Asian Fraternity 'Girls'


Then unexpectedly, I felt my little cock start to rise in sexual heat! That's impossible! How could I be enjoying such humiliating torment from another man? Yet each fleshy contact from Rick's large punishing hand sent anther jolt of excitement fuming my fire, and my squirming over his lap just added more fuel as my little "clitty" rubbed anxiously against Rick's much bigger erection under his jeans. Then all of a sudden I lost it! I purred in the most slutty voice as I came uncontrollably over Rick's lap, squirting a small puddle of creamy white cum onto his jeans.

I cried silently in shame after I recovered from my ecstasy while Rick stopped spanking me but tenderly massaged my scorched ass flesh. I could not believe that another man had just spanked me into orgasm!

"Don't cry baby, your punishment is over," Rick whispered softly to me.

Pretty soon the other three Asian girls' spanking was also over, and the four of us stood in a small group trying to rub the stings out of each other's well-reddened tender cheeks with our panties around our ankles, much to the guys' amusement. Turned out Miko had also ejaculated under Dick's punishing black palm, her now soft dickette dangled deliciously in between her smooth thighs, just like mine. Su Ling's and Song Yee's little cocks both hardened after their spanking, and they rubbed it urgently against each other's erection as they embraced each other tight. Moments later their creamy soft bodies shuddered in orgasm, sending small globs of white cum over their bellies.

The guys laughed at our girly Asian cocks, which had all gone soft and tiny. They decided to show us what real men's cocks look like. We each tasted our very first man-cock that night, as we gave the guys blowjobs to relieve their built-up sexual tension from fondling and spanking us. I felt so naughty to be sucking on Rick's rock-hard man-cock while kneeling in front of him submissively. I saw Su Ling doing the same for Frank, and we exchanged glances, checking out each other's 'boyfriend'.

Jerome had taken a fancy to Song Yee, as he said he had a weakness for Korean girls. I watched jealously as she knelt in front of Jerome and eagerly made love to his huge black cock. Miko was so absorbed in Dick's large member that she paid no attention to us.

Completely satisfied, the guys kissed us goodnight and left. We couldn't sleep after such excitement so we ended up throwing an all-night pajama party. We all changed into our sexiest lingerie and teddies, and just lounged around in the living room carpet talking about how we each felt about our experience.

I was thrilled that I serviced my virile white 'boyfriend' just like a devoted Indian girlfriend would. Miko said she felt helpless during her punishment like a submissive Japanese schoolgirl. She and I were both teased mercilessly about being spanked into orgasm under our big brother's stern palms, much to our embarrassment.

Song Yee said she really liked caressing Su Ling's smooth feminine body after their spankings, as well as rubbing their sissy cockettes together into ecstasy. Su Ling had to admit shyly that even though she felt violated when Frank inserted his thick middle-finger up her tight virgin ass, deep down inside she had also secretly enjoyed it, since she felt that her whole body belonged to her man, like a good Asian girl would. We all teased her, but we all secretly knew that it was only a matter of time before we would all be taken up our asses by the boys.

The next day we all had trouble sitting in the classroom without squirming around uncomfortably when our sore asses rubbed against those hard wooden chairs. Some of our classmates snickered at us, obviously realizing what had happened to us the night before, much to our acute embarrassment. That evening our big sisters visited us to congratulate us for all making it into the upcoming initiation.

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