tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAt the Theatre Ch. 01

At the Theatre Ch. 01


Have you ever seen something once and thought it disgusting and repulsive, and then another time it seemed natural and attractive? I suppose everyone must have had a similar experience. But this case was different, affecting body and spirit at the same time. So when I tell you what happened with me, please bear in mind that a similar thing could arrive to anyone given the proper circumstances.

The events I will recount take place in the early 90's, when I was first living in Paris and holding down my first job after university. My pitiful salary afforded only a tiny 25 square meter studio in a less-than-fashionable neighborhood; but when one is young and in Paris, one's lodgings are of minor importance. I had formed a romantic liaison with Robert, a man somewhat older than myself and of more substantial means. He occupied a splendid apartment in the second arrondissement, and I spent most weekends there.

I had a more fluid attachment to Juliette, who visited my apartment at irregular intervals. Juliette was completely lesbian, and contemptuous of my relationships with men in general, and of Robert in particular. Nevertheless, she would show up when she was between lovers or needed a compliant partner for an evening.

Robert was aware that I had relationships with women that went beyond mere friendship. Once we had progressed from a mere sexual attachment to something more substantial, I felt it unfair to conceal that side of myself from him. Robert was undisturbed by my bisexuality, and even hinted at times about participating if invited. Given Juliette's nature, that participation was never a possibility. Even had she been willing, I would have hesitated to mingle those two sides of my existence at that stage of our relationship.

At the time of our vacation, Robert and I had been intimate for nine months. Our sexual practices were for the most part straightforward. He was fairly skilled with cunnilingus, and as adequate at fucking as most men, so that I achieved orgasm a good deal of the time and faked the others to assuage his ego. Our favorite position was levrette, a word I find more elegant than "doggy". On special occasions I allowed him to use my ass. He was very fond of anal sex, and I felt it cemented our attachment, since none of his previous lovers had allowed it.

For my birthday, we were to spend a week in Amsterdam, a city I hadn't theretofore visited. Robert was in a mood to impress me and had booked a room at one of the city's best hotels. During the day we toured the mandatory sites, visiting Van Gogh and Rembrandt and eating herring and rijstaffel. Our second evening we walked through the famous Red Light district, where prostitutes of all races, ages, and sizes sat in red-lighted windows advertising their wares to passersby. Robert had drunk quite a lot at dinner and kept asking me which of the women were to my taste, whom I'd like to fuck, or watch him fuck. I attributed this boorish behavior to the effects of alcohol, but truthfully I did see a number of them whose bodies or faces were attractive. Had I suggested hiring one of them, Robert would certainly have agreed instantly. As it was I replied that I cared for none but him, and I would show him as soon as we were in our room.

At the edge of the district, we passed an establishment that provided live sex shows. There were photographs of some of the participants posted at the entrance, where a man dressed in a tuxedo was posted to entice customers inside. As we walked by, the man called to us in English, then German, and then French. His accent was impeccable. Neither of us was interested in such a show. They are generally tawdry affairs performed by bored people, although at the time I was unaware of these facts. The man called to us again. "Monsieur. Perhaps you and your beautiful companion would like to attend a special show later tonight. Only couples and single ladies will be admitted. Much nicer and more elegant than our regular offerings, which I'm sure persons of your quality would be wise to avoid."

I wasn't swayed by this entreaty, but Robert replied, "What's special about it?"

"The performers are all beautiful young women. All most entrancing, and there are things done which are not commonly seen, even here in Amsterdam. It commences at one this morning, and you will surely remember it all your lives." He handed Robert a card of invitation.

Upon returning to the hotel, both of us were furiously amorous, and in short order we were fucking on the bed. Still somewhat inebriated, Robert was able to last a long time. I came first as we were in the missionary position. Feeling my pussy clamp on his shaft, he pulled up to watch my face as I moaned under him. When my first orgasm had subsided, he turned me over and pounded into me from behind until I came a second time as he did some moments later, mixing his sperm and my copious juices. When he pulled out and collapsed beside me, I reached between my legs to feel and then taste the sticky residue besmearing my cunt lips and thighs. The feeling of gooey messiness after intercourse is something I always find very erotic and pleasing.

Afterwards we dozed. I awoke suddenly, very thirsty, and realized that the room lights were still ablaze and that Robert was snoring softly alongside. Getting up for a drink of water, I decided to take a shower to cleanse the residue of lovemaking. As I was luxuriating under the warm water, Robert awoke and got in with me, so that soon we were soaping each other, hands playing over my breasts and pussy and his cock and ass. I was going to fellate him under the spray, but he raised me up saying that we should go that special show.

I agreed, somewhat reluctantly as we had less than an hour to dress and arrive, but arrive we did. I'd put on a silk blouse and leather mini, with only panties underneath. At the time I wore my hair rather short, so I had managed to become presentable in the short time allowed. At the entrance, the same man was stationed outside. He gave me an appreciative look, and I felt my nipples stiffen and push out against the silk fabric. Robert paid the man what seemed to be an obscene amount of money, and we entered.

Inside, the club was surprisingly tasteful. The seats were like those found in cinemas, upholstered in red velour and arranged in twos without armrests between the pairs. They were distributed in an arc of five rows on three sides of a small raised stage on which was placed a round platform surmounted by a long, low, leather-covered bench. As promised, the other seats were occupied primarily by mixed couples, with some single and paired women scattered about. We found seats in the second row shortly before the lights went low, save for a blue spotlight on the stage.

An androgynous figure stepped into the light, wearing a tuxedo and top hat, apparently the master of ceremonies. He/she spoke in a high voice, "Mesdames et messieurs, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our special event, which we present on rare occasions for our more discriminating clients. Tonight we present to you three tableaux, each of which I believe you will not find the equal of anywhere. At the conclusion, we will serve champagne, and you will be able to meet the cast if you like, to felicitate them on their performances. And now, without further ado, let the show begin. Our first performer is charming mademoiselle Ingrid, who will be visited shortly by Astrid and George."

He disappeared into the gloom, leaving the spotlight on the bench as the only illumination. A slender young woman, evidently Ingrid, next appeared wearing a short robe tied at the waist and carrying a small bottle. Seating herself on the bench facing the audience, she let the robe slip from her shoulders revealing a pair of pert pointed breasts with dark nipples. Her face, difficult to make out in detail, seemed beautiful but detached, as if in a trance, and straight auburn hair fell to her shoulders. From the bottle she poured an oily liquid into one hand, and began to apply it over her shoulders, arms, breasts, and belly, until she gleamed under where the light reflected from her pale skin. Next she lay back lengthwise on the bench, and untying the robe, let it fall to each side, so that she was naked, with legs bent and feet placed on the bench. As she did so, the round platform began to rotate slowly, so that each revolution brought her hairless pussy into view. All the while, she applied the oil to her inner thighs and vulva, then deeper inside as her fingers opened her lips, dipped within, and circled her clitoris. After several minutes, she opened her legs wider, raised her hips, and inserted one, then two and three oiled fingers into her rear entrance, circling them and widening the opening.

I felt my own pussy responding to this display, and had an intense desire to touch myself. Robert also shifted in his seat, as he attempted to arrange his erection comfortably in his trousers. I smiled and squeezed his arm.

While Ingrid continued to caress herself, a couple arrived onstage. The woman, who had been named Astrid earlier, was dressed much as myself, with a white blouse and black leather skirt, but with the addition of black net stockings. Her blouse was open almost to her navel, and her full breasts were plainly evident. With shiny platinum hair cut in bangs and a heavily made-up face with bright red full lips, she could have been any age. Her companion, George, wore a black suit and a ruffled shirt with no tie. He was extremely thin with shiny black hair cut very short, and he also appeared to be wearing facial makeup with very dark lipstick. They stood over the Ingrid, regarding her silently as she continued to work her oiled fingers into herself.

After another rotation of the platform, Astrid unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, showing her large and shapely breasts. It seemed obvious from their firmness that she had had implants, but Robert sucked in his breath in approval. She knelt down at the end of the bench, put the girl's legs over her shoulders, and pushing the Ingrid's hands aside, began to caress her pussy and hold the lips open. Inserting two fingers, she lowered her head and began to lick the girl's clitoris. As she did so, George straddled the girl's head and unzipped his pants, exposing a long penis that he introduced directly into the mouth below him. He stood arms akimbo while Ingrid worked her lips around the head of the cock.

At no time did any of the three performers utter a word. They revolved slowly, frozen into that strange and erotic position. Thinking that this was the climax of the scene, the audience began a smattering of applause. But more was to follow. Astrid arose from her knees and pushed down her leather skirt, revealing a small and semi-erect penis! A collective murmur arose from the audience, as the "woman" was revealed to be a trans-sexual male. Then "George" removed the cock from the girl's mouth, removed his shirt to reveal flat but evident breasts, and let fall the trousers revealing "his" penis to be a lifelike strapon dildo. Astrid was revealed as a man, and George as a woman. Or perhaps the names were reversed. Astonished, the audience broke into loud clapping with some shouts of "Bravo."

When the applause had quieted, Astrid gave his hand to the girl, aiding her to stand, and then himself lay down on his back on the bench. Ingrid took his cock in hand, stroking it with her oiled palm until it reached full erection, then straddled him, impaling herself so that his organ entered fully into her pussy. As the platform turned, we could see her hips rising and falling, riding the man's cock. As they fucked, their bodies pressed together so that the full breasts of the trans-sexual met the small round ones of the girl. After some moments, the woman with the strapon moved behind them and straddled the end of the bench. She brought the head of the dildo to Ingrid's anus and leaned forward, penetrating several centimeters into her. Holding Ingrid's shoulders and standing on tiptoe between both pair of legs, George sodomized her while at the same time Astrid's cock moved in and out. This sandwich position continued several more revolutions of the platform, until at an unseen signal, Astrid withdrew from Ingrid's behind, and she in turn pulled off from the man. Astrid seized the cock, and with long strokes brought forth three or four long spurts of semen, which landed on Ingrid's back and buttocks before running back down onto the man's stomach.

After this climax, the spotlight was extinguished while the audience applauded loudly. I took advantage of the darkness to spread my legs and put my hands into my panties and rub my soaking lips, but there was not enough time to attain relief as the spotlight slowly brightened to show the stage empty of performers and replaced once more by the master of ceremonies. Now the leather-covered bench had been replaced by a tall wooden post surmounted by a steel ring.

"I doubt any of you have seen such a thing before, and we thank you for your gracious applause. Next we have a scene which might have been more common in the far past of the seraglio. We present Bruno and his slave Lydia."

The light dimmed slightly, and from the rear came a gigantic black man with the figure of a woman draped over his shoulders. He was close to two meters in height, with the heavy muscles of a body builder. His ebony skin was oiled so that each bulge and vein stood out under the spotlight as the platform began again to revolve. His shaven head gleamed, and he regarded the audience with a scowl that proclaimed power and defiance. Except for a black leather codpiece he was nude.

Bent over his shoulder, Lydia was motionless, her face pressed against his stomach so that her features could not yet be seen. She wore a thin white shift through which her body could be vaguely discerned, and her long black hair fell down in curls over the black's thighs. Her hands hung down as well; her wrists were encircled by manacles and attached together by a length of chain. In total a perfect picture of a helpless slave in the hands of a powerful captor.

Bruno flipped her onto her feet with such ease that she seemed weightless in his powerful grasp. Roughly pulling her arms upwards, he attached the manacles to the steel ring so that she was forced to stand on the balls of her feet, back against the pole and facing the audience. The black took a handful of hair in one hand and pulled her head back, revealing a young, pretty face and closed eyes. She had a Mediterranean complexion; I guessed she might be Spanish or Italian. Bruno laughed aloud, and letting her head drop once more onto her chest, took her shift in both hands at the shoulders and ripped it from her body as easily as if it were made of paper. Lydia's hair fell down covering most of her small, rounded breasts. Between her legs I could see a wisp of dark pubic hair above prominent labia. The strain of holding herself on tiptoe showed in the quivering muscles of her thighs.

With another sadistic sounding laugh, Bruno removed his codpiece to reveal an enormous phallus, only semi-erect but still larger than any I had ever seen or felt. Its thick dark shaft pulsed with veins as he stroked it, covering the purplish head at each pass until it achieved its full length and thickness. He turned to face the audience as the platform revolved, grinning and brandishing his tool lewdly. When the girl was once again facing us, the platform ceased turning, and the black faced her. He seized her calves, and with a single motion drew them over his shoulders, so that she was suspended between the pole and his body, supported by the chain and his hands on her buttocks. He commenced to lick between the girl's legs, even to pulling the fatty lips apart with his teeth and penetrating her cunt with a long fleshy tongue.

Lydia, who had been silent until then, began to cry and moan, either from the stimulation she was receiving or from the pain in her wrists. The black continued his attentions, pausing to laugh at intervals as she writhed in his grasp. At last he ceased his rough oral treatment, and pulled her legs from his shoulders to hold them by the knees, wide apart, so that the gigantic head of his cock could approach the opening of her pussy. It seemed impossible that she could accept him without damage, but as he pushed into her, the lips of her cunt spread slowly apart, seeming to grip and welcome the shaft in passing. He could enter only a portion of its length, and when there remained several centimeters outside she gave out a sharp cry; I could imagine the pain of the enormous cock-head butting against her cervix. This impression of dolor was reinforced as Bruno fucked her forcefully, driving inside to the maximum possible. With each inward thrust, the girl cried out in pain, and tears streaked her face.

This violent attack went on for some time, with no mercy or gentleness being shown by the giant, nor any cessation of Lydia's cries. After many minutes he withdrew, letting her legs fall once more to the platform. Immediately he detached her manacles from the post, so that she fell to a sitting position at his feet. I could see the lips of her cunt gaping open, red and raw from the assault they had just received. I thought that the tableau would be finished at this point, but again I was mistaken. Bruno picked her up roughly and turned her head down, holding her easily by her legs so that her face was level with his organ. The girl opened her mouth, allowing the cockhead to enter. Yet again I was sure that it would be impossible for her to admit him to her mouth, yet somehow it entered, and not only the head alone but a considerable length of the shaft, covered as it was with the fluids secreted from her own pussy.

While she worked the cock back and forth in her mouth and throat, the black turned towards us grinning, before bending his head down to lick and tease the girl's cunt and anus. After some time, his head bent backwards as he roared hoarsely, his orgasm apparently shooting his semen into the girl's mouth and throat. After a few seconds of rigidity, he pulled the girl upright, and had her open her mouth, showing a copious amount of cum coating her teeth and tongue. To my surprise, the girl raised her still chained hands over his neck, wrapped her legs around his waist, and pulled his head down into a passionate kiss as he carried her off of the stage.

The audience burst into applause once again as the lights dimmed, silenced only somewhat later by the reappearance of our host. "Ladies and gentlemen, I think this too has surprised and pleased you. Pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin, and Lydia experienced both before you. I do believe our third scene will not disappoint. Mademoiselle Sophie will be opened to new experiences by Madame Cameron, for your pleasure if not hers." While he was speaking, the post had been removed from the stage, and was replaced with a simple cane-backed armchair.

My cunt was on fire and I believe at that point I would willingly have led Robert onto the stage to fuck in anyway possible. However, the spotlight came up once again, and two women walked onto the stage.

One was extremely beautiful, with long, straight blond hair that fell over her shoulders and light blue eyes that gazed out at the audience in seeming innocent surprise at seeing us there. I doubted she could be more than 20. I assumed that she must be Sophie. She was wearing a black shelf bra showing nicely rounded breasts with small pink nipples just visible over the lace edging. Her only other garment was a matching black thong, and her slender waist, pale skin, and long legs were displayed to perfect advantage. A fine gold chain encircling her hips completed the ensemble.

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