tagRomanceAu Naturel Ch. 02

Au Naturel Ch. 02


Simon lay in Kate's arms in a wonderful state of drowsy contentment, the pleasure endorphins flooding his system and slowing the passage of time to a drugged haze. Eventually he recovered sufficiently to prop himself up on one elbow and grin foolishly at her.

"That was amazing!"

"Why, thank you, sir! Considering I don't have much idea what I'm doing, that seemed to work OK.", she smiled, poking her tongue out at him.

"And there was me thinking you were the experienced one," he said, genuinely surprised.

"What, the older woman syndrome?" she laughed. "Just the odd fumble, I'm afraid, all very unsatisfactory. I haven't really done much at all."

"Why, if you don't mind me asking?"

She hesitated slightly. "I'm not sure. The wrong boys, the wrong time, I don't know. I'm not as confident as you might think, and I'm a bit old-fashioned -- I actually need to like someone before I can expose myself to them."

"Like on the beach?" he enquired with a grin, ducking as a pillow flew inches past his head.

"You know what I meant! Exposing your body is easy," she insisted in the face of his obvious scepticism, "But opening up properly to somebody is much scarier."

"True," he admitted. "I'm not exactly self-assured myself; my experience is pretty much non-existent. Hey, maybe we can teach each other!"

"That sounds like fun." She leaned back with her hands above her head and stretched out provocatively. "Where do you suggest we start?"

He gave a half-amused, half-serious growl and reached up to pinion her wrists with one hand.

"First of all, you're going to open up to me, and you're going to tell me how you turn yourself on when you're alone."

Now it was her turn to relinquish control, and she realised with a thrill that Simon was not going to let her be in charge all the time. Just the thought made her pulse run a little quicker, her mouth go slightly dry, and she noticed with slight embarrassment that she was getting moist.

"Do you masturbate a lot?" Now she was definitely going red, but tried to answer honestly, if slightly defensively. "Um, a fair bit, I suppose. Don't you?"

"Oh yes, all the time," he admitted freely. "Mostly while fantasising about you these days. But we're talking about you. How do you start?"

God, this was tough. She'd never discussed this sort of thing with anybody, let alone whilst stark naked with them.

"Er, it's usually when I go to bed, so I'm undressed anyway. If I feel like it, I'll just stretch out and stroke myself for a bit first."

"Like this?"

His free hand touched her side and he gently trailed his fingertips across the warm skin. She shivered slightly, but not from the cold.

"Mmmm. A bit firmer."

He swept his whole hand across the flatness of her stretched out belly, and was rewarded with a louder moan.

"What do you do next?"

Kate barely trusted herself to speak, but managed to say in a barely audible voice,

"Stroke everywhere except my breasts and between my legs."

He obliged, caressing her face, shoulders, arms, sides, stomach, legs and even her feet. She sighed contentedly, and her body began to respond to his touch. He watched carefully, noticing which touches made her arch her back, her breasts pushing up invitingly. With iron self-control he ignored them and kept stroking the sensitised skin elsewhere.

"Now, please," she pleaded eventually.

"Now what?" he enquired innocently as she squirmed.

"Pig! Stroke my tits!"

"Don't move!", he instructed as he released her wrists to free his other hand, and slid both of them up her rib cage to fill them with her breasts. The nipples hardened noticeably in the palms of his hands. Feeling emboldened, he tweaked both peaks between his fingers and thumbs.


"Oops, sorry! Too hard?"

"A bit. They seem to be very sensitive at the moment for some reason." She smiled forgivingly at him. "I didn't tell you to stop, though."

He hesitated for a second, then bent over and took one nipple gently into his mouth, letting the warmth of his lips and tongue surround it.

"Oh! That's nice ... but the other one's feeling left out now ... ahhh, yes, go on. I can't do that to myself!"

She drew up her knees and thrust herself up at him as he greedily suckled on the breasts he adored. His hands explored more urgently now, moving lower on her belly, just brushing the curly hair below. Her legs began to fall apart, seemingly of their own volition, and he had to force himself to slow down and not to make a grab before she was ready.

Kate had long imagined this, but it was so much better when it was someone else's hands. Especially Simon's. She willed him to touch her pussy, but he kept stroking her stomach, her legs and her inner thighs until she could bear it no longer.

"Please, now, please ..."

This time he didn't tease, but moved one hand firmly down across the mound of soft hairs, and curled two fingers into the warmth and wetness of her. She cried out inarticulately at the touch, her muscles clenching involuntarily. He found her clitoris and began to rub it with the tip of one finger. The intensity of feeling was too much for her, close to the pain threshold, and the wave of pleasure which had been growing inside her receded, leaving her almost weeping with frustration.

Deciding that direct action was the only answer, she reached down and grabbed his hand, moving it away from that over-sensitive spot. He froze, looking anxiously into her eyes, but she covered his hand with her own and guided it gently, showing him exactly where to go and how much pressure to apply.

Slightly affronted at first, Simon quickly realised that this was the best way for him to learn, and allowed himself to be led. Kate repaid him by beginning to sigh and buck again as his fingers stroked around and just below her clit, avoiding the tip. He was a quick learner, and she took her hand away, encouraging him with a stream of whispered provocation:

"Yes, that's it! Mmmm, right there ... don't speed up, just keep doing that ... don't stop! ... oh, yes!"

His cock straining with the excitement of succeeding in pleasuring this lovely girl, Simon drove her on and over the edge, the wave building and building, higher than she would have thought possible, before it broke with her shuddering cry and sob as the climax overtook her.

She lay senseless for a few moments -- or was it minutes? -- before she recovered sufficiently to look across to him. He was watching her, a big grin on his flushed and sweaty face.

"God, you look smug!" she sighed.

"Oh, do I? Sorry!" he replied, not much abashed.

"Yes! It's OK, you've earned the right to be a bit smug -- that was fantastic! Sorry I had to stop you in the middle there."

He forgave her on the spot. "That's OK, I needed some help, and I do want to know what works for you."

"So do I, so let's promise always to be honest, even if it's awkward at the time. We have a lot more exploring to do."

"Must we? I was thinking of watching the footie tonight."

This time the pillow didn't miss, beating him around the head several times before he managed to grab it, and then Kate, in a mock wrestling match which quickly took on a more erotic flavour. Kate came up for air for a second:

"Next lesson - you need to hold me tight and stroke me when I'm done."

"Oh yes, I'd read that you had to do that with girls."

"I am not 'girls'!", Kate said quickly, rather more sharply than she'd intended. This time he was genuinely contrite.

"Sorry, I shouldn't generalise. Insensitive macho male puts his foot in it again."

"Macho? You?!" Her giggles meant that he was no longer in the dog house, but now he felt a slight dent to his own male pride. One day he would show her that he could be macho, too, and make her pay for her cheekiness. The pleasant visions which this thought engendered transmitted themselves downwards and he began to grow hard again, a fact which didn't escape Kate's appreciative eyes.

"God, you're insatiable! What have I let myself in for?"

"Come here and you'll find out", he dared her in his best deep, macho voice before another burst of laughter overtook both of them, followed by more sighs and moans as they continued their explorations.


After that first evening, a few days passed before they met again -- there were 'phone calls and text messages, but not the uninhibited chat they normally had. Both Simon and Kate were a little unsure about how the relationship would develop, and what the other's hopes and expectations were. They arranged to meet in the park rather than their favourite pub or 'their' beach, for a 'proper talk', now that the summer holidays were drawing to a close, and college beckoned. Simon was early, and had been sat on the bench for ten minutes when Kate sidled up behind him and spoke in a very bad Russian accent:

"The weather is quite inclement for the time of year."

He turned quickly. "And the wind blows coldly", he answered, staring pointedly at her chest, where the inadequate protection of her thin T-shirt failed to hide the growing evidence that it was, indeed, rather chilly.

"You're impossible!", she laughed. "You could at least look me in the eye."

He stood and kissed her, and it was several minutes before they sat down again, breathing rather heavily. Both were relieved to find that their evening of exploration had not discouraged the other, and seemed indeed to have had the opposite effect. They were keen to carry on seeing each other, and to keep their relationship going long-distance, if necessary, when they went off to their respective colleges in the autumn.

"Are we OK with the sex?", asked Simon.

"What, here?" she flashed back.

"Funny girl! You don't regret it?"

"No, not at all," she replied seriously, "But I don't think I'm quite ready to lose my virginity, so no penetration ..."

"What about ..."

"No, you can't shove it up my arse, either!"

"I wasn't suggesting that!" he protested, before catching the twinkle in her eye and smiling sheepishly. "Still," he said, brightening, there are lots of other things we can do."

"Yes, so I've heard. Why don't you take me home and show me what you've learnt from those porno mags you read?"

There was a loud cough, and they whirled round to see a middle-aged matron walking her small dog on a lead across the grass right behind the bench. As she passed Kate eye, the woman's lips were tightly pressed together, and the younger girl coloured slightly, then the woman caught her eye and, so quickly that Kate almost missed it, winked and walked on.

"Come on!" said Kate, dragging Simon off the bench and laughing wildly, "Let's go before we embarrass ourselves any more here!

Back at her place, they undressed each other more slowly this time. Kate allowed herself the luxury of enjoying the sight of Simon's slim body revealed to her in stages, lightly muscled but nice and firm, and well tanned all over from their days on the beach. His penis strained for escape from his pants, and she gave it an encouraging squeeze through the cotton before releasing it where it bobbed invitingly, already climbing past the horizontal as she gazed at it. She let him remove her remaining clothes, then, to his surprise, sank to her knees in front of him, eye to eye with his eager member.

Simon held his breath. Would she? It was a long-time fantasy, but he'd never really believed that a girl would voluntarily do that unless she was being paid for it. She hesitated, then leant forward and planted a tiny kiss, half way up his shaft. It twitched and swelled even more, invisible ties winching it higher, almost to the vertical against his stomach. His legs felt as though they were turning to jelly as she poked out the tip of her tongue and ran it wetly all the way up to the head, eliciting a groan of pleasure.

Of course, she would never admit that she and her friends had been known to watch porn themselves, or that most of what she knew about blow-jobs came from them or from unreliable accounts from her allegedly ore experienced friends. Looking in close-up at this rather daunting (were they all that big?) specimen, she was quite sure that she'd never get that all in her mouth, let alone down her throat. What if she choked?

She carried on licking, kissing and nibbling, playing for time -- besides, judging by his reactions, he was enjoying this. His hands came round to the back of her head, urging her forward , but she removed them and placed them firmly back at his sides. She wanted to be in control for now.

Finally she plucked up the courage to take the shiny, swollen head between her lips and into the warmth and wetness of her mouth, and she started to suck enthusiastically, if inexpertly. The response was immediate and unexpected -- Simon shook convulsively, and his warm cock pulsed violently in her mouth. Startled, she opened her mouth and drew back just as he came, jets of white fluid spattering her chin and throat. Simon was mortified.

"I'm so sorry", he muttered, avoiding her eye and trying to clean himself up with a tissue.

"It's OK," she said, meaning it, and putting an arm round him. "It's quite flattering really - didn't realise what an effect I'd have on you. Besides, next time will be much better."

As it sank in that there would be a next time, Simon felt a rush of relief, and determined to learn some self-control. They lay on the bed and chatted and kissed for a while, until she noticed that his erection was already returning. She pushed him onto his back:

"Just relax, and tell me to stop if you don't want to come."

She coaxed his penis back to its full glory with her fingers, stroking and squeezing before applying her tongue and lips. When she was more confident that he was in control, she slipped the head into her mouth again, but this time kept quite still, just letting him enjoy the sensation before slowly releasing him and using her fingers instead.

She learned to draw back when he automatically began to thrust at her, and he started to recognise his own responses and call 'stop' when that surge of feeling began. She kept this going for a while, letting him subside slightly before exciting him to fever pitch again. The effort of restraint was telling on him. The veins stood out on his brow, and he knew that he couldn't last such longer. Kate withdrew for a moment.

"Would you like to come in my mouth?"

Not trusting himself to speak, he nodded, and watched as her lips, barely parted, slid slowly, slowly, over the tip of his glans and engulfed the head before withdrawing just as slowly. Simon let forth a shuddering sigh, giving himself up to the indescribable feeling as Kate's head dipped and she took him inside once more.

He observed, spellbound, her lips as they slid over his cock, the bulge which formed in her cheeks and then the shiny wetness from her saliva on him as she withdrew. She kept the pace slow, but gradually began to take him deeper, carefully testing her own limits.

He began to throb inside her again, but this time she didn't stop, but looked up at him and held his gaze as she slid down as far as she could go. He watched most of his prick disappear into her glorious mouth and groaned loudly as he came, some ecstatic but still sentient part of his brain reflecting that this was quite possibly the best feeling in the whole world.

She was better prepared this time, fighting down a gag reflex and keeping him in her mouth as long as she could. "Spit or swallow?", the old playground question came unbidden to her mind, as she decided that the former would be messy and undignified, and she gulped, relieved to find that whilst it wasn't exactly nectar, the taste was bearable.

When she eventually released him from her mouth, Simon was almost comatose. He looked as though she'd hit him with something very large and very heavy, and was barely conscious enough to give her a quick cuddle and a kiss of pure gratitude. She looked down at him and smiled indulgently, relishing the feeling of power over the 'stronger' sex. "Not bad for a beginner", she thought to herself, and reflected on where the way to a man's heart actually lay.

She could get to like this - a lot ...

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