Auctioned Wives


Diana replied. "I felt the same way that Lisa felt when I saw my wedding rings and thought about my husband."

Stella wrote something in a note book than said. "Here is what I have planned for all of you so listen to me carefully. Since your wedding rings are getting in the way of making progress than I'm going to offer bonus points to any woman that decides to remove her wedding band and engagement ring from her finger."

Stella continued. "I'm going to make this more interesting for each one of you. The first woman that removes her weeding rings will get the most bonus points than the second will get a little less than the third and so on."

The woman looked interested when they heard that all they had to do was to remove their rings and they would get points.

Stella smiled as she looked at the expressions on their faces and said. "There is going to be a big catch with this offer. Any woman that removes her rings will only have twenty-four hours to proceed to the next level otherwise she will lose every point she has earned from the very beginning and will have to start over."

Lisa asked. "What do you mean when you say we have to proceed to the next level?"

Stella smiled and said. "Well that's going to be everyone's ultimate goal and the next level means that your going to have sexual intercourse with a man."

The woman sat looking nervous until Lisa said. "Does this mean that we should leave our rings on our fingers unless we really plan on having sex with a man?"

Stella replied. "That's exactly what I mean by the next level. I don't want anyone to remove their rings unless they plan on taking a man to their suite and having him spend the night with you."

Stella continued. "Are all of you remembering to take your birth control pills?

Stella saw the woman shaking their heads that they were and said. "Good. Every one of these men having been tested for disease and also for potency and they are all very potent."

Stella finished the meeting and gave them one more reminder. "Ladies. I'll be speaking to each of you individually within the next two days and if you should decide to progress to the next level before we talk than good luck and have fun."

The wives spent another day with their men like they had for the past week and Stella knew that she would have to give them a little help so she monitored them carefully that day to see where they might have a weakness and the following morning she decided to speak to a couple of the wives and started with Cindy.

Cindy was combing her long blonde hair when Stella walked into her room and said. "Good Morning."

Stella walked toward Cindy who was still naked and placed her hand on Cindy's ass and massaged her cheeks than reached around in front and ran the palm of her hand over Cindy's pussy and said. "I see that your keeping yourself smooth for that special time."

Cindy smiled and said. "I spent most of the day yesterday with Paul."

Stella smiled at her and said. "Yes. I was watching the tapes and you earned a lot of points yesterday when you played with his cock. Do you feel comfortable with him?"

Cindy replied. Yes. Paul is really nice to me and he said he really likes me."

Stella put her hand on Cindy's pussy and gently ran her fingers across her skin than moved her finger along the slit and felt a slit wetness on her finger and said. "Paul's got a very large cock doesn't he?"

Cindy nodded her head that he did and felt Stella moving her finger into her pussy slit and closed her eyes.

Stella whispered to Cindy and said. "I could see his cock and it's much thicker and longer than Bill's cock you touched last week which means he must be massive in size compared to your husband. It's been more than five weeks since you had sex hasn't it?"

Cindy kept her eyes closed as Stella continued to move her finger into Cindy's pussy slit and moaned and moved her hips forward. She was getting hot and Stella knew that Cindy must have had the idea of screwing Paul on her mind when she came into the room.

Stella whispered again. "Honey. Do you want to remove your wedding band this morning? "

Stella felt Cindy's pussy getting soaked as she continued to move her finger into the tight opening and with her free hand she reached up and massaged her breasts and squeezed her nipple and repeated. "You want to fuck Paul and feel his big black cock inside you, don't you?"

Cindy still had her eyes closed and her head was tilted back as Stella removed her finger from Cindy's pussy and massaged her mound than her belly and said. "Cindy. I want you to remove your rings for me and go down and get Paul and bring him up here and fuck him for me."

Cindy didn't answer Stella but placed her hand over Stella's on her pussy and pressed her hand onto Stella's.

Stella put her arm around Stella and held her left hand with the other and said. "Why don't you take your rings off and put them in the drawer so you can put out that fire you have burning inside your pussy?"

Cindy finally responded and lifted her hand and took her right hand and took hold of the diamond ring and twisted it off her finger along with her wedding band as Stella smiled and said. "Honey. Let me take the rings and place them in a safe place for you."

Cindy gave her rings to Stella who walked over to the dresser and placed them in a jewelry drawer and walked back and took Cindy's arm and said. "Honey. Let's go and pick out something nice for you to wear for Paul."

Stella searched the closet for something completely differently and found a pink ruffle-cup baby doll which had a flyaway style front which exposed Cindy's belly. There was a matching thong but Stella decided to dress her in the baby doll only and searched for a pair of heels.

Stella gave Cindy the baby doll and said. "Honey. Go and put this on while I find a pair of heels for you."

Stella walked out of the close with a pair of pink heels that slipped on Cindy's feet but didn't have any straps. Stella said. "I picked this pair because they will be easy for you to take off when that time arrives."

Cindy was now ready as she stood next to the bed as Stella said. "Cindy. Go and get me your perfume so I can put it on for you."

Cindy walked back into the room and gave the bottle to Stella and she squirted the perfume on Cindy's tits than another on her pussy mound and said. "That should do the trick."

Stella took Cindy's hand and said. "Let me walk you down the stairs. These shoes are a little tricky and I don't want you to fall."

The women walked down the stairs and started to look for Paul and found him out near the pool. Stella walked Cindy out near her man than whispered in her ear and said. "Go get him."

Cindy walked toward Paul who saw her coming and immediately began to smile when he saw her. Stella watched from a distance as Cindy put her arms around the man and gave him a long passionate kiss than saw Cindy talking to Paul and watched as Paul put his hands on her bare ass.

Stella smiled because she knew that Cindy would have had to order him to put his hands on her ass. Stella watched as Cindy took him by his hand and walked back into the house. Stella followed them into the house and saw them walking up the stairs.

Stella smiled as she hurried into the monitoring room and sat down at the control center and punched the numbers that would activate the camera's in Cindy's room. Stella had to watch as this young white wife got her first taste of black cock.

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