tagLetters & TranscriptsAt the Laundromat

At the Laundromat


I was at the Laundromat washing a comforter that was simply too large to fit into the standard washer I have at home. Needing to use one of the high capacity machines the Laundromat featured I got there early when they first opened up so I wouldn't have to wait.

I was the first customer to arrive, walking in just behind the attendant as he unlocked the door. I quickly moved over to the machine, pushed the comforter in, added the detergent and then fed eight quarters into the machine. When I finished I noticed an odd looking man post a memo on the bulletin board. He immediately walked back out of the Laundromat and then drove off in a old pickup truck.

Curious, I wandered over to the board and looked up at the note. It was typed on a full sized piece of paper with what must have been an ancient typewriter since the text was so irregular and light. Leaning in closely I was just able to read:

To Whom It May Concern:

I know I should thank you but also think I should say I am sorry. By now you may have missed it, I mean discovered it wasn't in your laundry when you got home. Your panties, I'm talking about your pink laced one that was at the top of your hamper when you came in last week.

You were waiting for a machine and went to buy some detergent or fabric softener. I snuck over, grabbed the panties and slipped them into my pocket before walking out. I watched from my car as you walked back to the hamper, not even noticing they were gone.

I want to say I am sorry, but I'm really not all that sorry. I mean, sure I feel a bit bad for you, but I did enjoy them so much. You see, once I watched you loading your laundry, saw how you moved, how you bit your lower lip measuring the detergent, how nice your ass looked in those tight jeans I hurried home and well, enjoyed your panties.

Yes, when I got home I took off my clothes and climbed into bed, imagining you were there wearing the panties. I then ran their soft, smooth fabric over my thighs, up my stomach and over my nipples. Just the thought of you rubbing your panties over my body got me hard and I ran them lightly over my cock.

By then I needed more and I took your panties and pulled them over my head, letting the white, crusty streak at the crotch... right where your pussy oozed, slide over my nose. I could smell a bit but knew how to smell it better and yes taste it too. Opening my mouth I sucked the crotch in, letting my saliva soak it.

I was immediately rewarded with the taste... your taste, so tart and tangy. Letting it slip from my mouth I took a deep breath, smelling you, your most intimate fragrance. Damn by then I couldn't stand it anymore and grabbed my hard cock. Sucking the crotch back into my mouth I let your taste fill my mouth and imagined my tongue deep in your pussy, tasting you as I stroked my cock.

It felt so good as the head of my cock slid in and out of my fist, my ass lifting off the bed as I imagined you sucking my cock as I ate your pussy, tasted your juices. And fuck, when I came it spurted all the way up to my chest, in spurt after spurt. When I finished coming I used the panties to clean up all the cum. Well, actually your panties just kind of smeared it over me, I had to use a towel to really get it cleaned up.

Anyway I let the panties dry out and was going to return them with the cum dried in it just in case you might have wanted to, well, do yourself while tasting me. I had planned to tack them up with this note but figured there were simply too many perverts who would simply steal them. Instead I put my number on the back of this note so you can call me if you want.


The man who stole your pink panties

When I finished reading the note I turned and noticed an attractive lady waiting near my washer. On top of her hamper I saw some black laced panties.

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