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Asking For It


I've been writing you letters for days, waiting for some sort of response. Every time I sit down to create a new scenario for you, I wonder what must be going through your head each time you read. I've written about so many things already. The things I want to do to you; the things I want you to do to me. I've written about sucking your cock and having you make me swallow your cum; I've written about you periodically stopping to pinch or twist my nipples over a so many days, commanding me not to cum until you tell me to. I've told you my deepest secret; my fantasy of becoming a submissive; of having you control my every sexual move. I've been writing for weeks and still nothing. I am beginning to wonder if this offers any sort of pleasure for you or if my efforts to let you in on my hidden desires is pointless.

I step into the steaming shower, thinking about all of this and simultaneously creating my next piece in my head. I snag the shampoo of the window sill, and mindlessly go to the task of washing my wavy brunette hair. Still mentally composing and fantasizing, I rinse and condition. It's mandatory, the conditioner. My hair is long enough and has just enough body to get tangled easily. I massage my scalp, imagining it's your hands in my hair, grasping at the root while you shove me down onto your dick, choking me with it's length. I smile at the idea. I decide to shave and putting an extra dollop of conditioner in my hand, I coat my pussy with the slimy goo to make the coarse fuzz a little softer and easier for the razor to get through.

You're sleeping in the bedroom, having worked all night and exhausted. It's late morning in mid-winter and there's a draft coming in through the window in the shower. My nipples are stiff, perked up and crinkled from both cold and arousal. I pick up the razor and start to soak it. The aloe strip is such an ingenius invention! While the hot water beats down, I lather myself thoroughly and rinse. I then sit on one of the narrow corners of the bathtub and spread my legs. Carefully, I start to cut away the stubble around my lips, deep between my legs. I always leave my mound covered. After years of experimenting with shaving, I've discovered that for some reason, the skin right over my pubic bone is most sensitive and prone to razor rash and irritation. As long as my lips are smooth, my clitoris peeking out and sensitive to everything that comes into contact with my body, I don't care.

Thinking about the notes I've left and what to put in the next one while the back side of the razor brushes against my cunt is making me wet. I decide to do the job quickly so I can play with my pussy for a few minutes before I run out of hot water. Rinse, scrape, rinse scrape. It's a tedious chore, but well worth it once I'm done. I feel around to make sure there's no stubble left and then grab my trimming scissors to clean up what's left of my bush. Now... finally, my entire cunt on fire, I find some relief, rubbing my clitoris and pulling the outer lips wide open. Gently, I stroke myself with my right hand, my left holding me open and wanting.

I move my left hand up to my tits and start to tweak my nipples, getting them harder, feeling the pulse from my own pinching and twisting down into my clit. I want to cum... I stroke faster... suddenly, I notice that the water has chilled and is rapidly turning frigid. Add that to the wintry cold leaking in around the window and I'm starting to shiver. I decide that I need to stop, my pussy aching to be filled and for release. I smile at my frustration, and wish it had been you that had brought me to the brink, just to leave me standing, waiting, wanting, craving.

I stand up and turn the water off, my teeth chattering. Definitely time to get out! I grab one towel and wrap my hair in a turban and wrap the other snugly around my body, my hard nipples grazing the material and sending zings of sensation down my body. I moan softly. I finish my routine, brushing my teeth carefully, body spray, deodorant and all other things that women do to look and smell good.

I walk softly to the bedroom, where the lights are out but daylight streams in around the shades. I decide to snuggle with you while you sleep. I remove the towel from around my body and lay down next to you, cuddling from behind in a spoon fashion. I make sure my hair is away from you as it's still damp and the chill of it might wake you. My god I want you. I don't want to get too close; my hard nipples grazing your back might clue you in. Despite everything, I'm actually pretty shy when it comes to sex. My eyelids flutter and suddenly I'm dozing off, my pussy still throbbing and wet.

I'm dreaming about something and moan. God, it feels so good... I can feel my nipples being lightly chewed on and suddenly, my cunt is on fire. I wake up slowly, not wanting to disturb my dream but needing to know why I was so ridiculously horny. I knew I dozed off aroused, but this was more.. much more. My cunt was burning up, a sopping, gaping hole that felt would consume me if it didn't get filled.

I moved to rub my eyes and realized... my hands were tied! I'd had ropes attached to the bed frame for eons. They were put there more as a hopeful than having actually gotten any use. Tight against my wrists, the hooks rubbed a little. And I couldn't move my arms at all. At the same time, I realized I couldn't move my head much because yours was right there, sucking, biting and licking my tits. I moaned again and tried to move my legs to wrap them around your waist, to signal that I wanted you inside me. Shit! They were bound too! All of a sudden, my cunt exploded into a tornado of heat and desire -- I wanted to cum right then! I knew I wouldn't.. I don't orgasm that easily. I could feel my juice flowing down the crack of my ass and soaking the sheets. You look up at me...

"Good morning baby.. surprise."

First of all, it's not morning and second of all, surprise is an understatement.

"Well, good morning to you too... Uhmm.. when did this happen?" My words catch on the last syllable as you pinch both my nipples and rotate them between your finger and thumb. "Oh my god... " I mumble... and close my eyes to revel in the sensations coursing through me.

"Open your eyes. I want to watch you." With some difficulty, I force my heavy lids open and look at him, my pussy throbbing even harder. You smile at me sweetly and then suddenly, your gaze gets intense and almost hard. I don't see that look very often... and usually, it's when you're being really guarded or angry. My body sizzles, wondering what you're going to do to me.

"You're not allowed to cum until I tell you. Do you understand?"

I nod.

"No, dear.. during this, you call me Master."

I choke on my groan.. "Yes Master.". Fuck I want you in me. But I know that that's probably not going to happen any time soon, considering all the things I wrote about bound, teased and forced into begging submission.


You kiss your way down my body, down my left leg and up my right. You stop at my inner thighs and lick at the crack when leg meets groin. I grunt softly and then you put your hands on either side of my pussy and start to massage it, pushing my lips into my clit and pulling them out again, creating a natural friction between my legs. I try to jerk my legs up and can't. My pussy is almost gushing cunt-juice now.

While you massage,, you stick your tongue straight into my hole and I sigh with relief. At least, for a moment. It's stiff and warm and wet, and I want to push down on it and fuck your tongue. Damn these ropes! You don't move your tongue. It just stays there, teasing me with it's stiffness. I start to whimper a little, wanting more. My clitoris is so hard and ready, my hole needing to be filled and pumped until I scream. I'm about to scream from the lack of satisfaction. But you just keep on, teasing me with my own skin and your still, stiff tongue in my twat.

Finally, you stop and lick your way back up my torso, stopping at my nipples again. You put your body over mine and I can feel your cock. It's so damned hard. I try to shift to position the head against my cunt but you won't let me. Instead, you just chuckle...

"Isn't this what you wanted, dear?" you whisper against my tit, brushing your stubble against my too sensitive nipple, causing my back to arch and my throat to release a loud moan.

I'm trying to think about how to answer, but you keep tweaking, pinching, twisting and biting my nipples, grabbing the flesh of my tits and making the tips stand up even further, all the more sensitive.

"Yes Master", I finally stutter.

"What else do you want?" you ask me.

I groan, knowing that what I want will be impossible to say.

"What do you want, baby?"

I wiggle my hips and moan again.. trying to communicate with out words.

"You have to tell me."

Whimpering in frustration I close my eyes again, embarrassed and yet so goddamned horny that I don't think I can really keep the words in check for long.

"Okay then... " you say, and swiftly move back down.

I feel you spread my pussy with your fingers and your tongue snakes out and slowly starts to flicker at my clitoris. Just barely enough for me to feel but just enough to make me squirm and sign and try to reach for more. Suddenly, I feel your lips wrap around my whole clit, creating a seal and you suck on it hard, flicking your tongue firmly over the most nerve filled spot and I gasp, unable to catch my breath.

"Oh my god.. yes.. please... oh god...!" I cry out...

You keep on me until my legs are quaking in their bonds and my hips are thrusting up of their own accord, reaching for that pinnacle of completion. I start to pant and hold my breath, almost simultaneously.

"yes.. please.. yes.. don't. stop... uh uh... oh.. Oh! YES! Don't stop... GOD! Make me cum, PLEASE!" I'm begging you now, I'm there.. on right on the edge just seconds away from falling over... "YES!"

and you stop.

"NOO! Please.. please don't stop.. please... " I'm about ready to burst into to tears, the agony of my verging orgasm, hanging, my cunt twitching and aching, so filled with blood and swollen with nerve endings that I'm now willing to do anything to send me over.

"Please baby.. please, make me cum... I need to cum so badly... " I whimper, begging you for mercy. Instead, you slide up my body, making sure every inch brushes against my sensitive pussy, making it spasm pre-orgasmically.

Once again, you stop at my tits and you bite my left nipple, pulling with your teeth and scraping the tip with your tongue while you twist and flick the right with your fingers. Oh god.. I don't know how much more I can take. I pant heavily, groaning and sighing for more. You spend a good deal of time tending to my breasts, making them as sensitive and swollen as my pussy.

You stop and move off of me and lay on your side, propping your head up with one hand and running your fingers gently up and down my torso. I glance down and I can see your cock poking out of your boxers, making a tent with a door at the top. I lick my lips, wanting to feel you inside of me. Suddenly, I'm aware that you're smiling down at me, watching me stare at your dick with desperate wanting. I look into your eyes... pleading silently. You just continue to stare at me and smile, stroking... teasing around my breasts now, running your fingertips down my lower abdomen and upper thighs, moving in towards my wetness. I raise my hips, hoping to meet your fingertips, but you withdraw them.

Finally, you move off the bed, leaving me bound, wet, hot, and cold all at the same time. Suddenly my nipples are harder than they have ever been and my god they ache for you to come back to them. I want to close my legs and relieve some of the pressure that's build up between them, but of course, I can't.

You move to the end of the bed, and start at my cunt, watching it tremble and quake. You use one finger and slowly circle around my clitoris, not actually touching that bundle of electric nerves still wait for release. My slickness makes it easy for your finger to gently slide around, teasing me even more. I can feel it building again, that intense climax. Your motions slow and ease up, barely a feather touch now and I feel like the tip of my clit is trying to reach out to get what it needs.. what I need. Then, your mouth is on me again, sucking hard, pulling, teasing, biting and licking hard at my nub. Immediately, my legs shake and my breathing becomes heavy and rapid...

"ooh! Oh.. yes yes yes!!! Please.. Yes! YES! MORE!!! " I cry out over and over again. Your hands reach up and twist my nipples again and the combination has me instantly there, instantly ready to cum all over your tongue... and you stop everything so quickly that it takes a few seconds for my body to realize that you've again withdrawn.

I start to cry in earnest. You stand and walk over to the side of the bed and look down at me and gently finger a nipple, watching my tears as I look pleadingly up at you.

"Please.. let me cum."


My chin quivers. I'm in absolute agony. My arms ache, my legs feel like they've been stretched out on one of those old fashioned torture tables and my pussy hurts I need to cum so badly.

You remove your boxers and slowly move over me, so you're straddling my face, your cock bouncing only inches from my nose. I can smell you, and I want it.. all of it. You slide the head against my lips, swollen from licking, dry from breathing and panting so hard. I open my mouth and suck you in greedily. At least it's something!

You hook your feet beneath the inside of my thighs, pulling me open even further. Any slight breeze make my pussy tingle. I suck on you greedily, slurping your long thick cock into my mouth, licking all around with my tongue, tasting your pre-cum. You know I don't let you cum in my mouth, and I know now I won't have a choice. My pussy aches even more. You slide your dick in and out, deeper and deeper into my throat, cutting off my air. Every few seconds you leave yourself there, not letting me breathe. During one of these strokes, you reposition slightly so that my breasts aren't crushed beneath your thighs and you can reach my nipples.

I'm sucking your dick for all I'm worth, and you reach down and yet again, pull and twist at my aching tits, making them so hard that I'm sure I'm going to cum just by you playing with them and forcing your dick down my throat. You stop playing with my tits long enough to reach up to the windowsill over my head to grab something, and while you do, your dick is shoved as far down the back of my throat as it can go. I can't breathe... you stay there... my fucking god.. I'm going to explode... then you pull back with something in your hand. I'm too busy trying to swallow you whole to notice much until I feel a tightening on my tits. My back arches suddenly, and I growl around your thickness... clothespins. Fuck.. fuck fuck... I can't take any more.

Hoping you'll eventually let me cum, I suck harder and faster, bobbing my head up and down on your dick as fast and furious as I possibly can. You grab my hair and force me further onto your cock, now making shorter rapid strokes, the bulging head choking me.. but you don't care. You're fucking my face and every once in a while, flicking at a pinched nipple, making me grunt around you.

"Oh babe.. suck me.. You're going to eat my cum, you know... I'm going to make you swallow every drop down your throat.. and maybe... just maybe.. I'll let you cum after that!" I can't help but moan again, my pussy and tits just pulsing with need. I can feel you get harder in my mouth, turning to steel. You're getting close to cumming... you grunt loudly and suddenly pop out of my mouth and I cry out, not ready to give you up.

Yet again, you leave me -- this time, you leave the room. Everything is sore and still I'm on fire. My tits, pussy and lips all are throbbing in sync and I can't stop feeling you all over me, keeping me on the verge of orgasm and not letting me finish. After what is probably only a few minutes, but seems to me like hours, you come back with yet another thing in your hand. Shit.. it's my dildo. I wonder what you're going to do to me now.

Slowly, you remove the clothespins and lick my nipples. I sigh, it feels so good and I have never been so ready to fuck anything that moved in my life. You move down again to the end of the bed and I can feel the tip of my dildo at the entrance of my cunt... teasing.

"Put it in.. god, please.. put it in... I need it! I need you.. jeezus.. please!" I'm begging.

You slowly rotate the dildo into my pussy. Finally!!! Or so I think.

You start to move the toy in and out of my cunt slowly, moving in to start licking my clit while you do so.


You slide the plastic dick in and withdraw it slowly, over and over again... flicking your tongue over my engorged clitoris with each re-entry and withdrawl. I can feel everything beginning.. but it's not enough. It's too slow.. all it's going to do is keep building without ever sending me over. You keep at it... forcing me to just lay there and take the agonizing pleasure of your tongue and this thick piece of fake meat into my cunt.

Slide in.. flick.. slide out... flick... slide in... flick... slide out... Flick...

I squire and moan and writhe as much as my bonds will let me, trying to make you go faster, to get the build up to come to it's natural conclusion.. but this isn't a natural setting and you're forcing me to just take it.. this torture of my cunt.

You slow down even more...

Innnnnnnnnn... lick... ouuuuutttttt... lick... in... lick..

Fuck fuck fuck... Fuck me! God please fuck me fuck my cunt make me cream please fuck me! It's a chant in my head.. I think. For all I know, I'm screaming it at the top of my lungs.

You reach your other hand up and tease my nipples for each stroke and lick...

Innnnnnnnn-pinch... lick-twist... ouuuuuuuuttt-flick... lick-pinch...

I can feel it deep in my womb, everything is tightening, getting ready for the grand finale, pressure so deep inside of me I can barely breath or move at this poijnt. You keep it up... slowing down even more if it's possible, each stroke being elongated so that I can feel every millimeter of that cock stroking every millimeter of my flesh.

I grunt. It's building..

"Ungh! Ugh.. huhhuhhuh... y-y-s-s-s-s" I hiss more than I speak.

"ohmygodohmygodyesyesYESYES YESSSS!!!" I'm going to cum.. you keep going agonizingly slow... making It take forever to get there... and just before I actually do explode, you quickly remove the dildo and your tongue and move on top of me and slide your dick into me.. FINALLY!

"GOD YESYESFUCKMEYESF-U-C-K-ME!!!!" I'm screaming now, as you maintain control of your dick and move in almost the same slow rhythm as you were with the dildo until you feel me start to shiver around yoru cock... and suddenly, you're pounding into my pussy, grinding your pelvis into my clitoris and I'm screaming and shaking and quivering beneath you while you force me into a tearing orgasm and don't let me leave.. you keep pounding me, grinding into me making it last for what seems like an eternity.

You're still pumping into me, more slowly and evenly now --you haven't cum yet -- while I come back to earth a little.. but my cunt is still twitching and sensitive. You keep stroking me with your cock, grinding your pelvis into my tender clitoris -- a little more gently now though -- and I can feel myself starting to escalate again. You keep going at your steady pace, grabbing my shoulders and sucking my tits, my arousal climbing for the second time.

You start to grunt against my tits and suddenly your straining to keep the pace at a controlled level.. I want so much to wrap my arms and legs around you, and knowing that I'm bound and at your mercy makes me wet all over again. I can feel you diamond hard in my pussy, grating on me.

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