tagGay MaleAt Work: My First Time

At Work: My First Time


This is my true story of my first time getting sucked.

I was about 29 years old working the night shift at a large supermarket in the L.A. area. The night crew was all guys and we all got along pretty well. There is not much excitement stocking cans on shelves, so we listened to the radio blasting and talked a lot about sex. We were all straight except for Rob, he was openly gay and didn’t hide it. We all accepted him as one of the crew and he taught us about the gay lifestyle.

It is hard on one’s social life to work all night and sleep during the day. I had girlfriends off and on but nothing too serious at this time of my life. Rob and I became friends at work. Most of the others on the night crew were just high school educated. Rob and I attended college and spoke often about many different subjects. He and I talked about relationships we had and even about sex. He told me about his “gaydar”. The ability of a gay man to look at another man and know if he is gay or not. Those were some interesting conversations.

We often took breaks in different areas of the store. Some guys slept while others read. One morning, around 3am while on our break, Rob was telling me how much he likes sucking cock, and that a man can do such a better job than a woman. A man just knows all the sensitive places on a cock better than a woman because he has had personal experience with his own penis. Women need to be taught where those places are, while a man can take matters into his own hands. I started thinking about what Rob was saying, and it did make sense. The more he talked the hornier I got. I hadn’t been laid for a few weeks so I was really getting turned on thinking about my cock getting sucked.

Good thing Rob and I were away from the other members of the night crew during this break. It was a hot summer night and I was wearing shorts. Rob noticed that I was getting aroused by the bulge in my shorts and asked me if I had ever been sucked by another guy. I said “no”. He than asked if I had ever thought about it, and I told him not until he started talking about it. He told me that he was very horny too and said, “If you would like your cock sucked now, just say the word”. I must have gotten an embarrassed look on my face, because Rob said, “No pressure, I just thought you might enjoy it”. I was so horny now, and my balls were so full of cum, I said, “OK, lets do it”.

He knew that I was worried about the others on the night crew finding out, so he said to meet him in the back room at 3:45am. Break was over at 3:30, so that gave us time to both be seen by the others alone before our meeting time.

The anticipation was almost unbearable. I was so hot and hard, that pre-cum was already oozing from my cock. That 30-minute wait would be long. The crew went back to their designated aisles and proceeded to their boring tasks of filling the shelves. At 3:45 I proceed to the backroom looking for Rob. As I was walking past the walk-in freezer in the backroom, I heard a voice whisper my name. It was Rob, ten feet above me standing on top of the freezer. He motioned to me to come up there and join him. I quickly scrambled up some boxes stacked next to the freezer and went with Rob to a secluded spot behind some air-conditioning ducts so no one could see us. Once there, Rob asked if I still wanted to do this. I said in a nervous voice “yes”.

My cock was rock hard and ready to explore this new world. Rob got down on his knees in front of me and in one quick motion pulled down my shorts. He got a smile on his face when he saw my cock and said, “very nice”. My cock is 6” and has a very nice mushroom shaped head. He took my cock in his hands and gently placed his lips over it. He could taste the pre-cum right away that was gathered at the top of my cock.

Rob was right; I had never felt my cock sucked by a woman the way he did it. He moved up and down on it like an artist. His tongue was driving me crazy. He had only been sucking on it for 30 seconds and I was almost cumming. He could tell I was close, so he pulled his mouth away and blew his breath on my throbbing manhood. That felt so good too. I was in ecstasy. I forgot where I was and just enjoyed Rob’s hot wet mouth on my cock. He started to suck me again. He took my whole cock in his mouth and moved his tongue over the very sensitive area just under the head. While he was doing this, his left hand was massaging my balls. I couldn’t take anymore and just exploded with my tasty juices in Rob’s mouth.

I hadn’t masturbated in a week, so there was plenty of cum for Rob to swallow. My knees got weak as cum just kept pouring down his throat. Rob did not lose on drop. I could tell he was enjoying himself also. When I finished, Rob licked off the last drop and pulled my pants back up and said, “That was great!” You know, he was right, but I did feel a little embarrassed. Rob got off his knees and walked to the edge of the freezer and climbed down. I waited a few minutes and did the same, not wanting anyone to know what we had just completed.

We went back to work on our respected aisles as if nothing had happened. It was a great new feeling. Maybe I’ll tell you another story in the future.

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