tagMatureAudrey in the Office

Audrey in the Office


Finance - Audrey

Willis was a 28 year old executive in a fast growing company. His four-year marriage had been sacrificed to the 12-hours days required to grow the company over 200% each year. In the previous episode, he had an absolutely incredible night of sex with Audrey, a 43-year old accountant working for him. In addition to the supervisor/subordinate issue, Audrey was still married.

The next week, Audrey confronted her husband Bradley with her knowledge of the long affair he was having with his secretary. Bradley was given a choice: to agree to a divorce and she gets the house without alimony or child support; or go to court and have the affair exposed in public record and she would get the house, a big alimony check, child support for the next year and maybe lose his job as well. He chose to settle and was moved out in a week. The divorce paperwork would take longer.

For the first time in her life Audrey found herself with too much free time. No husband to pick-up after, do laundry for, feed and such. She only had Tyler home but as a senior in high school, he was doing his own thing and the pending divorce had made him more withdrawn.

She tried to keep busy cleaning up and re-organizing the house, composing herself for a new life. With all of Bradley's stuff gone, she was able to completely remodel her bedroom, repainting the bedroom, closets and bathroom. She desperately wanted to pursue a relationship with Willis, but was determined to wait until the divorce was final to ensure there were no complications.

Her son Tyler seemed to be changed somehow. He was not surprised when she told him about his father's affair and the divorce they had agreed on. He had a regular girlfriend, Melanie, that came over on the weekends and they would spend time watching television or playing video games in his room. Audrey had maintained that the door must stay open when they were in his room as she wasn't about to allow sexual shenanigans under her roof.

Tyler asked if she could stay over the night of her birthday, as he wanted to take her out for a special night and she did live about an hour away. Audrey called Melanie's parents and it was agreed as long as they would sleep in separate rooms. Audrey would leave her own bedroom door open, just to make sure.

That night, she waited up for the kids to come home, reading a romance novel in her room. When they got home, they stayed downstairs in the living room for some time and she could hear them talking. After a while, it registered in Audrey's consciousness that the gentle murmur of talking seemed to have halted. Audrey was a little concerned, so she crept out of her room and walked softly down the stairs to where she could see into the living room. As she approached, she could hear muffled noises. As she carefully looked around the corner, the sight that met her took her breath away. Melanie lay almost naked on the sofa, her blouse open and her skirt pushed up to her waist. Most interesting was that buried between her legs was Tyler's head. Audrey watched in amazement as Melanie's face screwed up in the agony and ecstasy of orgasm. She moaned very loud as her body shook and twitched and Tyler raised his head from her thatch.

"Shhh," he whispered. "Mom will hear." Audrey backed quietly up the stairs to her bathroom and flushed the toilet. Then she walked back out into the hallway.

"You two should go to bed now," she shouted down the stairs. "It's getting late."

"All right mom," Tyler yelled back. Frantic rustling could be heard for a few seconds and they came up the stairs and said goodnight to her and each other. Audrey lay back down in her bed, but the image of Melanie's face was stuck in her head. It had been over a week since Willis had left her feeling so satisfied and she had kept her desires at bay by staying very busy and focusing on other things, but the scene downstairs turned the fire on high. The need to keep her door open meant she was not even free to give herself an orgasm. She finally fell asleep but her dreams were disturbingly erotic.

Audrey woke early the next day and managed to drag herself to the bathroom for a shower. When she was getting dressed, a very naughty and very exciting idea came to her mind. Still feeling the horniness of last night, she removed the pantyhose she had already put on and shifted into the stockings and white garter belt she still had from her wedding night. Although her fuller body forced her to use the last hook-and-eye closure now and adjust the garters, she still fit into them. Selecting a lacy white bra and panties, she put these on and then covered her sexy lingerie with white button down blouse and long off-white skirt. She checked herself in the mirror and was pleased that she looked so good for a 47-year old mother of a teenager. Yes, there was a fullness that she would rather not have in her tummy, but overall she didn't look that bad. Just as important, she did not look too different from her normal look. She thrilled at the thought that everyone at work would not know what she wore under her conservative clothes.

She pounded on the kids' doors to wake them up and headed down to the kitchen. Busying herself with the preparations for breakfast in order to keep her mind off of other things, she did not hear the kids walk into the room.

"Mom!" Tyler exclaimed. "You look great!" Melanie echoed his statement and even gave Audrey a hug. They sat down together and had a quick breakfast before the kids left for school and Audrey hurried off to work.

All day long, everyone complemented her on her appearance. She knew that it was not the outfit because she had worn these clothes before. The knowledge of what she was wearing under her clothes made her feel sexy, and it reflected in her appearance. It also making her horny, so when she got a last minute tasking at 4:45 she was disappointed that she would have to put off her meeting with her vibrator until even later.

She finally finished at 5:30 and started towards the door. As she left the building, she saw that Willis's car was still there and decided to see him in his office. She walked down the hallway of executive offices and his was the only office door open. She found him typing on his computer with his back to the door. She slipped quietly into the office and closed the door behind her. The door latched with a click and Willis looked up.

"Hello," she said as she looked at him. He smiled as he looked at her.

"It is nice to see you," he answered. "I saw you today and thought you looked absolutely beautiful. I wanted so much to tell you."

"Why didn't you?"

"Because I am afraid if I tell you something like that with other people around, they will see how I feel about you and ruin our secret." She smiled at him, understanding what he meant. She also knew that being this close to him was too much for her to restrain herself. Not tonight...she needed him so much.

"I have a secret," she teased. Audrey turned her back to him and closed the blinds to the window next to the door and locked the door. She wiggled her ass at him. "Do you want to know what it is?"

"Tell me."

"Garter belt and stockings," was all she said. His eyes opened wide as she turned back to him and smiled. He stood up and walked to her. He reached past her and turned out the light. Only the glow from the parking lot illuminated the office, but that was more than enough.

"No interruptions," he whispered. For just a moment they stood, not touching yet so close as to feel each other's body heat. Then came the sudden and hunger kiss. Audrey stood in her heels and leaned into him, wanting him...and wanting him to desire her just as strongly. His hands searched and explored her body, pressing against her breasts, then feeling the curve of her ass and the garter stretching across it. He turned her and backed her up to his desk until she sat on the edge of his desk. Audrey's skirt slid up her thighs, allowing his hands to spread her legs wide.

Willis knelt before her and pulled the lacy white panties to one side, revealing her warm, glistening pussy. She placed one white high-heel shoe on his shoulder and gently caressed his hair with her fingers as he moved closer, inhaling her lusty scent before using his tongue to pleasure her. Audrey let out a soft moan as he finally touched her there, something she had wanted for the last week.

One hand gripping her thigh just above the top of her stocking, he used his other fingers to penetrate her pussy, his tongue stroked up and down on her clit. Audrey's fingers began to press harder on his head as her ecstasy increased and the moans became louder groans of extreme pleasure. She wiggled forward and ground her pussy against his face in desperate lust.

Willis was not surprised by her strong desires after what had happened between them before, and he pressed forward. Audrey's pent-up desires of the last few days were finally being released and she let her libido fly. Willis's tongue was again amazing her as she felt it move in, out and all around her hungry cunt, touching every spot that would add to her excitement. She moved her other foot up and over his shoulder, squeezing Willis's head between her strong thighs. Willis his only release was to make her cum, so he swirled his tongue faster and pressed his fingers deeper into her pussy.

Audrey gasped...panted...and then screamed. Willis felt her inner muscles grip his fingers as she exploded against his face. Her body thrashed against him as her scream became short panting sobs while the waves of orgasm flashed out from her burning womb. After a few moments it was over and Audrey flopped over him, exhausted.

She gently petted his hair as she let her legs slip down from his shoulders. She sat up and looked down at him still kneeling on the floor with those deep blue-grey eyes. Willis looked back at her, her juices covering his face, knowing he had again taken her to a special place.

Audrey reached down and cupped Willis's face in her hands and slowly pulled him up to her. She kissed him tenderly at first, tasting her own juices on his lips. She was dizzy and tingling from her orgasm, but there was still strong desire in her body. His mouth gave her a wonderful orgasm but, having experienced how well he used his cock, she also wanted his hardness inside her. She also desired the release for him, the gift she could give him in return.

Willis wanted more of her also. He reached down to unbutton her blouse and she shrugged her arms to let it fall to his desk. The fullness of her breasts were contained by a white lacy bra and Willis reached behind her to undo the strap. He pulled the bra way and her breasts drooped as the total fullness was exposed. Her large nipples stood proud of her areolas as symbols of her lust.

Audrey seemed aglow at the attention and affection she felt and pulled him closer so she could kiss him again. While their lips were engaged, she felt his warm hands cup her heavy breasts, his gentle fingers rubbing her sensitive nipples. The touch was electrifying, sending signals that travel through her nervous system to end up down in her pussy, making it throb with desire.

Audrey leaned back on the desk, her eyes closed in rapture as Willis's mouth dropped from her face to her cleavage. His hands cupped and lifted each breast, supporting the fullness as his mouth moved from one nip to the other, suckling on them with loving tenderness.

It was wonderful, but Audrey, wanting more, ran her hands down Willis's pants, feeling his hardness. Now the focus of her desire, she tugged his belt loose and unfastened his pants, letting them fall to his ankles. Reaching into his briefs, she wrapped her hand around his thickness and slid her hand up and down. With her free hand, Audrey pushed the briefs over Willis's hips until they rested on his thighs. He reached round and unzipped Audrey's skirt and lifted her to stand in front of him. He helped the skirt over her hips and it dropped to puddle at her feet. She was left standing there in his office, completely exposed in her stockings and panties. Her hands moved to cover her slightly thick abdomen, worried on how he would react to the middle-aged fullness that resided above her pubic mound. She looked into his eyes to see if there was any disappointment in seeing her this way, but all she saw in the soft light from outside were his eyes full of desire for her.

Silently he turned her around and bent her over his desk. Audrey felt his hands pulling her panties down her thighs to fall at her feet, and she lifted one foot out of them. As she set her foot back down, the swollen warmth of his cock pressed against her wet entrance as he moved himself up against her soft butt. His thick cock was just what she wanted and the wetness left from her orgasm was already coating his cockhead.

"I want you Audrey," Willis breathed in her ear. She felt his feet move between hers, pushing them further apart so her legs spread far enough that her torso was almost flat on the desk and her rear stuck out at Willis.

Willis was gentle at first, entering her in slow and small strokes, each just a little longer than the last. Audrey imagined she could feel every vein of his swollen shaft as it slowly stretched her insides, aroused her more. Her insides quivered, sheathing the welcome intruder tightly, until she felt that he fit inside her flawlessly, better than any other man in her life. He filled more than the space and need, but actually touched deeper parts of her emotions as well. The gentleness make it more like making love than the desk-top fuck that it should have been.

The flip side of the tenderness was that it did not satisfy the animal lust inside her. She was wild with the desire for him to completely take her. Each slow slide in and out was a tease that made her longing progressively more extreme.

"Please," she moaned quietly.

"Please what?" He said softly. She did not know that he was barely holding back himself. He wanted to rip into her with fast and furious pounding, driving to his own orgasm. But he held back, waiting for her to admit her desire.

"Please fuck me..." she said a little stronger. "I need you to fuck meeee!" Her last word became a shriek as he started to pound into her hard and fast. As soon as he started, he quit trying to control himself for her pleasure. His own need was too great now and he drove to his own release. Her whole body shook and rippled as he pounded his hips against her ass, pressing her stocking covered thighs against his desk. One garter popped loose from all the pounding but neither noticed it.

"Oh my God," she panted, trying to hold on to the desk. "OhmifuckinGod, oh...oh...oh!" Her breasts rubbed the contents of his desk. She felt his fingers dig deep into her hips as he pounded his shaft as deep as possible into her to release his sperm. With a howl of complete loss of control, he emptied his balls into her, shooting over and over. He thrust with each shot only to have Audrey's pussy spasm around him and drive him to another thrust.

For what seemed like forever, the two sweaty bodies move together in a sympathetic rhythm of love and lust. Willis moved his hands to each side of Audrey's slack body and lowered himself until he rested lightly on her back, his cock still thick and heavy inside her.

As she became more aware of the present, Audrey felt him kissing her neck, his breath warm and soothing on her skin. She turned her head to the side and their lips met in the soft and loving kiss that comes to lovers after sex. She knew that she had never had sex this intense before, that she actually felt like a new virgin with Willis, so incredible and intense was her body's response to him.

For Willis, every experience with another woman paled to this. Each time they were together, the passion would rise until it seemed uncontrollable. Then her body seemed to tighten around his cock and press in. It was like the suction of a blow job but even more encompassing. Afterwards he always felt totally drained of cum but completely satisfied in body.

When his energy returned, Willis lifted himself up and slowly withdrew his cock, flaccid now but still thick, from Audrey's very wet pussy. She moaned at the withdrawal, feeling the emptiness inside her. She also felt juices starting to flow out of her swollen opening and quickly grabbed a wad of tissues from Willis's desk and held it to her opening.

He turned her and they were face to face, just inches apart. She so much wanted to tell him how much she was already falling in love with him, but her fear held her back. Fear that is was just lust, that he was just using her, fear they would be caught and their careers would be ruined. As she looked into his blue eyes, she saw nothing to confirm any of these fears, but she had the impression that those same thoughts were in his mind as well. The silence between them was huge as they both knew that someone should say "I love you" now.

"I don't want to hurt you," was all he could say.

"I know," Audrey whispered. "It's too fast and too soon. This never should have happened."

"No!" he said. "I am glad it happened! Even if it all fell apart tomorrow, I would not regret it." His finger reached out and wiped the single tear that was rolling down her cheek. "We just need the time to work it all out." Willis kissed her softly and then bent down to pick up all the clothes that were left on the floor. He helped her into her clothes, taking every opportunity to touch her and make her feel special. They kissed one more time before he ushered her out the door.

"I'll wait until you drive away." he said, then opened the door and scanned the hallway to see if anyone else was there. He ushered her out the door and, closing it, went to the window to watch that she left ok.

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