tagSci-Fi & FantasyAsta Futa Ch. 02

Asta Futa Ch. 02


I take off my pants and shirt as Asta, my beautiful pregnant futa wife waddles to me. She giggles at herself. It is a sight, her large belly and her dick swinging like a pendulum beneath it. It still makes my cock bob and pull towards her sexes. I pull Asta onto my lap and kiss her belly. Our daughter kicks at me before relaxing. She knows to go to sleep when her parents are hard. I lift my head to lick one of Asta's stiff nipples. I suck it into my mouth and push my face against it. Her milk squirts my tongue, and my dick jerks to brush against hers. I take both in one hand and start stroking as I slide two fingers from my other hand into her wet canal.


"Where are you from?" I asked Asta as we sat in my apartment.

"It's a different planet," she answered. "I'm part of a dying race. We have sent many out to breed with others to stay alive."

"So do the men have...vaginas?"

"No. Our women have both because our mental and physical link. It helps to double a man's pleasure as they feel our penises in their mind."

That explained why I felt myself stroking her cock. Mine stirred a little just thinking about it. Asta pressed her knees together and smiled. "You're easily aroused."

I blushed and smiled. "It was just so hot. I never thought I'd be attracted to a...well, a dick. You're so beautiful, though."

Asta smiled and squirmed a little more. I think I felt my bladder twitch. "Do you want to use the bathroom?"

"No, actually." She blushed. "I like to hold it sometimes. It feels good."

I smirked. I liked watching girls desperate to pee, then losing it. They squirmed and held their crotches like Asta had on the bus. "Let's see how long you can hold it, then."

I gave her many glasses of water, as she explained that her people hydrated, they didn't eat. I drank a little myself, but I wasn't thirsty for water. We kept talking to acquaint each other. I had no family, lost my parents when I was in high school: only children with an only child. I was a loner and liked it. Asta had three sisters across the universe. They had mated with their one's and birthed children, other futa aliens. We got into details of us. She would live with me, of course. By her people's standards, we were married. I had never thought of marriage, but with someone like her, I didn't mind. I was suddenly in a world where aliens existed, where girls with DICKS existed.

After an hour or two, Asta started bouncing her knee and adjusted the top of her skirt. "You really have to go," I chuckled.

"My bladder is solid," she hissed, pressing her knees together.

"Let me feel."

"No, wait..."

I had already touched her stiff bladder, and when I did, it felt like someone opened a door and poured gallons of water into my own bladder. "Shit." It stretched and pressed against my jeans, so I stood to release the pressure. A trickle of piss created a dime-size wetness on my jeans, but I clenched to hold the rest.

"Sorry," Asta said.

"Don't be. We're linked now. It's...kinda hot."

Asta smiled, but winced and stuffed her hands between her legs. "Oh, I might not be able to hold it much longer."

"Stand up."

Asta stood slowly, winced again. I knew it hurt. Her bladder pushed the top of her skirt, but that wasn't all that did. The head of her cock peeked up from under her skirt.

"You really get off on holding it," I said, dancing a little now. A jolt of pain hit my bladder.

"I do," Asta said, bending a little. She pushed her dick back into her panties, but shuddered. She looked so hot, but when my dick hardened a little, I peed a little, too.

"Dammit, something's gotta give." I couldn't get hard unless I peed, but she didn't have a problem. "Do you not pee from your dick?" I squeezed my thighs together.

Asta shook her head. "It...ooh..." She tucked one leg behind the other. "Comes out of the regular female place...Ah!" She tried to straighten, but bent again. "It's so full." She bit her lip. Her dick pushed at her skirt.

"This hurts," I admitted. My bladder was stretched to capacity, I thought, until it filled again. A little more pee leaked out, and I grabbed the head of my cock. "Damn!"

"The rest of my water just settled," Asta explained. She bent her knees up and down. She brushed her cock accidentally and moaned a little.

Watching her so desperate, I couldn't hold it anymore. My dick went completely hard, and I started peeing. I let the warm, wet rush soak my front and my legs with a relieved groan. My cock jerked happily as it cleared itself of my piss. I touched it through the wet fabric, and precum squirted out of the head into the mix.

"Well, at least your carpet won't get wet because of YOU." Asta rubbed her bulge and rubbed her thighs together.

"Can you walk?" Her dilemma made my cock pull towards her again. "Down, boy!"

Asta laughed a little, then gasped and shoved her free hand between her legs. "I'll try, but I just went a little."

I smiled. "Let's try to get to my shower. It's down the hall."

I let her walk by. I wanted to see her lose it. She shuffled down the hall, one hand pressed to her pussy, the other trying not to grab her cock. I turned on the light in the hall just as she doubled over and whimpered. My cock pulsed for her pussy when I felt her hand on her cock as though she were touching mine. This link we had was hot. I felt my cock jerk as she stood and tried to move a few more steps. When my cock twitched, she stopped and moaned. She rubbed her cock, and precum dripped out of mine.

"Oh! Oh!" Asta squeezed her thighs tight, but I saw the trickle run down. "I won't make it." I squeezed my dickhead and felt my sac stir.

She tried to shuffle with her knees locked together, stopped to stroke her cock and squeeze a breast. More pee ran down her legs. She took the last steps into the bathroom and moaned as she threw her skirt up and pulled her dick out, pumping it hard and fast. I took mine out, too, and I pumped into my hand as her pee spilled down her legs, splattered on my floor. She cried out as her hips bucked. I lost control and watched her pee keep coming. I came hard and fast, and I leaned against the doorway as she fell against the sink, milking ourselves for the second time that night.

When we finished, we kissed and groped our wet sexes. Then, Asta looked up at me with her large, black eyes. "Shower?"

My cock had gone soft, but at her voice, it stirred again. I nodded. "Shower."

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