tagGay MaleAU Ch. 05

AU Ch. 05


Maddox looked down at Trissta. They had been so careful, well except for the month before the split. Maddox and Trissta in a last effort to stay together had tried to rely only on Trissta's pills. They had thought the skin to skin intimacy would bring them closer together. Maddox didn't know that Trissta had forgotten pills from time to time. With all of the drinking Trissta had been doing, in order to make her marriage work, she hadn't even noticed that with all the missed pills she was about a week and a half behind.

"Pr-pr-pregnant?" Maddox stammered. His back hit the bathroom door as he slid down it.

Trissta wiped her mouth on the back of her hand. "I know I took like seven tests before I went to two doctors." Trissta flushed the toilet and sat opposite Maddox.

"How do you know it's mine?" He asked, hesitant now to believe Trissta's sudden desire to reconcile. "You slept with anything that had a cock!"

Trissta dipped her head in shame. She had slept around like a medieval harlot once Maddox had moved into the spare bedroom and when he moved into this rundown apartment Trissta had gone wild. She hadn't cheated while they shared a bed "You are the only one who didn't wear a rubber. But I'll take a DNA test once the baby is born."

The smart thing to do would be to kick Trissta out, and deny the child until she had papers. He was just starting to build something with Mark and this would certainly chase any sane college male away.

"No, I trust you." Maddox said helping Trissta to her feet. Maddox always assumed the best of people. He was naive and trusting to a fault. His father had taught him to always do the right thing. It didn't matter if the baby was his. He would do the right thing and step up to the plate.

Trissta laughed "You always were trusting Maddox." She walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge as if she lived there. Trissta took out a bottle of water and took slow sips. "Actually I came over to ask you something." She whispered looking down at her feet.

Maddox leaned against the counter. Trissta really was a pretty girl; she just didn't do anything for him. She wasn't Mark. "Depends on what it is." Maddox looked Trissta over skeptically.

"Come home?" Trissta asked looking up at Maddox. "I'm scared, I don't want to go through this alone."


Justin circled the car and opened the door for Mark. "Come on, this place has the best fried chicken."

Mark smiled; Justin just seemed to have a way of making anyone feel better instantly. Noah was once again pushed far from his mind. "I thought you said I got to pick."

Justin threw his hands in the air "So something I said did sink in. Come on, you would have picked here after you try the food. Normally I am against anything so fattening but I think you need some comfort food."

"Thanks, Just." Mark was assaulted with the smell of lard and good old fashion southern cooking.

"Hey, what are friends for?" Justin walked up to the counter and ordered a bucket of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac-and-cheese, and bacon green beans.

"Making me fat apparently." Mark was drooling over the food.

"Like your skinny ass could ever get fat. So tell me about mystery man." Justin bit into the chicken leg grunting a little "Damn that's good."

"Well, his job makes it difficult for us to be together. He isn't allowed to date someone like me so we have to keep it secret."

Justin rolled his eyes "You know it is so stupid how some companies can fire you for being gay. I mean, it's discrimination, the government just doesn't like to talk about it yet."

Mark stopped chewing, Maddox's job didn't care he was gay they just had an issue with him being with a gay student.

"Speaking of people dating who they shouldn't did you hear that new teacher is fucking one of his students?" Justin asked.

Mark started coughing and gulped down his water. "Who?" He asked.

"Your chemistry teacher, you know the hot one. Apparently this kid named James or Steven or something saw him sneaking in a really skinny girl." Justin leaned back waiting to see how Mark would respond to the scandal.

"No..." Mark flushed, had someone seen him and thought he was a girl? Was Maddox cheating on him? There were so many thoughts racing through his mind.

"Yeah, I mean he didn't see her face, said she was dressed like a boy. I was secretly hoping it was a boy. Not that I am cool with the fact he is plowing a student but at least that would mean there was some hope."

Mark nodded "Hope for what?"

"That he was gay, god Mark keep up. He is only the most drool worthy guy on campus. The off limits thing is sort of hot but I wouldn't recommend it. Just fun to pretend I guess. I would be pissed if he was passing that chick though purely on how good the sex was."

Mark laughed nervously "Yeah well then the sex must not be that great."

"What?" Justin asked putting down his stripped chicken bone.

"I mean no one has above a C in that class right now." Mark covered.

"Oh, guess it can't be true then. So anyway, about your forbidden man spill already." Justin leaned across the table in anticipation.

Mark traced the grain of the wooden table. He couldn't help smiling "Well, like I said it has to be kept secret but he's really sweet. He's built like a god, but lets me be the top. He's just... he's so... you know."

Justin nodded "Yeah, I know I saw the bicep in Gold."

Mark flushed "So, enough about mystery man. How about you, see anyone you like?"

Justin wrinkled his nose "I mean I have a few nice fucks here and there, but I'm not the settle down type."

Mark nodded "I never would have guessed."

"How do you like the food?" Justin asked. He didn't want his roommate dwelling on the fact that he was a slut.

"It's good, like I said though I am gonna get fat." Mark leaned back in his chair rubbing his stomach to emphasize his point.


"I don't think that's a good idea, we are in the process of getting a divorce." Maddox squeaked.

Trissta nodded and started crying "No, I knew it was a long shot. I'm just so scared." she sobbed.

"I mean I have a good thing going with Mark and I don't think it's healthy. I mean I'll be here for you and the baby. We can work out visitation." Maddox was starting to feel uncomfortable.

Trissta sniffled "I was going to put the baby up for adoption."

Maddox looked at her for a moment "Adoption?" He shouted making her jump.

"I'm not ready, you aren't ready. We can't bring a baby into this mess. I know you get a say as the father and all but... it is what I think is best."

"What if, what if I take the baby. You can still live your life and I'll be a single dad. You know family is important to me Trissta." Maddox didn't know what to do. He wanted kids. The timing was bad but that was his baby, his son or daughter.

Trissta shook her head "I'm moving to L.A. after the baby is born. I got an amazing job offer there. If you really want this baby, I'll sign the paper. What is your Mark going to say."

Maddox hung his head. "I'll tell him. If he leaves it will kill me but it isn't fair to the baby."

Trissta wasn't sure what to say "Ok, can I meet him? Maybe I can help smooth things over. It's clear you are crazy about him."

"Why would you do that Trissta? I mean does it really matter to you if I have Mark?"

Trissta nodded "Yeah, it does. We were close one Maddox, crazy as this sounds I do actually care about you." She hugged him. "Do you mind if I come to thanksgiving like always? Mark and I can get to know each other. I really want what is best for this baby and you. I just know I'm not ready."

"I'll show you were are better than anyone else could ever hope to be." He had faith that Mark would be ok with this. He had to be. They were so perfect together. Sure their relationship was still new but they made it through the divorce confession and realizing Maddox was a teacher. They just had to make it through this too.


"Maddox, I need to talk to you." the department head closed the door behind him as he entered Maddox's office.

"Sure John, what's this about?" he asked confused to see the stern look on the normally friendly man's face.

"Well I want you to know I don't always listen to the student rumor mill but we heard something... disturbing and I wanted to bring it to your attention." Maddox's eyebrows wrinkled "What rumor?"

"We heard you are sleeping with one of your students." the elderly man readjusted his glasses nervously.

"Now, no one had made a formal allegation so we aren't investigating, yet. I just wanted to impress upon you the seriousness of this rumor. If we find out this rumor is true we will have no choice but to terminate you. Like I said no one has said anything to us formally yet, but if it comes to that we will have to investigate."

Maddox nodded "I understand the consequences sir and I can assure you that there is no need to worry." He needed to figure out where the rumor was coming from and how he and Mark could be safer. Hurting Mark more than he had to was the last thing Maddox ever wanted to do.

"Good, I am glad we had this talk." John smiled and left the chem teacher's office.

Maddox sat down at his desk. The cereal he had eaten that morning was threatening to come back up. He logged onto his computer sending out an email to cancel all of his classes. The room felt so sterile to him now. There was so much going on in his life he didn't see how he could be a good teacher at this point.

Maddox picked up his things and headed out to his car. He rested his forehead on the steering wheel. Maddox hadn't realized he'd zone out and his vibrating phone jerked him out of his trance.

"Hey, my chem teacher canceled class. I wanted to make sure my boyfriend was ok." Mark's voice came playfully dancing through the phone.

Mark's voice chased away all thoughts of ending the relationship. Maddox cared about him to much to do that to both of them. "I'm fine, just a lot on my plate right now. Can you come over tonight?" Maddox asked hopefully.

"Yeah, sure, anything I can help with?" Mark's concern warmed Maddox's heart. "No, just be there for me tonight. I have a lot of sorting to do. My ex wife just dropped a bomb on me."

Mark was confused but decided he would let it be. He had planned to tell Maddox about Noah sometime soon but he knew that would have to wait. He needed to be there for his man. Justin was a good listener he would ask him to talk about Noah. Maybe finally talking about him would make Mark ok with everything. "Of course"


"Jesus" Justin clutched his nose and dropped his mascara on the ground. "Shit Just you alright?" Mark scooped his bleeding roommate off of the ground. "Yeah... shit no... it's bleeding." Justin pinched the bridge of his nose and leaned back. Mark grabbed him "don't do that it will all run to your head. Pinch here and lean forward. Mark held his roommate against him.

"Damn you smell good." He laughed still pinching his nose and leaning into Mark. "Thanks its old spice." Mark flushed a little "Well, now you don't need that nose job you were considering." He teased.

Justin wiggled free of his roommate. "I didn't think you would be back." Justin's eyes darted to Mark with curiosity. Mark never missed class especially not chemistry. He claimed to not notice the drool worthy teacher but Justin knew as a healthy gay male that had to be a fib, for whatever reason.

"Yeah, class was canceled and I have just had a lot on my mind lately." Mark sat on his bed settling in under the blankets.

Justin unclenched his nose, felt the warm rush of blood and reapplied pressure before going to get a tissue. He sat on the foot of Mark's bed blushing at how stupid he looked holding a bloody tissue.

"I really am sorry about your nose Just" Mark sat up a little straighter. "Any way I can make it up to you?"

Justin laughed a little "Yeah, tell me what has been up with you these past few days. Maybe I can help."

Mark nodded. He did want to talk about Noah with someone. It had been so long since he had given thought to his first love and he felt it was time to put Noah to rest. "I have been thinking a lot about the past. I don't think I ever really dealt with it. When I was younger, I fell in love with the boy-next-door."

Justin nodded "Noah right? Here let me put some coffee on. It will make you feel better." Mark nodded. His demeanor had already changed.

Justin noticed the shift and couldn't help but to wonder why his roommate wasn't talking to his new boyfriend about this. "Keep talking hun, I'm listening."


"My parents are sending me to military school" Noah looked up at Mark fighting back the tears. He wrapped his small arms around Mark's waist and sobbed into his chest. "You're my best friend Mark. I love you, I want to marry you. I want to adopt kids and a golden retriever."

Mark held tightly onto Noah. He had always been smaller than him but now Mark felt like Noah was actually in danger of slipping through his fingers. "I know baby. We can have that someday. We'll get through this, we are stronger than this. America is at peace right now. I know it sucks but at least you won't have to worry about war and when your 18 you can come back to me."

Noah tilted his face up to Mark, he felt so safe in his arms. "What about you Mark?" He asked knowing Mark's parents couldn't have taken the call from school any better.

"I'll figure it out. I'll wait for you." Mark assured Noah.

Noah shivered. Even the crickets seemed to be chirping their swan song. "Your dad made you homeless, didn't he?"

"Yeah, but I have money saved up. Don't worry about me Noah, just make the most of your school years. I'll go to the foster care service tomorrow. There is one in the city." Mark wasn't sure if he meant it or not. He just knew Noah needed to hear it. "It's alright baby. I want you to go to that school and be the best you can be. Understand?"

Noah nodded. He wished he could have been strong for Mark. "Mark, promise me you will always love me. No matter what that one day we'll be married. Please promise me you'll go to school and be good. Do the right thing." Noah looked over his shoulder knowing he needed to get home. "I love you Mark, I'll write."

Mark kissed Noah and gave him one final squeeze. The next day he did as he promised. He walked for a few days. Starving and exhausted he made it to the city.


...Mark felt his foster father's beer bottle break over his head. He got beaten on the street and abused at home by his foster father. "You worthless little faggot! Go get me and your mama another beer." Mark grit his teeth and obeyed. The Smiths were the picture perfect foster family on the outside.

They had fostered children in order to look good for their business partners. They were good actors, shitty parents. Anything Mark did that didn't look good in the glass house was punished by beating. Mark risked injury every time he left to send a letter to Noah.

Those letters were the only thing keeping him going. Noah told him about the school but he kept the mushy stuff secret. They were both terrified that the mail would be screened. Mark always worried Noah would find someone else. Noah always promised Mark he was the only guy to ever be his best friend.

Mark told Noah about his law school plans and how he now wanted to use his brain to help people. Naoh wrote back about how a doctor would be bale to really make a difference. Mark always laughed. How Noah could get through the military school chem classes was beyond impressive.

"You stupid little bitch. Did you send another letter to that fag friend of yours? You know I bet he had a drill sergeant drilling him real good." Mr. Smith laughed before taking a gulp of his beer.

"No he hasn't" Mark seethed. He was fighting to keep his temper under control.

"Yeah right. You're gonna be homeless soon. You really think that fucker is gonna stick around?" The rotund man stood up. "you won't ever amount to anything your disgusting." He spit in Mark's face. "Go to your room. I'm sick of looking at you."

Mark hated them, he wanted to leave. He had never been the type to be pushed around. He fought the urge to leave every day. He knew he needed to stay. Without being in the system Mark couldn't finish school or get his GED. He put up with the abuse for Noah.

Noah needed him to be a good person after he turned 18. They had a life to build together. Noah had turned 18 a week ago and in just seven days Mark would be 18 and out of the system.

Noah was coming to see him. Mark was skin and bone but he had managed to save money from an after school job to rent a hotel room. He and Noah were going to take their relationship to the physical level and spend a good week together. The plane landed and Mark had packed all of his belongings in the same car he was driving when he went to college. He had splurged on it and he assumed he might be living in it for a little while. He was just waiting for the foster checks to stop coming.

When that happened the Smith family had thoroughly disillusioned him. He knew he was going to be out on his ass. He didn't need anyone. He had a plan, he had Noah. Everything was going to be ok.


Noah crashed into Marks arms. He hadn't seen his best friend, and in his mind husband to be, since their Valentines Day disaster.

Mark exhaled as the brick wall smacked into him. Noah had always been smaller than him with soft features. Now Noah was a man, toned and large just like any good soldier. His features had sharpened and his once shaggy hair was cut uniformly short.

"You got big baby" He stepped back admiring Noah. "My sexy soldier" He smiled and leaned up on his toes to kiss Noah's firm chapped lips.

Mark was by no means short and so the fact that he had to stretch to kiss Noah was different.

Noah looked Mark over "You got thin" Noah looked concerned. "I'm gonna have to fatten my little house wife up." Noah caressed Mark's indented stomach. He could feel his ribs through his shirt.

"Listen here military stud" Mark wagged a hand in Noah's face. "Just because you are bigger now doesn't mean you get to put me in a skirt and call me wife." Mark cuddled into Noah smelling the strong scent of Old Spice. It had never occurred to him that Noah would come back so different. He hadn't realized how much he needed to be held. Mark was always the strong one.

"You were always the strong one Mark let me be there for you." He scooped Mark into his arms. Mark had paid for the hotel and it would give them some much needed catching up before Noah was shipped off.

Noah had decided to stay with the army for a little until he could get them to pay for med school so that he could support Mark and himself. Had Mark been female he could have married him and supported him while in the military too. Mark handed over the key to Noah and they entered the hotel room. It wasn't overly nice, but Mark had spent hours trying to make it look romantic.

"It's lovely Mark" Noah sighed, a week with his Mark lay before him. Mark was his again. Noah had promised himself that when he saw Mark he would give him the strong man he deserved. Mark had taken care of everyone his entire life.

"See Noah, I saved your quilt. Your family tried to throw it away and I saved it." Mark motioned to the patchwork item sprawled over the bed. The room was dimly lit and Mark dashed through the room to light the candles.

"I know it's cheesy but, I wanted our first time to be special." Mark flushed. Thankfully his foster father had only been interested in abusing him physically and mentally. He had never been sexually touched and he and Noah had planned to save that for each other.

They knew what sex was and were not entirely new to the experience. "I love you Mark, I had something I wanted to talk to you about."

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