Author's Note: This story includes some spanking with a ruler, MF sex, anal sex and some oral sex. Enjoy!


Assignment: This part of Freshman Orientation to University College involves getting to know your peers and teachers. Please write a letter describing something you'd like Professor Jones to know about you.

Dear Professor Jones,

I've been really looking forward to turning this assignment in, because I want to know how you're going to react to it. You see, I want to tell you a secret fantasy that I have... and have always had. All through high school I would fantasize about my teachers, but it was high school and I was young... but now I'm 18 and legal and in college.

And YOU Professor are one of the hottest teacher's I've ever had. I have this fantasy, that I come to you during your office hours... except that for some reason these office hours are late at night and there's no one else at all in the entire building. I'm wearing a short plaid skirt and knee high socks and black patent shoes... and no panties underneath. My shirt is button up, but it's not buttoned at all, instead it's tied just beneath my breasts, propping them up so that you can see plenty of cleavage... and I'm not wearing a bra so my hard pink nipples are poking through my shirt.

As soon as I walk in, you KNOW what I want because you've had plenty of other young women come to you in this way... why not? You're young for a Professor, and there are lots of students who need help with grades. But you like your power, so you ask me what I want, and I tell you that I need help making up for the test that I failed. You tell me that I'm doing so badly in the class that it's going to take more than simple sex to make up for my grades... and I bite my lip nervously because I don't know what you mean, and you smile because you can tell that I'm losing some of the confidence I walked in with.

You have me sit on your desk, with my legs spread, and you untie my blouse. My breasts fall out, heaving, creamy pale skin. Smiling, you look straight into my eyes as you begin to slap my breasts. I gasp, because it hurts and I can tell you're enjoying my pain... and then I start to get wet. Because even though it hurts, it feels good too... and you're excited by this, knowing that I'm enjoying the abuse. I can see your bulge swelling in your pants as you continue to slap my breasts pink, my nipples standing straight at attention.

Then you pinch the tender pink buds between your fingers and start twisting them back and forth. It hurts so much, especially when you pull on them, and I gasp and arch my back... but I don't stop you. I don't even ask you to stop, because my pussy is getting wetter and wetter. You abuse my nipples until there are tears in my eyes, and only then you stop... not because of the tears but because you're so hot from abusing my young body that you can't take it anymore.

And you unzip your pants and pull my ass to the edge of the desk, lining your dick up with my tender young pussy you thrust in brutally. I gasp, holding onto your shoulders, because you're so big and swollen inside me, the biggest dick that's ever entered my pussy and you're thrusting so hard. Then you lean me back onto the desk and keep fucking me hard, my breasts are jiggling up and down as you pound away at my shocked pussy. My nipples are right at your face, and you catch one in your mouth, chewing on it and making me writhe beneath you on the hard wood of your desk.

As you bite down on my nipple, fucking me harder and more roughly than I've ever been fucked in my life, I start to cum. I'm totally at your mercy, writhing in pleasure beneath you while you abuse my young body, splitting me open again and again with your cock. My orgasm just makes you pound me harder, and my juices cover your dick as you slam home. I'm practically sobbing with ecstacy as you finally lunge into me, filling me completely, and I can feel your jizz shooting into my pussy, filling me up. Fear fills me as I realize that you didn't use a condom, even though I'm on birth control. You never even asked, because you don't care... and it's then that I realize how little you care about me. I'm just a hot young body for you to use for your pleasure.

Then you pull me off the table and push me to my knees, shoving your cum coated dick in my face. Obediently I open my mouth and begin licking at your half-hard-on. I begin sucking it clean, the taste of our combined juices filling my mouth... and I can feel your cum starting to drip down my thighs. Even though I've just cum, being on my knees before you, knowing how you're using me, I'm getting turned on again.

So are you, your dick is hardening in my mouth as you start thrusting back and forth between my lips, but it's still not totally hard. You pull me up off my knees and bend me over the desk, lifting the skirt up so that you can see the sweet heart-shape of my creamy ass. My breasts are hanging down, still sore from the abuse that you put them through.

From under your desk you pull out a heavy wooden yard-stick and show it to me, smiling maliciously. I moan, both frightened and aroused by its forbidding presence. Standing behind me and slightly to the side, you raise it and bring it down heavily on my ass, making me shriek as the pain goes through me. I dance in front of you with every stroke, my ass jiggling as you make dark red lines across its pale expanse...

I'm sobbing in front of you, feeling like it's the worst pain I've ever felt, and yet more turned on than ever. Abusing me this much has you totally aroused again, and when I have 15 red welts across my buttocks you drop the stick to the floor. I flinch at the sound, and at the touch of your hand, gliding across my pained flesh. You press your dick deeply into my pussy, but then pull out again and I feel the warm wet tip of your dick at the entrance to my virgin ass.

I protest, half-heartedly, knowing that I'll give you everything you want... but I've never done that before. And I'm frightened. You tell me sharply that if I want my grade then I'd better shut up... so of course I do... and then I feel your dick beginning to press into me. It hurts, not in a sharp jabbing way like I was expecting, but more of a dull cramp that spreads through me as you press deeper. My ass feels so swollen inside, I can feel you digging deeper, taking little strokes that further invade my body with every thrust.

Even though it hurts, it's getting me hot too. It's so wrong, so dirty... you're my professor and you're taking my anal virginity after beating my ass with a wooden yardstick. I gasp and moan, wriggling in front of you as my ass clenching around your invading shaft; when you're finally fully inside me, I feel like you must be about to come out of my mouth you're so deep up my ass. Then you begin to pull out, and it's such a strange feeling, painful in its own way... and then you shove back in and I gasp.

You begin thrusting back and forth, sawing in and out of my deflowered ass, using it just like you did my pussy. As my ass adjusts to your invasion you start moving harder and faster; one hand reaches under my body to begin squeezing my hanging breasts, pinching my nipples, while the other grabs my hair and you begin to use it like reins as you ride me from behind. You ravage my ass without mercy, abusing my tits as you sodomize me, and my pussy is burning with need.

Reaching down, I begin to play with my pussy on my own, rubbing it and pinching my clit just like you're pinching my nipple, imagining it's your that's roughly abusing my tender flesh. Your cum is slippery on my fingers, still leaking from my pussy hole, and making my flesh even more slick. My pussy begins to burn, just as the inside of my ass is, and I rub my clit harder as you pound away at my tender ass.

This time you begin to cum first, shoving into my ass with a force that takes my breath away, and I can actually feel you swelling inside me, your first spurts of cum pressing against my asshole as they begin to pass into my body. Rubbing my clit even harder, my ass begins rippling around you as I start to cum, milking the jizz from your dick as you fill my hole.

As soon as you're done, you pull out roughly, leaving me empty and gasping. You smack my ass with your hand, making me stand straight up as the pain flares through my already abused bottom.

You tell me to return next week if I want to ensure my grade, and then you leave me there, standing with my breasts hanging out of my shirt and cum beginning to drip out of my ass, joining the cum on my thighs that has slid out of my pussy.

When I go home, I'll play with myself, pushing my fingers into my pussy and ass, imagining that it's you again...

I don't know if I'll get the courage to turn this assignment in... but I hope I do. I'd love to get your feedback on it. Who knows, maybe I'll see you later this semester Professor Jones.

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