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At The Gym


I was at the gym the other day, and had an unusual experience I thought I'd tell you about.

I was at my locker getting changed into my gym gear, I was facing the locker and had my back to the room but had the strangest feeling that someone was watching me.

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw 20 something asian guy looking at me. Surely its my imagination I thought.

I finished putting my shirt on and closed the locker and headed out to start my workout. I saw the guy sitting on the bench putting his shoes on. Must be nothing.

When I finished my workout I headed back to the change room. There he was again - Strange .. "No just a coincidence stop being so paranoid". I told my self.

I parked my wheelchair in front of the locker and took off my shoes. This time I looked back and he was looking at me, I quickly looked away feeling very awkward and self aware.

I could feel my heart racing, I felt so awkward. But then something came over me and I thought 'whatever who cares'. I rotated my wheelchair parallel to the locker - for easy access to the locker - but

this also gave him an un-obstructed view of myself. I took off my Tshirt also folding it and putting it in the locker, exposing my chest and pecs my upper body is quite fit from pushing my wheelchair around all day. I shimmied my gym shorts under my bum and down my thin soft lifeless legs in a practised move, and carefully folded my shorts.

I was just sitting there now, my limp cock resting in my lap like a lost puppy. I felt awkward being completely naked in front of a stranger, but also liberated in some strange way. I spied from the corner of my eye the willy watcher was now having a good old look, he no longer had any pretence of getting changed.

My heart was racing I felt awkward, but also kind of liberated or something, I don't know. I'm not gay and I'm not curious. Is this how girls feel when guys stare at them? I couldn't help wonder if he was watching me because of my wheelchair or if he would be looking at me if I wasn't in the chair.

I reached back into the locker and removed my jeans and a clean t-shirt and socks, placing them on my lap temporarily hiding my nakedness. My willy watcher now had sat down on the bench across from my locker, trying very hard to look busy putting his socks and shoes on.

I rolled up to the bench no more than a meter away from him, I placed my cloths on the bench, then lifted my feet up with my hands one at a time and rested them on the bench. I slowly lifted my legs to my lap, to rest beside my limp dick. One at a time I put my socks on and placed my feet back on the bench. Oh crap I forgot my undies, "do I go back for them or go commando". Sitting there naked except my socks, I decided I couldn't be bothered going back for them.

then I shimmied forward in the chair, my right leg fell off the bench I pretended to ignore it, and continued to shimmy forward a bit more. My penis slumped forward onto the seat cushion, I think my willy watchers jaw hit the floor. I unfolded the jeans and bunched up one leg, and slowly worked it up my leg to just above my knee. Then repeated the procedure with the other leg, all the while he was staring at me, my heart was racing and I think my hands were shaking a little. I bunched the jeans up to my crotch and shimmied them under my but. I shimmied and adjusted way more than was strictly necessary, because every time I shimmied and pulled my jeans up my cock would flop back and forth. I could see this really effected my willy watcher, he couldn't stop looking at my limp cock and legs. Finally I straightened my jeans and tucked my cock under the fly and zipped up. I put my Tshirt on and placed my legs back on the foot rest one at a time. I looked directly at my willy watcher for the first time, he smiled, I quickly looked away. I went back to my locker and quickly put my shoes on and collected my things and left without making eye contact.

I wonder if he will be there next week, how will I feel if he is.

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