tagSci-Fi & FantasyAt Long Last

At Long Last


***** by Prejudice for Literotica 12.10.2010 *****

She was dreaming of dragons and storm clouds, lightening and heavy rain. A voice carried with the mighty wind whispered;

"I'm so sorry."

She bolted upright, daggers at the ready. There was someone in her room. Her eyes adjusted to the lack of light and she could discern a shadow over by the open window. She moved with the speed of a snake and plunged one of her small daggers into the arm of the unknown spy. He grabbed her throat and swung her around before she could thrust the other knife into his chest, let her go abruptly and pulled the dagger out with a pained groan;

"Damn you, girl, always so bloody jumpy."

She took back and stumbled when trying to get away from him.

"You!" She rifled through her bag to find a handful of brightly glowing crystals and they lit up the room so she could see him; Enerdhil stood clutching his left arm to keep the bleeding to a minimum.

"I sure could use some bandages, if you have any in that bag of yours." He was clearly in a lot of pain. She always coated her tiny daggers with a poison that was more for the unpleasant pain than actual danger, and now she wasn't sure if she enjoyed him suffering or not.

"What are you doing here?" She grabbed her swords and moved towards him. He froze when he felt the cold steel of her most prized possession, Madrugada, pressed against his throat;

"I think it was because I wanted to see you, but now I'm not so sure..."

She felt as if the chill of Icecrown had crept in under her skin, but at the same time a tenderly warm sensation was fighting to take hold again.

"I don't want you here." Her voice trembled and she could barely stand up right.

He sensed her hesitation and grabbed the sword with one hand and pushed it to the side. He was still keeping one hand on his arm and seemed to struggle keeping his calm; the poison would start stinging right about now. He sat down and tried to search his own belongings for something to staunch the bleeding with and relieve some pain.

He swore silently as his clumsy hand rummaged through the contents of his bag. Her heart seemed to bounce all over the place; surely he must hear it banging against her ribs? He was mere feet from where she was standing but still felt eons away.

After what felt like hours she couldn't stand the distance anymore and threw herself against him and kissed him so passionately that he forgot what he was doing. He let go of his injured arm and squeezed her as close as possible, his mouth accepted hers greedily; she didn't feel the warm blood trickling onto her thigh, and he didn't feel the pain from the cut. Nothing mattered but this moment. His fingers entwined themselves in her silvery hair and her right hand rested on his chest while her left timidly touched his face as if not sure he was really there with her.

She felt his arms loosen around her waist and she panicked thinking her dream was slipping away but he just felt too weak from the blood loss This stirred her love of the bastard as well as a pained sting of relief at it not being just another one of her endless dreams. She quickly grabbed some bandages from his bag and tied them tightly around his arm. With a swift movement she opened a tiny, elegant bottle of anti-venom and helped him drink it all. She then supported him to the bed and lay down next to him, desperately trying to cover him with her blanket to keep him warm.

With trembling hands he noticed that she had no clothes on and he stroked her naked body. Her skin felt so alive from his touch. He explored her greedily and his mouth demanded hers passionately. They both felt warm now as their bodies slowly entwined. She let out a shy giggle; she wasn't sure how to react to all of this.

He leaned on his injured arm and though it stung a little it only made him smile; her dagger had gone almost right through. Trust her to be the only one that could injure him in any way. He was gazing down into her eyes, studying her fine features. Her pale skin shimmered in the moonlight that shone through the window and he could count every single freckle on her nose.

Suddenly he realized she was looking slightly nervous and uncomfortable; her arm as resting across her breasts, and she lay in a rather strange, crouched position. An idea dawned on him; she'd never been with a man before. His face lit up and he moved down to her face and nuzzled it sweetly, planting a soft kiss on her lips that seemed to last forever.

He felt her muscles relax under his touch. His right hand stroked her belly gently. Her skin was so smooth, he'd never felt anything like it before. He pulled back and looked down on her naked body; she cringed under his gaze and tried to cover herself up better. He uttered a soft laugh and lifted her left hand to his face and kissed it. She barely dared to look up at him; she didn't know what to do and her insecurity was obvious. It was a nice change to see her unable to master a situation with wit, pure luck and weapon skill.

He held on to her arm and lifted himself on top of her; she was surprised that his weight didn't feel scary or intimidating. She looked at his shoulders and let her gaze take in the scars and cuts on his skin. An odd feeling crept through her; she felt warm. He looked good.

He kissed her again, and she accepted his mouth with renewed courage. His tongue demanded hers more greedily and she responded with a shy giggle. He kissed his way downwards slowly. This really did feel rather odd now; her skin hummed at his touch and her breath was shallow. His lips were inches from her nipples when she stopped him;

"I feel strange... Is that normal?"

His forehead touched her shoulder as he laughed at her; she was most charmingly inexperienced.

"This is nothing compared to what you are about to feel." He grinned wickedly at her and let his tongue sweep across her nipple carefully. Her whole body twitched and she yelped with surprise. He saw this as sufficient encouragement, and let his mouth engulf it, biting and sucking on it to her great pleasure, and his. They were so perfect and he moved to the other to give it equal treatment. She forgot being shy for a moment and let her nails trail down his spine, making him moan.

Her legs parted of their own accord and he laid himself so near her that she could feel his manhood pressing against her leg. Her former nerves returned with renewed vigour and he sensed her hesitation. He lifted himself slightly off her to let her breathe. She wasn't even sure where this was heading;

"What are you doing to me? I feel so... And I want something but I don't understand..." With a pained expression she looked up at him. He gazed at her and with a reassuring smile as he pushed himself down and kissed her mound carefully, letting his tongue gently circle her clit.

Her eyes opened wide as she moaned unknowingly. He smiled down at her soft curls and saw it as her way of letting him proceed. His tongue attacked her with such passion and her hands grabbed hold of the sides of the bed turning her knuckles white. He let her enjoy the treatment for what seemed like an age. Her sighs of happiness told him he was doing it right. She tasted divine.

He let one finger slip carefully inside her, and he felt a jolt of surprise run though her;

"A... are you sure you're doing this right? It hurt a bit..." Worried she might be hurting his feelings she hastily added; "I liked everything else!" His tongue ran the length of her pussy lips before he lifted his eyes to hers;

"Yes, my love. I'm doing everything right. But I'm afraid it will hurt a little for you, but I can assure you I will treat you as gently as if you were made from porcelain. But I have to do this..."

He looked almost uncertain. She nodded with an almost inaudible whimper.

As much as he hated the scared expression on her face she was biting her lower lip nervously and looked so sexy without even knowing; he wasn't sure how he was going to be able to hold back. He raised himself to her face and kissed her, keeping her occupied with tasting herself while he adjusted himself so his cock was pressing gently against her wetness. She kissed him back; timidly at first, but once she got over the initial shock of tasting her own juices something that could only be described as unbridled passion took hold of her body and she kissed him hungrily. She wanted this!

He paused for a moment; his next move would cause her pain. He nibbled at her ear lovingly and moved his hips back just a bit.

"Take a deep breath, lover."

She did, and he thrust forward, filling her completely. He growled as she engulfed him with her beautiful tightness.

She was so tight and he had to muster all his strength to keep still. He looked at her and felt his heart shatter as tears streamed down her face.

She was in shock; this wasn't what the beautiful moment between lovers was supposed to be like. She wanted to wrench him away from her never to let him touch her again. He kept still as he kissed the tears from her face;

"It'll get better. You'll love it soon."

She shook her head;

"I don't want this. It really hurts."

She looked so utterly miserable that he carefully withdrew from her. He wouldn't pressure her to do this. He moved to the side to cradle her in his arms; she needed him to protect her tonight. She'd been through a great transition despite her fear and pain. His hands stroked her hair and he cooed softly to calm her down.

Suddenly her nails dug into his shoulder;

"Wait..." She lifted her head and looked at him through tears that were flowing quite freely now; "Could we... you know... try again? Perhaps I did something wrong... I really want this with you..."

She looked so miserable and beautiful and he rested his hand on her threshold, gently stroking her clit. He didn't want to scare her away by causing her anymore pain.

"You didn't do anything wrong. You are perfect, and if you want we can try again. If not I will wait until you feel ready."

She moved nervously and nodded with a pensive look on her beautiful face. A quick glance at him made her almost want to burst out laughing; he looked like a starving man at a feast surrounded by a force field. She took a deep breath and stroked his chin;

"Let's try again. I'm sure we can do this..."

He could hear the doubt in her voice, but leaned in to kiss her. While her lips were preoccupied with his, he moved back between her legs and thrust his hips forward again with a gentle motion; he smiled as this gave a whole new reaction; she gasped and wrenched her lips free.

"By Elune!"

He laughed at her and started moving his hips at a steady pace. She looked as if she had never been as happy as in this moment. Her lips curled up in a lustful smile and low growls told him she was enjoying it immensely. Her fingers locked themselves around his arms, she wanted more. He understood and moved faster and harder. She let out a soft scream; it was so perfect!

He was panting and moaning like a wild animal. She didn't know what to do, but she reached up to touch his lips; he took her fingers in his mouth and sucked them playfully. She could feel his tongue playing against her skin. He leaned down to kiss her; he needed to muffle her or they would have people banging on the doors soon; she had rented a single room after all!

A yell of pleasure escaped her as she reached her climax. It felt as if her whole body tensed up into a spiralling wave of lust and passion and her breath came in short gasps as she arched her back in time with her convulsions. Stars flitted across her eyes and every fibre in her body seemed to be on fire.

Once she regained some sense of where she was and what she was doing she had time to admire what they had just done. She didn't understand it and quickly decided she didn't need to. She relaxed and let him fuck her as he wanted, merely enjoying what they were doing together and letting him ravage her body.

He dipped his head down and bit her nipples gently, but determinedly. She laughed and wrapped her legs around him with a sigh. He pulled out and told her to sit on top of him so she could decide the pace herself. She looked worried; what if she did something wrong?

He took her arms and guided her up on his lap. He had propped himself against some pillows so his face was almost level with hers. He helped her press herself down on him, and she moaned happily as she felt the close connection again. She looked into his eyes and he grabbed her bum and lifted her slightly. She understood, and stared moving up and down. Her sweet smile gave him a deep sense of belonging; this girl was just so perfect.

After a few moments she realised that she loved how evidently he loved this, and rolled her hips while riding him. His head jerked backwards at this unexpected movement and the grasp on her bum tightened; she rode him more furiously. She wanted to experience that explosion again. His breath came in short, deep gasps now.

Suddenly he wrenched her onto her back and thrust into her, grunting with pleasure. He sounded like a wild animal and she felt herself coming again; her orgasm removed the last bit of control he had over himself and he came with a deep, guttural howl.

He slumped across her body, unable or unwilling to move. She felt so completely happy and strange and didn't know what to do apart from kissing his head and wrapping her arms around him tightly; had they just made love to each other? Had she finally experienced that pure and elevated passion? A soft mew escaped her lips in sheer contentment.

They lay in silence for a long time. He was busy admiring what they had just done, and she was busy feeling so many new feelings. He pulled himself up and gave her a kiss mingled with a soft whisper;

"I love you. Never leave me."

She could safely promise him that she was his to do with as he pleased. He grinned;

"Oh, I will."

***** by Prejudice for Literotica 12.10.2010 *****

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