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Atlantic Liasons


Special thanks to my co-writer/partner in crime here, Mulls. I'm truly enjoyed writing with him and hope that you enjoy our fantasies. We've made a good match and looking forward to submitting more stories for your reading pleasure. All feedback is welcome, so don't be shy!


It was gone midnight when Richard returned to his London townhouse, following another extended night of business. Since the credit crunch business had become a lot harder within his sector, the finance industry being hit the hardest. That said he was a true grafter and where others wilted, he could only see an opportunity, a challenge fueling his desire to succeed.

In securing tonight's deal he had now firmed up his intention to expand to the States and the temporary office that he had set up on the south side of San Francisco, several months ago, in the midst of the credit collapse, looked firmly as though that would be his new home for the coming months.

With the rain pounding against the window he reached for a malt whiskey, each sip instantly taking the edge off his tiredness. Strolling into the bathroom he switched the light on, the florescent tube lighting flickering on, and looked at himself in the mirror. Running his hand through his black hair, now tinged with wisps of gray, signs that he was reaching the wrong end of his thirties.

He could see the tiredness of the past few days in his brown eyes, the stubble growth now evident despite his shave in the early hours that morning. His tie loosened, he couldn't help but think he needed a holiday, well at least a release of some kind but at least the next couple of days should be better, the property contact he had been passed on his last whirlwind visit to the States had proved promising.

Richard had fielded a call earlier in the day from Katherine, who despite not meeting in person yet, had instantly bought a smile to his lips with her boundless enthusiasm. She had planned a full day of looking at several multi-million dollar properties in and around town, so infectious was her chat that she had persuaded him not to get a taxi into town but that she would meet him direct from the airport when he arrived.

Part of him wondered if this was the typical American service, how many million dollar plus homes would they be selling, the credit crunch affecting property nearly as much as the financial industry. That said he was not going to turn down the offer and following his chat with Katherine he was that ever so much more intrigued.

Returning to the lounge he took another sip of whiskey as he fired up his PC, typing in the property website address, quickly searching until he found it. Katherine was listed as one of the Senior Property Agents. The website didn't give much away, but did contain a photo, a head shot of an attractive female, with dark auburn hair and from what he could tell blue eyes.

He smiled, there was no doubt an attractiveness about her, spending a day away from business in sunny San Francisco as opposed to rain swept London in the company of the a good looking woman was very appealing. As he made his way to the bedroom he thought that he was going to enjoy tomorrow....

Arriving at the US airport in the early hours, Richard felt invigorated. First Class BA travel had given him an opportunity to catch up on some sleep, and he had even managed to have a shave. With just hand luggage for his one overnight stay he quickly bypassed the security and the main baggage collection point. Already he could feel the heat of morning, a complete contrast to the cold and rain he had left back in the UK.

He had opted for a suit with a casual dark blue shirt that he felt gave him an air of class, he felt quite young and cool, and given the attention he had received from one of the air hostesses he obviously pulled off the look quite well. Removing his shades, he tucked them into his overnight bag as he made his way into the arrivals lounge.

Scanning around the numerous persons holding up various names on placards he quickly spotted a woman who, from a distance, appeared to match the picture he had seen last night and instantly made his way in her direction.

"Katherine?" he asked as he came within earshot of the young woman.

Now confident that this was the woman he had seen a picture of last night, her dark auburn hair set against her creamy clear skin, all so much more striking in the flesh.

"Mr Harrison, welcome to San Francisco!" she replied enthusiastically.

Holding out a hand, he took it and shook it gently as she greeted him.

"Please call me Richard." He answered "Mr Harrison sounds far too formal," as he flashed a smile at her.

Up close he could not help but notice the slight tinge of green in her eyes that he had not picked up from her photo. One thing that jumped out at him instantly was her subtle make-up, neat and tidy, adding to her good looks but without being over the top. Approximately 5'5" she was dressed in a white blouse that was tucked into a gray business pencil skirt that ended at the knee, enough to show her toned calves, accentuated with the black stilettos she wore. Her outfit topped off with a fashionable black belt that sat across her hips.

"Well Richard, I am your guide today and trust me I have some great properties to show you," she said confidently turning and beginning to walk alongside him as they made their way to the car park.

"That's great Katherine." He answered.

"Hey it's Kat," she responded, "and anything you want you just ask for," she continued, flashing him a smile as they exited out into the sunshine.

American service at its best he thought, at just that split second he couldn't help but allow his eye to wander over her body, her outfit showing a slender but curvaceous body, as the slight breeze caused her white blouse to press against her breasts.

"My convertible is just over here," she said, bringing his thoughts back into line, as she pointed to the silver car on the far side of the road.

He couldn't help but think back to yesterday's thoughts of enjoying today. They looked very promising indeed as he climbed into the passenger seat.

Kat was excited about her new client. She had actually been rather surprised by the phone call she had received from Mr Harrison, but as he spoke, his charming accent and well mannered voice soon had her sitting on the edge of her seat frantically pounding away at her keyboard. Sales had dropped in recent months and Kat had been feeling the strain.

Thankfully she had always been smart and business savvy, had saved and invested well, but still, things were a far cry from what they used to be. Any new and interested buyers were welcomed eagerly, but few ever truly plunged into the deal. Richard, she sensed, was a sure thing and she went to great lengths to make him feel welcome and pampered.

Now she was happy that she had jumped through hoops. She was pleasantly surprised by his dashing looks and a smile that made her heart flutter and nerves jangle with awareness. He carried himself with a certain confidence that bordered on being cocky and yet it suited him well. Although he wasn't flashing money around, it didn't take but a minute to tell that he meant business, he had money and he more than likely always got what he wanted.

Sliding into the driver's side, she felt her skirt inch up, but did little to correct it. In her line of business, she knew that powerful men sometimes enjoyed a little show, nothing slutty or over the top, but a hint of stocking top or the soft pattern of a lacy bra peaking through a white blouse was enough to charm them into a great deal. She always took pride in her appearance. After all she worked with the public every day. No one wanted to buy expensive mansions from a frumpy, dumpy real estate agent.

"I hope you had a good flight and rested well. I have a few properties to start us out. If they don't strike your fancy, I do have more, but figured I'd treat you to your first lunch here in the states before we continue our search. I wouldn't want you getting weak on me." She said, adding a little teasing element to spice things up a bit.

Richard couldn't help but smile at her statement and the slight innuendo that her last sentence had entailed, watching as she slipped on a pair of designer sunglasses. Despite only being with her for a matter of minutes he could sense her confidence, her playful answers not at all timid or refrained, a quality that he seldom saw but found immensely attractive.

"If you throw in lunch you're bound to have a deal then," he joked.

"I'm all yours." He added, wondering what she was thinking, her eyes now hidden from his beneath her sunglasses, hoping his return innuendo hadn't gone unnoticed.

"You bet." Kat responded to which they both laughed and smiled.

As they meandered through the traffic Kat pointed out various sites along the way, indicating that she had two properties for them to see in the morning, one a penthouse in a new development on the east side of town and one a townhouse in the trendy Woodhill area, famous for the rolling hills prominent in so many films and only minutes from some of the best bars and restaurants in the city she added.

"So I'll take you to the penthouse flat first and then we'll go to the townhouse, both of which are fantastic." She continued enthusiastically.

"That's great" he responded.

Reaching for his sunglasses as the sun glared in his direction, a soft breeze kept the temperature hot but bearable. As he did so he couldn't help but notice her gray skirt riding up against her leather seat exposing her toned thigh, her skin creamy and clear, and his eye instinctively drew over her body. The slight breeze pulling her white blouse against her body, the slight pattern to her bra pressing against the cotton of her blouse, whilst all the time her auburn hair fluttered in the wind.

Once again Richard couldn't help but smile as they made their way to the east side of town, the conversation flowing freely as the journey went by. He shared his hopes to move out to the States and his plans to set up home for the next few months and his hobbies and interests. All the time Kat seemed interested; her bubbly nature never seemed to allow a conversation to become false, either her humor or quick wit, causing one or both of them to burst out laughing.

As they chatted Richard could feel himself become more comfortable and considerably more relaxed than he had been only 24 hours earlier. A combination of the wonderful scenery and the company of a beautiful woman a tonic for any man he thought to himself.

Pulling into the driveway of the first property, Kat pointed towards to the penthouse apartment of the three story building.

"Look's good." He answered, before stepping into the main foyer.

Making their way to the 3rd floor, in the confines of the small mirrored elevator Richard could smell the sweet aroma of her perfume and how as they stood, his taller more physical frame against her slender frame, her height slightly taller due to her black stilettos.

Kat efficiently showed Richard around the property, delivering the key facts as they walked around the four bedroom apartment. Only recently built and furnished to a high standard.

"And this is the shower room, one I am sure you'll like." She enticed him.

Kat opened the door to a huge bathroom with a free standing bath, marble wash basins and a double headed walk in shower.

"I like this." He answered taking in the size of the shower.

This was nearly as big as one of his rooms in his city apartment in London.

"And look at the shower you could easily get two, if not three in there!" He joked, deliberately flashing a smile in Kat's direction.

He noticed the rise of her eyebrow in response. As they left the shower room, Richard followed Kat, watching her slender hourglass frame, and pert little bottom swaying with her movements. His thoughts drifted, imagining her naked having just showered with him now leading him through to the bedroom for a night of erotic pleasures.

"So what do you think?" Kat asked flicking a strand of her hair behind her ear, quickly bringing his mind back to the present.

"It's nice, I just think despite the shower room it doesn't really have that wow factor, do you know what I mean?" His eyes caught hers as he responded.

"What about those houses over there?" pointing to the hillside at several large properties the floor to ceiling windows evidently shimmering in the sun.

"The Hamptons are an exclusive property development, I am told they have stunning views over the skyline and are designed flawlessly, marble flooring and bathrooms to die for." Kat responded.

"Can I see one?" He asked, as they made there way back out of the apartment.

"I would have to make a call, they are pretty expensive though.".

"Ok maybe over lunch you could inquire. They look great and I do like to get what I want." He responded confidently, smiling and holding her gaze for just that split second longer than normal.

He hoped he came across confident and not arrogant but it was fair to say his thoughts were not solely contained to the property, as the morning had progressed his desires had grown stronger. For a moment he wondered if she was thinking something similar, thinking he saw a slight blush in her cheeks from under her expertly applied make-up.

"Why don't we skip the townhouse, let me buy you lunch and you can make that call?" He continued whilst they waited for the elevator to arrive, holding her gaze.

Richard watched as she bit down on her glossed bottom lip her eyes darting over him as though considering her answer before finally breaking into a smile.

"Ok then." Kat answered just as the elevator pinged and the doors opened.

She knew he would be calling the shots and was happy to comply with his wishes, but she hadn't quite anticipated the underlining attraction she felt towards him. Kat had been around many attractive, single men in the past. Wealthy and powerful, but none had quite made her feel the way Richard was starting to make her feel. Perhaps it was the easy way he made her laugh and that self assured smile he flashed every now and then.

A red alert light flashed on in her mind at one of his last comments, she knew he wasn't just talking about homes. The look in his eyes made it clear to her that he was interested in more than that. It made her stomach flutter with nerves and her pulse skitter. Kat didn't want to screw this up and even though he was terribly charming, she needed to stay focused.

Easier said than done, she realized as they stood side by side in the elevator. Fishing for her keys and mobile Kat, turned on the screen and flipping through her company contacts to see who could help her out on this one. Richard was quiet as she worked and when the elevator came to a stop he gently ushered her out by the elbow. His hand felt warm against her bare skin, sending tingling sensations down to her fingertips. Kat cleared her throat and smiled.

"Thank you. I think I found who I need to call, so let me take you to this fabulous little place and I'll give this lady a call and get us squared away for what you truly want."

"That sounds great." He told her

Surprising her yet again he opened her door for her and let her slide in before walking around to the passenger side. A shiver ran down her spine and she resisted the urge to rub where he had touched her. Perhaps it had been too long since she had been with a man or even dated one.

Flipping her sun glasses back on, Kat buckled up and gunned the car.

"Hope you're hungry?"

He nodded and they drove off. The cool breeze soothed her rattled nerves as she mentally convinced herself that she was just being silly. The conversation began to flow again and she found herself laughing and smiling with him easily once more.

In town, Kat took them to a wonderful little seafood place that had the upper class air and yet was strangely relaxing at the same time. It didn't feel stiff or over done and the food was to die for.

"They serve steak here too." She told him as she parked her convertible and grabbed her things.

The waitress sat them at a far table out on wooden floored veranda that several tables occupied. It had an intimate feeling as though hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city outside. Richard was instantly taken in by the little restaurant, one only the locals would know about, well off the beaten track avoiding the mass of tourists who frequented this area. He was ravenous, the in flight meals only briefly quelling his hunger and when Kat mentioned they served steak she must have seen his eyes light up.

"So by your reaction a minute ago you'll be having the steak then." She joked as the young waitress handed them both a menu.

Richard smiled unaware that she had observed his response wondering if she was like this to all clients, finding her attentiveness so intoxicating.

"Without a doubt, things couldn't be better." He enthusiastically answered.

"Not being at work, enjoying the sun, seeing some great properties, steak and ..." He tailed off.

"And what?" Kat enquired placing her elbows on the table, interlocking her hands and resting her chin on them, her deep eyes looking at him.

"Well spending all day with a beautiful lady, what more could a man want?" He responded watching as she slightly blushed.

"You English are so gentlemanly." Kat answered, regaining her composure.

"Now if you'll excuse me I'll make the call about the property before we eat"

"No worries." He answered as Kat got out of her chair and walked over to the far side of the balcony, cell phone in her hand.

As she did so Richard watched her, noticing several other male diners look in her direction as she walked past, a further signal, not that he needed it, of how attractive she was.

After ordering a bottle wine, he reclined in his seat looking out towards the bustling city yet his eyes were instantly drawn back to Kat. As she leant against the balcony facing away from him, cell phone now to her ear, he allowed his thoughts to drift once more.

With her white blouse tucked into her gray pencil skirt, coming in at her waist accentuating her slender but hourglass body and her auburn hair blowing against the slight breeze, he imagined being close behind her, enough for her to feel his presence, his breath against her creamy skin, smelling her sweet perfumed aroma. Close in behind her he swept her hair to one side, exposing her neck to which he leant in, his lips placing gentle butterfly kisses on her skin, his hands now on either side of her waist.

He imagined her responding slowly to his movements, arching her head back into him exposing more of her neck to his lips, each kiss sending shivers of pleasure through her whilst her delicate hand ran through his hair. As his thoughts deepened his hands slid up her clothed body, soon caressing her breasts through the fabric he imagined Kat reacting to his assured touch. At that point she turned around, the cell phone conversation now over, flashing a smile in his direction, his mind instantly snapping out of his erotic thoughts for her as she made her way back to the table.

"Any luck?" He asked as she sat down, her slender arm reaching for her glass of wine and taking sip as he did so.

"You're really lucky; there is a previously rented property now available for purchase. I have been told it is fantastic and unoccupied so we just have to pick up the key from the complex security after lunch." She answered, just as the waitress came over to take their food order.

All through lunch the conversation flowed easily, Richard continuing to feel relaxed in the company of Kat, their conversations only interrupted by bouts of laughter, often at the pronunciation of words that differed between England and the States. As the lunch progressed Richard felt himself become more spellbound by her, be it a flick of her hair, seeing that twinkle in her blue green eyes or a glimpse of her radiant smile. He felt an electricity building as she responded to him, his thoughts becoming more clouded by his desires for her as the lunch progressed.

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