tagIncest/TabooAunt Brenda's Feet

Aunt Brenda's Feet


I'm a 24 year old guy. I have had a foot fetish all of my life. I have always found my Aunt Brenda's feet to be exceptionally sexy. She is in her late 50's but looks to be mid 40's, a COMPLETE MILF! She's 5'7, average sized body, always well dressed and pampered. She's kind of a flirt as well and feeds into my obsession with her sexy feet.

I went to visit her one weekend at her house to stay for a few days. She came into the living room where I was hanging out, watching TV.

"What a work out, I need to get off my feet."

"Is there anything you need?" I ask.

"maybe a drink..."

I got a drink from the kitchen and returned to the living room with it. She had taken her shoes off and had her feet resting on the coffee table.

"Thank's Alan, have a seat."

I sat down and couldn't help but stare at her cute feet and cute little toes. She was flipping through the channels when she must have noticed my gaze. Then she started to wiggle her toes around and rub her feet against each other. My mouth began to water as I tried discreetly to stare at them. Shortly after she began to talk to me.

"My feet are kinda sore from running." she complained.

"Do you want a foot massage?" I asked, hoping she wouldn't find this weird.

"Really? You'd do that for me?" She retorted.

"Sure why not." I replied.

I got down in front of her and started rubbing her right foot. Then I moved to the left. I could tell she loved it and I could feel my dick growing in my pants.

"Alan, you like feet don't you??" she asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you like women's feet, they turn you on..." she answered.

"Maybe...why do you ask??"

"One, I notice you staring at my feet ever since I got home and two, your dick is hard."

Her talking about this was making me really horny. I admitted that yes I was a foot guy.

"Yes Aunt Brenda, I do like feet a lot, and I like your feet. Does this feel good?" I asked her.

"Yes...Is there anything else you could do to my feet to make them and me feel good?"

"I could....suck your toes?"

"Ok" she responded.

The moment I've been waiting for. I took her foot in my hand and moved it to my mouth. I placed her foot gently on my lips and opened my mouth, I slid her foot into my mouth and began to suck and lick her toes. I caressed and licked and sucked her foot for a while, my dick got so hard. She began to rub my crotch with her other foot. I was so horny. I quickly grabbed both of her feet by the ankles and brought them together.

"That feels so good Alan!" she moaned.

I licked all around both feet until they were soaked with my saliva. I licked her soles, between her toes and sucked on each toe. After moving to her ankles with my tongue I slowly pulled her capri pants off. I ran my tongue up her right leg until I got to her thighs. as she continued to moan with pleasure I licked all over her thighs and slowly worked my way to her MILF pussy. I moved her panties aside to see her lightly hairy pussy and caressed her clit with my tongue. I continued licking her clit and then stuck my tongue in her pussy as she moaned. As I licked every part of her beautiful hairy pussy, I pushed her legs up and began to tongue her puckering asshole.

"ohhh, please don't stop.." she pleaded.

I removed my shorts and boxers as I tongued her asshole and she continued to moan with pleasure. I went back to her pussy for a few licks before moving up to her tits. I undid her blouse and started sucking her tits. As I did this she reached down to stoke my fully erect cock.

"Come here." she demanded as I moved to face level with her. My tongue went into her open mouth and we kissed passionately. We kissed for a long time, her tongue caressing mine. She pushed me back finally and put her feet on my shoulders and exposed her pussy for my throbbing dick.

"I want you to fuck me Alan!" she demanded in a panting voice.

"Yes ma'am, I want to so bad!" I responded.

I caressed her pussy lips with my dickhead before sliding my 8" manhood inside her soaking wet pussy.

As I did this she moved her feet to my mouth and I began to thrust my dick in to her beautiful vagina as I sucked her toes. I fucked her hard but passionately as I had the big toe from each foot in my mouth sucking on the sweet nectar. I licked all over her feet once again as I made love to her.

"Oh my god, Alan, I'm cumming" she screamed.

I continue to fuck her and worship her feet as she cums over and over. I pull out and lay on the floor and she get's on top of me reverse cowgirl style. She starts bouncing up and down on me and I once again take her toes into my mouth at this new angle. After a few minutes of her riding me and me sucking on those sweet toes and licking her soft soles I can't take anymore.

I'm gonna cum Aunt Brenda!" I warn.

She gets off of me and turns around and starts sucking my cock. A grab her hair as she sucks and deepthroats. After a minute or so I start to moan loud "Ahhhh I'm CUMMMMINGGG!" I shoot my huge load into her sucking mouth as she moans "MMMMH"

I sit up, she pulls her face from my dick and I kiss her passionately again, caressing each others tongues, sharing my cumshot. "You're kinky" she states. I smile and nod as we both swallow the cum in our mouths. We kiss again and she say's "That was an awesome experience, let's get cleaned up." I agree whole heartedly and we both make our way up to the shower.

In the shower we wash each other and I get horny again. I start fingering her pussy, she starts stoking my cock. She gets on her knees and starts sucking me off. It feels so good that within a couple minutes I cum again. without warning this time I shoot my load into her mouth and down her throat. She leans back, opens her mouth, plays with the cum with her tongue, then swallows it all. We kiss again then get out of the shower.

"I think we just found a new hobby!" she playfully reamrks.

"Yeah, I'm gonna have to visit regularly."

I can't wait until I go visit Aunt Brenda again.

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