tagInterracial LoveAttorney Client Privilege Bk. 05

Attorney Client Privilege Bk. 05



Lis hung out across the street from Nikki's apartment building for over an hour. She knew that the short haired brunette would be finishing a "matinee" as the girls called it and should be home by 4 or 5pm. A "matinee" was the term the girls used for a late lunch rendezvous with a client. Sometimes there was actually a lunch involved but most times it was simply a trip up to a hotel room and a dance between the sheets. It was just after 4pm when Nikki walked down the crowded street. The sidewalk was mobbed with people making their way home after work. Nikki looked like any other secretary except that her suit, although expensive, was a bit louder and fit a little tighter than the others. The body encased in the wool blend suit was still fit enough to draw stares from many of the men walking by her. Lis timed it so that she was making her way across the intersection just as her fellow prostitute was crossing from the other side.

"Hey girl! How are you doing Nik? I haven't seen you in a while." Lis held out her hand and waved at Nikki.

"Ugh hi Lis how are you? What brings you up here?" Nikki stuttered out in surprise.

"I'm just running an errand at the bank over there. It's where I have an account." Lis lied. Sizing up Nikki's response to seeing her, Lis knew who had tipped off X about her curious probing into Cameron Sedgewick.

"It's good to see you. It has been a while." Nikki replied.

"Are you working tonight?" Lis inquired.

"Nah! I just got busy over at the Palmore. You know I think those rooms have been cut in half over there. They get smaller every time." Nikki gushed quickly returning to her bubbly personality.

"How about we get dinner?" Lis invited Nikki.

"I'll call you tonight. I know we've got to talk. Okay?" Nikki briefly returned to a more serious tone and then just like that let out another giggle.

"I'll be home." Lis said as she gave Nikki a kiss and continued down the street.


Lis moped around her apartment waiting for Nikki's call. She was hoping to get down to Corinna's as early as possible. The previous night had been a sexual thrill. Lis had donned her girlfriend's tuxedo. The boring term tuxedo didn't do the ensemble justice, while the feminine appearance certainly did. The black outfit was made up of a body hugging jacket and skin tight pants. Both were made from a thin silk material. Things only got sexier when one got a look at Lis in the see through black nylon blouse that was in fact a body stocking. Knowing that Corinna would be feminine and wear high heels, Lis wore pumps as well lest she give up too much height to the tall bodybuilder. After all she was supposed to be the man on this date. Lis did the role play to the nines she showed up at Corinna's door with roses and a box of chocolates. Her girlfriend had also played her role well. She was wearing a black flapper mini dress and a pair of black high heel pumps. It was a simple look but with Corinna's body you didn't need much to turn someone on. The tiered horizontal rows of fringe jiggled when Corinna moved.

The two lovers played like they were on a first date. Corinna had cooked a sumptuous dinner and after she pushed Lis away from the stairs and the bedroom upstairs and into the living room. They had a drink and let the sexual tension take them. At one point Corinna let Lis kiss her and while they clinched Corinna let her hand drift across the large brown strap on dildo stuffed inside Lis' pants and against her thigh. Lis felt the hand brush against the rubber instrument and for a brief moment the gorgeous blonde knew what it was like to be a man, the aggressor. Corinna played the perfect woman, letting her date stroke her bare leg with her hand and kiss her lips and face. Finally she gave into Lis' desire and actually got on her knees and sucked on the large brown cock which Lis had taken out of her tight fitting pants. Lis was down to the crotch less body stocking when Corinna straddled her and plunged down on the stiff rubber dildo. They made love right on the couch. Lis finished off the muscular blonde doggy style pounding her as hard as she could while the thick secondary dildo pleasured her own vagina.

They ended up in bed giggling and replaying the night as they held each other. At midnight Corinna called a halt to the reverse roles and took over as the top again, although she promised Lis that the night's role play was too much of a sexual turn on not to try it again. Corinna told Lis that being a top was a part of her lifestyle but that she would allow Lis to take the dyke role more often because it meant so much to her. The admission spurred on Lis. She kissed her lover passionately and after a long seduction played out over the last several months Lis Rome finally gave Corinna Everlund what she wanted. Lis told Corinna that she was falling in love with her.

The phone rang around 9pm. Lis anxiously picked up the receiver. Nikki's voice was nervous and Lis could hear the street traffic loudly passing by. It was obvious that Nikki was on the street either on her cell phone or at a pay phone.

"Hey girl." Nikki sighed into the phone.

"Nikki, it's good to hear your voice. You looked down this morning." LIs inquired.

"Honey you have no idea. It's been a tough week or so. I'm getting too old for this." She admitted.

"How can I help?" Lis needed to know what her stable mate had told X about their conversations but she wasn't heartless. She could hear the stress in the brunette's voice.

"I think I'll be fine but we have to stop our little talks about our long since departed friend." Nikki said.

Lis didn't need to be told who she was talking about. "Is that why you're calling from outside?"

"Yea I'm at a pay phone. You can't be too careful if you know what I mean." Nikki told Lis.

"It's that bad? I mean we were just talking." Lis tried to underplay her motive.

"That's what I thought. The next thing you know I'm uptown at some rundown apartment pulling a train for some of X's boys." Nikki said.

"You too huh. I got a train run on me by three of them the other night. It was quite a warning." Lis said.

"Lis I'm not as good as you. I can't handle three men at a time. Especially back there, you know what I mean." Nikki admitted.

"Yea I do. Welcome to the club honey. Like I said, I met those men the other night myself. Understand me though you won't have to give it up to that animal again. I won't include you in this anymore." Lis referred to Tyrone as she assumed it would have been him fucking Nikki anally as he had done to her.

" Lis, do you think they killed that gay boy?" It was a dreadful statement not because of the accusation, more importantly it dragged Nikki further into the conspiracy.

"Nikki, you shouldn't get involved and further." Lis warned her. X and his men were violent and she didn't want Nikki hurt, or worse.

"It's a little late for that now. I mean after what those boys did to me." Nikki may have been a career pornographic actress and a call girl but she knew the difference between work and being violated and it was obvious that she didn't particularly like the latter.

"Nikki let me handle this. I'm sorry I even got you involved in this thing. I can't even give you a good reason why I'm involved." Lis admitted.

"I know why. That's okay. You're secret is safe with me." Nikki assured her friend.

"Good. Now I can sleep at night. I want you safe. They punished you and as long as you go no further then that will be it." Lis told her.

"I guess that's right. Still I'm worried about you. Whatever they can do to me they can do to you." Nikki said.

"I know but I'll be fine. I'm going to the police with what I have after I get back from Jamaica. I know there's something down in X's basement that will help solve what happened to this kid." Lis informed her.

"Ahh a trip to Robert's paradise, don't even bother bringing any clothes. You won't need anything. It's too hot for stockings and corsets and you know damn well that they aren't going to allow you to put on a dress." They both laughed and then there was a brief silence. It wasn't an uncomfortable silence. Nikki and Lis had become too close.

"Nikki you said you knew why. Well why?" Lis asked."

"Why what?" Nikki asked back bewildered.

"You said you knew why I'm involved in this." Lis explained.

Nikki laughed softly and then in a serious tone said. "You're involved because you're one of the good guys. You're the person that saves the day Lis."

"Oh come on Nikki this isn't a movie. It just doesn't work that way." Lis responded.

"Yea you're right but I know you're smarter than most others. Things generally go your way and it's not just because you're lucky. You anticipate things so well. I've seen you in action. Even when things don't go your way you don't panic or get pissed off. You make the best of what does happen. Look at where you are now. You got caught by X. You had no idea he wanted to turn you out before it actually happened. Yet when it happened you didn't lose it, you simply became the top girl in the most exclusive stable in town. I know you wanted X but instead, along with your other job, in your other life, where ever that is, you're probably making more money than the queen of England. On top of that you're solving a crime that the cops have been working on forever. I don't admire many people Lis, it comes with this business if you know what I mean. I admire you. Honey you're still not hot for X are you? Cause that's one dead end." Nikki did what she did best, go on about something for awhile and then in an abrupt way change course to something she really wanted to talk about.

"Nikki that guy has sold me to other men who then use me sexually, set me up to be gang raped and God knows what else he may have in store for me. I'm through regardless of what happens between my legs whenever I see him." Lis had to laugh at her last statement and so did Nikki. "By the way I'm a lawyer."

"You're a what?" Nikki didn't understand Lis' admission.

"A lawyer. That's what I do in my so called other life." Lis reiterated.

"Oh so that's why you're so crafty. I thought maybe you were some rich guy's wife or maybe just from a wealthy family. Who knew you were really a shyster." Nikki kept laughing.

"Nikki just promise me you'll stay away from this matter until after I get back from Jamaica. These guys mean business and they're bad." Lis warned her friend.

"No problem sweetie. I'll let you take the credit." Nikki replied lightheartedly.

"Nikki I want you to stay safe because I love you. You're my one friend in this life you know that don't you?" Lis admitted with emphasis.

"Okay I understand what you're saying and you know I love you too don't you Lis?" Nikki replied as she probably heard the words love and friend directed towards her without reservation for the first time in her life.

"Of course, I'll talk to you when I get back." Lis said good bye to her friend and hung up the phone.


Lis climbed the steps to X's townhouse. She was going to take the limo to the airport and travel to Jamaica and she was also going to help X turn out Amy. Lis' part in the process was going to be the same role that Nikki had played on her first night paid as a whore. Lis didn't relish the fact that she was going to help any woman become a whore. The fact that she didn't particularly like Amy did little to help.

Like most days when she visited X Lis found the door to his townhouse open. She walked in and found X in the living room. He was sitting on the couch reading a magazine. He looked up and smiled at the gorgeous blonde. She was wearing a pair of faded jeans and a white blouse. Lis would be changing on the plane as Robert and Trevor had planned to take the girls to a cocktail party once they got to Jamaica. X got up and gave Lis a full kiss on the lips and a hug.

"How are you babe? You know you've got the best body for an old pair of Levis. Those legs and that gorgeous ass." X held Lis in his arms.

"Thanks X." Lis hugged the black man back and let his tongue quickly slip into her mouth.

"So you ready for your first field trip?" X asked.

"I guess if that's what you call it." Lis chuckled at yet another moniker put on a visit to a client.

"I really wish we had time for a quick oral session but our girl is going to show up soon." X bent down and looked out his window. "Gideon is here. Why don't you wait in the limo and I'll get Amy ready."

Lis got another tongue filled kiss from X and she retreated out the door and walked down the street to the limo. Gideon was there holding the door for Lis with a big smile. Lis said hello to him and ducked into the car. He had enjoyed the sexy blonde many times as a "tip" for his driving and while Lis hated the way the large black man used her she was still civil towards him.

Lis watched from the back seat as Amy walked up to X's place and climbed the stairs. She was dressed much like Lis wearing jeans and a tee shirt. She was carrying a wardrobe bag like Lis' as well. Lis figured that the black pimp had intimated to the blonde beauty that the two of them were going on a romantic weekend getaway. Lis turned the page of the golf magazine she was reading just as she guessed the other shoe was dropping. X was telling Amy that she simply owed him too much money and that something had to be done. Maybe he was telling her that he needed the money by next week for some sort of real estate project and could she have it by Thursday please. Faced with this shocking confrontation Amy would not know how to react. No one could think that fast especially if she was facing someone as confident at this game as X. Maybe given time she could come up with some sort of solution but X's technique was to blitzkrieg the woman. He would have made sure there was no way Amy would be able to pay him back on such short notice. And then he would have her. While X would be comforting and even loving in his approach he would make it certain that Amy knew he meant business. Next he would come up with an idea. One of his regular escorts had just dropped out of a trip to Jamaica. Why not go down with Lis and spend some time with a couple of his clients. It'll be a laid back trip, probably not even have to do anything more than attend a dinner or two and prance around the pool in a bikini. Not only would this favor wipe out her debt X would pay her.

Lis had seen it and been through it herself. She knew how X was going to play the pretty blonde. She would have no idea what had hit her until she was on her way back from Jamaica. By then she would have found that a weekend with a client would pay so well it would be almost irresistible to stay away. Then there was the underlying reason. It was the reason that kept Lis coming back. The sex. Lis found each and every encounter as addictive as just about any drug that man could come up with. When this was done it was going to be very hard to walk away from this lifestyle.

Just as Lis was drifting off into a daydream she saw Amy storm out of the townhouse. She was carrying her bag and for a brief moment Lis thought that maybe she had underestimated the girl. Had she told X to go fuck himself, that he could chase her all the way to Hell for his money? Then she turned towards the limo and not towards where she had originally come from and Lis knew X had gotten her. She watched the blonde bounce down the street towards the auto. Gideon opened the door with his trademark smile, no doubt sizing Amy up for a sexual tip at some point in the not too distant future.

Amy dropped into the limo and collapsed into the rear facing seat opposite Lis. It was obvious that she was barely holding it together but Lis had to give the girl credit. She was doing her best. At first she tried to avoid Lis by staring out the window. Lis didn't try to intrude. Unlike Nikki she had no knack for breaking up the tension with a carefree, almost ditzy personality. She decided to let Amy stew until she was ready to talk, if ever.

After the limo began to move down the street Amy looked over at Lis. Her eyes were brimming with tears. "How are you?"

"I'm fine Amy how about yourself?" Lis responded the only way she could think of.

"Oh I've had better days." Amy answered.

"Believe me I know. I've been there." Lis tried to open things up but it momentarily backfired.

"How could you possibly understand what has just happened to me? What I've been told I have to do, for of all things, money!" Amy shot back looking to take her frustration out on her fellow passenger.

"I understand because not too long ago I sat in that very seat after having pretty much the same thing done to me by X. Now I can have Gideon stop the limo right here and you can get out and take your chances or you can make the best of things." Lis let out calmly.

It was close to becoming a knock down drag out brawl which would have pissed off X so Lis had to be artful with her words. She caught a break when Amy remained silent for a few moments. She went back to looking out the window and then turned back towards Lis.

"How much do you make for a weekend like this?" Amy's voice was a little softer now as she too saw nothing positive in fighting with Lis.

"I believe that for the weekend we make about $7500 each. Of course this is up to X so don't quote me on any numbers." Lis replied rather matter of factly.

"Are you fucking kidding me? That's unbelievable!" Amy let out intensely.

"Amy with your looks you can make quite a lot of money doing this. Most of X's women make extraordinary incomes." Lis kept up the pitch now that she knew what turned Amy's screws.

"It's not what I had in mind when I came up here from Georgia. You always have dreams and so few people get to achieve them. It doesn't seem fair." Amy lamented.

"People get to achieve their dreams. They just get there in ways that are different than they imagined. You have to roll with the punches Amy, that's all." Lis explained with a sympathetic smile.

"That sounds like it comes from experience." Amy smiled for the first time.

"Oh yea, like I said I've been right where you are. My advice is to make the best of it. The men we are meeting are gentleman and if you can deal with this you'll have some fun I guarantee it." Lis said.

The limo pulled up to the gate that housed the private planes at the city's airport. It was set apart from the main terminals and the crowds trying to get away for the weekend. It was a luxury that was reserved for those that could afford the incredible costs of owning or leasing a private plane. Robert's jet was a G 200. It was a sleek looking piece of technology that showed its opulence once the girls climbed the stairs and got inside. There were only the two pilots travelling with Lis and Amy. They were polite and professional and no doubt were under orders to keep their eyes on the great blue yonder and not the beautiful women whom would be seated in the back of the plane.

Lis got comfortable in one of the oversized leather chairs. She figured that Amy must have gotten as much information as she needed from her because the well built blonde settled in a couple of rows ahead of her and immediately fell asleep. Lis was sure that her partner was now comfortable with the fact that she would be spending the weekend pleasuring strange men or at the very least that her price to do such a thing had been met. Lis read a little and then fell asleep herself. The plane was going to land at 6pm and the night promised to be a long one.


Detective Briski had an annoyed look on his face as he looked at the computer screen on his desk. He couldn't type and he couldn't control the cursor. The detective, a thirty year veteran and a dinosaur too many of the younger members of the force, longed for the days when he could scribble a report with a pen. And like a stake in the heart of a vampire the department had mandated that its officers keep meticulous notes in a new software system. To a man like Briski to whom the word meticulous was just something else to be ignored this system was complicated and just one more reason to seriously think about putting in his retirement papers a few years early. Today Briski was doing his best hunt and peck on the keyboard as he input the details of a phone conversation into the system.

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