I was reading a magazine.

Well more accurately, trying to concentrate on the latest issue of People. It wasn't easy as my mind kept drifting back to our hot little scene from a half hour ago.

"You already asked me that." Brad said from the other side of the couch where he was watching sports center. "And I said I bet she is."

"That doesn't get you hot?"

"Yes, Trish it does, but I'm not going to keep thinking about it."

"Sor-ry!" I snapped, "You back in boring mode?"

Brad sighed and didn't answer right away. I'd been teasing him a lot lately that the two of us had been too settled down for too long and should spice things by inviting a little company, as we used to refer to it, over. Figuring he was going to ignore me, as he usually did, when I brought up the subject, I started to look back down at the magazine, but stopped as he spoke.

"Actually smart-ass, I said I wasn't thinking about that. What I have been wondering is..." he gave me a wicked grin, "Is if she's listened outside our door or caught us in the pool."

"Ooh." I cooed, "I hadn't thought of that."

"I've thought of her crouching outside our door, hearing us fucking the shit out of each other and maybe touching herself. Better yet, her bedroom window does over look the pool and you and I did a lot of late night skinny dipping this past summer."

"So maybe this wasn't the first time?"

"Who knows, but I bet it's the best view she's ever gotten." He laughed.

"She seems so sweet though, think it's an act?" I asked.

"Not at all. Her parents were pretty damn strict and as pretty as she is, you ever see her around guys? She's shy and nervous." Brad shrugged, "But I bet she's curious and I wouldn't be surprised if she watches porn and wonders." He laughed, "I think we might be the closest she's gotten."

"Nah," I waved my hand at him, "She was dating that kid Ben for almost a year, I doubt he'd have stuck around if she hadn't given him something."

"I don't know, she's a hot little thing, he might have waited and was probably screwing someone else. In fact didn't she find that out?"

"Oh, yeah." I nodded, "Poor little thing was in tears for days." I paused then asked, "After you acted like we'd seen her, you think she'll be embarrassed around us, or play it off?"

Again flashing that evil little grin that I'd seen so little of in the last couple of years, he asked, "Want to find out?"

"What are you thinking?" I tossed the magazine onto the end table and sat up, eagerly awaiting his answer.

"How about we call her down here, tell her we want to talk to her, right away. See how she acts."

"But what are we really going to talk to her about?"

Getting up, Brad walked over to the mantle over the fire place and reaching into Ashley's Christmas stocking pulled out the red envelope containing a special surprise gift we'd decided to get her as well as her parents.

"Let's give her this a little early."

"You're a genius!" I laughed, clapping my hands.

"Nah, just a boring history teacher." He sighed, "Who married another boring teacher."

"Hey, Geometry isn't boring!" I exclaimed.

"Probably not to your male students who get to stare at your legs, but for the most part it is." He answered coming over and sitting next to me. Pulling his phone from his hip, he pointed at me, "Button your sweater."

I looked down and laughed. After our romp, I slipped a red sweater over my bare tits, rather than go upstairs and change. I'd left it mostly unbuttoned to give Brad a great view of my tits, but now began buttoning it up.

"Hey Ashley?" Brad spoke into the phone. "Listen can you come down here?" he paused and smiled at me. "Yes, it is important; we need to talk to you about something. I don't want to discuss this over the phone so come down right now okay?"

He hung up and laughed, "She was asking me if everything was okay and when I said we had to talk she asked about what and she was stuttering!"

"God we're mean!" I said, but couldn't help laughing.

"Yeah, I wonder if Bill and Kate really knew what they were doing leaving her with us."

"Bill and Kate never knew about our habits." I reminded him. "Besides, its fun to fantasize, but we'd never try anything with Ashley."

"I wouldn't anyway." He gave me a smirk.

"You wouldn't try anything on anyone these days." I returned the smirk.

Brad looked pissed and started to say something, but we both stopped at the sound of soft footsteps on the stairs behind us. I turned to see Ashley reach the bottom of the steps and slowly make her way over to us. I felt a momentary feeling of guilt at the deer in a head light look in her big blue eyes as approached. That feeling changed to another, more pleasant feeling as I took in what she was wearing.

Despite the fact it was winter, Ashley was always saying we kept the house to warm and was wearing a pair of pink shorts that showed even more of her legs than the skirt had. The matching pink red sox t-shirt fit far to loosely to show her small tits, but something about that turned me on more than if she were showing them off. With her long blonde hair in a pony tail and her eyes wide she looked so sweet and innocent; all I could think of was what it would be like to seduce her.

"Ummm, is everything okay," she asked as she stood in front of us.

I waited for Brad to speak, but he remained silent. Before us Ashley was rocking nervously side to side. I let my eyes wander down her long legs to her bare feet with her adorable pink little toe nails and envisioned those feet up on Brad's shoulders as he...

"Everything's fine." Brad spoke, cutting off my impure thoughts. "We just asked you down because we have something for you."

"Oh, really?" she asked, a big smile slowly spreading across her face.

I was wondering if Brad had decided not to mess with her, but then he changed gears.

"Yeah, but first, I was wondering, were you..." he paused and made a show of looking nervous himself. "Uh...were you by any chance on the stairs a little while ago?"

The color drained from her face and her eyes grew even wider, "I...Umm, well I...left my room to shower but...." She made an effort at a casual shrug, "Why do you ask?"

"Oh, well no reason..." Brad once again did a good job of looking around awkwardly "We...uh, well we were kind of doing something and...."

The color returned to Ashley's face with a vengeance. In seconds she went from pale to a shade of crimson that told me, she indeed had seen everything we were doing. She started to stammer something and at that point I needed to let her off the hook.

"We were discussing your Christmas gift and were afraid you'd heard us." I gave her a disarming smile, "Now, were you snooping hon?"

Ashley paused, and looked closely at me and I wondered if she knew I was helping her out or thought she really hadn't been seen when she thought she had. After a moment she shook her head vigorously, causing her pony tail to shake back and forth.

"Really Trish, I only took a shower and went back into my room, I was never near the stairs."

"Good." Brad said, "Because we wanted this to be a surprise."

He held the red envelope out to her and as she took it she said, "But Christmas isn't until next weekend."

"I know, but when you open it you'll see why we gave it to you early."

"You guys are so sweet." She laughed as she tore open the envelope and pulled out the card, as she opened it, she continued, "You do so much for me, you don't have to..."

She trailed off and her eyes widened and Brad and I looked at each other and smiled, but this time not at her expense, but at the fact she we'd made her happy.

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed, holding up the round trip ticket to Florida we'd bought her. "I'm going to get to go see mom and dad for Christmas! Oh thank you!"

Ashley came forward and all but threw herself into my arms. She hugged me so tight I gasped and kissing my cheek said, "Oh Trish thank you!"

"You're welcome honey." I replied, hugging her back.

I could feel my tits pressing against hers through our clothing and turning my head, noticed Brad staring at her ass as she bent over me. Letting me go, she moved over and gave Brad a hug and now it was my turn to look at that adorable firm little ass as she planted a kiss on his cheek as well.

"Thank you Brad!" she stood up, "Does my Mom and Dad know?"

"Nope." Brad shook his head, "You can call them when you get down there."

"I...this is too much!" she said shaking her head.

"It's okay hon," I told her, "It's a gift for your folks too, we know they're still getting settled down there and didn't have the money to fly you down. So it's for all of you."

"Yeah, but I feel really bad taking this."

"Why? Brad and I asked simultaneously.

"Because you guys have already done so much for me! You offered to let me stay with you so I could go to PC when Dad got transferred, and Brad got me the job at the restaurant. Plus you guys really take care of me! I...." she put her head down, "I didn't get you guys anything anywhere near this nice."

"Don't worry about it, Ashley." I said then patted the couch between us.

Ashley took her cue and sat down next to me. It was a tight fit between us and her bare leg was pressed against my calf. Taking a moment to savor that sensation as well as just the thought of her being between us, I continued, "You deserve this, you're a good student, you help out a lot around the house and we really like having you around."

"Really?" she looked back and forth at both of us.

"Yes, you always make us smile." Brad told her.

In more ways than one, I resisted adding as Ashley again kissed my cheek, then Brad's

"I...thank you again!" she exclaimed, jumping up from the couch. "And I promise I'm going to get you guys something really nice for Christmas."

"Please, we don't give to get Ashley." Brad said.

"I know you don't, and I don't know what it is yet, but I'm going to give you guys something really special!"

"Just keep being you and we're even okay?" Brad said, "Do the right things and make your folks and us proud, that's what you can do for us. Right Trish?"

"Absolutely." I nodded, Or, I thought, you could take those cute little shorts off and...

"Well, I'm still going to work on something great for you guys anyway!" Ashley looked at the ticket again and laughed, "I'm going to go upstairs and call some of my friends and then I'm going to start digging out my bathing suits! Mom says its warm enough to go swimming down there!"

With that, Ashley turned away and practically skipped towards the stairs. I watched as she reached them taking two at a time quickly made her way out of sight. As she did I couldn't help staring at that sweet little ass and the backs of those well toned legs.

"It really is nice to make her happy." Brad said.

"It is." I agreed, "We haven't been that excited over a present in forever."

"We're older; it's different for us now. We get what we want all year."

I looked at him and thought that no; we hadn't gotten what we really wanted in quite awhile. At least not what I wanted, although I was pretty sure Brad wanted it too and was just feigning he didn't care. My gaze wandered over to the Christmas tree and the presents we had under there both for each other and some friends as well as a few small things for Ashley. I heard her voice in my head exclaiming she wanted to get us something special. What could Brad and I get for each other that could be that special. Turning back to see he was watching me I said softly,

"You know Brad, I just thought of what I'd really like for Christmas, a perfect gift."

"Really?" he asked, "You said you didn't have anything in mind, when I asked."

"Like I said, it really just came to me and..." I gave him an enticing smile, "I think you'd enjoy it as well."

"Oh?" he smiled, "Something from the Adam and Eve catalog?"

"Nope." I shook my head, "Even more fun."

"Well, you going to tell me?"

Sliding over to him, I placed my lips to his ear and whispered, "Brad, baby, I want a woman for Christmas."


"This again?" Brad asked, pulling away from me. "Christ Trish, we've been over this again and again and decided that..."

"You decided." I pointed at him. "You decided that after eighteen years of bringing another woman into our bed for a treat, one close call and you..."

"Close call?" He put his hands up, "That's putting it mildly. Shit Trish, that girl you set us up to meet on Craig's list was one of my fucking students when she was in high school!"

"I know," I put my hands up as well, "I teach at the same school remember? In fact I recognized her first when we were walking up to the front of the motel."

"And she recognized us." He reminded me. "She came over and asked how we were doing" he rolled his eyes, "Mr. and Mrs. Adams how are you?"

"But she didn't realize we were the couple coming to meet her and I'm sure she bought our story that we were picking up some friends from out of town."

"Did she?" he shook his head.

"We sat there in the car like we were waiting for someone and she was doing the same thing. You got two texts from her asking if we were showing before I just decided to drive off."

"And I texted we were running late and when we pulled out and took off, she was reading a book in her car she wasn't even looking. Hell Brad, you act like we were caught red handed."

"If we hadn't been late and had already been in the motel room, we fucking would have." He snapped.

"But it didn't happen and...."

"But it could have." He said, lowering his voice. "Trish we're high school teachers. A lot of our students are eighteen year old girls. Can you imagine what would happen to us if we were caught playing with one, even if she wasn't our student? It would be our jobs." He sighed, "In fact ever since that happened all I can think of is how it hadn't happened before. Half those girls are college students and Rhode Island is a small state."

"Then we'll go to clubs." I suggested. "If we recognize the girl we don't go near her."

"You remember every single student you've had in the last few years?" he asked, "I sure as hell don't."

"What, you think we've taught every girl under twenty five in the state, Brad?"

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