tagErotic HorrorAugust Days Night

August Days Night


In the dog days of August the heat was almost unbearable. The setting of the sun did nothing to alleviate the rising heat waves coming from the baked earth. Gabriella lay twisting restlessly in her bed. The French doors thrown wide to encourage what little night breeze there may be to skim across her naked flesh; entwined in her blood red satin sheets. Her fitful dreams weaved in and out of consciousness.

She turned towards the open patio and unsure if she was awake or dreaming she thought she could see a slight mist rolling across the hardwood floor. In her dreaming/waking state she smiled in the hopes that the mist would prove to be cooling to her porcelain skin. She pulled the final inches of satin free from her legs and lay on her back, knees spread wide as the mist started to crawl up and over her bed. And to her infinite joy, she could feel the cooling droplets of water, the stiffening of her nerves along her skin where the mist had crept.

She lay there enjoying the respite from the heat, almost giggling to herself for having such a silly, but useful dream as the mist continued to cover the length of her body. The nerves along her stomach and breasts started to tingle from the sudden change in temperature grazing across them. And her nipples started to harden as the mist floated across them. It felt almost like hands, molding and rubbing her skin, as they stretched across Gabriella's naked body. She found herself becoming turned on and actually did let a small giggle escape her lips as she wondered at this dream she was having.

Gabriella's breathing started to become raspier as her body responded to the sensual attention of the mist now brushing her clitoris and labia. She could feel her pussy starting to moisten and the desire to touch herself grow. She wanted release from this sweet torture. But as Gabriella tried to reach her hands down to her slippery wetness she found she could not move her arms. A small trickle of fear began to enter her mind; looking over to her sides she could see her arms spread wide in either direction. She gasped as she saw hands holding onto her wrists, pinning them to the bed. Fear gripped her fully now, fighting with the desire she could feel burning inside of her.

The mist between her legs now strengthened its movement. Feeling almost like a tongue it licked and stimulated her clit, warm and moist against her pussy. The fear would surface in waves, the desire on the high tide, the fear on the low. Raising her head a few inches off the bed she was able to look down between her wide spread legs and could see the mist now taking shape. Salt and pepper black hair, silken and shining as her bedsheets, and skin so pale it was almost luminous. Her mind struggling with the logic of the mist being a man, and a man with arms long enough to hold her wrists and still have his head buried between her legs. She wondered until his eyes found her. Eyes that seemed to burn holes into the soul of any who dared to look long enough into them. Black, yet red, yet gray, filled with flames and then as smooth as the Black Sea on a still night; all in one instant of a look.

"Are you the devil?" she questioned him breathily. The creature only laughed in return and increased the ministrations of his tongue on her pussy lips. She could feel it licking inside of her. Wetting her more every second. She knew she had never been this wet in her life and was lost in that indescribable moment between fear and pleasure. She moaned involuntarily, from fear or desire she didn't know; and felt her hips rise to meet the mouth of this demon. She could feel his lips against her softest skin, smiling and then his tongue inside of her. Filling her more than any tongue should be able to. She could feel it lapping at the tip of her cervix, and then deeper still into her womb.

Her insides were on fire, and wherever the tongue licked she could feel tingling sensations. Currents of heat replaced all the fear she may have felt. She could think of nothing except this boiling heat burning in swirling pools in her deepest depths. The waves of longing cresting higher and higher.

Gabriella could no longer remember the mist in the room or even her name when the tongue was finally pulled from inside of her. Leaving her feeling more empty than she could bear. Her cries of pleasure turned to cries of pain from the cold now filling her recently burning depths. Feeling movement she opened her eyes to find those smoky, blackened eyes directly above her own. Entranced she barely noticed the blood dripping down his chin, or the fangs that now stood out prominently, glistening from the drops of blood still clinging to them. And then she forgot everything as she felt his hardness pushing against her drenched opening. Sliding inside of her and filling the spaces his tongue had so recently vacated. Her hips started to press upward, demanding more of him as he slowly fucked her.

Closing her eyes all she could think or feel was his cock working its way into her. Deeper into her with every stroke. When he was finally as deep as he could be, she felt filled and stuffed. Fancifully she imagined that his cock lay coiled inside of her like a great snake waiting to leap, moving constantly, changing position, coiling and uncoiling itself to rub against her most sensitive areas. And then the building waves of her orgasm broke and crashed through her. Her body writhing unbeknownst to her.

Colors danced before her eyes, her spirit lifted to another plain of being, she never thought that any orgasm could carry her away like this. The emotions being broken only once, briefly, by the feeling of two sharp pricks on the side of her neck. And then a return to that lightheaded feeling of being carried away.

Gabriella continued to cry out as her orgasm rocked deeper through her body and mind. As it began to subside she could feel herself becoming lighter. No longer able to life her head or open her eyes, she merely lay there half dreaming half awake. Wondering if she was still dreaming, and then the blackness descended over her, and there was no more.

The mist descended from her bed and collected in the open doorway. Looking back once more on the beautiful pale skin in sharp contrast to the blood red sheets, eyes closed forever more in peaceful repose; she would be beautiful for all eternity now. Putting one hand to his mouth he caught an errant drop of blood still resting on his lip. Greedily he sucked the drop from his finger and smiled. Turning he drifted off into the balmy night air.

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