Aunt and Cousin's Summertime Visit


"Well, my door is always open to you and Diane. You are always welcome here. We're family. Until you can sort things out and find another place to stay, you two come stay with me for the summer. I can make room for you both somewhere temporarily, even if we all have to share the same bed," said my Mom.

'Share the same bed? Share the same bed,' I thought to myself while visualizing the image of the five of us together in one bed. I couldn't remove the image of us sharing the same bed. 'Are you kidding me?'

I can't count how many times I masturbated to the thoughts of sharing the same bed not only with my mother and sister but also with my aunt and cousin. Night and day, until they arrived, all that I could think about is the four of us in the same bed naked together. As if we were dirt poor Africans from Somalia or Indians from Bangladesh, all that I could think about is sleeping with my mother, my sister, my aunt, and my cousin. Too good to be true, in the way that I did with my mother and sister, I couldn't stop sexually fantasizing over my aunt and cousin naked.

Naked, naked, naked, I couldn't wait to see my aunt naked. Naked, naked, naked, I couldn't wait to see my cousin naked. Naked, naked, naked, I couldn't wait for my aunt and cousin to see me naked.

An incestuous, sexual life, one man with four, blood related, female relatives, mother, sister, aunt, and cousin sleeping in the same bed doesn't get any better than that. Just as I would have done anything to have sex with my mother, before having sex with my mother, if only for comparison sake between my mother and her twin sister, I'd do anything to have sex with my aunt. Naked, naked, naked, in the way that I've seen my mother, I'd love to see her sister, my aunt naked too. Naked, naked, naked, in the way that my mother has seen me naked, I'd love for my aunt to see me naked too.

Just as I would have done anything to have sex with my sister, before having sex with my sister, I'd do anything to have sex with my virginal cousin. If only for comparison sake between my sister and my cousin, I'd do anything to see my cousin naked. Naked, naked, naked, in the way that I've seen my sister naked, I'd love to see my cousin naked too. Naked, naked, naked, in the way that my sister has seen me naked, I'd love for my cousin to see me naked too.

I wondered how different it would be having sex with my aunt than with my mother. I wondered how different it would be having sex with my cousin than with my sister. Understandably just as my mother, my aunt, my sister, and my cousin are distinctly different people, I wondered how different or similar they'd all be when naked and in bed.

As if looking at a prism from a different angle to unmask a kaleidoscope of different feelings and experiences, I couldn't wait to have a sexual relationship with my aunt and cousin. One on one, I wondered how different it would be to have sex with them alone. I wondered if they'd give me a lesbian show in the way that my mother and sister did. I wondered if they'd have a threesome before having a foursome or a five some.


Only suspecting what my aunt may sexually do to my hard, young body, my cousin would never follow her mother in her unbridled sexual lust and incestuous passion for a blood relative. Nonetheless, my cousin's virginal morals, I'd still be happy just doing my aunt. Only, I'd have to be careful that my cousin didn't catch me doing her mother. How embarrassing would that be for her to walk in on us? No coming back from that, I didn't want to rock the incestuous boat by being too much of a pig and having my cousin know what an incestuous pervert that I am.

Being the good person and religious woman that she is, she'd shine a spotlight of morals and guilt on all of us that would surely stop us in our tracks from having any more incestuous fun. Being that I'm happy living in a family of degenerates, just as I wondered what made me the way that I am, I wondered what happened in my cousin's life to make her the woman that she is. Nonetheless how different I am from her, I needed to respect the fact that my cousin was a virgin and wasn't like the rest of us. She was a lady and needed to be treated as such.

"You're Royal Highness, may I present the King!"

I could only imagine my cousin bowing down to me and falling to her knees to honor me. Only, where my mother, sister, and aunt could make use of kneepads, I knew that my cousin had pristine knees as well as a closed for business pussy and mouth. Surely a shame, a pity, and such a waste that someone so beautiful and someone who possessed such a hot body would refuse to use her God given gifts, hoping that my cousin would respect me, I still respected my cousin.

Yet, so very sexually excited that I'd be, no doubt, having sex with my aunt, I couldn't stop myself from imagining different scenarios, especially those that included my cousin. How hot would that be for me to sleep naked with four, naked women in the same bed? How hot would that be to sleep naked with four, naked women who were related to be by blood? How hot would that be for the four of us to have mother and sister and aunt and cousin sex? How fucked up am I to want to have incestuous sex with all of my blood related, female relatives?

Just as I've always imagined having sex with my mother and sister over and again, I could only imagine having sex with my aunt and cousin too. After opening Pandora's Box of forbidden sex with my mother and sister, an easy transgression to make from my mother and sister to my aunt and cousin, my incestuous lust was seemingly boundless. In the way that it took control of my thoughts before having sex with my mother and sister, incest took hold of me in the way that no other sexual excitement could or ever did when thinking about having sex with my aunt and cousin.

Walking the path of the Devil for the sake of forbidden sex, when I die I'll be doomed to spend all of eternity in Hell with my chestnuts roasting in the fire while Nat King Cole sang, what else, "Chestnuts Roasting in the Fire." Yet, after having outrageous sex with my mother and sister, if I could have shameful sex with my aunt and cousin, in the horny state that I was now, burning in Hell while having to listen to Nat King Cole singing the same song forever may be worth it.

Hmm, in the way that, no doubt, Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson's father, obviously had sex with his four daughters, Janet, La Toya, Rebbie, and Joh'Vonnie, I wondered if Nat King Cole ever had sex with his daughter, Natalie Cole. Even though Natalie isn't blood related, I'd do her, along with Venus and Serena Williams. No doubt, they'd kill me. They'd crush my skull between those big, muscular thighs but what a way to die.

* * * * *

My sister's age, twenty-one-years-old, yet even prettier and sexier than my sister, not an easy thing to be, Diane is my wicked hot cousin. Unbelievably, only when seeing them together, do I realize that my cousin is even hotter than my sister. When seeing them apart, one is as beautiful, sexy, and shapely as the other.

Unfortunately, what God giveth, God taketh away. Tall, blonde, shapely, and beautiful, born with a stripper's body and a model's face, when it comes to intelligence, barely making it out of high school, if not for some admiring teachers who gave her an easy C, she's not the brightest star in the universe. In her analytical inability to understand even the simplest of comments and concepts, forget about basic math skills, she's more akin to Penny than she is to Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory. If ever there was a victim for men to take advantage of and fuck over, that's my cousin Diane. A trusting and believing soul who is so naively gullible, deeply religious, kind, good, and generous, Snow White with blonde hair, she'd fall for anyone's line.

Here's an example of Diane's naiveté and dimwittedness. Last summer, out hiking in a secluded, wooded area outside of Boston with her dog, a man she had just met told her that he had been bitten by a rattlesnake and would die if she didn't suck out the poison. A rattlesnake? C'mon? Seriously? There aren't any rattlesnakes around here. And with as many healthcare facilities and hospitals in the greater Boston area as there are schools, colleges, and universities, he could have hobbled off to one of them for immediate and better medical care than having my cousin sucking out poison.

Seriously, unless the snake was a pet, no one in their right mind would keep a rattlesnake as a pet. As far as I know, we don't have rattlesnakes in the immediate vicinity of Boston. Further, our only wild life, other than some big roaches, water rats, alley rats, and scads of pigeons and annoying squirrels, except for the occasional politician out and about shaking hands, I've never seen a poisonous snake on our city streets. His reason for needing my cousin to immediately suck out the rattlesnake poison only added to the ridiculousness of the story.

How could she be so dumb? How could she fall for his obvious deception? It's a good thing that my cousin has me to protect her now from predators who prey upon dumb, beautiful, sexy blondes.

To further add to the ridiculousness of his claim that he was bitten by a rattlesnake, guess where he was bitten? Oh, yeah, you guessed it. Unbelievably, the snake bit the man in of all places, right in the cock. What are the odds of that?

What was he lying on the ground while taking a piss? Unless the man was taking a leak and had a cock the size of a cane, what are the odds of a rattlesnake biting someone on the cock, especially on the outskirts of Boston and far away from the desert? Oh my God, how could my cousin be so dumb to fall for that line?

"Please Miss," he said asking my cousin for help. "If you don't help me, if you don't suck out the poison, I'll die," he said unzipping himself and pulling out his swollen prick as his only evidence that he had been bitten.

Actually a good line to use on an unsuspecting dumb blonde, I wish I had thought of it but no woman that I know would fall for such a story. If it wasn't enough that this pervert was exposing himself to my cousin, he wanted my cousin to suck out the imaginary rattlesnake poison from his erect prick.

No doubt having never seen a cock before except for seeing one in sex education class at school, on a statue at the Museum of Fine Arts, in a medical reference book, and in a Play Girl magazine that one of her friends left behind in her car, she was shocked. Diane looked from the man to his cock before looking back at the man and before staring at his cock. The good Christian woman and Good Samaritan that she is, not wanting the poor man to die, she immediately took quick medical action.

"Okay, I'll do it," she said, no doubt thinking that it wasn't so much of a suck job but more of a preventative medical action that was needed to save a life.

Something so very difficult to do with her mouth full of a cock, I can only imagine what a priest does to her mouth when asking her to fall to her knees to confess her sins. Anyway, the good person that she is, Diane fell to her knees and sucked and stroked the man's prick until she sucked out all of the imaginary poison, every last drop. Only instead of swallowing what she truly believed was rattlesnake venom but what was really cum, she spit his cum out on the ground. What's even more unbelievable, as if it's her badge of honor that she truly believes that she's saved someone's life, is that she tells everyone the story about how she saved the life of this poor, albeit sexually lucky man who had been bitten by a rattle snake in his cock.

"Diane, Diane, Diane," I said shaking my head while talking to myself. "You are truly one of a kind."

Dumber than Goldie Hawn in Laugh-in, dumber than beautiful, sexy Carol Wayne, the dumb blonde who routinely appeared on the Johnny Carson Show and who raised everyone's eyebrows by the dumb things that she said and did, Diane gave credence that blondes are dumb. Fortunately for me, seeing me as the big, protective brother she never had, my cousin Diane believes everything that I say.

"Thank you Jesus. Sorry. Thank you Satan."

Always wanting to pull the old bitten by a rattlesnake scenario on her, I don't think she'd fall for it a second time but knowing my cousin Diane, who knows? With me always there for her to make sure that no man makes her his sexy, sexual slave and his bad to the bone bitch, I'd risk her giving birth to a two headed baby to have incestuous sex with her. Simply irresistible, she's gorgeous.

As much as I wanted to have hot sex with my mother and wild sex with my sister, it's always been my long time sexual fantasy to have crazy, mad sex with my aunt Kathy and wild, passionate sex with my cousin Diane. A sexual fantasy before, now that I'm having hot sex with my mother and my sister and now that my mother invited my aunt and my cousin to stay the summer and possibly sleep in the same bed, maybe I can have hot sex with my aunt and cousin too. If not having passionate sex with my Cousin Diane, maybe we can have such touchy feely sex that will preserve her virginity. Hopefully, at the very least, I'll at least have crazy, mad sex with her mother, my Aunt Kathy.


* * * * *

Once I started having incestuous sex with my mother and my sister, the three of us now sleep naked in the same bed. Before we had sex, being that we only have the two bedrooms, my Mom slept on the living room sofa. Because I contribute the most in support of them, she gave up her bedroom to me because of all the overtime I've been working. Now hoping that the five of us would all sleep in the same bed together, my mother, my sister, my aunt, and my cousin, and I, where else was my mother going to put my aunt and cousin other than in the same bed?

I was so sexually excited that my aunt and cousin were spending the summer with us that I forgot that we had a second bedroom. I forgot that we had a couch. Figuring that we'd all sleep naked together, all that I could think about was my mother, my sister, my aunt, and my cousin all sleeping naked together with me.

Naked, naked, naked, I couldn't wait to see my aunt and cousin naked. Naked, naked, naked, I couldn't wait for my aunt and cousin to see me naked. Naked, naked, naked, naked, I couldn't wait to sleep naked with my aunt and cousin. A sexual fantasy I hoped would come true, it wasn't difficult for me to imagine my mother, my aunt, my sister, and my cousin all sleeping naked in the same bed while I served them coffee and toast. Naked, naked, naked, naked, I couldn't wait to see them all together naked.

"Good morning ladies. How did you all sleep?"

I imagined saying to them while masturbating myself later over the sight of seeing four pairs of C cup tits, eight areolas, eight nipples, four asses, and four pussies. With a whore of a mother, a slut of a sister, a crazy aunt, and a sexy cousin, can incestuous sex get any better than that? Back on my game, I was no longer bored. Instead, I was sexually excited. I couldn't wait for my aunt and cousin to arrive.

"Let the games begin. Wow."

I should have known that it was too good to be true when my sexual fantasy was quickly crushed. Instead of the five of us sleeping naked together in the same bed as I had fantasized, I was told the sleeping arrangements the night that my aunt and cousin arrived. My mother, Jen, would sleep in my room with her sister, Kathy, and my cousin, Diane, would sleep with my sister, Emma, in her room. The odd man out, literally and figuratively, I was relegated to sleeping in the living room on the couch with the dog, a Rat terrier named Polo. Are you kidding me? Not fair.

"It's just me and you buddy," I said rubbing the dog's head.

A good dog but, pound for pound, a ferocious beast, a dog that would bite the hand that feeds him, fortunately for me, he perceives me as his pack leader. Polo is loyal only to me, that is, unless there are women around. A chip off the old block, a lap dog, a leg humper, and a face licker, I never saw a dog who loves women so much. So long as my mother, sister, aunt, and cousin aren't around giving him pets, rubs, and love, all I have to do is to put my hand down and wherever he is, he comes right over for me to rub his head, scratch his ear, and give him a doggie, body massage. It also helps if I'm holding a dog cookie in my hand.

If you don't know anything about Rat terriers, let me inform you about the tenacious breed of dog that they are. Right up there with a Pit Bull, I was watching this dog show and they named all the things that each breed of dog does. When they came to the Jack Russell terrier and the Rat terrier they described them as natural born killers. The Rat terrier holds the record for killing the most rats. One Rat terrier was let loose in a barn on a farm in England and, within five hours, the dog had killed thirteen hundred rats. They take them by the neck and shake them. Of course he was bitten by rats in the process of killing them too but he was alive while all of those rats were dead.

Being that the Rat terrier is the king of the house, the property laws of the Rat terrier is as follows. If I like it, it's mine. If it's in my mouth, it's mine. If I had it a little while ago, it's still mine. If I can take it from you, it's mine. If it just looks like it's mine, it's mine. If I saw it first, it's mine. If it's edible, it's mine. If I chew something up, all the pieces are still mine. If it's mine, it will never be yours. If I break it, it's yours. If I get tired of it, it's yours. If I want it back, it's mine.

Actually not so bad sleeping on the couch with the overstuffed cushions, multitude of pillows, and the dog, the old sofa is fairly comfortable for something that we dug out of the trash and had reupholstered. Now the best piece of furniture in our little house, a real focal point, the living room sofa is the center of attention. We even bought drapes, a new carpet to color coordinate it, and a big screen TV with a TV stand. Instead just a dumping ground for clutter, for the first time our living room looks more like a living room.

Everyone must walk by the couch to go to the kitchen and/or bathroom. When not sitting on the sofa, everyone eats their cereal and/or drinks their coffee from the chairs that are directly and intentionally positioned across from me. From my low vantage point when laying on the sofa, so long as their nighties are short enough, hiked up enough, and their knees are spread open wide enough, I'm given plenty of up nightgown flashes of panties and pussies. Even though I've seen my mother and my sister's panties and pussies dozens of times, seeing them again is a voyeuristic sight that I never tire of seeing.

Then, being that I'm the incorrigible incestuous voyeur that I am, happily and fortunately for me, whenever they lean forward to eat their cereal, I'm given constant down nightgown views of their naked breasts. Tits, tits, tits, I just love naked tits in the morning as much as I love naked tits in the evening and naked tits in the afternoons for that matter. I just love naked tits, especially when those naked tits belong to my mother, my sister, my aunt, and my cousin.

Adding to my voyeuristic, incestuous excitement, my Aunt Kathy, the whore that she is, as if airing out her pussy, enjoys sitting with her feet up on the chair or on the ottoman. Obviously comfortable for her while flashing and teasing me, the view she gives me is so sexually exciting. Sitting directly across from me, as if I'm her personal gynecologist, she sits so close that I can nearly reach out my hand and finger her, she gives me a constant view up her nightgown while pretending that she's oblivious to my stares. Being that she never wears panties, unless she's wearing jeans, she gives me a commanding view of her pussy. From where I'm lying on the couch, I can practically count the pubic hairs of her blonde, trimmed pussy while she more focuses on eating her cereal than on my stares with me wishing that I could eat her pussy.

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