tagRomanceAt Last! For Two Friends Ch. 1

At Last! For Two Friends Ch. 1


We have known each other for what seemed like a life time, you chasing me around the school after I playfully throw a drink over your head for admiring my behind.

We are sitting by my pool remembering those days when we were young and innocent. We met at school, you were in your third year of high school and I in my fourth, you were walking in front of me on your way to your French class as I remember, I heading towards my science class, I noticed that you were being harassed by a group of well known boys who liked to go around the school and make a point with some of the more innocent girls. One of them had his hand on your arse. As you were trying to fend them off, I casually walked up along side you and put my hand on the back of your head and bring your lips towards mine and asked if lunch on the far side of our sports oval is fine with you today.

I can see the amazement in your eyes as you say "yes. I'll meet you there."

Then I give you a wink as you walk into your classroom and I head to mine, the boys just standing there with amazed looks on there faces.

Now 15 years later you and I are sitting by my pool reminiscing and enjoying each other company like we have done most of our time together since we both left school and you became the interior designers that you worked so hard at becoming, and I became the technical engineer that kept my mind of you and your beautiful body for all those years.

I am dozing on my stomach listening to the footy and trying to keep my mind and eyes off your beautiful, long legs that are just in front of my eyes, I have the urge to reach and slide my hand up the inside of them towards you pussy which is covered by the tiniest g-string bikini that I have ever seen, but I suppress that feeling deep down inside as you are attached at the present time and I don't want to risk the thought of losing the friendship that we have had for so long and means the world to me. So then I hurriedly stand and jump into the pool so that you cannot see the huge erection that I have got hiding in my Speedos.

I swim a few laps of the pool and then come to the side and ask you "Want some more iced tea?"

You lazily look up at me with your beautiful blue eyes and say "No sweety. I really need to be going, I have to pick up a few things from the supermarket and then get home and make myself beautiful, I am going over to Jason's tonight, I am cooking him a romantic dinner, he is coming home from his trip tonight."

I smile and say "OK" although I am extremely jealous of him.

I will be there for her when the time comes that he dumps on her, he is a sleazy piece of work and has been cheating on her for most of there relationship.

I drag myself out of the pool and you stand to collect your things together. I dry myself off and walk you to your car.

You come closer to me and put your arms around my neck and give me your traditional kiss on the cheek goodbye and hug me close to you and say "Love you sweets" and then you are on your way .

I stand at the curb watching you go and wave goodbye knowing that I would catch up with you through the week for a lunch or two or a dinner and movie which we commonly do so we can catch up and spend time with one another.

As I watch your car turn the corner I sigh inwardly knowing how much I love you but it can never be, I don't think you are aware of how much you have come to mean to me. I slowly make my way inside and have a shower.

While in the shower I can't help myself I think of your beautiful body that has not long ago been lying beside me alongside my pool, my big cock is starting to fill out and gets extremely hard and tingles when I touch it.

I can't help myself, the thought of you just does it to me. I imagine you kneeling there in front of me with you lips wrapped firmly around my cock head and your hand wrapped tightly around my shaft and you're giving me the best blowjob of my life. I start to rub my cock in my hand as some precum drips from the end of it.

These thought of you are give me the desired effect as I rub my cock up and down and reach down and stroke my ball with my other hand. OMGGGGG... how I wish you could be doing this with me. Just the thought of you bending over and showing me your nice tight arse and your trimmed, luscious pussy is enough to send me over the edge as I cum in streams up against the tiled wall in the shower. My breath is coming fast now as it always does when I imagine you while I masturbate, I jump out of the shower and dry myself and dress.

I head towards my kitchen to make myself a meal , I have plans to sit in front of the television tonight and watch a video or two that I had hired earlier in the day.

I make myself comfortable after devouring my meal and putting a video in the recorder and I relax on my couch with some popcorn and a beer and start to watch.

To Be Continued...

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