At His Pleasure


“Stand up, Miss and put this on.” Mrs. Fisk indicated a silk robe lined and edged with fur. I gratefully wrapped the garment around my body covering my nakedness and my now exposed pubic area. She then led me downstairs and into an intimate sitting room. Lord Trevellyn was waiting for me there, fully clothed.

“Is she ready, Mrs. Fisk?”

“Yes, milord.” She pulled the robe from my body and once again I was naked, this time in front of Lord Trevellyn. At first I tried to cover myself with my hands, but he took my wrists and pushed my arms down to my side ordering me to keep them there. Then with Mrs. Fisk and Molly still in the room, he inspected my nude body. This was almost worse than being touched.

“Very beautiful. Was she a good girl, Mrs. Fisk?”

“Oh yes, milord, she hesitated only a few times but she did as she was told and she didn’t speak.”

Then the hateful Molly spoke up, “And she liked it too, milord.” I shot her a venomous look while she smirked back at me. Lord Trevellyn saw the exchange and smiled.

“Did she now, Molly? And how do you know she liked it?”

“Her clit grew huge and hard and her lips got all puffy; she started rocking her hips back and forth too when we was shaving her.”

As they all laughed, I stared at the floor in my humiliation, not daring to meet his eyes. I heard him walk away from me, and he came back and put a chair in front of me.

“Bend over and lean on the seat of the chair and spread your legs. I have to finish my inspection. I’m a very fastidious man, and I like things just so.”

I felt a few tears slide down my cheek, and I angrily brushed them away. I would not give them that satisfaction. I did as he told me; somehow my humiliation was more complete with Mrs. Fisk and especially Molly there to watch it. He ran his hands down my backside and my thighs; then ran them up again between my legs and spread the cheeks of my buttocks. I knew they were all staring at me, and I grew hot with embarrassment. I also felt moisture between my legs and I was terrified that it would run down my thigh. I’m sure that such a thing would elicit much comment and speculation among my tormentors.

“Mrs. Fisk, you missed a few hairs. Do you have your tweezers with you?”

I felt Mrs. Fisk move behind me and while Lord Trevellyn was still spreading my cheeks she reached in and plucked a few hairs from around my anus. I jumped a little as Molly giggled.

“You two may leave now, but before you go I think Molly deserves a small reward. Molly, would you like that?”

“Oh yes, milord, she thinks she’s all high and mighty. I can tell she believes she’s better than me just because she has some rich father with a title, but look at her now. She looks like a common whore. I’m better than she is now.”

I heard movement behind me but couldn’t tell what was going on. I had sensed Molly’s resentment against me from the first; she was enjoying my degradation and Lord Trevellyn, sensing this, was prolonging my humiliation at her hands. Then suddenly I felt something hard and flat make contact with my bottom. Oh God, she was striking me with some sort of wooden cutting board from the kitchen. She whacked my bottom ten times and it was stinging and felt hot by the time she was finished. Molly handed her tool of torture back to Lord Trevellyn, and she and Mrs. Fisk finally left the room.

Lord Trevellyn came around to stand in front of me and lifted my chin with his finger. “You’ve done quite well so far, little one. I’m very pleased with you in every way. Now we will sit down and sup.”

He didn’t actually expect me to sit down and dine with him, did he? After that humiliating scene, I couldn’t bear to look at him and meet his eyes. He pulled me up, took the chair I had been leaning on and drew it up to the small table that had been set up by the fire. The table had been set with candles, china, and fine silver that I hadn’t noticed before. Mrs. Fisk returned to the room and set down several chaffing dishes on a side table and brought in a bottle of wine.

“That will be all for tonight, Mrs. Fisk. I will serve myself.”

When she left the room, he turned to me. “You see how you have beguiled me already my little slave? Normally you would be the one doing the serving, but I will be your most impeccable host tonight. Please sit down in this chair and spread your legs open.”

When I sat down, I winced as my still stinging bottom met the chair. If he noticed, he gave no sign, and he began ladling hot soup into my bowl, but I felt as if I couldn’t eat anything. I had my legs spread under the table and couldn’t understand why he was making me do that. He couldn’t see me under the table anyway. He took the seat opposite mine and after serving some soup for himself he extended his leg over to me under the table and shoved the tip of his shoe against one ankle and then the other and smiled.

“Just checking. I want you to be exposed and open to me at all times this evening, and I want you to know that you are. You don’t have to keep silent my dear Clarissa. That rule applied only to the servants. I enjoy a woman who has something to say for herself. You see that’s why I so relished your company at the ball that evening. Some of those girls coming out into society are so boring; you were different. You held my interest with more than just your beauty. I was pleasantly surprised at how much you knew about politics, art, and history.”

“So because of my intelligence you wish to subjugate me in every way?”

“Not in every way, only sexually. I know women very well; I can tell that because of your wit, your intelligence, and your spirit that you need to be dominated by a man in the bedchamber. From Molly’s report, my beliefs about you have been confirmed.”

If I couldn’t understand him, I could understand myself even less. I convinced myself that I did feel a sense of outrage at his demands and his manner, but whenever he talked to me thus I felt a strange tingling between my legs. There was a mounting excitement within me, and my thoughts, what I knew to be right, couldn’t control the responses of my body. As if this was a perfectly normal dinner we discussed the Monmouth Rebellion and the difficulties that James II would have in ruling England. We discussed the fine art that was hanging in this room, and he told me of the treasures he saw in Italy. However, to make sure that I didn’t forget my place, he kept thrusting his foot between my legs to make sure they were still open for him, and of course, I was still naked and he fully dressed.

I asked for another glass of wine after I had finished two, but he denied my request. I was hoping to perhaps dull my senses a little for what was to come. As if knowing my motive, he refused to give me another glass of wine.

“I myself will partake of only two glasses. We don’t want alcoholic spirits to deaden our senses and pleasures this night.”

When we were almost finished with dinner, I heard a loud knock on the front door. He held my gaze steadily until Mrs. Fisk came to the door of the sitting room and announced that Sir Penrith had called. She said she had shown him into the drawing room. A sudden cold fear gripped me. Surely he wouldn’t invite someone else into this room while I sat here naked? He smiled at me, reading my thoughts.

“I will see him in the drawing room, Mrs. Fisk.”

He left the sitting room and I heard low masculine voices coming from another room. I then heard the front door slam and gave a sigh of relief. He returned to the sitting room.

“I sent him away. You see how I’m indulging you already my little slave? I had every intention of inviting Sir Penrith into the sitting room to partake of your pleasures. We’ve had many adventures together, and I’m sure he would have appreciated a fine jewel like you. However, I admit that I’m selfish. I want your charms all to myself tonight.”

“Oh thank you, master.” I couldn’t believe that I had just thanked him for not sharing me with another man.

“Come, it’s time we return to the bedchamber.”

He pulled me up and then wrapped one arm around my waist and brought one arm behind my head to pull back my head by my hair. I stared full into his face for a moment, and then he brought his mouth down upon mine in a savage kiss. He pressed my body up against his, and I felt the smooth cloth of his silk doublet against my breasts. He then swept me up in his arms and carried me back to the red and gold bedchamber where I had been bathed and shaved. He set me on the floor in front of him and told me to undress him.

With trembling fingers I undid the buttons of his doublet and peeled it from his shoulders. Although the doublet was made to enhance a man’s shoulders and chest, Lord Trevellyn’s shoulders and chest were broad even without the doublet. He was wearing a plain white shirt beneath and I undid those buttons as well. His chest was now bare, and he pulled me toward him again to rub his bare chest against my bare breasts. Next I bent down to untie the laces of his garters and pull down his stockings, removing his shoes at the same time. His breeches opened in the front and were made of smooth silk. I unfastened them in the front and tugged them down his legs. Underneath his breeches, I was shocked to find that he was wearing nothing.

His member was already hard and sticking straight out from his body. I was still on my knees and it was bobbing close to my face. As I started to rise, Lord Trevellyn placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me back down.

“Take it in your mouth.”

I opened my mouth wide and he pushed his manhood into me. He moved back and forth in my mouth, and I had to grasp onto his buttocks to keep from falling over backwards his thrusts were so hard. Then he instructed me to take the tip and suck on it and caress his sack with one hand. He then plunged fully into my mouth again, pounding the back of my throat, and I was gagging. He stiffened, and I felt his hot seed explode in my mouth. He told me not to swallow it, so I tried desperately to keep in my mouth as he finished his climax. He withdrew himself from my mouth, which was still filled with his warm gush.

“That was very good, Clarissa. I think you should be rewarded with some jewels. I have just the thing for you.”

He opened a large case and withdrew a pair of clips from which a small cluster of emeralds was hanging. I had no idea what type of jewelry this was, as I had never seen anything like it before. He drew me up and began caressing my breasts; an involuntary sigh escaped my lips and a little stream of his seed dribbled out of one corner of my mouth. I started to wipe it away, but he stopped me. Then he began twisting and pinching my nipples; it hurt but at the same time it sent a wave of warmth shooting down to my cunny. When my nipples were huge and sticking forward, he brought forth the emeralds and first clipped one and then the other on my nipples. I gave a gasp of pleasure and pain. He then flicked each one, and they tinkled slightly as they tugged on my nipples.

“Now open your mouth.”

I did as he commanded and he inspected the gush that was pooled in my mouth. He ordered me to swallow it, which I did gratefully.

“Before we move onto other pleasures this night, I think we should end the sorry state of your virginity. Lie on the bed on your back and spread your legs.”

I lay down, and he lay on the bed next to me. He flicked the clamps on my nipples a few times and then ran his hand down the smooth skin between my legs. And then as Molly had done when Mrs. Fisk was shaving me, he began to finger and caress the folds of my lips. I was embarrassed that he discovered the wetness that had been growing there all evening, but he seemed pleased. He dipped his fingers into it and spread it along my inner lips, and then he brought his fingers to my mouth and I sucked my juices from his fingers. As before, my hips rotated forward as I sought his touch. Then he took my bud and caressed it between two fingers. He continued in this manner until I felt as if I had a thousand light fingers touching me. A warmth spread from between my legs and suffused my entire body; my hips rocked forward convulsively and I cried out, moaning in pleasure.

“And how was your first climax, little one?”

I was in a haze of pleasure and couldn’t respond even if I did know what to say to him. I never imagined feelings like this before. He then straddled my body and began kissing my mouth. He nudged his member between my legs and positioned it at my opening. He thrust forward wetting the tip of his manhood in my juices and continued little by little until I felt the sharp pain of my maidenhead being pierced. After that he thrust into me harder and harder, and I felt his shaft filling me up. Once again, his warm gush shot into me, and I clung to him as he pounded me. I sought his mouth again to feel his kisses, but he avoided me and withdrew from my love hole. He rolled me over onto my stomach and slapped my bottom with his hand.

He said almost to himself, “I’m being too soft on you. You’ve entranced me once again.” He then said harshly, “Get up on your hands and knees, slave and stay there.”

I got on my hands and knees while my breasts hung beneath me weighted with the emerald clamps. I heard a rustling sound behind me and dared to peer around. He had put on a robe very similar to the one I had worn earlier, and then he left the room. I did not move. I heard two sets of footsteps returning, and my heart sank.

“I thought you’d want to do this particular task for me, Molly.”

Oh God, the detested Molly was in the room once again. Why was he tormenting me with her?

“Yes, milord.”

I forced myself not to look around at her; I didn’t wish to see her smirking face at my position. I still had master’s dried gush at the corner of my mouth and his wet gush dripping from my thighs. She would know what had happened between us. I felt her move behind me, and then her two coarse hands spread the cheeks of my bottom. She removed one hand, and I felt something hard and cold at the entrance to the hole in my bottom. I clenched up in apprehension.

“Use the oil first, Molly. She’s a virgin everywhere.”

Molly removed her other hand, and then both of her hands returned to my bottom and she began spreading scented oil along my crack and slowly massaging it into my hole. I gasped in shame and embarrassment. She stuck one of her fingers inside of me and wiggled it around a little. I didn’t like the sensation, but I could feel myself getting wet again. I steeled myself from pushing back against her finger. Once she had me oiled, she returned with the hard cold object. This time she thrust it into my anus. I gasped and she giggled at my predicament. Lord Trevellyn…Jago, stood to the side of the bed and watched. Molly worked the object in and out of my hole, and despite my best efforts I began to thrust back against the object.

“Oh you see, milord, she likes it. I knew she was a whore.”

“That’s enough, Molly, you may leave us now.”

“Milord, she won’t look at me; you see, she thinks she’s too good for the likes of me. Make her look at me, milord.”

Surely he wouldn’t concede to her wishes. She was a mere servant; I was…I was…his slave for the night. He told her to go around to the front of me and admire my jewelry, and then he commanded me to open my eyes and look at Molly. She moved in front of me and stared at my breasts, which were weighted down by the emerald clips. I forced my eyes open and looked her in the face. She still had that insipid grin on her face, and once again I felt my rage against her boiling up inside. I still had the object protruding from my bottom where she left it, and she now began tugging at the clips on my nipples and slapping my breasts back and forth. I waited for Lord Trevellyn to intercede, but he said and did nothing but watch in amusement.

“You may remove them and take them away, Molly.”

She gleefully reached forward and yanked the clips off of my nipples. As the blood rushed back into my nipples, I cried out in agony. She tweaked both of my nipples before leaving the room.

Lord Trevellyn came back to the front of me, removed his robe, and smoothed the hair back from my face.

“It humiliates you to have her see you like this and manipulate your body, doesn’t it? And yet…and yet….” He reached down between my legs and felt the moisture there. He then kneeled in front of me on the bed and forced his member into my mouth again. I sucked on it as I did before, and it grew big and hard. He then swung around behind me and with the hard object still stuck in my bottom, he plunged into my other hole. As he lunged inside of me, his abdomen pushed against the object in my anus. The effect was that I was being invaded simultaneously in both of my holes. I thrust wildly against him, and we both climaxed together. I slumped down on the bed with him beside me.

He removed the object from my bottom. And then rolling onto his back he pulled me next to him, so that my body molded to his and my head was upon his chest. He stroked my hair, and I fell into a contented sleep.

When I awoke, I was alone. My clothes that I wore to Trevellyn Manor the previous day were folded neatly on the chair with my dress hanging in the wardrobe. I got up quickly, feeling sore in new places. As I was dressing, I kept expecting Jago to walk into the room, but all was quiet.

I slowly opened the door of the bedchamber and crept into the hall. Nobody was about, no Mrs. Fisk, and thank God, no Molly. I made my way down the curving staircase to the massive front door. Again, I saw no one and nobody approached me. Swinging open the front door, the magnificent carriage with the Trevellyn coat of arms on the side was waiting for me. As before, the coachman handed me into the carriage without a word and without a glance. Did I look different from the previous day? I must. The carriage deposited me in front of the inn where I was staying, and without a backward glance the coachman drove away.

I rushed up to my room and paced the floor impatiently. It was odd that I never once doubted that Lord Trevellyn would fulfill his end of the bargain, and I was right. That afternoon, the door of my room burst open and my father stood before me. He was disheveled and filthy, but he was alive. We rushed to each other’s arms and embraced.

“Clarissa, I can’t believe you came all this way to help me. Your mother?”

“She’s ill, Father. As soon as she learned of your imprisonment, she collapsed.”

“And you did this on your own? I don’t understand. The guard told me that Lord Trevellyn secured my release. I barely know the man. You arranged this with him?”

“W-we met before, during my London season. I told him of my predicament, and knowing Judge Jeffreys, he offered to help.”

“We must call on him so that I can thank him properly.”

“Oh no! He’s left town already; he had to go to London. He wouldn’t expect you to thank him, Father. I have thanked him enough for both of us. He’s a proud man and wouldn’t expect your gratitude. He heard what you had done for the Royalist cause during Cromwell’s rule and thought this was a way to repay a fellow countryman. Please don’t attempt to contact him, Father. He wouldn’t expect it at all; in fact, I think it would displease him.”

“Well, perhaps when he returns from London…”

We stayed at the inn long enough for my father to clean himself up and change into the clothes I had brought for him. We had a quick meal in the dining area, during which time I kept looking around for Lord Trevellyn. I almost dreaded meeting him, and yet…he hadn’t even said good-bye to me.

We got into our carriage and began our long journey home. The streets were still crowded and chaotic, and as I stared out my window at the teeming masses, I spotted Lord Trevellyn sitting astride a large black horse. He had been waiting for our departure, I’m sure. I glanced quickly at my father. He was leaning back in the carriage with his eyes closed. I stared out at Lord Trevellyn and he stared back at me. I couldn’t unlock my gaze from his. He then brought his finger to his hat and tipped it, a slow smile coming to his lips – those lips I knew so well. Our eyes never left each other’s faces until the carriage turned the corner and he was gone from sight.

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