tagGroup SexAt the Villa Ch. 06

At the Villa Ch. 06


Chapter 6: Olympia

'Fuck you Sam, fuck you.' Victoria cried. I not only did not take it out of her ass but I left in until she asked for more. 'Fuck my ass Sam... Fuck my ass.' Victoria shouted. It was the last hole Victoria had, which had been left untouched. She started to enjoy the pleasures after the initial pains she endured as I stuck my dick hard straight into it. The only lubrication there was, was from what was left over from her natural pussy juices which covered my hard dick when it was stuck in it. I had shocked her as she was not expecting a dick at the door of netter entrance.

As the other ladies were having breakfast Victoria and I were still fucking. As I fucked her ass like crazy, Padme was teaching the young ladies how to pleasure their bodies, not only by massage but also by other means and ways. She was an expert masseur especially where female bodily pleasures were involved.

The first two days were more than out of this world. The six pretty hotties, which of course included Padme seemed to have integrated so well together, that everything became possible. Padme kept pleasuring them with her delicate hands, tongue and body; teaching them the beauty of the body, the body to body, the yoni and the lingam massages.

They all fell in love with Padme and the whole bunch of beautiful insatiable young ladies became inseparable. They loved each other more and more as they were all practising massage on each other's beautifully shaped hot sexy bodies. The more they touched and experimented the hotter they became. More often then not they went further than what it was supposed to. On many occasions they also involved me. Those pleasurable escapades produced hotter sessions and at times the heat started also to boil. The intimacy between us all was indivisible and inseparable.

I, on the other hand, pleasured them with what nature had endowed me with. They loved it, craved for it and sent them into the heavens every time they came after it. Whether it entered in the front or in the back the ladies went crazy. Every time they kept yearning for more.

I had the greatest and the most glorious moments of my life; so overjoyed was I, that I felt I was living a memorable dream. The incredible, treasured moments of being in the presence of three perfectly shaped virgins excited me beyond any expectation. What they really felt when they were sexually connected to my body gave me the most satisfactory reward. I had enjoyed various moments which I love to recall but those precious moments with these five young and vigorous hot sexy beauties happened to be; the most outstanding. They gave me their most precious jewel; something that I would cherish for many months or, maybe years to come.

The pleasures I enjoyed during the last hours were very rewarding, even comparing them with the most ecstatic ones I had cherished. Throughout the many years since I was initiated by my lovely darling sister and cousin, I never looked back. I turned dreams into realities. Some I will never forget and never be sorry I had been involved. Some I still dream about and reflect on the satisfaction I enjoyed. I had some very glorious moments; but these are the ones that are most treasured.

To keep those sex hungry beauties for the rest of the many days to come I had to draw a daily program making sure they were kept busy. Making love to six ladies and keep them happy and sated was more than a big feat. Therefore I made a plan so that the next day, day 3; I take the visitors on a trip around the island, on my rubber boat. The other proposals were that every other day I take them to the beach, send them on sight seeing tours and make sure that in the evening they are all back hotter and longing more than they were, before they had left.

The naughty intention was that at least they can relax and enjoy their planned holidays, while I enjoy a lovely quite day with the lady of my choice. But the real motive behind the whole idea definitely was, to get to know them more intimately, one at a time without any interference. Definitely, I also had that special hidden agenda; I wanted to know Lydia more than intimately. She was my own blood.

The program for a day by day activity was set. The most important days for me, definitely were those when I would stay, 'home alone'. Dreams had already invaded the dirty side of my brain. Moving hot dirty scenes already plagued me; images of hot and wild sex were assaulting every part of my body. The beautiful body of the lucky lady of the day was her naked body spread on the bed, her legs wide open, her pouty lips opening and closing with every heart beat while the sex juices flow. It was flowing faster than it was going through my brains.

The program was set just within an hour or so after my last hot encounter. She was the beautiful cute little lady and the last of the virgins, Victoria. We emerged from inside the villa after I fucked her ass until it was sore. The pain was still there but as we came out of the door the girls that were hanging around the pool gave us a roaring welcome. We were both exhausted and in need of some real fresh air. We were still both naked, our genitals still wet with our love creams that had flowed during the hot encounter. It was still stuck to them. Therefore we just dived into the pool for a real freshen up.

Discussions about the proposed program took place while Victoria and I managed to grab some food. We were hungry and so Padme brought more than enough, complimented with refreshments and coffees.

'Well ladies I don't think you should spend all your holidays confined to these enclosed space. You're young, viral and you should also enjoy the island and its' beauty. This program should stimulate you more, and widen your knowledge. It would keep your blood flowing and together we can enjoy more fantastic sessions, I mean, of carnal nature. Your bodies are hot like those of the gods so...' I said.

'Thanks Sam,' Aphro jumped in. 'Well I certainly agree, we will be more stimulated and hungry for more and I think that would be fantastic. Unfortunately; ohhh, sorry; fortunately we are a bunch of hot sex hungry ladies. Some of us, thanks to you Sam, had tasted; just tasted the beauty and the satisfaction of love making. And so many other. . .' Aphro's speech was cut off by Diane.

'... I was always a hotty sex dreamer, but sex was never on my agenda. Therefore we never thought that that so very quickly we were going to be involved with a very healthy, hot sex holiday. At first, some of us were shocked but in the end, I think the outcome was not disappointing.'

'Is it, thanks to me or to Olympia?' I asked.

'Does it matter Sam?' Diane continued. 'With mutual agreement we have to declare, that what we had already experienced was all unexpected. The unpredicted sexual encounters we surprisingly been involved in, were really a shocking surprise. For some of us it was our first taste of sex. Sex which had enlightened us of what love making between different people can be, and how satisfying it was. No hard feeling Sam and no regrets.'

Aphro jumped in again. 'We had never thought it was going to be a so, an exciting holiday; and exciting it was, I can tell. These carnal experiences we enjoyed together; could be the best we may encounter. I always thought that sex should be intimate! I think this mix going on between us is fantastic. With respect, you are a great lover Sam and your dick never seem to tire.'

'We never ever thought that there was anything better than what we had already experienced. I always thought I had reached the skies, but I was wrong.' Olympia declared.

There were mixed shouting as the ladies clapped and hugged each other. They rounded me, hugged me, kissed me and told me all kind of things. They seemed they had all been satisfied, rather more than satisfied. There were hands moving down between my legs, putting my dick in difficult situations... again.

Then it was Victoria who wanted to say her part. ' I'm proud that at last I found the right man to take my cherry and for this I like, not only to thank you Sam, but I'm offering my body to you any time you like, for your pleasure as much as for mine. It was fantastic Sam. I still want more, still hungry for more. As regards the program you proposed and we agreed to, it's also fantastic. Your plans took everything into account. We are sure we are going to love and enjoy the beautiful blue sea and the island's history and its beauty, but I think that a day alone with you here, wowwww! Should that be very stimulating? This would be an experience of a lifetime which none of us will ever forget; mind the sore holes'

'I agree...' Olympia continued. 'The girls are proud to be here Sam, and, none of them have any hard feelings for what happened. Everything happened so fast, I for one was really shocked. I never thought you were going to buy my game, but you were much brighter than I was. I enjoyed every moment of that first adventure Sam; and the boat really rocked!'

'Yes we were not only shocked but also bewildered by the events. They happened too fast and too quickly. I for one nearly panicked, but yes, now we are all here, settled, rested and sexually satisfied and not remorseful... Sam...' Lydia, at last intervened. I wanted to hear her voice. I was waiting. Every time I looked at her she made me want her more than ever. I could not understand this feeling, this pull.

Lydia continued. 'Maybe this was the intervention of the gods, so why not forget the talking and continue enjoying the pleasures which had been bestowed on us.' A lot of shouting and applause followed as Lydia ended her short oration.

The girls, who were still standing around Padme and I were all naked. Some were hugging us and thanking us for all the great times we had offered them. My dick was hard with the stimuli coming from the sex stimulated ladies. Some were teasing and touching, others were relaxing. The ladies themselves were fantastic. Their naked bodies not only looked great but were becoming more desirable and wanted. They were different in size and shape, but they all looked perfect and sexy; also hot and waiting. I was yearning for that precious moment when I will take the next girl to bed.

Looking at them was like staring at the different Greek Goddesses. By nature they were Greeks and some of them bear goddess's names. So at last I had a nice harem of six beautiful ladies mixed with Asian taste. This could be the last time I may enjoy the pleasures of such a bevy of beautiful young sex hungry and starving starlets.

The rest of the morning passed smoothly, nearly everybody relaxed by the pool and waiting for a late lunch. I had never stopped being cuddled by one lady or another, but we kept the action away from boiling point as sure we all wanted a break. I put back my swimming trunks, so no more teasing at least for some time. It was in need of a real recharge.

After lunch I took Olympia for a walk. We started at the lower end of the garden. The garden was huge; something like about six acres of land mostly shaded with the olive and other types of Mediterranean trees. We started to walk slowly, chatting as we got away from the rest of the crowd. We left the villa and walked away from the prying eyes of the other sex hungry ladies.

Olympia stopped and moved infront of me. She put her hands round my neck and slowly started to suck first the lower lip and then the upper. It took us a few minutes before our lips slightly touched. We teased each other a few times before our lips jammed against each other's. Her tongue slowly crawled between my lips until it slowly entered to meet mine.

The feeling was incredible; her crotch was pressed against my now hard dick. My hands roamed against her back, moving downwards. They touched the flesh around her bare bottoms. They felt glorious. I grabbed them both and lifted them upwards pressing her crotch harder against my raging little boy. It felt like a round piece of hard steel. The more I pressed her to my body, the more I wanted her. She was hot as usual, maybe ever more.

She moaned into my mouth as we pressed our bodies harder together until we had to come up for air. Our lips separated slowly, my eyes focused on hers as she opened them. She took a deep breath, filling her lungs with fresh air. She gave me a nice slight kiss, just brushing her lips against mine. She sucked my lower lip, then the upper one before she kissed me hard again and again. It was followed by a very satisfactory smile.

'How do you feel?' I asked.

With a cute smile she answered. 'This was the best experience which had ever happened to me, Sam. I had never enjoyed myself so much and felt as satisfied as at this very moment.' Olympia answered with n air of satisfaction.

'You're not jealous of the others; are you?'

'Why do I have to be? They are so happy enjoying the pleasures of love. Well; I was the one who dragging them here. What about you? When was the last time you had enjoyed some virgin blood?' Olympia asked.

'Tell you the truth, not so long ago.' I declared.

'Interesting, so, you was not that eager?'

'Well, I'm always eager. When I smell a virgin close by I always get over excited, but these friends of yours... I think they are the best. They are incredibly stimulated, exciting and greedy... they are fantastic and it is a delight to have you all here; but, I think I can provide anything they... Am I right?' I asked at the end hungry for more.

'Yes; you're right Sam. From the moment I saw you, I had twigs between my legs. I definitely wanted you. The girls... immediately loved you. As soon as you left the canteen, the positive reaction was immediate, with the exception of Lydia...' Olympia stated.

'Why do you think there was a negative reaction from Lydia?' I asked

'It wasn't really negative, just not so supportive, although she never spoke. I just could feel it in her eyes. Then, her face reddened. I knew there were something between you two.' She declared.

'The truth is, I had never seen or met Lydia in my whole life.' I affirmed.

'But you used to fuck your sister!' She exclaimed.

'What does that have to do with it?' I shockingly asked.

'If you are not the father, sure she is your sister's blood and you know it.' Olympia insisted.

'Let's say that she's family; did the others know?' I asked really shocked.

'I don't think any one had noticed. I only talked to you about it and I am going to keep it, wrapped up.' She promised.

'Thanks.' I gave her a little smile to confirm my thanks.

'So it's true?' She naughtily asked again.

'Let's say it is.' I answered

'She's still looking for her lost uncle.' Olympia stated. I was shocked. I started to realize that the parody on the boat was just a game. It was after all nothing more than a set up.

'How did you five ladies meet, or better, how did you get together?' I asked changing the subject.

'So you prefer to change the subject, Sam?' Olympia asked.

'Well I'm just curious.' I said with a slight smile which I could not hide.

'Sorry Sam, I shouldn't have pushed my finger in too much. Sorry.' She tried to withdraw. She had fallen too quickly into the hot boiling oil.

'No problem about that. Let's leave it for now.' I said while we kept walking further towards the opposite end of the garden. There were a few rooms which in the older days served as tool sheds and a rest room, kitchenette and toilets for the workers.

I explained to Olympia the purpose of that building and which was the last I had finished renovating I took her on tour explaining the details of renovation and turning it into a cosy place for guests. It was very private, far away from the main building and quite hidden behind the trees. I took her on a tour, starting from, the bathroom, with shower and toilet and a small dining room which all had just been refurbished. I left the main bedroom for last.

As I finished she asked me why I'm curious about their friendship, so I answered. 'Well, with respect, there must be something which had gotten you together; a common denominator.' I confirmed as I looked into her eyes. We were just entering the bedroom so I put my hands around her neck and pulled her towards me while my lips touched hers.

There was an immediate reaction. Olympia was still hot. A hand dropped down her back and cupped one of her exposed bums as our lips became more aggressive. Heat within my body was increasing as she took my dick into her hand and started to masturbate me. I opened her bikini top and pulled it away, exposing those beautiful mamaries, the nipples hard as they pressed again against my chest. The rest was just a string bikini pant, which barely covered anything.

Still holding her tight I pulled my face away, my eyes focused on hers as she answered. 'The main denominator was and still is, the English Course. All of us attend the same course, which is English. That was where we... all became friends. Of course there are one or two other courses where maybe two of us are together. I only attend the English. None of the other courses are attending by any of the other ladies. Does that satisfy your curiosity?' Olympia asked, rather nosily as she gave my hard dick a couple of interesting moves and her lips locked back against mine.

Both hands were cupping her tight bums as I pressed her crotch with her hand still blowing my dick jamming it against her pussy as I got harder and harder.

'Unfortunately... not! There are differences in between; I don't know how to say it, well let's say, the living standards...' I asked rather sarcastically as I pulled her body harder against mine. Why I differentiate between their living ways, I realized, it was in the end; an insult. I felt bad but I tried to lessen it down. I pressed my lips against hers as my tongue crawled between her lips. She took the point as she started to suck on it; while in the crammed area between our legs, she lifted one leg around my ass trying to push my dick between her legs.

'No insults, Sam... We are what we are and who we are. Diane and I; unfortunately are at the lower end and Lydia is at the very top. I think she is on par with Victoria, who is also coming from a well off family. But that never hindered our friendship and we managed to integrate very well together. Sometimes we have English sessions together and share a lot of other information. We had never discussed standards... and here we are all naked and fucking and playing with each other...' She declared. She was right and I was happy with their attitude towards each other.

One way or another Olympia managed to squeeze my dick into her pussy. The gusset; she managed to pull to one side so my dick could find its way to her vaginal hole and enter. She moaned in my mouth as she started to kiss me again. She pressed hard as she got filled to the limit with my hardness.

'I'm very happy for all of you. I hope that you will keep this friendship until you graduate, and maybe even after.' I recommended as I pulled my lips away breaking the connection as I felt her pussy pushing harder trying to get more inside her hot vagina.

'Our friendship will hold Sam. There is not only a special bond between us, but there is also trust. We know too much about each other... I mean there was certain confidential information which was only shared by maybe two of us, like Lydia's problem... about her lost uncle... oohh! Sorry Sam.' Olympia tried to retreat her comment.

At that moment I realized that there was much more information than that had been yet exposed? Olympia knew too much. She must be the one in between. The one searching to Lydia's lost uncle.

'No problem... so you know more than what you had already revealed.' I said as I tried to pull my dick back and trust in again. We were still outside the bedroom. Let's get inside and be more comfortable.

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