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When Ashton walks into a bar, time stops. I mean how often does five feet eleven inches, one hundred and twenty-eight pounds of pure sexual energy enter into the small confines of ANY bar. Men stop playing their cards and women stop playing their men. Women like this only enter with a purpose.

To put it plainly, Ash was horny. Rip roaring horny, why else would she come to a place like this? It takes a LOT of energy to shut out the thoughts and feelings of drunks, and even someone with her level of experience would , at the least, be dead tired in the morning.

With a quick scan of the room Ash removed all of the "Fairies" and violent men from her list of probables. Another scan, and one particular man peaks her interest. "Hmm" she thinks." He might just be interesting enough to satisfy me tonight. And maybe tomorrow too." She thinks with a wicked grin, turning her emerald green eyes in his direction. Ash can feel the interest in her as she sashays over to his side; he has noticed her too.

Blonde, with the bluest eyes she's seen on this side of this planet, the perfect build with just that little extra in the chest area that drives her absolutely MAD! This man is the perfect male for this little excursion.

"Hello sexy."

"Howdy Miss, how are you this beautiful night?"

"Wonderful, but a little warm. Care to escort me outside for a little night air? A young girl like me can't be caught out alone in these parts." Inside she is chuckling at the irony of this statement. "Like anyone would dare challenge me in the light; let alone in the dark"

"Don't mind if I do. What's your name Miss? Mine's Keegan." Keegan tips his hat in a wonderful display of old world chivalry.

"Ashton, but you can just call me Ash." Interesting Keegan stands to his full six and a half feet, and offers his arm to escort Ash out to the balcony where she turns her charm on full force.

"Sir, would you do me the honor of being my escort for the night?" she asks after a small amount of small talk. Her brief conversation with him creates an almost unnatural hunger. Just standing next to this man gets her juices flowing, and she likes it. This union is a rarity even for her race.

Keegan only has a millisecond to control the blood rushing to his dick. "WOW! A man could grow to love a woman like this." He can't, on the other hand, control the flash of charm he instills in his grin. "Why Miss, I would be delighted." His grin returns as she puts her room key in his pocket, which by the way is getting tighter and tighter by the second.

"Be discreet" she says. "I must go and bathe, I wouldn't want him to see me in this state, power is a wonderful thing. Even more wonderful in the right hands, and the right hands are ALWAYS mine."

Twenty minutes after Keegan watches the nymph of his wildest dreams walk up the stairs, if that's what you would call it, he tells his buddies at the card table "G'night". After all it's going to be a long tiring one, why not go bathe and pamper for a few minutes? And why keep someone waiting when they went to all the trouble of issuing an urge to "frolic" like this woman.

Ash begins to wonder if her experiment in mind urges went awry. "EWWW! What if my urge went to the bartender or someone equally disgusting?" All her fears were set aside with the three small tentative knocks on her door.

When the door opens Keegan is taken a little off guard, it took so long for her to open the door he was beginning to wonder if he had the right room, or that she had changed her mind. But, what a pleasant surprise was awaiting him on the other side of this threshold. Standing before him, in nothing but a brilliant smile, was no nymph but a Goddess of seduction.

You would think she had just struck him dumb, if you did not take into account his rapidly swelling pants. Obviously someone is home, Ash had to beckon him into her suite, and close the door behind him while he just stood and stared. "Come in and join me? You are, after all, the guest of honor," she says, but he can see the hint of smile beneath that luscious mouth. Making Keegan swell even harder, the things she could do to him with this mouth of hers.

As he thinks it, all the new possibilities flow into her consciousness. "Who would have thought that something like this could be so interesting?" Reaching down to relieve him of his tight jeans, first Ash has to untuck his shirt. Slipping her hands under and onto his nicely built abs she rakes her fingernails neatly across his chest, testing his pain threshold. She can feel his pleasure in her mind and is pleased. "Liked that huh?" Lifting his shirt over his head she leans in and lightly licks his nipple. She is pleased to see it instantly go rock hard. Slowly she finishes removing his shirt, rubbing her own aching nipples on his chest.

After ample attention is paid to his chest Ash decides to slide a little further down his stomach and trails her tongue down his happy trail, only stopping when she gets to his buttons on his pants. Using her teeth she unbuttons and then unzips him and relishes in the feeling of his cock hitting her mouth. His sharp intake of breath is puzzling when she licks the underside. "Does he not like it when I put my mouth around the tip?" Ashton opens her mind to his and finds that he likes. So coming to the conclusion that a little is good but a lot is better she licks her way to the end of his shaft and when she reaches the tip once more plunges it to the back of her throat. This time the weakening of his knees was all the indication that he was enjoying himself that she needed.

Deciding that, this was all he could handle so soon she asks him to step the rest of the way out of his pants and join her on the bed. Thankfully he has far past his earlier stupor, and surprised her by growling and picking her off her feet and tossing her on the bed instead. More to her surprise he grabs her feet and slides her, in a laying position, to the edge of the bed. Resisting the urge to peek into his mind, she decides to let this be a completely new experience to her and let him have his fun.

"GREAT GODDESS!" She is taken by surprise when he buries his tongue in her hot, wet pussy. White hot fire shoots up her body and does not stop until she is dizzy from the heat. Each time he swipes his tongue against her clit, Ash is nearly flinging herself from the edge of the bed. It feels as though tiny bolts of lightening are invading her bloodstream. Ashton grabs his head to get his tongue closer to her hot clit, careful not to hurt him.

Keegan is pleasantly surprised to feel her instant surge of heat. He licks every ounce of hot juicy sweetness off and urges more to come to him. He nearly shoots in the floor when she grabs his hair. Clearly this is his type of woman, yet she holds back. "Why? Surely she doesn't think she can hurt me by herself" With the greatest restraint Keegan has ever had to control he lifts his head from her beautiful, sweet pussy and stands in front of her.

"Miss I don't believe that I caught your name."

"Ashton, Ashton Kyenter." She waits for the comprehension of who she is to dawn in those beautiful, breath taking eyes of his. He does not disappoint.

"THE Ashton Kyenter? Princess Ashton? The daughter of Warloft the Bloody?" He sputters, going slightly flaccid.

Quickly Ashton captures his slowly fading dick between her lips and sucks. While she is performing he magic with her tongue. Keegan comes alive again. Every thought of who she falling from his mind as if a drain has been pulled. All he can feel now is her soft tongue licking and kissing the head of his swollen dick. It is so big and bulging it feels about to burst.

"Surely a man can die from what you can do to him!" he growls. Keegan grabs her shoulders and wrenches her very soft pleasurable mouth from him to shove his tongue in the place of his berefit member.

Nice. I like a man who can tell me what he wants.

Ashton does not resist, but instead slides his member in between her wet thighs. Keegan stills. Groans. He throws her across the bed, only to capture her wrists in his enormous hands. While he holds her down she begins to squirm a little under his hard body. This only makes them both hotter; Keegan takes her nipple in his mouth and nibbles until a small sound escapes her throat.

Pinned under him with his mouth doing beautiful things to her body, Ashton starts to shift her body to take him.

"Sweet Goddess, fuck me! Fuck me now!" Ashton moans. Not willing to deprive a woman of what she needs, Keegan adjusts to slam his dick into her hot, beckoning folds. Her scent of driving him mad; when he enters her slick pussy colors erupt behind his eyelids. It is like a warm welcoming sleeve has enveloped his very happy member.

By the gods, what species is he? No man should be able to arouse me like this. It's like I am drunk! And I love it.

Ashton nearly chokes at the sensations rippling through her body. Her limbs feel totally disconnected, and tingly. When he enters her the room spins, and rocks. The smell of sweat and sex is overpowering. She licks a trail from his chin to his nipple. A small nibble and the reward of a sharp intake of breath on Keegan's part, sends her tongue trailing again exploring the mold of his body.

Ashton bites him on the neck, hard, and revels in how his body responds. He seems to swell within her body if it is possible. Keegan tightens his grip on her wrists, and pumps his hips harder.

Keegan lets loose his grip on her wrists to sink his hands into her luscious hair. My god this is paradise, the feel of her is stupendous! Ashton scrapes her fingernails across his back, leaving slightly bloody trails. He moans into her hair. She nearly screams out when he bites her neck.

She is taken aback when he suddenly stills. Brought out of her pleasure she merges with his mind fully, to find the problem. Ashton nearly comes apart when she reads his intentions, smiles secretly and then moves onto all fours. While she waves her dripping pussy in front of him he moves to capture her clit with his tongue. Ashton moves skillfully out of the way before he can catch her. She spies a space between the headboard and the wall that looks just big enough to slip her hands behind. She grabs on and positions her ass so he may enter her there if he so chooses. She slides a finger from into her pussy to claim some of the juices then brings it to her mouth and slowly licks every ounce of slick juice off.

Keegan comes behind Ashton and rubs the head of his dick over her puckered ass. He reaches around and pinches her clit and starts pushing his fingers inside of her. First one finger then two then three. Faster and faster he pushes until she is bucking against his fingers as fast as he can get them inside her. When he pulls them out and rubs them on her ass hole she shudders in anticipation.

The feel of the head of his dick pushing against the entrance to her ass is almost too good to be true. No one is brave enough to give her what she wants, and that's to be fucked HARD in the ass. Rough, that's what she wants. To feel a hard dick pressing in and out of her ass while balls slap her clit is too much. Ashton starts to rub her clit while Keegan slams into her from behind; holding on to her hips for more leverage. Keegan suddenly growls and seems to be losing control.

A quick peek into his mind confirms that he is so very close. She contracts her muscles and milks him until he cums in her ass. That is too much for Ashton and she cums in her own hand. She is surprised when he knocks her hand away and pulls his still dripping dick from her ass, only to put his head in her tight wet curls and sticks his tongue in her pussy. He licks every drop of cum that he can reach with his probing tongue. When he gets his fill he turns his attention to her still pulsing clit.

With a giggle Ashton throws herself into Keegan's arms. She runs her tongue from his chin to his balls, stopping only to nip at his nipples. Ashton looks up into his eyes and starts to head toward the shower in her suite.

Keegan doesn't move for a few minutes, listening to Ashton in the shower. When he regains enough energy to get up, he joins her and the adventure begins again.

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