tagSci-Fi & FantasyAt Paris Become A Hero

At Paris Become A Hero


"Bonsoir, m'sieur--good evening, sir," Madame Josephine says as you enter her home on La Rue de la Grande Chaumiere. "Welcome to Paris."

You thank her as you give her your credentials along with a substantial amount of money to pay for your stay in her home.

During the time she's looking at your papers, you take the opportunity to have a look round.

You are in a foyer. There's a small table by the wall and a stand on which to hang your coat. To your left is a flight of stairs going up; straight ahead, a corridor that probably leads to the kitchen; and to your right, a parlour room in which you can just glimpse several young women in negligees milling about.

"Everything seems to be in order, m'sieur Arnold. Do you have any questions about this place?"

You follow Madame Josephine up the flight of stairs to the second floor.

There is a wide corridor and you notice there are doors to at least eight rooms, each with a number. The Madame opens Number Four and escorts you in.

The room looks very lavishly decorated with scarlet velvet curtains, purple and blue wall hangings, attractive paintings--mostly of nude women--and small statuary. Your bed is a four-poster with a green silk canopy. There's even a small fireplace. A door to your left leads to a bathroom where you can just see what is probably a large, deep tub surrounded by beautiful, flowered tiles.

"It is to your liking?" inquires Madame Josephine.

"Yes, thank you," is your reply.

"Eh bien--well then, if you need anything at all, I shall be downstairs. Please, enjoy your stay with us."

"Merci--thank you." That's probably the only French word you understand and you wish you had an opportunity to learn the language. But it's a good thing Madame Josephine speaks English.

She smiles and nods to you, leaves and closes the door.

You put the suitcase you've brought with you on the bed, open it and remove the clothes. You take them to a tallboy and put them inside the drawers.

After you close the last drawer, you glance around the room again and happen to notice a couple of things you didn't see before. On the wall, you see what looks like a small rip in the wallpaper. Rather odd, you think, since the room seems to be in such a well-kept condition. And there is a card on the bedside table.

And, at the same time, you hear a soft rustling sound come from the closet. A rat? You shudder and remember how several people you knew died after they'd been bitten by rabid rats in England.

You approach the rip and realize that there's a small hole, and it appears to have been drilled there purposefully. You peek through.

The hole gives you a look into the room on the other side of the wall. Although the lights are on and the bed looks as comfortable as your own, there doesn't appear to be anyone in that room.

There's some more rustling sounds from the closet. If it is a rat, you'll probably need something with which to kill it. You look round the room, then see a poker by the fireplace. That should do the job.

Just then, you hear a noise in the hallway outside your door.

Moving over to the door of your room, you open it quietly and just a crack so that you can peer through. There you see a rather rich-looking couple just entering a room across from you. His face looks familiar to you, but at the moment, you can't place where you've seen him before. You don't know the woman but, judging from their appearance, it's quite possible they're husband and wife.

The door to their room closes. You're positive if you see the man again, you'll probably remember who he is.

You open your door and step out into the hallway. The floor creaks slightly as you cross to the door of the room the couple entered. You stop, squat down and peer through the keyhole.

In the room beyond, the man and woman have taken off their coats. And, apparently, in the amount of time it took you to get to the door, they've managed to become involved in a bit of an argument. They share heated words with each other and you can just make out that they're speaking in Spanish.

Now you realize who this man is---someone you've seen in the newspapers back home in England. He's Count Rudolfo, a businessman. He was apparently coming to France to meet with various bankers in order to secure some loans. So the woman with him must be his wife, Countess Narcissa.

Suddenly, you see the Countess slap her husband's face and snap some harsh words at him; then you realize she's heading right towards the door!

You quickly stumble to your feet, turn and begin walking down the hallway. Almost at the same time, you hear the door to the couple's room open and close.

You wonder if you should have gone to your room instead.

Perhaps, you decide, it would be better to pretend not to notice. The woman looked upset in the room. Besides, you do feel a twinge of guilt for looking through the keyhole. Then again, your curiosity makes you want to turn around.

At the end of the hallway, you come to the top of the stairs. A young woman is coming up. She's quite pretty and glances at you. She doesn't smile. Perhaps she's a guest here, too. Or perhaps she's one of the ladies you noticed in the parlour.

As you turn around, you notice that whoever came out of the couple's room has apparently disappeared. Where did they go so quickly? Then you notice the door of the room next to yours is closing.

The young woman you saw on the stairs passes you. She glances at you again, nods her head slightly, but doesn't speak to you.

Interestingly enough, she walks down the hallway and enters the same room next to yours.

You wonder if you should go back to your room or just mind your own business. Besides, perhaps a more interesting time could be had with one of the women from the parlour

You enter your room and close the door. You wonder what is going on in the room next to yours.

It is then you see something you never noticed before. Another peephole in the opposite wall. Curious, you move quickly forward and put your eye to the hole.

You see the Countess Narcissa sitting on the bed. She is talking to the woman who passed you on the stairs.

After they chat for a few minutes, the Countess reaches up and begins to undo the buttons of the woman's blouse. The woman doesn't seem to mind. In fact, she smiles warmly at the Countess. Narcissa soon pulls the blouse from the other woman's shoulders. Her full, round breasts rise and fall with her heavy breathing, her nipples are big and brown.

The Countess strokes the naked breasts with her cheek, then begins licking and sucking the taut nubs.

After several minutes, she rises and undresses quickly. The other woman does the same. A few moments later, the Countess is lying back on the bed and the woman has squatted on the floor. The woman kisses her way up the insides of the Countess' thighs, then thrusts her mouth upon Narcissa's quim, her tongue licking and lapping, her head bobbing back and forth as the Countess moans and writhes on the bed, her body drawing closer to its climactic release...

You feel yourself responding,

You peer through the hole once more, your member aching and hardening in your pants. Quickly, you unfasten your belt and the buttons and shove your pants down to the floor.

Your fingers close tightly around your rigid cock and you feel the thumping of the blood coursing through its veins. You begin to pump yourself slowly, your fingers gliding back and forth along the stalk, rubbing the mushroom-shaped purple head, exciting the nerves and caressing your body with wonderful, ecstatic sensations.

As you look through the hole, you see that Narcissa is now on the bed and the other woman has straddled her head to feet, both women hungrily exploring the other's nest until, eventually, they seem to experience their explosive climaxes together.

And you, too, can feel yours approaching. You grip your cock more firmly, jerking it faster until you feel the sensation from within your scrotum. You fondle your balls with your free hand and pump with the other. Then, with a cry of delight, you explode with a soul-wrenching orgasm, your white seed propelled with each spasm onto the wall, splatting against it, dribbling down it. Sweaty, breathing heavy, you move away from the wall.

A short time later, cleaned and dressed again, you gaze through the hole once more. Both women have dressed, too, and it seems they're leaving.

Moving swiftly to the door, you open it just a crack and peer into the hallway.

Countess Narcissa and the other woman kiss each other, then the Countess enters her room across from yours. The other woman goes downstairs.

Strange, you think. You wonder if the Count knows of his wife's lesbian tendencies. And who was the other woman anyways?

You decide to find out a little more about the Countess' secret female lover.

The hallway is deserted as you walk towards the stairs. After you descend to the main floor, you see Madame Josephine approach you.

"Ah, M'sieur Arnold, how are you? May I help you with anything?"

"As a matter of fact, yes," you reply. You describe the other woman to the Madame, but say nothing of the secret tryst she had with the Countess.

"Mais oui---but yes!" exclaims Madame Josephine. "That is Solange. She has just finished with a client. If you will wait just a moment, I shall take you to see her."

You realize then that the Countess was the client of Solange. Perhaps they weren't lovers after all. Might as well go back to your room. But then again, since you're here, perhaps you could go have a look at some of the ladies in the parlour. Or perhaps you could ask Madame Josephine if she has clients, too.

After letting you sit for about ten minutes in a foyer chair, Madame Josephine finally comes back to you.

"Very well, now you may see Mademoiselle Solange. Please, follow me..."

Madame Josephine guides you down the corridor to another flight of stairs, these going down to the basement. As you descend, you're surprised. You might have thought cellars to be dark and musty-smelling, but such is not the case. Rather, it has been decorated as lavishly as the rooms above.

Madame Josephine takes you to a door.

"This is Mam'zelle Solange's room, m'sieur Arnold."

You thank her and wait until she's gone before you knock on the door.

Solange opens it a few moment later. She smiles at you with a twinkle in her eyes and pulls down the top of her blouse to reveal her breasts. "Ah! C'est vous---it's you, the Englishman I saw on the stairs!"

You give her a half-smile and nod, wondering how she knew your nationality, but then again, word probably gets around from one woman to the next in a place such as this..

"Eh bien," she says as she closes the door behind you. "Why have you come to see Solange? What pleasure do you wish to share with me---straight, oral, anal, light bondage or, perhaps, something a little more dangereux?"

"Very well, then," says Solange. She slips out of her clothes, then reaches into a drawer and removes a black gown. She puts it on, but doesn't fasten it up. "You shall be my slave."

Your eyes widen and you stare at her with a surprised look on your face.

"Take off your clothes--now!"

You do so, then stand naked before her. She walks around your body, examining it. She moves to a mantle and takes a small riding crop from it.

"Why are you here?" she asks.

You realize that she has entered her role as a dominatrix. There's nothing you can do except play along or leave now before everything starts. You make your decision quickly. "I am here to serve you, my lady."

"Get on your knees, slave," she commands.

You kneel before her, gazing first at her stern but gentle face, then her full breasts peeking out from behind the two halves of the black gown she wears, then down further to that most private place between her thighs.

You feel the riding crop she holds touch the base of your chin, lifting up your head so that you look at her again.

"Get on your hands and knees."

"Yes, my lady."

You do as she bids, and she runs the tip of the riding crop down your back, sliding through the crack of your ass, then gently cradles your balls with it. She gives a sharp, but not painful slap across your buttocks with the crop. You bite your lower lip.

"If her do not obey, it will be harder, do you understand?"

"Of course, my lady."

"All right. Lie on your back."

You prostrate yourself on the warm carpet, feel its softness against your back. She removes her gown, straddles your head. You look up at her, sensing the powerfulness of her presence, the control you have given her over your actions. She moves forward slightly, then crouches down so that her cunt is only inches from your face.

"Lick me," she orders.

You lift your head, put out your tongue and begin to run it slowly back and forth along her labia. She smells sweet, she tastes delicious, of raspberry wine. She sighs as she feels your tongue sliding around the folds, finding hidden crevices, thrusting up into the deepness of her cunt, then curling around the tiny bud of her clitoris.

"Use your hands, too." she commands.

You lift a hand, slide two fingers up into the depths of her sex, feeling the slipperiness, the wetness, and as your tongue laves her clitoris, you begin to thrust your fingers in and out. You continue like that for several long moments letting her enjoy the warm sensations spreading through her body.

You glance up for a moment, see her breasts hanging above your eyes. You reach up with your other hand, begin to squeeze first one, then the other, rubbing and pinching the nipples between your finger and thumb, feeling them harden.

"Enough there," she says sharply. She rises, turns around and straddles you in the opposite direction. She lowers her buttocks to you again, squatting above you, the beauty and deliciousness of her nether regions open to your gaze and touch. "Continue."

You lick again at her cunt, tasting its nectar-like sweetness, then flick your tongue up and encircle the rosebud of her ass, twisting your tongue and stabbing it into the tiny hole. She moans, and you feel her grasp your cock with her hand and begin to stroke its length. You love the feel of her tightening fingers and your cock begins to harden, its length increasing, its shaft pulsing with desire.


She lets go of you, and rises to her feet, standing away from you.

A soft moan escapes your lips as you desire to feel her hand on your body. The riding crop swishes down, snaps across the tip of your cock. You yelp in pain, grab it with your hands and massage the aching head.

"You're pleasuring me, slave. Now, get on your hands and knees."

Feeling a numbness in your cock, you do so as, from the corner of your eye, you see Solange strap something around her waist. Then she straddles your legs from behind. You feel her finger smear your ass with a cool liquid.

"Do you like that, slave?"

"Yes, my lady."

Then you feel her finger penetrating your bum slowly, widening it.

"Do her like that, slave?"

You moan at the tingling sensations of her finger thrusting in and out and you gasp out, "Yes, my lady. Whatever pleases you pleases me."

Her finger leaves you. Then you feel the touch of something larger than her finger push against your hole, feel the pressure as she slowly inserts the dildo strapped around her waist. The slipperiness of the lubrication makes its entry easier and you feel the strong pressure as its wideness enters your rectum. You groan and feel your cock getting harder.

Solange bends over you. "Now, slave, grab your cock and pump it slowly."

As she begins to thrust the rubber cock in and out of your ass, you grasp your thick member, your fingers encircling the shaft, your hand beginning to pump in an alternate rhythm to that which is shoving into your bum.

You groan with the build-up of your inner sensations.

You feel the sharp sting of the riding crop as it lashes down across your ass.

"Don't come until I tell you to, slave."

"Uhhn--"you can only gasp out. "I'm almost there already."

"I want your come, slave. No one, nothing else can have it. It's mine, do you understand?" This while she thumps into your ass and you yank on your cock.

"Yes, my lady." you feel the sudden rush deep within your bowels.

"My lady---I can't hold back any longer!!" you cry out.

You feel the dildo suddenly pop out of your ass, the aching left behind and the sensation of its presence still there. You release your cock as Solange pushes you over onto your back. The coming sensation subsides for just a moment. Then she grabs your throbbing shaft anew, covers its tip with her mouth and rubs the hard column vigourously. At the same time, she slides the end of the handle of the riding crop into your ass and begins to thrust in and out.

Now the sensations within you are too much. You cry aloud, feel the gushing from the depths of your bowels, then your hips buck up into the air, thrusting your cock deep into her mouth as your hot jism spouts into her throat. She pulls off you, strings of your cum dangling from her lips to your cock and you continue spurting onto her face and neck and breasts as she finishes pumping your cock in steady, firm movements.

You moan softly as she releases your cock and slips the riding crop from your ass.

You glance at her, your white sperm splattered across her body.

"Did I please you, my lady?" you ask.

"Yes," she says with a smile. "Very much so. And you, too, were pleased with Solange?"

"Indeed. Thank you."

"Eh bien---now it is time for bed..."

Exhausted, you drag yourself to Solange's bed and collapse on one side of it, she on the other. Within moments, you are fast asleep.

Some time during the night, you feel Solange stir beside you, then she gets out of bed.

Your breathing is heavy and regular as you pretend to be asleep. No doubt Solange is getting up to go to the bathroom, so perhaps you can catch another glimpse of her wonderful body.

You open your eyes just enough to be able to see her. A soft glow from the bathroom illuminates the room dimly. What you see startles you.

Solange has put on a dress. She crosses the bedroom and quietly opens the drawer of the bedside table only a foot or two from your head. She reaches in and what she removes makes your blood run cold.

It is a dagger.

The sharp blade reflects the light of the bathroom.

What is Solange going to do with it?

Not sure what Solange intends to do and, fearing for your own safety, you hope you'll be able to roll out of the way if she intends to use the dagger on you---for whatever reason. At least you're awake. Through slitted eyes, you watch Solange lift the knife, gaze at its blade, then at you. You try to control your breathing, ready to move at a moment's notice.

But then Solange slips the knife into a pocket of her dress.

You breathe a sigh of relief and it sounds as if you are sleeping soundly. Solange takes another look at your sleeping form, then turns, goes to the door of her room and leaves. She closes the door quietly behind her.

You quickly get out of bed and pull on your shirt, socks and pants.

You move to the door, open it slightly and look out. You can't see Solange, so you step out and hurry to the stairs. Looking up, you see your bedmate for the night walking down the corridor to the other flight of stairs goig up to the bedrooms.

You make your way up the basement stairs, thankful that no one else seems to be awake. Except you and Solange. As you tread down the corridor, you pray the floor doesn't creak under your feet.

You make your way up the second floor stairs and arrive at the top just in time to see the door to Count Rudolfo's room close. That, no doubt, is where Solange has gone.

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