tagBDSMAt My Cabin Ch. 06

At My Cabin Ch. 06


Seeing Stephanie in that belt and unable to cum has got me obsessing. I need to find a way to do that to myself. I don't want a chastity cage; I want to be hard and teased and denied for longer than I can stay in my machine.

I'm still trying to work out the details. I already have a portable version of my machine; that much I know. But I'm struggling in working through how to keep me denied while I'm getting teased.

I've tried cock tubes but I found they they either limited sensation too much or they don't prevent me from stroking. Recently though, I had a different idea. Instead of restricting access to my cock, I'm thinking I can bind my hands so that I can't reach my cock. This will rule out multi-day denial (not to be gross, but I do need to take the butt plug out for my daily constitutional) but it would let me go a full day.

I decided to give this a try. I got a collar to put around my neck, two cuffs for my hands, some chain and some locks. I played with the chains and have them so that my hands can't get closer than a few inches to my cock. I'm thinking this will work.

So now I'm looking at the last two problems. First, I need to do something with the key so that I can't just unlock myself. Second, I need to do something with my computer, otherwise I will just be able to run the program and make myself cum.

The key has a simple solution. From looking at self-bondage web sites, I saw about freezing the key in ice or mailing the key to myself. But then I stumbled across something about a safe with a time lock. I figured I could use the computer to set the time on the lock. And I can have it unlock the safe when it lets me cum.

But that leaves the computer. What I decided to do is to put the program on an external hard drive that I will lock in the safe with the key. That way, once the safe opens, I can get at everything.

I order what I need to execute this plan. I get everything I need, assemble and test it. I test setting the time lock on the safe a lot because I need to be sure I won't be locked out. All this work and thinking about the teasing I'm going to get is making me horny. I'm cumming three or four times a day and still thinking about cumming more. At this point, my plan is to do this to myself on Saturday.

I hear from Stephanie on Thursday. She tells me that she can't stop thinking about the denial the belt put her through. And that Karen finally told her it was okay to do it again. So she is here to get teased.

She gets naked and I put her in the machine for 30 minutes to get her going. Like last time, I put the belt on her and test it before letting her free. What I don't tell her is that I changed the timing. It will now edge her for 15 to 30 minutes out of every hour. I do tell her that it will not run between 11 pm and 7 am like last time. I also remind her that she can remove the butt plug for no more than 30 minutes before the vibrator will kick in.

I do tell her to stop by tomorrow for batteries even if she isn't ready to get the belt off. She looks at me puzzled but she is so horny already that I can see it is hard to think. By the time she is dressed and ready to go, she can barely walk.

I finish my belt on Friday. I'm trying not to cum so that I'm super horny for my Saturday session. It is getting difficult to refrain, especially when I start thinking about what Stephanie is going through right now.

Stephanie shows up with Karen early that evening. Stephanie looks horny and exhausted, Karen looks rather pleased. I can't help but smile in thinking that I will be going through tomorrow what Stephanie is going through today.

Karen reminds me that I told Stephanie to come today for new batteries. I tell them that it is for the control computer and I can get to that without removing the belt. As soon as she hears that, Stephanie starts begging to cum. Before I can say anything, Karen jumps in, "Sorry honey, but no. You told me you wanted to go longer than last time. So that means tomorrow night at the earliest."

I can't tell if Stephanie is crying or moaning after hearing this.

I put in the new batteries. I check on my computer and everything seems to be working.

Stephanie looks at me and asks why she is having a tougher go of it this time. I tell her how I extended the time it edges her. Hearing this, Karen smiles and Stephanie moans. "That's not fair" she yells.

Karen gives Stephanie a look. They then head to the door and leave.

I'm now hard as a rock and really need to cum. I'm able to control myself until bedtime. It is hard to get to sleep because I'm horny, but I manage.

I awake a bit earlier than I had planned with a raging hard-on. I get ready for the day by staying naked.

After breakfast, I get all of my equipment on except for the collar. I go and setup the program. I set it to edge me for 10 - 20 minutes out of every 30. I am worried this might be a bit much but that thought also excites me. I also tell it to let me cum and unlock the safe in 8 to 10 hours.

I click the button to activate it and feel an edging session start. I remove the external drive and get it into the safe. It is weird doing this while getting teased but it is also weirdly enjoyable.

I put the collar around my neck and put the cuffs on my wrists. I check the chain lengths and confirm I can't touch my cock; the chains are about 4 inches too short. Perfect. I make sure the key is in the safe. It is. I insert the locks and snap them closed.

I take a deep breath and lock the box. There is no turning back now. It feels like the teasing is intensifying though I know it is just my situation making me feel that way. I feel my first edging session begin. OMG, it is intense. I'm already thinking how stupid this was, I don't know how I will manage through more than 8 hours of this.

The first two or three edging session are enjoyable. I'm relaxing between then and enjoying the situation more than I thought I would. I now realize that using the machine has me more used to this extended edging than I thought so I'm happy with the timings I set.

When the next edging session ends I notice that I can't relax as much because I need to cum so badly. I'm staying hard for an extended period after the sessions end. And, omg, I've never need to cum so bad in my life. I need it more than when I was in the machine for 90 minutes. But I can't do anything about it but take it.

When three hours have passed, I'm going nuts and trying everything to make myself cum. I've tried laying face down on my bed and rubbing my cock on the mattress. That didn't work because the vibrator and sleeve on my cock prevented me from getting enough rubbing. In fact, that sleeve and vibrator have prevented me from rubbing out an orgasm on everything I've tried.

I'm no longer going soft between sessions. In fact, I'm near orgasm almost as soon as the sessions start. I glance at the clock and realize I still have at least four hours of this left.

I put some porn on on my computer and enjoy watching it while getting edged. I've never done that before and it is intense. The teasing is making me enjoy the porn more.

More than 7 hours have passed. I'm hard and near orgasm all the time. As my next session starts, I hear a knock at the door. I'm so horny that I don't think I could even walk to the door so I ignore it.

But whoever it is won't go away. They keep knocking. I then hear Karen yelling "Hello, are you home?". My session is still going and I'm so close to orgasm that I try and ignore her. The interesting thing is that the knocking is distracting me but that is making the vibrators work harder. Two minutes ago and I believe this much vibration should have made me cum. But I can't because of the knocking and yelling.

They finally leave and I'm in misery. I need an orgasm more than I ever have in my life. Luckily this feels like a shorter session and ends before too much longer.

I'm near the end of my eighth hour. I've lost count of how many times I've been edged. I'm so horny. I think most sensations are almost enough to make me cum. When I walk, the breeze on my cock almost makes me cum. The air blowing out of the air conditioner vent is almost enough But nothing is working. I've resigned myself to not cumming until my time is up.

Every time the vibrator starts, I feel myself trying to cum; hoping to cum. That is making the sessions more intense than earlier. And more frustrating since I know I might be allowed to cum now.

Then I hear the knocking again. I have five minutes or so until my next session so I figure I'll get it.

I peep through the window and see Stephanie and Karen. I let them in as I'm betting Stephanie wants to cum too. Seeing her in the window makes me realize that I won't be able to take her belt off until I cum; the keys for her belt are with the keys for my cuffs in the safe. And, I can't update her program to have the belt make her cum because the hard drive is in my safe. My cock starts to twitch at these thoughts.

When they come in, I notice that Stephanie looks tired. They notice my condition and ask me what I'm doing. I explain as best as I can. While I'm explaining, my next session starts. I start stuttering and am having a hard time finishing my sentences.

Stephanie looks at me and asks "Can you please get this thing off of me? I've been teased so much and I need to cum. I can't take much more".

I'm trying to concentrate on what she is saying but I keep getting distracted. When she finishes, I explain the problem. "You see ... the key for your bbbbelt is in the safe with .... mmmmmm ... the key to my cuffs."

"I can't get you out until ... mmmmmmm ... I cum and the safe opens".

Stephanie moans in frustration at this news. "How much longer" she asks me.

"Less than an ... Oh my God ... hour".

I hear Stephanie's vibrators start. Seeing her writhe around and listening to her moan makes me hornier; I feel my vibrators almost stop so that I don't cum. Unfortunately, my session ends when Stephanie's gets into gear.

Karen is staring at me. I think she loves to look at my cock like this. It is hard, larger than normal, and purple. I'm willing to bet my balls are pulled up pretty tight. I smile back at her.

Karen asks, "why did your session seem so short?".

Since my session is over and I've calmed down just a little, I'm able to talk somewhat normally. "Because, my sessions are only 10 to 20 minutes. But that is out of every 30 minutes, not every hour like Stephanies."

Suddenly Stephanie starts moaning even louder. She is thrusting her hips now while the vibrators keep going.

Watching her is keeping me near orgasm. I still feel like two strokes and I would cum.

Suddenly, my vibrators start up again. I'm pretty sure it isn't yet time for the next session; I'm hoping the vibrators will make me cum now.

The vibrations start out slow, slower than normal, though in my condition that could be what they need to do so that I don't cum.

I'm staring at Stephanie and enjoying the sensation while watching her get teased mercilessly. I feel my vibrators speed up and my orgasm builds. I'm moaning louder than Stephanie now.

My vibrators keep speeding up until I start to cum. My cum shoots out of my cock further than ever before. I'm writhing all over and I keep cumming. After what feels like forever, the vibrators slow down and my orgasm ends.

Pretty quickly, my vibrators turn off. I'm not moving when I hear the click that means the safe is open. So everything worked correctly.

I unlock my hands then free my cock and remove the butt plug. I stay naked.

When I see the hard drive, I realize I can change her settings so that the belt will make her cum. She won't be expecting it because she is expecting to get into the machine.

I grab the drive and head to my computer. I start up the program and see that she has 8 minutes left in her session. I make a quick change so that her session will end as normal but 30 seconds later, the vibes will start again and she will cum.

I tell them that I will remove the belt when the session is done. I sit back and watch Stephanie get teased. Her nipples are hard, her hips are grinding against the sofa, she's moaning non-stop and Karen is staring at her with lust in her eyes. I suspect Karen wants to masturbate but won't because I'm here.

My cock is getting hard again even after the day it had. I ignore it and enjoy watching Stephanie.

When the sessions is over and her vibrators stop, I'm super hard again. It is taking a lot of willpower not to masturbate but I manage to keep my hands off my cock

A few seconds later, Stephanie looks at me. "It's stopped. Can you please get this thing off of me now?" she asks desperately.

"Ok, let me get the machine ready." I say as I get up. As I start walking towards the machine, I hear Stephanie moan as the vibrators start up again.

"What did you ... do? Please, it's been 3 ... ddddays. " she begs as the vibrators start working their magic again.

She starts to react differently. She is grinding her hips more than before and her moaning gets quieter though it looks like she is screaming.

Suddenly, she starts to cum. She lets out this hot, sexy wail as she grabs the sofa and arches her hips. She stays like this for a full minute. Karen is transfixed as am I and my cock.

Just as suddenly as it start, her orgasm passes. She relaxes her body and sits back down on the sofa. She looks like she is asleep when Karen goes over, sits down next to her and gives her a kiss.

I give her a couple of minutes to recover then I walk over and ask her if she is ready for the belt to come off.

"Yes" is all she says.

I lay her down on the sofa and I unlock the belt. I remove it very gently. She moans when it is removed from her pussy. Her pussy is engorged and very red; much more so than previous times.

She reaches around, removes the butt plug and hands it to me. She notices my erection and smiles at me.

Karen then gets her up and puts her coat back on her. They leave without saying much to me.

I'm still hard so I masturbate. Then I head to bed because I'm exhausted.

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