tagInterracial LoveAsian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 04

Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 04


AUTHOR'S NOTE: First-time readers should read chapters 1, 2, 3 of this much so seduction series as it's based partly on actual events in the life of a Singapore virgin between 20-23 years of age at the time, several years ago, and to pick up the true sentiment and structure of her story. It's fictionally built around some actual experiences of an innocent maid hired privately by a wealthy French couple as their au pair for three and a half years. She was rewarded with exceptionally good wages throughout but as the business couple eventually moved back to France Selina was ultimately rewarded for her submissive duties with a promised new BMW car, a wardrobe of new clothes of her choosing and a diamond necklace. You can only imagine why.


Her story, and this limited series was spawned by a female Singapore reader of Literotica's website who, having read some of my other stories about sexual manipulation fictional characters, emailed me asking to do a more or less real life story of innocent seduction (not just sex acts) based on a resident Singaporean young woman she knows. From her picture I saw that incredible look of innocence and I was hooked. Selina is not her real name of course. I received outline information by promising never to reveal her true identity and that every chapter I write must go to her first before posting to the website. It slows things up a bit but it's worth it for a more authentic and genuinely erotic encapsulation of events in her work as the au pair, admittedly with my sexual embellishments along the way, and an extra mainly fictional dimension to the overall story involving her former Indian landlord. Progressively it is based on virgin seduction not just hopping into bed without the character lead-up. Enjoy!

Sensual Singapore virgin Selina is on a course for an erotic sexual awakening as the newly hired au pair for Frenchman Jacques, a world travelled photographer of erotica and his former French glamour model Josette. What lies ahead for this timid, inexperienced Asian sweetie with a stunning 36-18-34 hour glass figure and with an innocent face worth gracing the front cover of a quality glamour magazine, is the challenge to remain modest and chaste in the presence of the Frenchman famous for his high class international erotic photography.

Jacques isn't interested in a Jezebel; he's deliberately chosen Selena as their in-house au pair for the sole purpose of testing his long held powers of seduction. Can he conquer a woman 30 years younger than him by influencing her so much that she can accept him as a father figure and a lover never knowing her parents as an orphaned baby? And can Selina live closely with them in a ménage a trios when she discovers that Josette is bisexual? He relishes the opportunistic challenge as she's more than a shy virgin, she's afraid of sex, a woman's body with the intimacy experience level of a young teen, not a matured one.

Her naive Asian ways and gullibility are no defence against the amorous arsenal of arousal ideas the tall, handsome and athletic looking French national has to draw on as he draws her closer and closer towards him, she being somewhat spellbound by his charm and charisma.

The young au pair girl is aghast that she must wear the stunning sheer silk one piece bodysuit around their home while doing her duties. It clings to her tightly on every curve and the Asian girl is mortified that it's so sheer everything's on show. Underneath is just her bare flesh but it fits so tightly it's like a second skin and Josette deliberately had it made in skin tone silk from Selina's personal measurements so it fits tighter than a glove. She looks at herself in the mirror again and shakes her head in disbelief, almost in tears. This is not her, she is modest to the core and in this garment she may as well be walking around nude.

She looks at the fat swell between her legs and the deep cameltoe effect as the silk sinks into her crack and from the back, the same between the cheeks of her bum. Her well developed 36-inch breasts with big pointy nipples seem like a third dimensional image in the mirror. Her suckable size nipples strain against the ultra thin material as though they're going to break through any minute. The tight fitting garment accentuates her shapely thighs and legs all the way to her small feet contained inside the silk bodysuit and supported by the black shiny patent leather five-inch high heel shoes.

"Josette I'm afraid that Mr Pardie will not like to see me like this. He thinks I'm a lady and seems to treat me with such respect I don't know what he will say about me if I wear this around his residence. Are you sure I can't wear an ordinary dress of some kind?"

"I'm sorry Selina but I have to disagree with you about this uniform and that's what it is as our au pair help. Look, it covers you from your neck to the very tip of your toes, No bare skin is showing below your neck. I think you look stunning."

"Yes but...but I know it covers me but it's...it's is so tight it shows up everything in my private areas. They won't be private anymore. How do I know your chauffer or someone else doesn't see me like this? I'm too shy to go downstairs and see Mr Pardie."

"Too late Selina, it's settled, it's your new uniform so get used to it. A fresh one for every day you need to wear it and I've had extras done in case it gets torn or messed up somehow.

"I know Jacques very well and all he will see in you wearing this is a beautiful young lady, naive and gullible yes, but the kind of young Asian lady he's been searching for."

With Josette leading her, she heads to Jacques Pardie's small gym in their spacious two-storey Barker Road bungalow in the upmarket Bukit Timah part of Singapore to parade his new au pair who's anything but relaxed in the outfit.

"As they head down the 10 feet wide staircase to find the Frenchman Selina continues to complain, but with Josette it falls on deaf ears. "I'm frightened," she stutters. Will Mr Pardie think I'm trying to act forward? I desperately want him to respect me Josette, it's different for you but not for me." "I think he will see what I see, a beautiful young lady exactly as she is in her real dimensions. There is nothing false about you Selina, you are as they say, pure as the driven snow. Jacques knows he is old enough to be your father but he is not your father so when he sees you standing before him in this pure silk body suit so tightly moulded to every curve and dimple on your body he will see nothing but innocence. He will respect you more for being honest about yourself. This is what he needs to know."

"Oh I hope so Josette. It worries me. I'm very old fashioned and I want to stay innocent and pure so I have something to offer a man one day who can take me in his arms and love me dearly and maybe marry me knowing I am his alone."

The muscle fit Jacques is just leaving his small gym with a small towel around his neck across broad bare shoulders, perspiring so that his skin glistens. He's wearing just a pair of short pale blue satin briefs. His slack penis is to the left side and the shape and size is all too obvious even without erection. The moment Selina sets eyes on his tight masculine body she igores his age and her eyes automatically go to the thick horizontal bulge in his briefs. For an instant she forgets how she looks but only how he looks. She's never been this close to a grown male with such a fine muscular near naked body and seen the shape of his thick manhood from under his most personal item of clothing. She's momentarily drawn to it without realising he's noticed where she's looking. It all happens in a few seconds but it's enough for him to know she's noticed.

Just as the brain can work at lightning speed Selina, pure as she is, tries to imagine in those mere seconds of time what his cock could look like if the bulge in his briefs is any indication. She may be shy a virgin and spooked by the thought of real sex but like every young female she has fantasies and one is wondering what it must be like to feel a man's penis when it's erect. The vibrator was as close as she ever got and now she hasn't even got that.

Despite her immediate surge of sexual adrenalin seeing him in such a tight pair of gym shorts without underpants she's trying to disguise the fact that he can see more of her than she can of him. She always assumed using the nine-inch vibrator she left behind in her old address that it was just a replica of a typical man's cock and seeing the shape of the bulge in his half-size satin tights she's more convinced.

She stands with her legs crossed hoping her outrageous cameltoe isn't obvious to him as he walks up to her and Josette wiping perspiration n from his face. But just as she first set eyes on the bulge in his tight briefs, he's first set eyes on the generous cameltoe between her thighs as the sheer silk pulls into her labia minora. She looks up and sees he's looking at her, his face beaming with an expression that suggests he's found something he's been looking for but never thought he'd find.

"Selina, you look so beautiful. I must commend you. Ah yes, even more sensual now than I thought. Look at you, a veritable young goddess standing in front of me asking my permission to be dressed like this and you have my permission. I can only admire your innocence so tell me you are proud of your looks."

His words shock her into perspective. He wants to see her like this. This pleases him, although it doesn't please her. Thoughts rush through her sexually immature mind. She desperately needs to stay in his favour for two reasons: financial security and a strangely developing admiration of his manly persona and gentle ways with her.

He's putting words in her mouth for a start and he's put her on the spot suggesting what he wants her to say. Firstly, she mistakes commend for command and assumes he's exercising his authority and she can only agree with him or show she's got low self esteem about her image. It's the very thing she struggles to overcome, a sense of insecurity that makes her so subservient. And the way she confuses the meaning of similar sounding words only adds to her dilemma.

As uncomfortable and vulnerable as she feels at this moment she meekly replies that she trusts her au pair uniform will please him. "I was hoping for a new kind of dress but a suit of this kind is different I suppose." He immediately recognises that she feels the body hugging silk is advertising her best assets too well. It does.

"My little chicken do not allow your feathers to be easily ruffled. You are wearing a suit, a body suit, and only a very special kind of woman can wear what you are wearing. It does you well for we chose only the finest material in the world, silk, for silk does for the female body what a diamond does for her hand. You deserve the best for coming to us so don't be afraid to be proud of your natural beauty. It pleases me."

The tone of his French accent is seductive to her ears as he gently strokes the side of her neck, giving her goose bumps and he stares into her eyes while he traces his index finger across the top of her upper lip and continuing in a circle and going back the other way, exploring the surface of the most visible erogenous zone on her body, her mouth. The young Asian is taken by surprise by his sudden and unexpected touch and opens her lips to say something just as his finger starts to draw a horizontal line. His finger unexpectedly goes inside her mouth so he pushes it in a bit further.

"Suck my finger, I want to feel the warmth of your lips enclosing on my skin," he whispers as he pushes it in almost as far as his knuckles. "It is clean, everything about me is clean. Use your lips and suck it like a baby on the breast."

But being 50 years of age doesn't stop Jacques from getting a healthy erection and the sight of this beautiful young woman so submissively sucking his finger in such an eye-catching body suit is good for his health. The deep crevice in her pussy where the silk digs into her vagina is better than any aphrodisiac. His cock stiffens and comes within a quarter of an inch of popping out of his satin briefs at a 10 o'clock angle. He places his hands at the back of her head and tilts her face downwards as she continues to suck his finger so she sees his erection straining thick and masculine against the shiny thin satin material of his briefs. The ridges around the head of his penis are very visible. The saliva in her mouth increases from her autonomic nervous system response at something that excites sensual stimulation from within her brain.

Josette stands back watching Selina's reaction, not saying a word. She and he know that as a master of conceptual erotica in photography and art, he can only create sexual desire in this timid virgin if she can convince herself to want sex in the first place. It is a reverse of the norm. For men, sexual desire makes them want to have sex and Jacques is no different, but for many women, it's the reverse. They must want to have sex and then they will think about it erotically and often until it happens.

Jacques is preparing Selina's mind to start thinking sexy thoughts, even if they are confused signals and appear to have nothing to do with sex itself. But something already stirs inside her as she responds to his command to suck his finger.

"Yes I can now feel the heat of your body in your lips," he says softly. You have very sensuous lips, so warm and moist. Do it a bit faster." She does but wonders why this is happening. Josette is getting turned on at the prospect of him luring her all the way to between the sheets but she knows it requires seductive persuasion that is gentle and built on trust, not just peer pressure.

"You may stop sucking now you've given me the message I wanted," he says as he kisses the finger and quickly sucks on it himself for just a moment. Selena looks at him quizzically in a moment of wonder, confused what it was all about. The more she's around him, the more she seems curiously entranced by his ways, his expressions and his fatherly-like masculine presence. She missed this as a child and feels secure around the burly Frenchman. Inwardly she wishes she had a father like him.

"Come, I will show you some of my work," he says, his erection intact, helped by the youthful warmth of her hand and her dreamy eyes looking up to him as he walks her to his studio like a parent leading with a child. As they walk away Josette notices just how sexually stimulating their au pair's derriere is with the sweeping curved crack clearly showing at the back as crowning glory atop of her shapely young thighs.

Just feeling his strong hand around hers gives her a warm sense of belonging and a tingle in the mind she's never experienced before. His confidence and kindly ways makes her forget how she's dressed. He's leading and she's following. Although she feels comfortable and safe with him the comparative huge area of the residence makes her feel somewhat jittery at coping with her day chores. She's curiously excited that he's taking her into his studio in just his short satin briefs with its fascinating bulge up front but suddenly frightful of the possibility he might want to do something with her. As much as she feels slowly but surely drawn to him in trust the mental barrier is up if it involves sex because of her complete abstinence and naive ways.

"This is some of my photographic work," he says proudly as they enter his expansive studio. Around the walls are huge black and white images in hand crafted frames about three feet wide by two feet deep. They are images of erotica, a mixture of beautiful woman nude but not explicitly so, some are faces only, some upper torso from navel upwards, some just breasts, some frontal, some focusing on the buttocks only, legs slightly apart.

"As you can see erotic imagery is using light and shade, mood, textures in skin and facial expressions that connects to the viewer," he explains as she looks at them wide-eyed like a child in a toy shop. "It is not about explicit nudity, it is delicate and tasteful. It is meant to stir the senses not to show too much detail.

"A woman's face tells me many things, especially in love," he says candidly. These are selected copies of my original work for clients in different countries. Some in France, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, the Philippines but not yet in Singapore. Until now I've never found the right kind of model to make a new masterpiece or the right kind of person willing to pay handsomely for it as it's such a small nation but one that I find uniquely fascinating."

"Sir, you are so good at what you do and all these women are so pretty. But I could not imagine how they could be undressed for the entire world to see. I could never undress like that in front of a man unless he took me as his wife."

"But my pictures, my models, they are in good taste, are they not?" he asks.

Afraid to disagree, she nods. "I did not hear you," he says.

"Oh I'm sorry sir, yes they are all beautiful and the women and the figures so lovely, it's just that I've never seen anything like this before. But I agree sir, they don't look rude. They are posing very tastefully and is that because you tell them what you want them to do?"

"Exactly, Selina. The photographer is the master. He is in charge. Most women and girls love to pose in front of a camera. It is erotic to them just doing that. They know they look beautiful and they like to know they are admired, even those who are not as attractive feel the same joy. The camera is the world looking at them, but they don't have to give their name and addresses or age. It's a natural thing most girls growing up always have in their mind, to get the chance to show their lovely curves." Selina thinks of the many times she admired her nude body in front of the big mirror where she rented for 18 months.

"Yes, I suppose you are right," she says. "Girls do like to look at themselves in the mirror and imagine what they must look like to someone else. She walks up close to a row of separate images of beautiful faces. Unlike the others, these are not smiling but seem to have a look of sheer joy in their eyes. They exude exceptional beauty, one is European, Japanese and the third is a curly haired younger looking Polynesian islander.

He watches her from behind as she leans forward slightly, examining some detail in the face portraits, the silk bodysuit giving her backside the appearance of having nothing over them as the material tugs into the crack of her buttocks and her vagina. She's been showing him the best cameltoe from the front he's seen for many a long year, and possibly the best of them all because of their age difference. And from behind it's just as sexy. His erection is as hard as ever.

"These faces are very beautiful," she remarks, "but what are those white marks like something's been spilt on the faces? What a pity something damaged those lovely faces. How did that happen?" she asks peering closer at them and showing even more pussy from behind as she bends to their lower position on the wall.

He laughs and this time pulls her closer to him around the waist as he looks into her eyes. His erection is so close to her pussy, yet so far away as they stand side on and she keeps sneaking downward glances at it unable to avoid looking at the thick pipe-like shape that seems a magnet to young women. "No, that's my signature. But I only put it on when specifically requested," he answers frankly.

"But that's not writing sir, it's like... it's like..like something else."

"Like a man's cum?"

"I don't know what you mean. It's a picture of a woman's face and...."

"And I was requested by the purchaser to ejaculate on her face as a personal touch from the original artist. Of course the model was paid extra handsomely to meet his request. It's called a facial."

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