tagBDSMAt My Cabin - The Next Year Ch. 02

At My Cabin - The Next Year Ch. 02


Sara was acting like nothing happened. She didn't bring up the machine. I didn't either. I was worried that she was upset but, other than not saying anything about it, she wasn't acting upset. In fact, she acted totally normal that evening, talking to me and kissing me.

We had dinner together and then watched some tv. When we were ready for bed, Sara headed to the bedroom while I spent a few minutes cleaning up. I headed towards our bedroom intending to ask her what she though of my machine. Instead, I find Sara already asleep. I changed for bed and climbed in next to her.

I awake the next morning horny. As I gather my senses, I'm hoping we can have a quickie before we leave for the cabin. I turn over and notice that Sara is already up. I walk into the bathroom and discover that she's already finished getting ready. I resign myself to no sex this morning and finish getting ready and head into the kitchen.

I see Sara is at the table reading. I grab some breakfast and sit down next to her.

"What time do you want to leave?" she asks me.

"How about as soon as I'm done eating?"

"Sounds good" she replies as she puts down her book. She heads into the bedroom reappearing a few minutes later carrying her suitcase. I finish breakfast, get my stuff together and before you know it, we are in the car on our way to the cabin.

A few hours later, we're there. We carry in our stuff and start to get settled. As I start putting things away, I show her around the small cabin.

"So, where is it?" she asks me.

"Where is what?"

"Your machine. I thought you said it was here along with a bunch of extra parts."

Surprised, I show her everything in the closet where I store it.

She looks at everything and asks "How long will it take you to set it up?"

Surprise is pasted all over my face. "Only about 15 minutes" I reply.

"Then get busy."

I do as I'm told and take the machine out of the closet and start to set it up on the living room floor. I figure I can always move it later if needed.

I finish getting the machine setup and ask Sara "What now?"

"Get in."

I am totally surprised. It takes me a minute to realize what she just told me. I've got a really dumb smile on my face too because the prospect of this has me so excited. Before she has a chance to change her mind, I get naked throwing my clothes on the sofa. I put the cuffs on my ankles and wrists. I lube up the butt plug when Sara asks to see it. I hand it to her, telling her to watch out for the lube.

She inspects it; looking all over at it. I show how it vibrates and tracks pressure so that it can tell the computer when I'm about to cum. She asks if she can insert it. I can't believe this, she's never wanted to do stuff like this before.

I mumble okay and bend over in front of her. She reaches over, spreads my ass cheeks apart with one hand and pushes the plug in with her other hand. When she's done, my cock is hard. She notices this, "Wow, you really do like this."

That embarrasses me a bit but I don't let it stop me. I grab the computer and set it down next to the machine. I sit down in the machine, put the vibrator on my cock, and hook everything up. I reach over and start the program on the computer. As the program starts, I realize that Sara is looking over the shoulder at the computer.

"Tell me how it works."

I run through the options and settings with her. She asks a bunch of questions, maximum time it will run, what the different intervals are, and more. She tells me that she will set it up as she sits down next to me and turns the computer so that I can't see the screen.

"Finish hooking yourself up" she tells me as she starts typing the settings. I do as I'm told and connect the restraint straps to the cuffs. In less than a minute, I'm laying down in the machine waiting for it to start.

Before too long, the machine pulls my arms and legs taut and the vibrators start. It doesn't take long before I'm ready to cum and the edging begins. Sara is watching my reaction and watching the computer.

I'm really enjoying the edging session. I'm moaning, moving against my bonds, and pleasantly frustrated. After about 10 minutes of this, the vibrators shut down and I'm slowly calming down after the edging. Sara moves into my line of sight and starts to undress The vibrators start up just as she gets naked. She moves back where I can't see much of her.

Her being naked is affecting me. Watching her got me going and it only takes a few seconds before I'm ready to cum. Sara keeps looking over at me and smiling but doesn't move.

The vibrators keep up their torture and I'm more and more frustrated. I realize now how different it is to be edged in front of somebody you love who excites you. It is taking the sensations to a different level. The fact that she is naked is just enhancing it even more.

I'm getting more and more desperate to cum. I'm pulling against my bonds more than I usually do. I think I'm moaning more and louder than usual as well. Just when I think I can't take any more, the vibrators turn off. "Wow, that was only 10 minutes and you looked so frustrated. I wonder how much longer you could have gone?" she says to me.

Before the vibrators start up, she moves next to me. "Watching you is making me horny too. Make me cum" she says while she sits down on my chest with her pussy facing my mouth. Her pussy is wet and her clit is already sticking out a little. That gets me instantly excited because it usually takes me a while to get Sara this excited.

I start licking her pussy focusing on her clit as she likes. I feel the vibrators start up again. I'm ready to cum and getting edged before Sara cums. My desperation is making it harder for me to concentrate on licking but I do my best.

I notice that our pleasure is starting to sync up. When I moan into her pussy, she moans too. We continue like this for a few minutes before Sara cums. Her orgasm is intense and seems to go on forever. Watching and feeling her orgasm is making me more desperate to cum. In fact, the vibrator on my cock shuts off so that I don't cum. The machine is still keeping me from cumming and I'm enjoying this frustration immensely.

After her orgasm subsides, Sara moves off of me and back to my side. She smiles at me. I smile back but my smile is interrupted by moaning brought on by my continued edging.

"Wow, that was great. Every time you moaned, wow, it was like I could feel your desperation. And that made me so... I've never felt anything like it."

I don't reply; I'm too excited and my need to orgasm is growing to unbelievable levels as is my frustration. Seeing Sara so satisfied makes my frustration feel more acute.

"Wow, your cock is really red and it's so swollen and big" she says as she moves back behind the computer.

She continues watching as the session goes on and on, my frustration growing and growing. I can barely think; my whole being is becoming concentrated on my cock. I don't know how long this goes on before I finally feel the vibrators shut down to give me a rest.

"That session lasted almost 14 minutes."

"Oh my God, no longer." I plead.

"I set the maximum session to 15 minutes so it shouldn't go too much longer than that" she tells me.

As I calm down a little, I also realize that this is just the second time I've been in the machine since I optimized the edging. It is bringing me closer to orgasm than it used to; my changes definitely worked though I'm not sure yet if that is a good or bad thing. Add to that, Sara's control, and this is one of the most intense sessions I've ever had in the machine.

Before I am ready, the vibrators start their sweet torture again. In no time at all, I'm ready to cum and the edging begins. Once again, I'm moaning and tugging at my bonds with my desperate need to cum. Sara continues to watch me. We stay like this until the session ends, more than 10 minutes later.

"I can't take much more of this" I tell Sara as I'm recovering from the edging.

"It's only been 48 minutes. I thought you told me you've done this for 90 minutes before."

"I only went that long a few times. And you being here and cumming is making me more frustrated that I can't cum."

Sara smiles at that. "Well then, it's a good thing you don't have much longer to go."

After another few seconds, the vibrators start up. This time, it takes me nearly a minute to be ready to cum. As the edging begins, Sara moves to my side. She's is watching me get tormented by the vibrators. I see her looking at my cock too.

After another minute, she bends over and puts a nipple by my mouth. I greedily suck it in, enjoying some distraction from the edging. Again, though, I start moaning around her nipple. Sara starts squirming around like she does when she's horny.

After a couple of minutes like this, Sara makes me switch nipples. She is also positioning her pussy by my hand. The position of my hand prevents me from getting a good position to finger her; instead I rub the back of my hand up and down her pussy. Apparently that is enough as she starts squirming riding my hand a little.

I'm enjoying the distraction; the vibrators are still running and I'm still not cumming but I'm not quite as frustrated. I'm still being edged though and still really, really need to cum.

And then Sara cums. She moans so loud this time, louder than I've ever heard her before. That doubles my frustration especially with the vibrators still going and me hanging right before orgasm.

We stay like this for a couple of minutes before a funny thing happens. The vibrators shut down. I didn't think it was long enough for the session to be over. Sara notices this as she gets sits back down next to me.

She reaches over and, very carefully, removes the vibrator from my cock. Every time she touches my cock, I moan. "Wow" I hear her number as she continues to remove the vibrator. After a minute, it's off and my cock is hard, swollen, and dripping.

"Please, stroke me and make me cum" I plead.

Instead, she straddles me, positioning my cock at her swollen, wet pussy. Before I can prepare myself, she sits down, plunging my cock deep into her pussy. I can't help myself and let out a huge moan as I feel my cock enveloped by her pussy.

"Wow, I've never felt you so big" she tells me. "It's like I can feel your pulse through your cock right now. It is just amazing."

I have to agree; it does feel amazing. I've never felt anything like it. And I've never been as horny as I was right then.

Sara starts to ride my cock. Given how desperate I am; a too short 30 seconds later and I feel the cum rising in my balls.

And I cum HARD. My orgasm felt like it lasted minutes; I shoot and shoot. Sara keeps on riding my cock, not stopping until my orgasm is done.

A few seconds later, before she's gotten off of me, the machine starts to loosen the restraints. Sara notices that I'm almost free and gets up. I'm totally spent and have to work up the energy to disconnect myself from the machine and to remove everything.

Sara and I move to the bathroom to take a quick shower then collapse together on the bed. I'm asleep in a minute because I'm more satisfied than I've ever been before.

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