Ashley's Special Gift


"No, it's was a wakeup call Trish. Back when we were messing around in college with other girls it was no big deal, we were a couple of partiers and you were into both. When we got out of school and had internships, we bounced around and weren't teaching kids anywhere near our taste shall we say."

"Then we'll go older." I shrugged. "We both like playing with younger girls, but we can find one our age."

"How, you want to walk into swingers clubs or start advertising." He laughed. "Then we'll get a woman that says "hey aren't you my daughter's history teacher?"

"And we'll ask her what she's doing at that club?" I laughed.

"It won't be her job I'm sure."

"Then we'll go away for a few days and find one."

"Not every state is as loose as this one, with indoor prostitution laws. The girls in the other states are literally street walkers."

"Not in the clubs. Come on Brad! We used to have so much fun!"

"Sorry I'm not enough to satisfy you." He waved his hand disgustedly.

"Oh, please. You know you keep me happy. We had another guy come on and play with me a couple of times back in college, but since then it's all women." Putting my hand in his lap, I squeezed his cock. "You have all the cock I need honey, but goddamn, I'm craving pussy!"

He started to speak, but I kept going, "And our rule is we only play together. So you know I'll never try to find one alone Brad, and I love to see another woman with you and I love that look on your face when you watch me lick pussy! It was our special secret, and its not like we did it all the time, it was maybe three or four time s a year and..." I shrugged, "I'll make a deal with you, how about once a year around Christmas! A special gift!"

"If you can settle for once a year, you can settle for not at all." He said quietly. "Trish we have careers and don't forget that scare we had after that woman in Florida when I got that rash."

"It ended up being jock itch from you jogging all the time." I rolled my eyes.

"But we thought it was something else. It's hard to trust....."

"Stop being an ass Brad!" I yelled at him, "At least stop acting like it's just me."

"What do you mean?" He asked, "I..."

"Just admit you want another fucking woman!" I yelled, getting tired of his excuses. "You know damn well you want one so don't put it all on me!"

"Fine, I'd love to!" He yelled back, "I would love to be able to fuck around with a hot young girl, but it's not worth the risk!"

"I'm not worth the risk?" I asked, "You don't think I'm important anymore?"

"You are, another woman isn't!" standing up quickly, he looked down at me. "When we had that close call, you agreed it was a sign and we needed to stop."

"Oh, and you've never changed your mind about anything?" I demanded. "You want it and you know it!"

"Can't always have what we want Trish." He said, "This conversation's over." With a disgusted sigh he added, "Christ you know how to ruin a night, maybe I really am just not enough for you."

He hadn't said that angrily and as he walked away, I felt a stab of regret that I'd pushed. Brad and I had a great marriage and an amazing sex life. Many women couldn't claim either of those let alone both. With a sigh, I sat back on the couch and thought that maybe he was right; it was time to grow up and settle down. I looked back at the tree and longed for the days when Brad and I would un-wrap a different kind of gift together.


I jerked awake at the sound of a knock on the door and turning, looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was just after nine. I sat up on the bed and rolled my eyes as my I-pad fell off of my chest onto the bed. I'd come upstairs after my argument with Brad and tried to do some work on the last test I was giving my students before Christmas break. Between being physically relaxed from our hot romp in the living room, then getting emotional after our fight, it had taken its toll and I'd apparently dozed off.

The knock game again and I called out, "Come in."

The door opened and Ashley entered. She was still wearing the shorts and t-shirt from earlier, but now her long blonde hair was down. Also like earlier, she looked nervous.

"Hey hon, everything okay?" I asked.

'Umm, well I was wondering if I could talk to you about something."

"Of course." I said and sliding over to the side of the bed, patted it. "Come on over."

Ashley nodded and sitting down next to me looked down at the floor and began playing with her hair.

"Do you know where Brad is?" I asked.

"I was just downstairs. He's in his office working, so I figured I would talk to you while he was busy." She sighed and went to put the piece of hair into her mouth.

Just as I'd always seen her mother do, I reached out and pulled the hair from her mouth and asked "Is everything okay, Ashley?"

"I...I kind of wanted to ask you that." She said softly.

"What do you mean?"

Ashley turned slightly so she was facing me and after taking a deep breath, began speaking.

"After I went upstairs and called a couple of friends I was going to study and remembered I left my I-Pod downstairs."

"Okay." I said as she paused.

"Well I started to head downstairs and I heard you guys fighting."

"Oh." I shrugged, "Well sorry you heard that, but everyone fights hon." I laughed, "Sometimes in the summer we could hear your mom yelling at your dad whenever he tried to fix something and made it worse."

"Yeah I know." She gave me a surprisingly serious look and putting her hand on my knee continued, "Trish, you and Brad really mean a lot to me and wasn't that you were fighting, but what you were fighting about."

I felt a twisting feeling in my stomach as I remembered the topic of our argument. "You sat and listened?" I asked.

"I did." She put her head down.

"So you heard what it was about?" Oh, great. How the hell was I going to explain this one?

"I heard you yelling about another woman." Ashley gave my knee a squeeze. "Brad's cheating on you isn't he?"

"Of course not!" I exclaimed, relieved this wasn't what I'd thought.

"You don't have to cover for him." she said, "I heard you tell him to admit he wanted another woman and he...." Her eyes started to fill up, "He told you he wanted to f..." She blushed, "Have sex with a hot young girl."

"Oh." I paused, trying to think of a way to answer her and she went on.

"There's really not another way to take that Trish. I...I'm really upset, you and Brad seem so happy and I always thought he was such a good guy! But he..." she swallowed hard and a single tear rolled down her cheek, "He's hurting you!"

"Oh, honey," I reached out and wiped the tear from her cheek, "He's not, he really is a good man. We're very happy together, we just..."

"Then what was he talking about?" she put her hands up, "I heard you word for word, Trish, you told him to admit it and he did! You're just covering up for him!"

I frowned and looked down at the floor. Replaying the argument in my head, I realized that the only time we had been raising our voices was pretty much the part she's heard. Ashley hadn't heard the initial part. At first I thought that was a lucky break, but now she was convinced Brad was cheating. If she said anything to him, he would deny it as I was, but what if she said something to her parents?

I looked back up to see she was looking at me and there were a couple more tears on her cheeks. I was touched that she cared enough about us that this would upset her and wanted to assure her we were okay, but how? She was right; if I'd heard that part I'd assume the same thing.

"Do you know who she is?" Ashley asked, "I heard you say she was young." He blue eyes widened. "I...I heard him saying something about a student before the yelling started, is he...screwing around with his students?"

"Hell no!" I exclaimed, shit this was getting worse.

"Then who's the hot young girl?" she shook her head, "N...never mind, it's your business"

"There's nothing...." I began, but stopped when she grunted disgustedly then said quietly,

"Trish I...I love it here with you guys, but when I get back from Florida I'm going to move in with one of my friends, they lost their roommate and need someone to help with the rent."

"'re leaving us?" I asked, shocked, "But your folks..."

"I...I can't live here knowing Brad's cheating and....I just can't." she shrugged, "I won't tell my parents about it, I'll just say I've decided to be a big girl and live on my own."

She stood up and gave me a sad smile, "I'm sorry, Trish, you deserve better and before I leave, I'm going to tell Brad that I think he's an..."

"Ashley, sit down!" I snapped and grabbing her wrist pulled her into a sitting position. "I'm telling you, nothing bad is going on!"

"Then what's going on?" she asked, "I told you I heard...."

"You didn't hear everything."

I took a deep breath and asked myself if I really wanted to tell her the truth. I didn't think she would say anything, but couldn't be sure. There was also the possibility she may think Brad and I were perverts and would want to leave anyway. As she looked at me expectantly, I weighed that against the fact she was convinced my husband was a cheating dog and was so upset by it, she was going to not only leave, but call Brad out for something he didn't do. Brad and I had also promised her parents we'd keep her with us at least until she'd finished school. Exhaling I said,

"Ashley, I'll tell you the truth, but only if you promise me you'll tell no one, not even your folks."

"I promise."

"I mean it, because this is something that could cost us our jobs."

"I promise, Trish, really." She nodded.

"Okay, first let me ask you something. Have you..." I paused, then went ahead, figuring what the hell, "Ashley have you had sex yet?"

"Why are you asking me that?" she asked, her face immediately turning red. "What does that have to do with..."

"It does only in the sense that I'm wondering how much you'll understand." I told her, conveniently leaving out the fact I was dying to know anyway.

"I...I slept with Ben, but he's the only one." She looked at me sadly. "He dumped me almost right after I let him. I think that's all he was waiting for."

"So you don't have much experience?" I couldn't help asking

"Not much, we only did it a few times." She frowned, "He said I was too nervous and acted like a little girl."

"Ashley have you ever been with a girl?"

Again an adorable blush and she shook her head, "No, I...well I kissed Jen once on a dare, but it was only a kiss."

"Did you like it?" I knew I was getting sidetracked, but when else could I ask her this?

"I..." she shrugged, "It wasn't like it meant anything. But...I do think she kissed better than Ben." She frowned, "What does this have to do with you and Brad?"

"Well, the thing is Ashley is you did hear right. I was telling him I knew he wanted to be with a pretty young girl, but that's because I want to be with one as well."

"What?" she exclaimed, " like women?"

"Look Ashley, some people have different views on things. A lot of couples are exclusive and that's fine for them. But back in college I liked to play with girls and guys. When I met Brad back in college, he and I would....well we would play with others. A couple of times it was another guy for me, but mostly it was girls. I loved being with them, but it wouldn't be right if I didn't let Brad play too."

"So you guys are like...swingers?" she asked.

"Sort of, but usually they like other couples. We're strictly into women. Once we got older we would only do it here and there and the rule is always together and we had to agree on the girl." I stopped when I saw her looking at me like I was nuts. "I know it sounds weird but..."

"But you guys love each other right?"

"Very much so!" I told her. "And we both enjoy this, its like our special treat and our little secret. Now for the last few years we would contact escort services and personal ads for the type of girl we..."

"Hot young girls?" she asked.

"Well..." I sighed, "Yes, we like young girls, not inappropriately young but..."

"My age?"

"Yes. And..."

I stopped when she pointed at herself, "So would like...would I be a girl you guys would you"

This was what I was afraid of, that she would now be uncomfortable around us. Putting my hands on her shoulders, I looked into her eyes and said, "Ashley we would never think of you like that," that was a lie, but she didn't need to know that. "We're very close to you and..."

"But...okay, so if you didn't know me and was just looking at me, would I be?"

"I can't lie, Ashley, you're absolutely adorable and sweet and well yeah that's kind of what we like."

"I thought you liked hot?"

"We do and that's what we usually get. Escorts aren't exactly sweet, but sometimes we would find a girl without a lot of experience and we'd have a lot of fun kind of teaching her and....."

I stopped and took a breath. It was bad enough I was risking our secret; I didn't need to get carried away.

"Anyway, a couple of years ago we were supposed to meet a girl at a motel and when we got there I recognized her as a girl that we had both taught at high school. We left, but it was a close call because..."

"You would get in a lot of trouble." She pointed at me, "You guys never did with any of the..."

"Never." I assured her. "But if someone found out I doubt they would believe it and schools wouldn't take that chance."

"I understand that, but what were you guys fighting about then?"

"Because I would really like to do it again; I miss it and so does Brad. We argue about it here and there because I think we'll be fine, but now he's worried we'll get caught. I...I was telling him tonight we should do it as a Christmas present to ourselves and he got mad because I kept pushing."

"So you were mad because there isn't another woman?"


I stopped, when to my delight, Ashley laughed, "That would be a first! A woman mad her husband didn't want to play with another girl."

"Right, but anyway that's the truth Ashley. Brad is very loyal to me and I to him. We have never strayed and have only played together and if he doesn't ever want to again we won't, but I miss it."

Ashley nodded and frowned as if she were thinking of something. I waited for her to speak and when it didn't seem she was going to I asked, "Ashley, you see why you can't tell anyone right?"

"Oh." She started as if she had been lost in thought, "Don't worry Trish, I promise!"

She went silent again and I prodded her, "Ashley, you don't think Brad and I are...sick or anything do you? I...I don't want you to be uncomfortable around us."

"Oh, no its okay." She smiled, "I'd rather have it be that than you guys having trouble. If you guys are okay with it than that's great." She shrugged, "Its really too bad you can't anymore, that must really suck."

"Well maybe Brad's right." I told her. "Or maybe someday we will, but everything would have to be just right and we'd have to know there was no way we could get found out."

"Thank you for sharing your secret with me Trish, I'm glad you trust me."

"I do and I'm glad you don't think poorly of us."

"Never, you guys are way too good to me." She said as she stood up. "I'm just glad you guys are okay."

I stood up as well and gave her a hug "We are honey, and I love that you care that much."

"I want to see you guys happy." She said in my ear, then to my surprise added, "You never know, maybe Brad will change his mind."

"I doubt it honey, but thanks." As I did downstairs, I could feel her tits pressing into mine and quickly pulled away from her. "And like I said, we won't bring it up again, okay?"

"Okay." She nodded and turning away walked towards the door. "Goodnight Trish."

"Night Ashley," I replied, staring at her ass in the tight shorts.

She reached the door and as she opened it, looked at me over her shoulder and smiled, "You never know, Trish, after all it is Christmas; maybe you'll get a big surprise"


"Hey honey, you ready for bed" I asked from the doorway of Brad's office.

He looked up from his lap top and rubbing his eyes, sighed, "I'm tired enough, but I need to try to get through some more of these reports."

"You still have the weekend," I told him, "You look exhausted, babe, just come to bed."

'I don't know I..." he stopped when, untying the black robe I was wearing, I pulled it open to show him I was wearing nothing underneath.

"You were saying?" I reached up and cupping my tits presented them to him.

"I...well I was saying that I can just finish this up tomorrow!" he laughed.

"Now that's better." I nodded as I pulled the robe closed, "If you're going to be working late you should be working on me."

"Maybe you should come over here and I'll work on you on my desk."

"No, I heard Ashley walking around in the hall a few minutes ago, I'm not sure if she came down here or not."

"Since when wouldn't you want to put on another show?" he grinned.

"I don't know" I shrugged, I hadn't told him about my talk with Ashley and didn't see why I needed to, but now that she knew, I didn't want her to see us again. "Let's just go upstairs, besides that way we can just go to sleep." I flashed him my tits again, "Come on lover, your wife's horny and you don't want her to start without you, do you?"

"Can I watch if you do?"

"Let's go."

Turning away from him, I flipped my robe up, giving him a glimpse at my bare ass and headed for the stairs. I laughed as Brad came up behind me just as I'd started up the stairs and reaching under my robe gave my ass a hard squeeze. When I reached the top of the stairs he came up behind me and slipping his arms around my waist, kissed my neck. I ground my ass back into him and was thrilled at the feeling of his hard cock pressing into me through the sweat pants he was wearing.

"Hmm, I like that, but behave out here!"

I started out ahead of him and yelped when he caught my ass with a playful slap. I turned back to look at him and saw him giving me that mischievous smile that always melted me. I smiled back and began sauntering towards the bedroom, putting some extra swing into my hips. I was glad the argument of last night was forgotten. We entered the bedroom and before I could reach the bed, Brad grabbed me by the hips. Spinning me around to face him, he slid his hands inside the robe as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine. I moaned into his mouth as his fingers found my nipples and my own hand found his hard cock.

"Take these stupid pants off," I told him, "We have to work on something sexy for you to wear."

"The only sexy thing I ever want on me is you." He laughed as he sat down on the bed, "Now why don't you take them off for me?"

"Oh, yes sir." I purred, dropping to my knees.

As Brad pulled his shirt off and tossed it aside, I grabbed the sides of his pants, he lifted his hips and after pulling them down just far enough for his cock to spring free, I took it into my mouth and sucked him down to his balls.

'Oh damn!" He moaned, "Trish, you are..."

We both jumped at a knock on the door.

I removed his cock from my mouth and looked towards the door. The knock came again this time accompanied by Ashley's voice, "Hey guys, umm, can I talk to you?"

I looked at Brad who shrugged. Standing up long enough to pull his pants back up, he sat back down on the bed and called out, "Hold on a sec Ashley."

I stood up and licking my lips, whispered, "Shit, it's like getting caught in your bedroom when we stayed at your folks."

Turning around, I called out, "Come on in." and sat down next to him at the foot of the bed. The door opened and Ashley came in. My eyes widened and I looked over at Brad, who looked as if he was having a hard time keeping his mouth closed. Ashley was wearing a red robe shorter than mine. So short that I wondered if she turned around if I'd be able to see the cheeks of her ass.

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