Sarah went wild.

Michael could not believe it when the girl thrashed about, her body arching so that only her head, shoulders and heels touched the bed. Jennifer was lifted with Sarah's hips, but didn't lose her hold as she continued to stir the honey pot until it turned molten.

The blonde went stiff and juddered and, as she did so, Jen homed her fingertips in on the girl's g-spot with explosive results.

"YYYYeeeeeesssss! YYYeeeesss! YesYesYesYes, YES!" Sarah wailed.

She started humping her hips into Jenny's mouth. The rough pounding smeared her glistening juice all over her lover's face, but neither girl cared.

"Fucking hell!" Mike whispered.

Sarah let out a long, almost painful groan and sagged limply back to the bed. It left Jennifer hovering over her, grinning broadly down. "Show off. That was a good one, huh?"

"D-Does she always cum like that?" Michael asked.

Jen shook her head. "Hardly ever." She then laughed. "When she does cum hard though, it's like a train wreck." Tenderly, she caressed Sarah's sweat-soaked forehead. "Gotta keep my girl happy. That way she forgives me when I get on her tits." She cocked her head to one side thoughtfully and smiled, "Not literally. You got that, right?"

He laughed. "Yeah, Jen, got it loud and clear."

"Good," she grinned, turning to peer down into Sarah's eyes. "You okay, Babe?"

Blowing a jet of hair to dislodge a sweat-soaked lock of hair, Sarah answered with a faint voice. "Gimme a minute to get my breath back, then I'm going to rock your world, red."

Coquettishly, Jennifer twirled a lock of her auburn hair. "Are you going to make me tingle?"

Sarah giggled and playfully swatted her lover's thigh. "Girl, I'm going to make you melt."

Wrinkling her nose in an affectionate manner, Jenny slid down the bed until she was sat on its bottom edge, facing Mike. "Enjoying the show so far?"

"Loving it," he answered, his voice thick with lust.

"Don't peak too soon," she said with a smile, "we've not even started the bit you want yet." She glanced down at the fat bulge along his upper thigh. "And try not to blow your load, Michael. Save that for inside my ass, okay?"

There was a tormented hitch in his voice when he replied. "I'll try, just don't talk like that, huh."

"Oh, Mikey, I'm going to be talking a lot dirtier than that in a minute. So will Sar."

Sarah sat up and slowly slid down the bed to sit beside her girlfriend. The room was so small that their legs nearly knocked with Michael's; there was only a couple of feet between the bottom of the bed and the sofa. Sarah kissed Jennifer's cheek and patted her thigh gently. "Ready Jen. Assume the position."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Smiling, the redhead stood up, twisted around to bend over the bottom of the bed and placed her hands upon the sheets. It presented Mike with a close view of her lovely ass.

Crack! Sarah spanked Jenny's left buttock and grinned at Michael. "Hasn't she got a wonderful ass? It's so round and smooth, pert. I just love it." Crack! She spanked it again, leaving a red handprint to blossom as Jennifer gave a little wriggle. "It was made to be spanked," Sarah continued. "But it was also made to be kissed."

Ducking forward, she lightly placed her lips into the centre of the rosy flush and kissed it. Pulling back about an inch, she looked at the smooth skin and then gave it another kiss.

"Mmmm," she murmured, lifting a hand to caress the backs of Jenny's thighs. "Her skin tastes so sweet."

Mike's eyes followed her hand as it drifted in circles, gradually moving from the slim thigh onto the curve of Jennifer's right buttock. Her hand clasped the flesh and gave it a squeeze, then pushed the globe away. It made the crease in Jen's ass widen, revealing the furrow to the man's gaze.

Hidden in it was the pale pink puckered ring of Jennifer's asshole. She was perfectly clean and the little muscle flexed a small amount as Sarah played with the cheeks of her ass. The blonde slid down onto her knees beside her girlfriend, then used her free hand to take hold of the girl's left buttock. Now her hands were both filled, she spread them apart, widening the crease so that Michael could see the asshole clearly.

"Look, Mike," she said quietly. "Isn't it pretty? It's like a pale rose flowering just for us."

Tilting her face, Sarah blew a slow, gentle jet of cool breath over the puckered muscle. It twitched and Jennifer rose up on the balls of her feet and then sank back down. "Oh, Honey!"

Because her ass was held spread, Mike could watch the crinkled little sphincter tighten. It drew into a narrow slit, then relaxed back into a circle. He noticed that the little pink orifice was actually a raised circle of puckered flesh. It was probably due to the way Sarah was pulling that exposed it thus, but whatever the reason, it made his cock feel like a steel bar.

Once more Sarah dipped forward and blew gently upon the nether gate. "Mmmm, it looks good, doesn't it? Very good. Good enough to eat."

With that, she slowly extended her tongue. Her eyes flicked to Michael to see he was watching carefully and that her face wasn't blocking his view, and then she pressed her tongue into the centre of Jennifer's pucker.

There was no licking, she just kept her tongue stiff and let it rest there.

"Ohhhh," Jenny moaned. "Hmmm, yes. That's nice, Baby. Tongue my ass. Stick your tongue right in my asshole."

Sarah pulled away and moistened her lips. Pulling her girlfriend's buttocks wide again, she pursed her lips and planted a long, tender kiss right on the crinkled hole. She hummed after a second and that made Jennifer squeal in delight and jerk away. Sarah giggled and spanked her ass again. "Stay still girl!"

"Owwwuhh!" Jennifer complained, half-heartedly. "It tickles!"

"So does this," Sarah whispered, putting out her tongue and quickly flickering it all over Jen's asshole. Mike watched the woman lave the girl's tight sphincter and saw it pulse in and out with pleasure. After a minute of tongue lashes, Sarah timed it just right so that when the little ring flexed open a fraction, she stiffened her tongue and forced it into the pink centre.

The circular muscle closed on the probing length, grasping it as it was pushed further in. Jen sighed and relaxed. Her asshole blossomed and allowed Sarah to give it a tongue fuck.

Mike moaned in lust and unbuckled his trousers, releasing his aching staff. He closed a fist around the hot, fat meat and began to masturbate himself to relieve the tension. His eyes never left the amazing sight before him as he watched the stunningly beautiful blonde force her tongue in and out of the young redhead's backdoor.

He couldn't believe that two such lovely and girly women would do something so kinky.

Sarah readjusted her grip on Jennifer's ass to spread it as she thrust her tongue into the puckered hole. Her hot breath beat on Jen's most sensitive skin and made a shiver run up the girl's spine. With constant stimulation, Sarah had softened the taboo ring until it stayed open when she pulled back.

"Look Mike!" she gasped. "What a little slut she can be, huh? Our Jenny is a dirty girl, alright. She loves my tongue up her ass, don't you Baby?"

"Fuck yeah!" Jen breathed, her voice laden with desire. "Get it back up there Honey. Fuck my ass with your tongue. Fuck it deep. Give my ass a French kiss."

Sarah complied and thrust her tongue as deep as she could. Jen gasped and hunched her back, her hands making fists in the bedspread. "Jesus! Oh yeah! Oh, hell yeah!"

Mike watched Sarah's chin dance up and down as she mouthed Jennifer's asshole, and saw her tongue wriggling in and out of the clenching hole. Saliva ran down the crease of Jen's ass and mixed with the clear fluid drooling from her cunt. Strands dripped from her pussy lips and also from Sarah's chin. The slathering noises the blonde was making as she hungrily tongue-fucked the puckered gate gave him an extra thrill.

Finally, Sarah sat back on her heels. "Look Michael. Look at that gaping fucking hole. Isn't it amazing? God it gets me wet seeing that!"

Releasing Jenny's left buttock, which hardly narrowed her crease at all, Sarah slipped a finger into her mouth and made it wet. She then took it out and held it upright for Mike to see. "Guess where this is going?" she purred.

Gently, she used just her index finger to scoop up some of the saliva running down Jenny's butt and stroked the fluid back up to her asshole. With the pad of her finger, she circled around and around the forbidden gate. Jennifer rolled her hips in anticipation. "Oh Baby. Do it. Go on, do it."

Making tiny spirals, Sarah worked her finger over the still slightly gaping ass and settled it in the centre. It took barely any pressure at all to begin sinking it into the tight chute.

"Mmmm," the blonde murmured as she felt the inner heat bathe her digit as the anal canal clutched it and squeezed. "That's a girl," she whispered, encouragingly. "Take it, Jen. Take my finger all the way into your asshole."

"I am," Jennifer giggled, looking over her shoulder at Michael. She saw he had his cock in his hand, slathering his glistening pre-cum all over his thick shaft. She loved to watch him wank that hard rod and so she gave him a sexy wink. "Liking it so far?"

"Fuck yes!" he nodded, not able to meet her eyes. He had that wide-eyed stare of a man who cannot believe what he is seeing, but dare not blink in case he missed anything. She smiled and blew a kiss at Sarah. The blonde blew one back then returned her attention to her lover's asshole.

"I'm half way in," she said, providing commentary for the drooling man. "It's a tight little slot, this ass. I bet it will feel wonderful as you force your cock up it. I bet it feels like it is trying to choke the life out of your dick. Yeah. It sure is tight."

Keeping her finger straight, she pressed it in past the second knuckle. There she rotated her hand ever so slightly, so that her finger pressed evenly outward on the tight muscle, softening it. Using a miniscule corkscrew motion, she worked her finger deeper into her girlfriend's ass until she could go no further. "That's it," she told them. "She's taken it all."

Holding still for a moment, she let the man see her finger tightly gripped by the puckered pink ring. It was beautiful to behold. Then she began to slowly withdraw it using the same rotary motion she had to bury it. When just the pad was left inside, she ducked forward and licked her finger all over, adding more lubrication to it. Then she slowly slid it back home again.

Mike watched in delight as the blonde buried her finger in his best friend repeatedly. Each time she sped up the insertion and withdrawal until she was pumping it in and out like a tiny cock.

"Ungh!" Jennifer gasped, her body moving in time to the rhythm. "Uh! Oh God that feels so wonderfully dirty! Fuck me, Sarah!"

The kneeling woman complied, thrusting her finger in and out faster. Suddenly she slowed and Michael felt his cock jerk with lust when he saw her slide her middle finger straight, alongside her index. Carefully, she pressed them both into the puckered ring and it expanded to take them. She sank them in slowly while Jennifer moaned in uncomfortable delight.

"Is it okay, Babe?" Sarah asked.

"Oof! Yeah. Ooo! Okay, yeah. Do it, Hon. Fuck me like a slut."

Sarah coughed up a mouthful of spit and spat it right onto the crinkled ring. Her disappearing fingers dragged the lubrication inward, easing their passage. She felt her two fingers squeezed hard by Jenny's ass muscles, but worked them all the way in regardless. Only when her knuckles and curled fingers were pressed up tight against the flexing rose did she stop.

"There you go, Mike. Two fingers up her ass. What do you think of that?"

"I think I'm going to cum like a volcano!" he grunted, his hand sliding fast on his staff.

"Don't you dare!" Jennifer scolded. "Stand up and get that thing up my asshole where it belongs."

He glanced at Sarah, who smiled. "You heard the lady."

Standing, he pulled his shirt over his head, too eager to get it off to undo the buttons, then he kicked off his trousers and shoes. Wanking his cock, he moved close to the bent Jennifer, aiming at her stuffed asshole.

"I think it needs some added lube," Sarah purred, looking up into his eyes while still finger-fucking her lover's pucker. "Be a darling and pop it in my mouth, would ya?"

He didn't need asking twice. Swinging his bobbing erection around, he pointed it at Sarah's beautiful face and she covered it with her mouth. Instantly he was plunged into a hot, wet, sucking heaven. Her tongue squirmed under his shaft, rubbing flatly across his sensitive frenulum, making him gasp.

Using no hands, because one was still holding Jennifer's ass cheek spread and the other was fucking in and out of her, Sarah swallowed his length with fish gulps. Her lips pulled back and then closed an inch further along his shaft each time. Mike was amazed at how easily she seemed to do this. Surely a preferential lesbian shouldn't be as good at sucking cock as she was proving to be!

She pumped her mouth up and down his pole, turning it frothy with her saliva as she went. Strands of drool soon hung from his underside and her chin. She wiggled her tongue out to collect them and spread them across his fiery stalk.

He grunted when he felt her sink so far onto his weapon that his cockhead nudged the back of her mouth. That grunt turned to a gasp when she gulped and swallowed him down her throat. Pressing her head forward firmly, Sarah forced his cock down the tight passage of her gullet, her muscles forming a grasping ring on his flesh.

"Jesus! Fuck!" he moaned, his hand tangling in her long blonde hair. "Oh God!"

Jenny had been pressing her forehead to the sheets, lost in her own pleasure of the ass fingering, but now she lifted her head and grinned at him. "Skilled little minx, isn't she?"

"Hell yes," he panted, looking down to marvel at Sarah's lips nuzzling against his pelvis. "Bloody hell!"

Seductively slowly, her eyes turned up to meet his and he found himself gazing deep into them as she deep-throated his shaft. Her head drew back, letting him slip right out until only his pee slot was still touching her lips, then she sank it back so that his whole fat length slithered down her throat.

It was a miracle to him how he found the restraint not to cum.

After three more swallows, Sarah drew away completely, loudly gasping in air. She grinned up at him and then inclined her head toward her pumping fingers and the redhead's plundered asshole. "Want to slip it in there, now?"

"You bet your life I do," he growled.

Waiting until his hot cock was beside her fingers, she then slipped them out and guided him up to the forbidden hole. "There you go, stud, she's all yours. Take her and fuck her hard. She likes it like that," Sarah giggled. "At least she likes it like that when I fuck my strap-on up there."

Michael felt Jennifer's ring pucker and flex against the hot head of his cock. He pushed gently but firmly and felt the tight muscle open for him, inviting him inside. He went with a song in his heart. The crinkled skin of her asshole slithered wider around his fat shaft, clutching it tightly, but expanding slowly to accommodate. Michael moaned in pleasure and Jennifer moaned in discomfort.

Leaning over her slick back, he hooked a forearm around her belly and drew her firmly against him, giving him more leverage to force his thick meat into her. He felt the springy muscle give a 'pop' and his cockhead entered her fully. He closed his eyes due to the pleasure of the tightness and dry warmth. Sighing, he hunched his hips and fed his shaft into her rear eye.

"Ungh!" she grunted. "Fuck that's thick. Oh, God Mike! Wow. Yeah. Ahuh. Ah! Uh, nearly there. Oh, fuck."

Her moans and gasps excited him. Knowing that she was willingly taking this uncomfortable fucking made his blood hot. Inch after fat inch he worked his shaft into her tight pucker, savouring every clutching pulse the muscle gave. Finally he was buried all the way and she let out a sigh of relief.

Mike kissed her shoulder blade, still hugging her waist firmly against him. Now, he had the wonderful feeling of having her soft buttocks moulded fully to the curve of his groin while his rampant sword was sheathed right up into her bowels. "Christ, Jen. That feels so good!"

"Yeah, it does, doesn't it," she said, her eyes closed tight and her brow wrinkled. Now that he was motionless, her body was adjusting to the stretched feeling and pleasure was chasing away the discomfort. All the nerve endings in her asshole tingled from the invading fiery spear, but now it was a tingle of growing delight.

With a quiet mewl, she wiggled her ass to signal he could begin.

Glacially slowly, he began to withdraw. She gasped, as did he, at the feeling of her asshole dragging over his thickness. It seemed to take forever, but finally the rim of his cockhead butted up to the inside ring of her sphincter. Not wanting to stretch her too much until she was more relaxed, he went no further out and began to slide back in.

Jennifer whimpered and shivered in his grasp. "Slowly Mike. Oh, that's it. Like that. Oh! Ohhh, yeah. Ahuh. Jesus. Yeah. Oof! Ow! Slowly. Yeah."

He followed her instructions and fed his cock up her ass inch by glorious inch. When he had his hips nestled up to her buttocks for the second time, he paused for a moment. Gradually he repeated the motion as she got used to his thickness. After that, he slowly increased his tempo, working that little bit faster each time.

Sarah had knelt beside them, her face at his hip getting a close up view of her girlfriend's asshole being fucked, but now she moved onto the bed, getting on her hands and knees before Jennifer. "Your turn girl. Poke your tongue up my ass for me, would you, my love?"

Jennifer nodded, moving her mouth between the blonde's cheeks. Sarah's asshole was a light brown in colour, standing out clearly from her flawless skin. Mike leant to the side slightly so that he could see when Jen began to lap at the crinkled pucker. He slid his cock back and forth in her asshole and watched as she slathered her spit all over another.

'I must have died and gone to Heaven,' he thought.

Faster now, he humped his rigid cock into the beautiful redhead's ass. She took him easily now that she had adjusted, but it was still a tight fit. Her sphincter clutched at his hammering rod like it never wanted to let go.

"Is it good in her ass?" Sarah asked over her shoulder as Jennifer curled her tongue into a point and worked it deep.

"Yes!" he grunted over the slapping noise of his hips and her buttocks. "It's great!"

"Good," the blonde smiled. "You'll be able to tell me which of us is tighter."

For nearly ten seconds that didn't register through the intense pleasure of his cock being driven deep into humid ass, then his eyes flew wide. "You mean...?"

"Yep. Two for the price of one today. Just give her a few more minutes to get me all nice and slippery."

Michael purposefully slowed his humping then, hoping the lesser pace would allow him to stave off his desire to cum. He took it slow and steady, pumping Jenny's ass almost lazily as he watched her tongue fuck her girlfriend's puckered backdoor.

Sarah rolled away from Jen and crawled down the bed, then turned around on her hands and knees until her ass was toward Mike. "Here it is, but take it slow."

"Yeah, Mike, go slow," Jennifer cautioned.

With a little reluctance, he pulled his hard cock out of Jen's ass. They both grunted in delight when her sphincter popped over his bulbous cockhead.

Quickly, he moved a step to the left and nudged his large glans up against Sarah's backdoor. She shifted her legs a little wider, positioning her asshole at the best height for him and then he pressed forward.

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