tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 03

Auntie Mabel Ch. 03


Luckily it was a bank holiday and John didn't have to go to work. He was extremely excited as he looked through all his car magazines. He was spoilt for choice, there were so many cars that he loved. His dad was also skimming through them; he explained to John that if he was going to try and teach a sixty-year-old woman to drive, he had better forget about a sporty car.

She would most probably kill them both, the first time she got behind the wheel. They should look for something sensible, and suitable for the job. Who knows, when she finally passed her test, she may well buy a jaguar or something similar. John knew his dad was right, it was nice to dream of a hot hatch like his friend Steve, but it wouldn't really to suitable for the job.

Anyway he couldn't really make any choice, until he knew how much Auntie Mabel could afford to pay. Thinking of her always brought a smile to his face, and a warm feeling to his cock. He had noticed that when he was away from her, he thought of her as Auntie Mabel.

When he was with her, especially in private, he thought of her as May. His May, his lover, and teacher of all things sexual. Even the thought of May gave him an erection; if he closed his eyes he could see her naked. He could remember the tightness of her cunt, and the erotic thrill of fucking her up her arse.

John had dreamed about her last night. No, that wasn't strictly true, he had in the past dreamt about girls in the office at work. Especially the sexy Jane Sanderson, she was blond and beautiful, and had told him to call her Sandy.

He had dreamt of going up behind her, and sliding his hands around her, until he could cup her firm young breasts in his hands. He had dreamt of her bending over her desk, and pulling down her panties to allow him free access to her naked cunt. He had dreamt that he had fucked her until she came, in full view of his friends on the shop floor.

Those he realised were just dreams, they had never happened, they probably never would happen. When he dreamed of May, the things he did to her in his dream, he had really done to her whilst awake. They were more memories than dreams, and he had a very good memory when it came to May.

That explained why he woke up with the most urgent erection he had ever had. Normally he would have to wank his cock to relive the need. But knowing that he was going to be with May today, he jealously guarded his come for her. Rather than waste it squirting over his belly and balls, he determined to save it for her. Just in case the opportunity arose, when he could squirt it in her mouth, cunt or arse.

John couldn't wait to see his sexy mentor again. She had turned him from a shy virgin, into a confident lover, in just a few days. He looked at his watch for the time, she would soon be here.

John got up and walked to the window, looking out he was delighted to see May walking down the path to their front door. His eyes drank in everything about her. She had her beautiful long golden hair in its habitual bun, hidden under a floppy hat.

As it was still a hot day she was only wearing a short summer dress with a floral pattern, and smart sandals. A matching handbag was slung over one shoulder. John smiled, and his cock twitched as he remembered what she kept in her handbag.

Along with all the usual things, May had a tube of ky, just in case they got the chance for John to fuck her up the arse. May loved it up the bum, it gave her multiple orgasms. John loved to thrust his big cock between the cheeks of her firm little arse, and bugger her every chance he had.

He went quickly to the door to greet her, his parents were in the back room, so he might be able to give May a kiss and cuddle in secret. Although May was his willing and wanton woman in private, when they were in public, she acted like an Aunt, and he had to treat her as such.

He opened the door, and drew her inside the house. As soon as the door closed, he pressed her back against it, and kissed her passionately on her willing mouth. His hand slid up the inside of her thigh, until he felt the lovely soft curls of her pubic hair. May rarely wore knickers, and certainly not when she knew she would be with him.

She opened her legs for him, and he pushed his finger deep into her ready cunt. Her hand was grasping and rubbing his cock through his trousers, and his erection was getting painful. May had been remembering John as she walked towards his house, and those thoughts had turned her on, and made her cunt juicy.

Being older and wiser, she broke off the kiss first before they were caught. She reached down, and getting hold of John's hand, pulled his finger slowly out of her cunt. She lifted his hand to her mouth, and making sure he was watching closely, placed his finger into her mouth, and slowly sucked her cunt juice off it.

With a last squeeze of his cock, she brushed herself down, and walked past him into the lounge. He knew she had gone ahead, to give him a chance to sort out his erection. Once he had arranged his cock neatly in his pants, he followed her in.

Choosing a car.

May was already chatting to Doreen, about things of no interest to him or his dad. Finally they were through with their girls talk, and May sat down at the table with John and Sam. She asked what sort of car they thought she should buy.

They both looked at each other in embarrassment, and said nothing. Doreen explained to Mabel, that they couldn't really decide on a car until they knew her budget. They were pleasantly shocked when Mabel said that it didn't matter how much the car cost, she needed to learn to drive, and she was willing to pay for what she wanted.

Would she be able to buy a suitable car for around £20,000? She asked them. Sam and John were amazed, they had been thinking of a little second hand banger up to £2,000, they told her this and she laughed. 'Sam my darling man, I wouldn't be seen dead in a car like that, I always buy new, it's cheaper in the long run you know.' Mabel replied chuckling.

Given those parameters, they eventually chose a new Mini. They explained that the new version was much bigger than the old one, but it was easy to drive and economical. 'Doe's it have a back seat?' she asked, looking at John. ' I would need to take my handbag with me, and I would need somewhere to put it.'

She looked straight at him, and slowly licked her lips. John immediately got an erection again, May licking her lips was their secret sign that she wanted him to fuck her. She had impressed a memory of her mouth full of his cum, and her slowly licking her lips before swallowing it all.

She knew it would get him hard, wherever he was at the time. Luckily the table hid his telltale bulge, and he buried his head in the specifications of the car while his cock subsided. 'Are you thirsty Mabel? ' asked Doreen, noticing Mabel licking her lips. 'I would love to get my mouth around a nice hot cuppa,' she answered again looking at John innocently.

For fucks sake May, he thought I'm trying to concentrate here, as his cock swelled up again. 'Why don't you sit down Doreen, I'm sure John wouldn't mind making me a cup of tea,' May suggested wickedly. John went pale at the thought, if he stood up now his mum would see his erection.

Luckily Doreen laughed at the very thought of John making a decent cup of tea, and chuckling went into the kitchen. Sam got up and followed her out, to talk about the coming purchase. This left John and May alone in the room. 'What are you playing at May?' he whispered to her angrily, ' you know I've got a hard on and daren't stand up' 'Sorry my darling, but I couldn't help it, I was very naughty, and you will have to punish me severely, as soon as possible' she whispered back suggestively. 'Perhaps something concerning my arse, and your cock?' 'You are going to make me come in my pants, if you don't behave yourself,' he muttered.

Doreen came back in with the tea, they had decided that as Mabel would be paying out such a large sum of money. Sam would be in charge of the actual purchase. Sam, Mabel and John would catch the train into town, and look at the cars available.

Sam had explained to Mabel that although a Mini was a good choice for a learner, there were variations of Mini and he didn't want John buying her a Mini Cooper S by mistake. 'Thank you dad, as if I would,' said John.

The train station

Mabel had a plan concerning Sam, she had recently discovered that years ago, he had pretended to be asleep whilst she fucked him. She was going to make him pay for that, and teach him not to underestimate her again. When they reached the train station, John ran up the stairs ahead of them to get their tickets.

Mabel walked up the stairs ahead of Sam. The stairs were pretty steep, and halfway up Mabel dropped her handbag. Bending from the waist she picked it up. Sam walking right behind her, barely had time to stop, and just avoided banging his face into her bottom.

As it was he had a perfect view up her dress, he could see her bum clearly as she wasn't wearing any knickers. Also, as she had one foot on the next step up, her legs were apart and he saw her bushy golden pubic hair between her legs.

The last time he had seen her naked hairy cunt, it had been through half opened eyes, as he had been pretending to be asleep on her mothers sofa. He had watched, as that same golden cunt, had bounced up and down on his throbbing cock. After he had shot his cum up into that cunt, he had watched as she lifted it off his cock.

All those great memories came flooding back, and to his dismay his cock remembered her cunt too. He got an enormous erection there on the stairs. Mabel continued up the stairs as though nothing had happened. Sam took off his jacket, and used it to hide his erection as he followed her.

The train.

When they got on the train, it had separate compartments. John sat next to the window facing the front of the train, whilst Sam sat with his back to it. May reached up to put her handbag in the rack over Sam's head. In the process she stood in front of him, and as she stretched up her dress again lifted.

This time, she gave him a good look at her golden triangle, from the front. He saw that her cunt hairs were just as golden and curly now, as they were years ago. She noticed that Sam was holding his jacket on his lap, and offered to put it up on the rack for him.

This gave him a few more seconds to enjoy the view. Sam thanked her for the thought, but said he would prefer to hold onto his jacket. Once her handbag was secure, she sat down beside Sam and opposite John.

John was oblivious to all this, he was thinking only of cars, he couldn't wait to get his hands on a new Mini. Steve and his mates would be so envious, he willed the train to go faster. His dad had gone a bit quiet, and was reading a newspaper he had found on the seat.

John looked across at May, she looked him in the eyes and licked her lips slowly. With a sideways glance at Sam, she saw he was engrossed in his paper. She quietly lifted her leg nearest the window, and rested her foot on a ledge. Equally slowly and quietly, she opened her legs wide and started to pull her dress up towards her waist.

John had seen her cunt before, he had licked it, he had fucked it. He could describe her lovely golden cunt in great detail. However seeing her slowly exposing her cunt to him in secret, with his dad sitting next to her; was so erotic that John had to put his car magazine on his lap to hide his erection.

As if that wasn't enough for her, she slowly slipped her hand between her legs, and with two fingers opened her cunt lips to his view. By this time his cock was so hard and throbbing, that he really needed to get it out of his trousers.

She still hadn't finished with him, she turned to Sam and asked him if he had a pen she could borrow to do a crossword. Sam couldn't look her in the face just yet, his cock was throbbing so much he was sure that she could hear it. He simply reached into his jacket pocket, and handed his fountain pen to her without lifting his eyes from his paper.

Looking back at John, May took the pen and pushed it down between her legs. Soon it was lost in her golden curls, she rubbed it over her clitoris and then slipped it deep into her cunt. The sight of her sitting there innocently, with his dads pen stuck up her cunt, gave John an erotic overload and he almost came in his pants.

John suddenly announced that he was going for a walk up the train, and bolted out of the compartment. May waited a few seconds, and quietly undid a few buttons to expose more of her breasts than decency allowed.

Slipping Sam's pen out of her cunt, she dropped it on the floor in front of him. 'Woops, silly me I've dropped your pen,' she exclaimed and knelt down on the floor to pick it up. 'Here you are Sam, thank you for lending it to me,' she said with a smile. He looked up from his paper, to see her kneeling in front of him offering him his pen.

His eyes strayed from his pen, to her cleavage, he was sure that her dress had been buttoned up further than that. He could see from this angle, that her dress had gaped so much that her nipples were exposed to his view. Although he had fucked her, he had never seen her breasts before.

Her nipples were large and erect, and he visualised his lips on them sucking them hard. 'Sam?' she repeated, looking up at him innocently. He realised that she was still offering him his pen, and with a muttered thanks, he took it from her and put it into his pocket.

'I'll just check on John,' he muttered, and went out the door, leaving her on her knees. As he walked down the train, he brought his fingers that had touched the pen to his nose. I am going mad he thought, I can even smell her cunt now.

May sat back on her seat with a wicked smile, she had enjoyed teasing both of them. Still sexy at sixty, she thought to herself. She buttoned her neckline up again, when Sam saw her again all prim and proper, he would assume he had imagined the entire thing.

The showroom.

By the time they arrived at the car showrooms, both John and Sam had regained control of their cocks. May was back in her Aunt Mabel guise and didn't send out any sexual vibes at all. Sam was beginning to think he had imagined everything.

The showroom was full of brand new cars, John was estatic and even Sam was animated as he looked into various cars. 'What colour do you like?' asked John. 'Red and throbbing,' she replied quietly. 'Behave yourself May, I nearly came in my pants on the train,' John replied. 'Sorry darling boy, I love Red, and I love you and I would like you to fuck me in that car over there,'

She walked towards a Red Mini in the corner of the showroom. Checking to see where Sam was, she opened the passenger door and knelt on the seat. Her dress rode up again, as she knew it would, and exposed her naked arse to his eyes. She slowly swayed her bum from side to side, teasing him unmercifully.

John looked around, his dad was sitting in a car on the other side of the showroom talking to the salesman. John stood close to the car, and slipped his fingers up her cunt. He heard a muffled gasp from inside the car, he rotated his fingers in her cunt to stretch it wider.

Withdrawing his fingers, he released his now stiff cock from his trousers, and quietly inserted it deep into her cunt. Without attracting attention, he gently fucked her from behind. May was happy, but nervous, she loved the feel of his big young cock slowly slipping in and out of her cunt. The lovely smell of a new car filled her nostrils, and the smells of leather and sex reminded her of another time, and another car.

May married.

May had played the field until she was Forty. However she had always planned to be married to a rich man by the time she was Forty. During her life so far, she had used her beauty and brains, to meet and fuck, many rich men. So far she hadn't wanted to marry any of them.

It was at a Charity Ball that she finally saw him, he looked like James Bond. He was twenty years old, tall dark and handsome, and by covert investigation she had learned he was the only son of the CEO, of a massive Oil Company.

The problem was, that she was not the only beauty there that night with plans for him. He was surrounded by a bevy of lovely girls, most of them wearing very low cut dresses that put their breasts on display for him, and everyone else.

She had discovered that he was a fan of racing cars, and prided himself on being a great driver. She herself had just returned from America, where she had become involved with a rich Texan who raced at Daytona.

She had been driving since she was seventeen, and was herself very good with fast cars. She had even taken part in the Indianapolis 500 Race, and had come a respectable tenth.

She paid a waiter, to mention in her targets hearing, that the female racing driver had arrived. Hearing this apparently by accident, he was intrigued, and looked around the room, he was expecting to see a mannish tomboy type of woman. The waiter earned his money by pointing her out to him.

She was walking down the stairs to the ballroom. Unlike her blatant competitors for his attention, she was wearing a high-necked red silk sheath dress. It covered everything, but as she was wearing nothing beneath it, it showed everything.

She had large firm breasts, that gently bobbed up and down as she descended the stairs. However many other beauties in the room had large firm breasts. Her nipples were pushing at the silk, and the silk was clinging seductively to her bottom and pubes. Again, pert nipples, and firm young buttocks and pubes, were on display everywhere one looked. All these things, although worthy of male attention in their own right, were put into the shade by her hair.

Mabel, or May as she was known, had been born with the most beautiful golden hair. Technically as her catty female friends would point out, she had ginger hair. However there are many shades of ginger, and May was lucky that she had the rare pure golden colour. Also her hair was naturally wavy, even her pubic hair was golden and wavy.

Perhaps that would have been enough to interest him, but her secret weapon was the fact that her hair had never been cut. It swept down her back like a golden cloak, it gently moved as she walked, its own weight keeping it in order. She was unique, and stunning, in a world of beautiful women, and he was smitten when he saw her.

By the time she had leisurely reached the foot of the stairs, he had disengaged himself from his admirers, and was waiting to meet her. He held out his hand and introduced himself, 'Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Simon Armatage, it's an honour to meet you Miss?' From her height of five foot she looked up at him standing a foot taller.

He found himself gazing down into a pair of brilliant blue eyes. They were so striking up close, that her firm breasts and nipples, encased in pure silk went almost unnoticed. 'Pleased to meet you Simon, my name is May,' she replied in a melodious voice. 'I hear you like racing,' he said, ' I will be racing at Brands Hatch tomorrow, would you like to join me?'

'I am sorry,' she said,' but I have left my car in America, and I wont have time to buy one for tomorrow.' He realised that she thought he wanted to race her. 'I am sorry he replied, I didn't mean for us to race, I just thought you may like to watch me race.' She put her hands over her face and giggled, 'Again I apologise, I am a racer, not a watcher, but I will certainly come with you tomorrow, thank you for the invitation.'

He was over the moon that she had accepted his invitation, and asked her where she was staying, so he could pick her up in the morning. She replied that she wasn't staying anywhere, as she had just arrived from the airport. She had just managed to change out of her usual clothes into this borrowed dress.

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