tagIncest/TabooAt Home with the Rothwells Ch. 07

At Home with the Rothwells Ch. 07



Audrey Rothwell smiles happily as she follows Kyle up the stairs, her eyes glued to her grandson's tight sexy ass. He has just returned from one of his regular early evening runs round the local woods, escaping the start of a gathering storm, and is dressed accordingly for the purposes of exercise in a white sleeveless vest enhancing his broad twenty-one years old shoulders and a pair of skin-tight matching white shorts accentuating his curvaceous ass cheeks, the seam in the material corresponding with the long narrow cleft of his sublime ass crack.

Audrey licks her lips as she watches the two firm masculine rumps jostling and rubbing together inside her grandson's skimpy shorts which dent into his crack and crease and stretch around his ample mounds, rising and falling as Kyle lifts one beautifully muscular leg after the other as he climbs the stairs. He reaches the landing a few steps ahead of Audrey and stops and looks over his shoulder and smiles down at his elderly grandmother, dressed only in her bra and panties since she has been sunbathing in the garden prior to the storm clouds appearing and before Kyle's return.

Audrey usually sunbathes naked and Kyle is surprised to see her covered up, especially as the Rothwells are a firmly committed naturist family, but still thinks how sexy she looks for a lady of her advanced years. Elderly his grandmother might be but, as far as Kyle is concerned, she is a darned sight sexier than any of the silly girls of his own age that he meets at work. The only young lady of his own age who does turn Kyle on is his own sister Bethany who could certainly show her contempories at her brother's workplace a thing or two.

Audrey, on the other hand, is something else. She has looked after her body, having played tennis and been a keen swimmer in her younger days, and doesn't have an ounce of fat on her. Her tits and ass don't sag and her skin is still as soft and supple as a baby's. Nobody would ever guess she is well into her sixties.

"You've got such a lovely porky bum, sweetheart," Audrey says, reaching out a hand and giving it a little stroke, knowing Kyle will not disapprove. "I love the way your little shorts showcase your ass cheeks, I'm surprised you were able to squeeze into them."

"I'll squeeze into anything for you, gran," Kyle replies, continuing to look over his shoulder, the smile on his face growing broader by the second as he gazes down at Audrey, focusing his eyes on her bra-enhancing tits, while she continues to touch up his ass, cupping each cheek with her soft gentle hands.

"Why, thank you, sweetheart," Audrey replies, giggling, as a drum roll of thunder announces the first drops of rain which start to dance with alacrity against the landing window, rattling the panes with loud staccato thuds.

"What a lucky lady I am to have such a sexy grandson," Audrey continues, "I'm really proud of you. And so handsome too with your nice neat short haircut."

"Gee thanks, gran," says Kyle, his bright blue eyes dancing merrily as a smile of pleasure radiates his still twinkiesh unlined face. "I like my hair cut short."

"You take after your father in that respect," Audrey replies whose son John, Kyle's father, is also a regular visitor to the hairdresser. Audrey has never liked long hair on men, especially HER men. Their pubic hair is another matter, of course, both father and son having very full bushes, just as her late husband Frank had.

Kyle stands on the landing above his grandmother while keeping his back to her to let her have a good look at his ass. In the space of three short years since his eighteentbirthday when he became old enough to be regarded by the rest of the rest of the Rothwell family, including his mother Lauren and sister Bethany, as a consenting adult and thus allowed to join them in their illicit sex sessions, Kyle has become used to his grandmother's ass fetish and that of his parents, too, and therefore knows exactly what Audrey wants to see. He feels comfortable showing off his firm masculine buttocks in his shorts to his grandmother and enjoys the experience immensely ...


The rain is now hammering loudly on the roof while Audrey continues to stand on the stairs a few steps below her grandson so that his ass is directly level with her face and therefore her line of vision. As far as Aidrey is concerned, men's shorts were designed with only one specific purpose - to show off the finer qualities and visual delights of the male buttocks, something that, like her daughter-in-law, she has always been passionately excited by. Audrey's gaze doesn't waver from the enticing view of the shapely pair of shorts-clad ass cheeks being displayed in front of her, doubly exciting seeing as how they belong to her own grandson.

Audrey gives each of Kyle's bum cheeks another little squeeze and then runs a forefinger up and down the long line of his crack before reaching between his legs to grope his balls and his prick which, not surprisingly, is responding to the thrill of his grandmother's touch by swelling and filling out the front of his shorts.

"Your shorts are so tight, sweetheart," Audrey says, "the way they stretch across your cheeks, they look like they've been moulded onto your lovely cute ass."

"I wore them just for you, gran," Kyle says, his eyes still focused on Audrey's huge ancient tits which are almost falling out of her bra. "I know how much you like seeing and feeling my ass through a nice pair of tight shorts. Just as mom, dad and Bethany do, too."

Kyle has never spoken a truer word. He is well aware he possesses a very sexy pair of ass cheeks, his horny family never stop impressing the fact on him so that, consequently, on those rare occasions when he wears clothes, he always dresses to show his bottom off best. Before going out for his run that afternoon, he had spent some time selecting which pair of his extensive collection of tight-fitting shorts to wear to give his relatives a thrill. Finally, he had selected the tightest skimpiest pair of all, the white ones he has on now, checking his ass in the long wall mirror in his bedroom to make sure that they fitted snugly, hugging his buns and highlighting the cleft of his ass while also tenting out his package. Kyle has also made certain to wear an equally tight-fitting bum-freezer vest that only reaches as far as the top of his attractive buttocks, thereby ensuring they are not obscured.

"I love seeing your ass in your shorts, sweetheart," Audrey says for the umpteenth time, "and I'm glad you enjoy letting me touch it."

"Yeah, gran," Kyle replies, as he remains standing on the landing with his back to his grandmother and thoroughly enjoying having her ogle the spectacular arcs of his bum as she stares at it unflinchingly with a look of pure wanton lust in her eyes.

"I like you touching up my ass," Kyle continues, "I'm pleased it turns you on so much."

"It sure does, sweetheart," Audrey replies, continuing to stroke Kyle's ass with one hand as she slips the other into her panties and begins to finger her fanny. "It's just as lovely as your father's."

An image of her son John's ass comes into Audrey's mind's eye as she continues running her hands all over the alluring ass of her grandson. She loves sharing a home with her family, especially since Frank died, the sex remaining hot and plentiful despite her husband's absence, even though, for obvious reasons, it has to remain their closely guarded secret.

"Where are the others?" asks Kyle, suddenly.

"Your mom and sister went into town to do some shopping," replies Audrey. "I just hope they've found a refuge from the rain else they'll be wetter than Gene Kelly ever was," she continues, giggling and momentarily shifting her gaze from Kyle's beguiling ass cheeks to gaze through the window at the trees in the garden, over which the storm is now getting into its stride, the branches swaying as if motivated into life by the wind and the early evening shadows making it feel more like midnight. Long rivulets of water are streaming down the panes in torrents, the first rain since the end of the summer a few weeks earlier and, consequently, the end of the family's al fresco gangbangs, the cooler weather ensuring that they move the action inside for the next six to seven months.

"Who's Gene Kelly?" asks Kyle in reply to Audrey's comment, an incredulous look on his face.

"You kids," replies Audrey with mock severity at Kyle's unwitting confirmation of the generation gap but smiling nevertheless. "He was a film star, a song and dance man when I was your age. He starred in a film called 'Singin' in the Rain', the best film musical ever made, and lots of other films, too. Dead now, of course."

"Oh," replies Kyle, unimpressed and moving swiftly on, "so where's dad, then?"

"In the study, doing his accounts," Audrey replies, shifting her eyes back to her grandson's bottom, "didn't even get undressed when he got home," she adds, forgetting that she had been sunbathing in her bra and panties. "But I'm sure he won't mind us starting without him. Bend over, sweetheart."

Kyle does, sticking his young firm ass into his grandmother's face, his shorts becoming even tauter around his glorious buns. Audrey gives them another pat and then sticks out her long wet tongue and begins to kiss and lick the back of her grandson's shorts, leaving little stains of saliva all over them.

"Oh yeah, gran," Kyle moans, "lick my ass through my shorts like dad does."

Audrey doesn't need any encouragement and continues to slurp her tongue over Kyle's backside.

After five minutes, Kyle stands up and turns to face Audrey, making no attempt to disguise the enormous bulge that is now obscenely and yet proudly tenting out the front of his shorts ...


John is sitting at his study desk working out the family accounts for the last quarter, a job he had needed to get on with as soon as he came home from work and, for once, not stripping off, unusual for him but such was his consideration ofthe urgency of the matter that he didn't want to waste even a second by removing his clothes. There would be plenty of time for that later, then he could enjoy his nakedness with his family knowing that a job had been well done.

Indeed, in spite of feeling always horny and finding his mother Audrey semi-naked on the sun lounge when he'd arrived home, wondering too why she wasn't completely undressed, he had merely given her a kiss and explained he had work to do on the accounts and then wandered off to his study.

"Needs must while the devil drives," John had mused to himself, as he had walked towards the house, knowing his mother's eyes were digging into him, especially his ass.

Too true, Audrey had smiled as she watched her son's firm muscular buttocks jostling together inside his tight pants as he'd sashayed away from her. John had inserted his hands deep in the pockets of the pants of his suit, causing the centre vent in his jacket to splay wide, forming a kind of archway, and revealing the shape of his bum framed erotically by the tautness of his pants, the seam corresponding with his ass crack. The pose had been a deliberate ploy on John's part since he would be daft not to know full well by now that the female members of the Rothwell family all have deeply embroiled fetishes for the male ass, just as he and Kyle have for each other's backsides and, indeed, for the ladies' bottoms as well.

John knows just how much his mother loves seeing his bottom, bare or otherwise, and putting his hands in his pockets and splaying the vent of the jacket to showcase his pants-clad ass cheeks had been his way of teasing Audrey before getting the accounts over and done with and thus free to fuck her for the rest of the evening, not that Audrey ever needs to be coaxed into getting in the mood. She had felt only a slight disappointment that her son had not wanted to get down to business of the carnal kind straightaway. Even in a horny incestuous family like the Rothwells, Audrey knows there are times when other matters take precedence and, in any case, the return of Kyle from his run ten minutes or so later and looking incredibly sexy in his tight shorts, had soon made up for John's temporary lack of interest.

John is just about to wind down from the mesmerising array of statistics and figures when his mobile starts to ring shrilly. He glances at the screen and then holds it up to his ear.

"Hi, hon, everything OK?"

"Darling, I hate to tell you this," came his wife Lauren's voice, "but Bethany and I have had to put up at a motel for the night. The road out of town is flooded and closed and there are no buses, neither. This wretched rain."

"Oh, that's a nuisance," replies John, "have you got enough money?"

"Of course," replies Lauren with a note of incredulity in her voice.

"Well," says John, "I know what you women are like when you get round the shops. Thought you might have spent it all."

"Don't be daft," laughs Lauren through the ether. "Anyway, we sure are sorry we shan't be there for the gangbang tonight but Beth and I have got a room to ourselves so we shall have plenty of fun."

"Good," says John, rubbing his cock through his pants as an image appears in his mind's eye of his wife and daughter locked in a motel room together, sucking and fucking the night away with lots of hot mother and daughter incestuous lesbianism. "I'm sure mom, Kyle and I will find something to do, too," John adds, a lascivious tone to his voice.

"You'd better," replies Lauren. "I wouldn't like to think of us having fun while you were not."

"Oh, we'll have some fun, all right," says John, "won't be quite the same without you and Beth but it can't be helped."

"OK then, sweetheart," says Lauren, "I'll ring you in the morning, hopefully the floods will have died down by then, though the rain seems to be getting worse."

Indeed it is, thinks John, as he glances towards the study window, the view to the garden now completely obscured by the blurring rain. He indulges in a few more bits of small talk with his wife and then rings off, once again imagining the scene in the motel room where, as soon as she has finished speaking to her husband, Lauren and Bethany, already stripped, climb onto the bed together and begin licking each other's pussies in the sixty-nine position ...


At the same time as Lauren and Bethany are eating each other's cunts in their motel room, Kyle moves past Audrey, going down a few steps and yanks his grandmother's panties down, exposing her hairy wrinkled fanny. udrey steps out of her panties and unstraps her bra, letting her big tits fall out so that she is now completely and utterly stark bollock naked in front of her own grandson.

"Shit, gran," Kyle says, "your tits and cunt are absolutelyawesome."

"Thank you, sweetheart," Audrey replies, feeling no embarrassment nor shame whatsoever in her nudity, "I can say the same about what's inside those shorts of yours."

Without any more words, Audrey folds Kyle into her arms and they start to kiss, opening their mouths wide to snake their tongues into them. Audrey gasps as the hard bulge of Kyle's cock inside his shorts presses up against her midriff. Similarly, Kyle is enjoying the feel of Audrey's tits squashed up against his chest. None of the sex Kyle had had with those contemporary sluts he met at college before he was elegible to join his family in their regular orgies compares to this hot incestuous sex with his own grandmother.

Kyle never ceases thanking his lucky stars that he belongs to a very special family who are deep into all the thrills and buzz that incest can provide as he and his horny grandmother break the kiss and then lie down side by side on the landing in the sixty-nine position, Kyle still in his running kit. He immediately starts to lick and suck Audrey's old but still beautiful tits while Audrey buries her face in the bulge in Kyle's shorts.

"Your tits are fabulous, gran, they are so nice and big," Kyle says, momentarily looking up to speak before again enclosing his hungry mouth around the two enormous milk jugs.

"I'm pleased you like sucking my old tits, sweetheart," Audrey says, "but what I really want is for you to lick my pussy."

"Sure, gran," Kyle says, licking his lips, "anything you say. Your wish is my command."

Kyle's mouth is drooling as they shift into position, his naked and unashamedly perverted grandmother lying down on the landing and lifting her legs in the air, spreading them wide and exposing her old cunt to her grandson. Kyle's cock is now so hard as he kneels on the stairs, his face level with his grandmother's cunt, it is almost splitting his shorts as it begs to be freed from their constraints.

"Lick my cunt, sweetheart," Audrey implores. "Get it nice and wet."

Kyle spreads his grandmother's labia with his hands and places his face in her steaming hirsute muff, breathing in the delicate aroma of her love tunnel where she hasn't shaved for over a week. Then he runs his hot wet tongue along the groove between the two soft ancient cunt lips, savoring the mingling scent and taste of Audrey's pubic hair and pussy skin as he reaches inside his shorts and gropes his now fully erect young cock.

"That's the way, sweetheart," Audrey groans "you're so good at this."

Kyle looks up at Audrey as he works his probing tongue deeper into her cunt and smiles as her grunts of pleasure grow louder. Kyle's face creases into a frown of concentration as he continues working his magic, lapping up more and more of Audrey's delicious pussy juice with long slow deliberate strokes.

"Ooooh, sweetheart," Audrey drools, her voice quivering with lust as Kyle's still young but now far from inexperienced tongue locates her clit, running rings around the swollen nubbin, "you are superb. Keep working that wonderful tongue of yours on my nice wet pussy."

Kyle has no intention of stopping just yet, he is thoroughly enjoying himself licking his grandmother's cunt. In just three short years since his first tentative licks, Kyle has become an expert in the art of cunnilingus, thanks to his family showing him how to really use his tongue and his grandmother only too eager to let her cunt be practised on. It is juicier and therefore more delicious than those of the giggling girls of his own age that Kyle has had sex with from time to time. He prefers sex with his family any day and the fact that Audrey is his own grandmother adds enormously to the overall enjoyment.

"Oh, yes," groans Audrey, "suck my clit, sweetheart, your tongue is so nice and hot. I'm so lucky to have such a sexy grandson who knows just how to please me."

"Mmmm," murmurs Kyle, which is the only sound he can manage since his tongue is firmly embedded in Audrey's cunt.

"Lick it harder, sweetheart," Audrey implores, "you're driving me absolutely fucking wild."

With Audrey's words of encouragement ringing in his ears, Kyle increases the pace, flicking his incestuous tongue as fast as he can up and down his grandmother's long wet slit while Audrey writhes to the thrill as what seems like a trillion pleasures course their way through her oversexed body. She reaches out and places her hands on Kyle's head, running her fingers across his neat dark hair, and then pulls him closer to her until his face is completely buried in her pussy.

"Sweetheart, don't stop," Audrey says, pleadingly, "my pussy really needs a good long lick."

Kyle can only grunt as he continues to eat his grandmother's love box for another five minutes or so until he can nearly no longer breathe. He eventually breaks free from Audrey's cunt and looks up at the old lady.

"Sorry gran," he says apologetically, a rueful grin on his face, "but I need to come up for air."

"That's OK, sweetheart," says Audrey, "that was great. But I think it's high time I returned the compliment, don't you?"

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