tagIncest/TabooAunt Ellen Ch. 4

Aunt Ellen Ch. 4

byAlex De Kok©

This is a work of fiction, written for enjoyment and amusement; hopefully yours as well as mine. Comment and constructive criticism invited.


"It's your turn now, Kathy," I said, smiling at my nephew's horny girlfriend.

"Hey, I need rest," said Matt plaintively.

"No, you need encouragement. Lie back." I wriggled out from his encircling arm and knelt beside him. "Kathy, you there," I indicated. She got it straight away and grinned and the two of us extended our tongues and licked at opposite sides of Matt's cock. Kathy got a thoughtful look on her face and took another lick, then to my surprise put her finger into her cunt and then brought it to her lips and licked. She smiled at me.

"We taste different," she said. "On Matt's prick I can taste him and you. I've tasted Matt before, so I know what he tastes like, so the new flavour has to be you."

"I guess it does," I said slowly. I put my finger in my own cunt and then licked it. I could taste Matt and myself. "May I?" I said to Kathy, reaching for her hand.

"Just a moment," she said, "I've licked it clean, I'll get fresh." She put her finger back into her pussy then extended it to me. "Here," she said.

I licked her finger. Similar, yes, but different. "You taste good," I said.

"So do you," said Kathy. She glanced at Matt whose face was alive with curiosity. He laughed.

"You should have asked me," he said, grinning, "I knew you tasted different."

"I guess we should, " I said. "Come on, Kathy, back to work."

We established a rhythm. We ran our tongues simultaneously up Matt's cock, then I would take the whole thing in my mouth, then release it. Then we'd do the same again except that this time it was Kathy who'd do the swallowing. It wasn't long before Matt's cock was hard again. I sat back.

"Your turn, honey," I said to Kathy. "Do you mind if I just watch, this time?"

"I don't mind at all," said Kathy, "It just makes me hornier!" She turned to Matt. "You ready, sweetheart?"

"Sure am," said Matt. "Just one thing."

"Yes?" said Kathy.

"Unless Ellen has got some rubbers, I'll have to go and find my jeans. I'm not planning to make you pregnant."

"In my purse, Matt, there should be a couple." I leered at the others. "Never know when you might need them." I grabbed my purse from the bedside table and rummaged for a moment, before passing the little foil packet to Matt. He passed it to Kathy, who smiled, tore open the packet and expertly unrolled the rubber onto Matt's rampant prick.

"You've done that before," I said, winking at her.

"A few times," nodded Kathy. She lay back and spread her legs. "Come on, Matt, fuck me while your aunt watches us."

Matt laughed and knelt between Kathy's legs. I was excited, I'd never actually watched another couple fuck before. OK, I'd been out, particularly back in my high school day, where a girl friend and I had ended up fucking our dates. But I'd never been in a position to watch. It was usually dark and modesty and caution dictated discretion. Now it was broad daylight and the participants had no objection to me watching. I was loving this!

I studied Kathy carefully. Her labia were flushed and engorged, moisture visible in the crack of her ass. She saw me studying her, grinned and spread her legs even further. I smiled in acknowledgement and watched fascinated as Matt put his prick to the entrance to Kathy's pussy. He pushed gently and I watched breathless as her lower lips spread to accept the blunt head of his weapon, the lips turning in slightly as he pushed gently into her, then out as he moved to spread her lubrication.

It was no time at all until all of Matt's prick was in her and his ass moved rhythmically as he fucked her. Kathy's legs came up around Matt's waist and she hooked her heels together behind his back as he moved. I glanced at her face. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was deep. Suddenly, I needed more. I reached under the pillow and groped for my dildo. I pulled it out and sat up, my feet together, my knees falling apart to reveal my cunt. Kathy felt my movement and opened her eyes. She grinned when I brandished the dildo and watched open-mouthed as I slid it carefully and sensuously into my soaking cunt.

I took a deep breath and sat for a moment just enjoying the feeling of being full, then began to stroke the plastic prick in and out. Kathy was still watching me carefully and her breathing was quickening as Matt fucked her steadily. I caught his eye and he grinned, never missing a beat in his rhythm. I matched my rhythm to his, my dildo matching his prick, stroke for stroke.

Kathy's eyes were closed again and her breathing was ragged. I thought she couldn't be far off coming and I began to stimulate my clitoris as I fucked myself steadily with the dildo. My own breathing was beginning to get ragged too and I could feel those wonderful sensations beginning to build in me. Kathy was panting now and she began to mutter.

"Fuck me, Matt, fuck me. Yes, Matt, fuck me, Matt, I want to feel you come in me, Matt. Fuck me, baby, fuck me hard. Hard, baby, hard!"

Her words got to me and I could feel myself getting very close. I thrust even harder with the dildo, pretending it was Matt.

"Oh, baby! I'm close," said Matt suddenly, urgently. "I - am - sooo - close!"

Kathy began to wail, then she shuddered and her back arched and she clutched Matt fiercely. She screamed suddenly, then went boneless. Matt stiffened, then he jolted as his climax came and he spilled his seed into the condom, shaking and juddering as he came. It was too much for me and I came myself, my own climax shaking me, my cunt crushing down on the dildo, the orgasm wracking me as I shuddered in ecstasy.

Gradually, we stilled. Kathy reached out and squeezed my fingers. "Best yet," she whispered.

I squeezed back. "I never watched before," I said, "it was incredible."

"You can watch me fuck Ellen later," Matt said to Kathy, then smiled at us both. He yawned suddenly. "It might be a while though, you two have gotten me bushed!"

"I think we all need rest," I said. "Give me a hand to straighten this bed. We'll have a nap, then a swim, then something to eat. I have to feed and walk the dogs later, but after that, it's evening and then the night. Do we all sleep together?"

"We do," said Kathy firmly. "It's what we do when we wake up that needs to be decided."

"Let it happen," said Matt, laughing, "we have tonight and tomorrow yet." He pointed. "I think you'd better take that dildo out for the moment."

When we had the bed straightened, we settled down for a nap. Matt fell asleep as if he'd been switched off, totally out. I wasn't really sleepy, just nicely tired from our lovemaking. Matt was in the middle of the bed, snoring gently and Kathy and I were on each side of him. I stretched out and I guess I must have dozed a little.

I woke, slightly disoriented for a moment, then relaxed. Matt was still asleep. I moved carefully so as not to wake him and looked across at Kathy. She was awake and smiled at me. I mimed 'talk' to her and raised my eyebrows in query. She nodded, 'yes', and we carefully got out of bed and left Matt to his dreams. Kathy and I tiptoed out, the two of us still naked, and went downstairs to the living-room.

"Do you want a robe?" I asked Kathy. "There are some in the cabana." "Not if you don't," she replied. She smiled. "I like being naked, it's summer and I feel comfortable with you."

I laughed. "That's just as well, considering what we've been doing."

Kathy giggled. "It was fun." She glanced at me, her eyes sparkling. "Did you enjoy watching Matt fuck me?"

"Gods, yes!" I exclaimed. "That was a first for me. I mean, I've been in situations where I've been fucking and there was another couple there, but never in daylight." I looked across at her. "How did you and Matt first get together?"

She smiled. "Well, we knew each other from school, of course, and we'd been out together in groups. You know the sort of thing, someone says 'let's go to the beach' and fifteen or twenty of you go together. I liked Matt and I was hoping he'd ask me out, but there always seemed to be someone else around. When he asked me to come over here with him I was really pleased." She grinned at me. "I mean, what sort of competition could Matt's aunt possibly be? But that first weekend I'd already arranged to go away with Mom, so we arranged to come over today. I have the definite feeling that if Todd hadn't turned his ankle so that he and Matt came home early and Matt caught Lisa and me playing with the dildo, then today wouldn't have been so intimate."

"Yeah, probably not," I said. "And don't forget, I seduced Matt on the spur of the moment last weekend. I didn't plan it, it just happened. If it hadn't, today would have been even more unlikely."

"Agreed," said Kathy, "but it was being excited by being with Lisa and playing with the dildo, I think, that made me say yes to fucking Matt."

"No regrets?" I asked.

"Only that I didn't try to seduce Matt myself, earlier." Kathy smiled at me and took my hand. "I love being with Matt and fucking, and I loved having you there to share it with me."

"I enjoyed it, too," I said. "I was a little hesitant about touching you, but when I did you felt so good."

"Mmm," she said, squeezing my fingers, "It was lovely!" She looked at me enquiringly. "Have you ever made love to a woman?"

"Not so far," I said, "I like a good, hard prick attached to a nice, warm man too much. Have you?"

Kathy dropped her eyes and shook her head. "No," she murmured, "not really." She looked at me. "I don't think Lisa and I did it properly. I mean, I kissed her tits and I stroked her and played with her pussy until she came, and she did the same to me." She flushed. "If you'd like to try it, then so would I." I didn't say anything, but I could feel my pussy moistening and I nodded. She reached out gently and took me in her arms. My arms went around her and I raised my lips for her kiss. Her lips were warm and soft and at first the kiss was one between friends, nothing more, then her lips parted and I could feel her tongue pressing gently. Almost of its own volition, my mouth opened and our tongues entwined. Her mouth was sweet and I could feel my breathing quickening, my heart beginning to beat faster. The kiss was long and I was loving it.

Her hand dropped to my breast and began to play with my nipple. She gently broke the kiss and for a moment I felt lost, then her lips closed on my nipple and I abandoned myself to the sensations. Kathy's warm hand was stroking my ribs, my hip, my thigh. My pussy was soaking now as Kathy ran her hand along my thigh, then back. As she moved her hand back, she moved it to the inside of my thigh then gently cupped her hand and pressed it to my pussy, stroking my cleft gently with her middle finger.

I shuddered with pleasure. My breathing was quick now and my aching nipples were as hard as pebbles. Kathy gently disentangled herself from me, pressing me gently back on the couch, running her lips down my throat, across my breasts, down my belly, licking my navel as she passed. I was tingling with anticipation, dying for the touch of her mouth on my cunt, expecting it, hoping for it, aching for it, yet it was still an incredible shock to my system as I felt her tongue lave me from ass to clitoris. Involuntarily, I moaned and Kathy looked up from her ministrations and winked.

"It feels wonderful," I said thickly, as she continued to lap at me.

Kathy raised her head briefly, her lips and chin glistening with my juice. "It tastes good, too," she murmured, then lowered her head again. Her tongue began its busy work again, but now she began to kiss at the inside of my thighs, to flick my clitoris lightly with her tongue, then suck it for a few moments before resuming her random touches. My pussy was soaking and my stomach muscles were beginning to ripple as Kathy brought me nearer and nearer to climax.

I was moaning as her tongue continued its delightful torture and I knew she had me on the brink of orgasm. "I'm close, lover, very close," I managed to say coherently when all I wanted to do was babble. Kathy glanced up at me, then as she took my clitoris between her lips she slid two fingers into my aching pussy.

I came. I nearly crushed her as my thighs clamped on her head. I uttered a strangled scream and my belly began to thrash as I climaxed. As I was coming down from my high, Kathy flicked my clitoris with her tongue and set me off again. Eventually I pushed her head away. "No more, Kathy, I can't take any more." I pulled at her and she came up into my arms. We kissed again, frantically, almost violently, until eventually I broke the kiss and pulled her into my arms, my head on her shoulder, shuddering.

When I was able to speak again, I said to her, "You've done that before, you must have!"

Kathy shook her head in denial. "No," she said, "I just remembered what I liked when Matt ate me and what I wished he'd done and figured you would enjoy it, too."

"You're damn' right, I did," I said with feeling. I laughed. "I still prefer the prick with a man attached."

"Me, too," said Kathy. She looked at me. "Are you going to eat me, now?" she asked, almost shyly.

I nodded. "Yes I am," I said firmly, then kissed her again. It was my turn to caress this time, my turn to stroke Kathy's beautiful, firm tits, to feel her nipples erecting under my fingers, my turn to bite her nipple gently between my teeth, to feel her shudder. My turn to kiss down the slopes of her breasts, across her taut belly, down through the sex-enhanced scent of her pubic hair. My turn to feel the heat of her cunt on my tongue, to feel her shudder as I gently bit her clitoris, to hear her moan gently as my tongue moved rhythmically over her secret places. It was my turn to bring her shuddering to the brink of orgasm, then push her over the top so that I in my turn was in danger of strangulation as her knees clamped on my head.

Slowly her trembling eased and she released her vice-like grip on my head. I was kneeling on the floor beside the couch while Kathy was sprawled spread-legged on its edge. I was leaning on her legs, my forearms on her thighs, the smell of her sex in my nose and on my lips. I was still wet myself from our shared excitement and I was so very ready for a cock in my cunt.

Kathy's eyes were sparkling and she must have seen him coming, but it was a shock to me when warm hands clasped my hips and I was pulled gently back onto Matt's rampant tool. He sank straight into me, so wet was I and paused for a moment, buried to his balls in my pussy.

"Surprise!" he murmured in my ear. "Sexy girls, I've been watching you two. Did I miss Kathy eating you?" he asked.

"You certainly did," Kathy laughed. "It was great!" She leaned across me and kissed him. "Don't worry, Matt, we've decided we both prefer a nice hard cock."

I didn't say anything, I was too busy just enjoying having my nephew buried to the hilt in me again. He began to move gently, almost withdrawing then pushing forward again. I was still leaning on Kathy's legs but she pulled gently at me until I was well between her legs so that I could brace myself on the edge of the couch. She lifted her hands and began to gently stroke my tits.

The combination of sensations, Matt behind me and Kathy in front, was marvellous and I closed my eyes and abandoned myself to my feelings. I was readier than I thought and it seemed no time at all before I could feel myself on the brink of orgasm again. I clamped my cunt muscles tightly on Matt's lovely cock.

"I'm going to come, Matt, very soon. Come in me, Matt, come in my pussy!" I said hoarsely. Matt began to thrust harder, almost bouncing me into Kathy. She eased herself back and I kissed her nipple, sucking and licking. Surprised, she clasped my head to her and I switched my attention to her other tit.

Matt was muttering incoherently behind me, moving faster and faster and just as I was about to scream my climax to the world, Matt grunted inaudibly and thrust hard into me. I guess we came together but I'm not certain as I was too involved in my own ecstasy. Matt collapsed across my back and I sprawled into Kathy.

Gradually we stilled and disentangled ourselves. There was a look of awe on Kathy's face.

"What is it?" I asked gently.

"Your faces," she said. "When you came. I was watching both of you; it was incredible to see you." She shook her head. "Marvellous," she murmured.

"It's the last time you'll see me come for a while," said Matt. "This time I am definitely fucked out!"

"A challenge, Ellen," said Kathy, grinning.

"Yep, definitely. But for the moment, I'm going for a swim. Then I'm going to set dinner out. You two can do what you like, but dinner is in an hour, then we feed and walk the dogs. After that, well, we'll see," I said, easing myself to my feet.

"I'm coming with you, Ellen," said Kathy. She held out her hand and I tugged her to her feet. We looked at Matt, still on his knees, his prick half-hard and visibly wilting. He smiled up at us.

"Go on, I'll follow. In a year or two when I've got my strength back."

I laughed and took Kathy's hand. "Come on, Kathy, let's swim!" I smiled at her. "We can discuss Matt's fate."


Comment and constructive criticism invited.

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