tagMatureAudrey - Now the Bride

Audrey - Now the Bride


Willis was a 28 year old CFO in a fast growing company while Audrey is the newly hired 43 year old accountant in his department. In the first installment, they had an absolutely incredible night of sex after celebrating Audrey's birthday with co-workers. They awoke the next morning to deal with the supervisor/subordinate issue and the fact that Audrey was still married. But Audrey had knowledge of her husband's infidelity and asked for a divorce. While waiting for the final paperwork, a late night at work brought Audrey and Willis together again on top of his desk. When the divorce final was settled, they marked the event with a whole weekend of wild passion. Willis was able to get Audrey a job as a cost analyst in the product development side of the company so she no longer reported to him. With that, they were able to date openly and plan for a wedding and honeymoon.


It had taken about three months of planning, but Audrey had worked with her best friends Susan and Kim to put together a very special small wedding for Willis and Audrey. Now as she walked down the aisle at the small church in her pale blue gown, she was so glad the moment was finally here. When she saw the look on Willis' face, she knew that, for him, she was the most beautiful woman in the world. And yet, she had a number of surprises for him.

She took his breath away when he first saw her entering the sanctuary: Her brown hair with highlights cascaded over the shoulders of the pale blue gown. The gold necklace he had given her hung down to the flush cleavage of her full breasts. At the periphery of her exposed breast flesh he could see the verge of the tattoo on her right breast. Further down, the dress showed her narrow waist and full hips that excited him so.

Soon she was before him and he stared into her dark eyes, seeing the love and desire that he was so familiar with. As the minister spoke the greeting to the selected guests, Audrey smiled at him and then flicked her eyes down. She leaned forward just a bit as Willis's eyes followed her glance and saw that she was not wearing a bra beneath her wedding gown, or if she was, it was a shelf or some other device that left most of her soft breast exposed. Obviously the bodice of the dress was designed to support her body but it was bit of a shock as he, and presumable others at the right angle, could look down her somewhat low cut dress and see most of her bare breasts. The shock of realization showed on his face and Audrey smiled at him.

The thought of her bare breasts within the dress, and the possibility of what she might, or might not be wearing further down her body made the photo session and reception an agonizing wait as time seemed to crawl by. They had not been together all week and his loins longed to join with her as husband and wife.

When they finally managed to leave, they rushed to the car. With bucket seats and a manual transmission, his car was not equipped for cuddling but they were only going about 30 minutes to get to their hotel suite for the first night. When they entered the room, Willis immediately swept her into his arms and French kissed her as he groped her body through the dress. Audrey whimpered and moans as the desire started to overtake her then pushed him back.

"Baby," she said breathlessly. "God knows I want you so bad, but I must go to the bathroom first. My bladder is full of champagne." She moved towards the bathroom. "Go ahead and get undressed, turn out the lights, and wait for me. I have another surprise for you." She went in the bathroom and closed the door. He did as she directed and sat on bed to wait. Then the door opened....

He held his breath as he viewed his goddess, knowing he had never seen a woman so beautiful in all his life. The pare blue wedding gown was replaced by a sheer, almost transparent gown of the same color that made laughable attempt at concealment; every curve of her beautifully mature body was clearly visible as the bathroom light benind her shown through the sheer material. Those big breasts jiggled softly as she moved, supported by the half-bra of a blue satin corset. Her round nipples were stiff and hard, tenting the sheer fabric of the gown as they bulged out over the top of the corset. Her sexy strong legs were wrapped in shimmering blue stockings held up by blue & white lace garters. The wonderful taper of her legs was set atop two blue, stiletto heeled shoes strapped to her ankles.

"Audrey," he whispered as he stared at his new wife. "You're the most beautiful woman in the world."

"Thank you," she murmured melodiously as she moved up to stand in front of him. The power of her beauty was overwhelming to his mind, although other parts of his body had no problem in responding. His hard cock throbbed, the swollen purple head jutting out from his pubic hair.

"Aren't you going to kiss your bride?" She cooed as she opened her arms to him. He smiled as he stood and wrapped his arms around her before pressing his lips to hers. With lips opened, their tongues jousted as they kissed with hungry passion. With the soft round globes of her ass in his hands, he drew her body against him, pressing his stiff shaft against her satin wrapped abdomen. In return, she pushed her large, soft mammaries into his bare chest, feeling the coarseness of his chest hair rub on her sensitive nipples.

After several gasped breaths and re-engagements, she finally pushed him back on to the bed. She took a step away and looked down on him as she shrugged the gown off her shoulders, letting the sheer fabric cascade to the floor at her feet. She carefully stepped out of the pile of fabric and stood before him in the dim light, her creamy skin offset by the blue satin of the corset and sheer stockings. It was an unspoken presentation of her body and her soul. Though they had been together many times before, this was the final submission, a submission that would last until death.

Willis shifted to the side and Audrey moved onto the bed and laid back, her legs spread to display her precious moist pussy lips. Her entire nether region was framed by the blue corset and stockings and seemed to be flushed with desire.

"I can't believe how beautiful you are," he moaned as he rolled over to place himself between her legs. Though they had been intimate for months and had sex in many ways, they both wanted this to be very special. With her exquisite body spread out before him, he desperately wanted give her total pleasure, no matter how hard it would be to hold his pleasure back until she was rewarded.

"Now baby...come to me," she purred. "Come to your wife and give me the pleasure that only you can." Holding her arms up to him, she invited her man to partake of the delights of her body. As he moved up between her legs, Willis could not help but stare at the large mounds of breast flesh, observing how they jiggled as he shifted on the bed.

She reached down and grasped his cock as he gradually eased down towards the waiting prize. With the tips of her fingers she tenderly directed the pulsing head of his manhood between her swollen and juicy labia. She purred as he fed his cock at a snail's pace into the moist grip of her vagina. With agonizing slowness, he started to shift his shaft in and out of Audrey's velvety cunt.

Squeezing her legs against her husband, she felt his hips rub against the smoothness of her nylons as she in turn caressed the backs of his legs with her silky calves. For Willis, it was so much more than sex, for he had never felt so connected to another person before. The intimate connection in their loins seemed to connect their souls in a new way.

Supporting his body over her, he looked down upon his new bride and found her looking back at him with so much love pouring up out of her deep brown eyes he almost cried. He was saved by noticing the wave-like motion of her large tits slowly moving in response to his slow fucking motion. The undulating mounds of flesh were strangely one of the most erotic sights he had ever seen.

Audrey felt her need begin to grow, a building hunger for a more energetic coupling. Spreading her legs, she planted her heels into the bed and angled her pelvis up, matching the direction of his movement so his penis slid deeper into her depths. This also allowed her flex her legs and hips to push back with his every thrust,

"Oh...yes...Baby...yes," she moaned as she spread her knees even farther apart to expose herself to him. Willis's hips rocked forward and back in a gradually increasing pace. He was very conscious of trying to make this love-making last forever but never had he felt as connected and simulated by her as right in this moment.

She must have felt it too as she threw her head back and closed her eyes. With her hair spread on the bed around her, she seemed almost to be in a trance as her body bounced back and forth in rhythm with his thrusts. With his face just inches above hers, he saw her mouth open just slightly and her tongue ventured out to wet her lips. Suddenly filled with desire for her mouth, he bent down and pressed his mouth against hers, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She groaned loudly as she her sucked on his tongue. This went on until they were both gasping for breath. Willis knew he couldn't hold back much longer, but wanted to be sure she was there with him at the end.

"Oh baby...faster now," she hissed as she reached out and pulled his hips down, encouraging him to fuck her faster.

Willis increased his pace, filling the room with the grunts and moans of the newlyweds. Added to the noise of the bed and their hips slapped together, the room was incredibly noisy. Audrey was so filled with love and passion, her head was spinning and her body shook with tension. With his eyes open, Willis watched as her tits sloshed back and forth uncontrollably above the blue corset as he pounded his cock into his new wife and she thrust herself back up at him.

"Oh GOD," she howled loudly as her legs started to tremble and shiver. Her back muscles strained up and she lifted herself against him as her orgasm began and her body began to shudder. In her mind she saw an explosion of colors like fireworks behind her closed eyes. Thrusting upward one more time, she forced his cock as deeply as possible into her pussy. The climax started as a tingle in her toes and washed up through her body to explode in her head and chest at the same time, followed by wave after wave of pleasure.

For Willis, he felt her fingers dig into his hips as she pulled him into her as deep as he would go. He looked down to watch as her face contorted in the agony/ecstasy or orgasm. Her body shook uncontrollably beneath him and a dribble of spit trickled out of the corner of her mouth. With eyes tightly closed, she shrieked and humped her pussy up at him again and again. The large mounds of breast-flesh shuddered, while her nipples seemed larger and harder than ever.

He had thought he would outlast her but the incredibly erotic sight of her orgasm pushed him over the edge. He howled as the first spasm of satisfaction tore through his cock as it throbbed and shot its pent up load of seamen into her womb. Audrey shook beneath him in response and a second spasm of pleasure jolted from his cock and through his body. The back and forth of contraction and tremor continued until there was nothing left in his balls.

Willis felt like her body had drained him, completely depleted him of energy. He lowered himself to her as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down against her. He rested on his elbows just above her as they both gasped in badly needed air for their lungs. When he was breathing normally, he rolled to her side and laid back. The last sound her heard as he drifted into exhausted sleep was a murmur from her.

"I love you."

The next morning, Audrey awoke to find herself still laid out on top of the bed covers. She was still dressed in the corset and stockings that she presented herself to her husband in. She turned her head and found Willis asleep and naked next to her. Her eyes automatically looked to his crotch, where his shrunken penis lay on his stomach, crusted with their dried sex juices. In truth, it really did not look appetizing at all.

She reached down to her own crotch, and found it sticky and nasty with the same dried fluids. Moving slowly and gently, she got up from the bed without waking him and moved to the bathroom, quietly closing the door. She started the shower and removed the corset and stockings. Stepping into the shower, she pulled the curtain closed and stepped under the water flow.

As soon as the water came on, Willis woke up. It took him a few moments to realize where he was but then he realized that his new bride must be in the shower. Stealthily, he moved to the bathroom door and slipped inside. He could see the outline of her delicious body through the shower curtain, which was enough to begin swelling his cock. He moved to the curtain and slid it open enough to slip into the shower.

"I was thinking you might need me to wash your back," he said with a smile.

Audrey looked at her new husband, then down at his swelling cock, still hanging down but definitely thickening. She smiled back at him with her sexy smile. "I'm sure there is some parts of my body you could wash." She moved to the side and held the soap out to him.

He stepped into the shower and pulled the curtain closed. Taking the bar of soap from her hand, he started to rub the soap all over her smooth back. Using his hands he ensured her back was fully coated with soap, then he slid his hands down to her soft ass to ensure it was fully covered as well.

"Behave yourself," she mockingly scolded him as his fingers worked the soap into her butt crack.

"But dear," he protested. "I am just making sure I do a good job." Audrey responded with a wiggle of her backside. Willis straightened up and move closer, pressing his chest hair against her back as nestled his thick shaft along her butt crack.

"I have a custom-made back scrubby for you," he whispered into her ear. He worked his chest back and forth on her back, using his coarse chest hair to gently scour her back. As he did, it was only natural to reach around and cradle her pendulous breasts in his soapy hands. She purred in pleasure and started to move her ass up and down along the length of his shaft.

There is something hard-wired in most men that they would find extreme pleasure in the feel of wet, heavy breasts in their hands. Willis reveled in the sensuousness of the smooth and slippery skin of her large mammeries as he kneaded them with his fingers. This went on for some time, as they teetered on the edge of desire, where lust replaces love.

When he moved his hand down to her crotch, he found her lips swollen and ready. Gently easing a finger inside, it was no surprise that her pussy was hot and wet. Audrey reach down and grabbed his hand, pulling his finger deeper into her body.

"Oh baby...yes," she groaned. "I need it now...make me cum." He pressed his knuckles against her clit as he wiggled his finger deep inside her. With the hot water pouring on her body while they stood naked in the shower, Willis continued to massage his brides large tit while finger-fucking her cunt with his other hand. Within moments, her body began to shake and she locked her knees to keep from falling.

"Oh God Oh God Oh God," was all she said as the wave of climax washed through her. He supported her to keep her from falling as she went through the peak and fall of her orgasmic journey. As her orgasm passed and she relaxed, she turned around and pressed her soft body against his as her leaned up to kiss him. She ground her pelvis on his erection as her mouth pressed on his with a passion he felt all the way to his toes.

"Your turn," she said with a smile as she broke away. She leaned back and allowed the water to spray on his front, rinsing the soap from his cock and balls. Taking his large prick in her hands, she carefully knelt on the bath mat in front of him.

"Are you going to suck me, sexy woman?" he asked with a smirk.

"Is that something you ask of a lady?" she answered with mock indignity.

"You are only a lady in public, dear wife," he declared. "In private you are an incredibly hot and sexy slut...my slut...and I love you."

As a reward, she pulled him towards her and ran her tongue along the stem of his cock, moving up and down the heavy length of his shaft until Willis moaned with desire. She moved her head to the end of his cock and swiped her wet tongue over his glans. When she took the entire knob between her soft lips, he knees actually felt weak. Sliding between the firm roof of her mouth and the pillow softness of her tongue, Willis felt his cockhead slid further back into her mouth until it met the supple cup of her throat.

One of his hands wrapped around the grab bar and the other braced against the shower wall as his knees weakened beneath him. Her fellatio was always good but this morning it was truly exquisite as Audrey's mouth built up suction around his prick and her very talented tongue stroked and caressed him. With his head spinning, Willis was enraptured by the sensations of his new wife eating his cock along with the view below him as her head moved up and down on him.

Moaning around his thick shaft, her fingers moved to grip his soapy ass, holding him steady. She felt the edge of his anal crinkle with under the pad of her middle finger. Since he loved her ass so much, she wondered what his reaction would be to having his own played with. Applying a little pressure, she pressed her finger against his sphincter. With the soap already on her finger, it slipped easily into his butt. Knowing he already was close, Audrey rammed her whole finger into him as she deep throated him once more. She loved the taste of his cum and was anticipating the mouthful she was about to receive.

"Oh baby, I'm,,,gonna cum...soon!" Willis groaned. The warning was music to her ears and she started sucking as hard as she could with her lips wrapped firmly around his cum- laden his cock. She really wanted to nurse the morning load of semen out of his cock, to have it slid over her tongue, and to swallow it into her belly.

"Cumming, cumming!" He whined as he thrust his hips forward to fuck his man-shaft one more inch between her lips. Willis rewarded her with blast of spunk from his swollen cock, jerking and squirting into her wonderful mouth.

"Ummmllppp!" Audrey gurgled as the juice spewed into her mouth, squirting into the back of her throat. She clung to the thick cock and pressed her finger once more into his ass. He shot another load into her mouth, and she continued until she sucked all the salty cream out of his cock, loving the taste of her husband's seed.


Willis and Audrey had decided that they would spend their honeymoon wandering their way through Pennsylvania and New York, finishing up in Niagara-on-the-Lake at the outflow of the Niagara river in Ontario province. Although every night was an incredible sexual experience, their enjoyment of each other was not limited to their hotel room each night.

Driving up route 15 north of Williamsport, PA in their SUV, Willis slid towards the right side of his seat so he could comfortable reach over to Audrey and hold her hand. Today she had worn comfortably tight jeans and a loose, button-down shirt which conveniently was not buttoned all the way up, allowing her husband seductive views of her large breasts.

Of course that view had been known to get him in "trouble" from time to time. Glancing over and seeing a creamy tit, he moved his hand up and slid it inside her bra to wrap the pliant flesh in his hand. Audrey closed her eyes and moaned as he gently squeezed and caressed the sensitive skin of her weighty breast. Her ex-husband had been enamored with her large tits but had never treated them gently, thinking that they were to be crush for intense stimulation. But Willis was so gentle and loving, and his hands seemed to be made for her body. She arched her back and pressed her chest into his hand.

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