tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 08

Auntie Mabel Ch. 08


Jane woke up early the next morning; this surprised her considering what she had experienced the previous evening. In the last week, she had been almost forcibly sexually matured. She had been caught by her mum for fucks sake; fucking 'wanking' with a spray can. She also had found herself; fucking 'wanking' over a fucking man. Then last night she caught her own mum; fucking 'wanking' on the kitchen floor. Did every fucking body in the world, fucking 'wank' or what?

She was eighteen years old for fucks sake; girls younger than her at work had lost their fucking virginity years ago. Fucking Sandra in packing was pregnant, and didn't even know who the fucking father of it was. Strangely enough Jane never swore out loud, but in the privacy of her own mind she was a foul-mouthed bitch.

Her cunt itched, she had shaved it recently and it was getting a bit bristly. Fuck that cunt John, it was all his fucking fault. Her fingers rubbed across her pubes, her cunt hairs were growing back. I'll be fucked if I have to keep on shaving my cunt, she thought, I'll just let them grow again.

Her fingers continued to stroke her bristly cunt, and her mind went back to seeing her mum 'wanking' herself. Perhaps everyone in the world did 'wank', except Jane of course. Well fuck it she was going to 'wank' too, perhaps it would calm her down at work. She wouldn't embarrass herself in front of John again if she had already had a good orgasm.

She jumped out of bed and went to her wardrobe; the vibrator her mum had given her was in a bottom drawer, next to the silk knickers Aunt Mabel had given her. Jane took the vibrator and the knickers from the drawer. She locked her bedroom door so her mum couldn't walk in, and lay back on the bed.

First she fondled the red silk knickers, they felt wonderfully smooth and she found herself sniffing them. There was a faint elusive smell lingering on them, she realised that the last thing these knickers had covered was Aunt Mabel's golden cunt. The thought of sniffing Mabels cunt entered her head and made her own cunt tingle. Oh for fucks sake, she thought, do not tell me I'm a fucking lesbian as well, she swore to herself. Haven't I got enough fucking problems.

I will think of cock, just cock, big throbbing cock. I will imagine his big fucking cock, ramming up my fucking virgin cunt. An eighteen year old virgin, I am so ashamed of myself. I wouldn't mind if I was plain and flat-chested; but I'm fucking beautiful and have tits that could poke a man's eyes out. I even know the engineer's nickname for me is 'tits.'

I should be well fucked by now, well fucked, and I am going to make sure that I am before the week is out. Feeling very naughty she slipped on the red silk knickers, they clung to her pubes like a second skin. She switched on the vibrator and just let it rest on her pubes.

It tingled she wasn't sure what to expect, but so far she was disappointed. She pulled the gusset to one side, and slipped a finger inside her cunt. It felt moist, but not anywhere near as wet as that fucking John had made it. Still she reasoned women wouldn't be buying these things in thousands, if they didn't do something for them. Closing her eyes she tried to get into the mood for sex, she imagined John in bed with her and pretended that the vibrator in her hand was his cock. He would be laying on her and sucking her tits, his cock would be rubbing between her cunt lips.

She inserted the buzzing end of the vibrator between the lips of her cunt. She noticed that in one part of her cunt, the vibrations felt nicer. This must be my clitoris she thought, and concentrated the vibrations in that area. She was reluctant to stick the vibrator into her cunt; as she didn't want to damage her hymen.

It still seemed important, that when she was finally fucked by a man; he would know he was the first up her cunt. Again she slipped her finger into her cunt, this time it was definitely wetter than before. Then she had a brilliant idea; she had just watched her mum have an intense orgasm by sticking her vibrator up her bum.

This wouldn't damage her hymen, and hopefully she too would experience the same sort of orgasm. She lay on her back, and lifted her legs up so that her knees were pressed against her tits. Feeling between her bum cheeks, she tried to insert the vibrator into her anus.

It wouldn't go, it was too tight and wasn't slippery enough. Fuck it, what can I use to lubricate my bum? she thought. Going to her drawer she found some baby oil, bending over in front of her mirror she squirted some on her anus. Then using her finger she rubbed it around her bum hole.

Finally she squirted some oil right inside it, and again used her finger to spread it around the inside of her bum. That should do it she thought, and got back into the position again. She rubbed some more oil on the end of the vibrator, and again offered it up to her anus.

She found that the harder she pushed the vibrator against her bum, the tighter she was clenching her arse. She got off the bed and went to her little table, she stood the vibrator upright, and holding it tightly lowered her bum onto it. She found that by wiggling her bum whilst consciously relaxing her anus, she could feel the vibrator entering her bum slowly.

She was too scared to sit right down on it, in case it disappeared up her bum. She wasn't sure how far up it would go, and didn't want to risk having to go to hospital to have it removed. When it had gone up her bum a few inches, she carefully walked back to the bed, holding it in place carefully.

At last she was in the position again, this time with the vibrator ensconced safely up her bum. Ensuring she had a good grip of the end of the sex toy, she pushed it in as far as she dared. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on what she was feeling from her bum.

Again it felt strange but not fantastic, she couldn't associate what she was feeling now, with what her mum was obviously feeling last night. Yet she had a vibrator up her arse, the same as her mum did. She tried to remember exactly what had happened last night. Her mum had the vibrator stuck right up her bum. She was convulsing with the intensity of her orgasms.

Jane had pulled it out of her mum's bum and dropped it on the floor. It was moving about as if it was alive, rotating as well as vibrating. Of course, she had to rotate it inside her bum to get the same effect. Jane relaxed her bum and gripping hold of the vibrator, started to stir it around in her bum.

She also had just realised that a man's real cock didn't vibrate. All it could do was go in and out, and be stirred about inside a woman's cunt or arse. Closing her eyes again, she imagined what John would be doing to her at this moment.

He would have his big cock up her arse, and he would be thrusting it in and out of her bum. Jane started to pull the vibrator out, and then push it back in. John would then probably be grinding his hips, causing his cock to stir around in her arse. Jane started to stir the vibrator, as she was thrusting it in and out of her bum.

OOOH this was much better, she could feel something happening as her anus was being well stretched. However she soon realised why her mum had used the type of vibrator that you didn't need to hold. It was very awkward indeed to do this, so in the end she just lowered her legs onto the bed.

Leaving the vibrator up her bum, she started to rub her cunt with her fingers. This was far more comfortable, and soon she was feeling the first stirrings of the fantastic feeling that women called their orgasm. It hit her hard, and she curled up on the bed as the wave of pleasure swept through her body.

Such was its intensity that her arse contracted, and shot the vibrator out onto the floor. Fuck me, fuck me she thought, it was a lot of trouble but it was definitely worth it in the end. Her cunt felt great, hot and relaxed, her bum felt a bit tender from the unaccustomed friction, but not too bad considering it was her first time up the bum.

Putting the sex toy away she ran into the bathroom to get ready for work. As she was getting dressed she remembered Mabel's advice and just wore the Arran high-necked jumper without a bra. Turning this way and that in front of the mirror she could see what Mabel meant. Her tits were lower but still there; she bounced up and down on her toes to see how her breasts moved under the thick jumper.

The effect was just as Mabel had predicted, it was difficult to know whether she was wearing a bra or not. As Mabel said, fuck them; let them guess. Thinking of Aunt Mabel allowed a very naughty thought to enter her mind.

Had she ever had a cock up her bum, was there a special way you had to behave in such a situation, dare she ask her. Jane had already shown Mabel her tits and cunt, why not risk it and ask. She finished dressing and as she ran down the stairs, she relished the feel of the heavy wool rubbing against her nipples. She couldn't wait to get to work and tease the engineers.

The girls at work were having a field day with Jane; the story of John asking her out had exploded around the factory. Jane's best friend Tracey wanted to know all the juicy details. Jane truthfully told her that it was a simple request, for her to accompany him to dinner at his Aunt Mabel's house. John's parents would be there so it wasn't really a sexual date at all.

She then asked Tracey what she thought of Anal sex, her friend looked at her in a funny way and said that she had never tried it, and almost certainly wouldn't if asked. Jane innocently asked why not, she was surprised by the intensity of Tracey's answer. Because its fucking filthy and only fucking filthy cunts do it she snarled. If a man fucks a woman up her arse he's no better than a shit stabber, a fucking queer.

Jane was taken aback at her vehemence and it showed on her face. Seeing this, Tracey apologised for her outburst, and taking Jane to one side she told her it was due to anal sex that her parents had divorced. She had thought that her parents got on ok, but didn't realise that her dad used to get drunk at the weekend.

When he came in he would pester her mum for sex, whether she wanted it or not. Eventually he would become so angry with her, that he would fuck her up her arse as a punishment. Tracey used to hear her mum crying in pain, as she was being buggered. Finally she divorced him, and was now living happily with an older man.

Old Mrs. Dooly had overheard them talking, and disagreed that anal sex was always painful. She was a staunch catholic, and anal sex was the only way that a catholic woman could ensure that she wouldn't get pregnant. She herself admitted that she always insisted that her husband came up her arse, instead of in her womb. Jane was more confused than ever, and decided to ask Mabel's opinion on anal sex as soon as possible.

The weekend of the party finally arrived, and Jane was surprised and pleased to receive a phone call from Mabel asking her to pop round to see her the day before. She couldn't wait to see her, and almost ran to her flat at the appointed time. Mabel was waiting for her in her living room; she smiled and kissed Jane when she met her. Jane found herself blushing as she kissed her back.

Mabel noticed this, and in her straightforward way reassured her that she had nothing to worry about, as she wasn't a lesbian. Despite herself Jane did relax at hearing this, and sat on a chair to hear why Mabel had asked to see her.

'I believe that you are interested in my friend Doreen's son John,' Mabel stated. Jane felt herself blushing and wondered how many people realised that fact; did John know she fancied him?

Mabel put her out of her misery, by explaining that as far as she knew she was the only one who guessed the truth.

'I like you very much Jane, and have decided to help get you two young people together.' Jane breathed a sigh of relief; if Mabel was on her side then she knew she couldn't fail.

'Come into my bedroom, I have a present for you.' Jane followed Mabel into her bedroom, and stood quietly waiting to be told about the present.

'Do you trust me Jane?'

'Yes of course I do Aunt Mabel,'

'Very well, I want you to strip naked for me, and stand over by the mirror.' Jane did trust Mabel, so without any drama she took off all her clothes until she was completely naked.

Mabel looked at her body closely her eyes measuring Jane's height and build.

'Excellent, I thought we were very closely matched for size and shape and this present will prove it.' Mabel went to her wardrobe, and from a large selection of evening dresses pulled out a special one.

She turned to Jane with it draped over her arm. Jane gasped and had to sit down on the bed, as her legs had gone wobbly.

'My God, it's beautiful, it's stunning, I couldn't possibly wear something as adult as that,' Jane gasped.

'This is the dress I wore to seduce my husband, as you can see it is perfectly decent.

It has a high neckline, and long sleeves, it covers everything. It is also one of the most indecent dresses I have ever worn; it clings to your body like a second skin. It shows everything whilst concealing everything. I notice that your pubic hair is growing back, you will have to shave your pubes before wearing this or everyone will see your stubble.' Jane's hand instinctively went to cover her shaven cunt.

Mabel told her to stand up and put the dress on. With Mabels help she managed to wriggle into it, it was made from red silk and wasn't see through. However as Mabel had warned her, it clung to her body like it had been painted on. Jane's breasts and nipples were there for everyone to see, as were her pubes and buttocks. As she looked down at her groin, Jane could see the stubble of her pubes, the silk was so fine. Mabel told her to slowly walk around the bedroom.

Jane did so and almost gasped out loud in pleasure. As she walked, the dress caressed her naked body in every intimate place. The silk rubbed against her nipples, and fondled her pubes and bottom. Jane realised that there was a good chance that she may have an orgasm, just moving around in this sex machine.

'Needless to say you cannot wear anything under this.' Mabel pointed out. Tears filled Jane's eyes as she told Mabel that she just couldn't wear this dress.

'A woman would have to have a perfect figure, to get away with wearing something like this. I am just a girl with big tits, and my body isn't good enough to flaunt in this.'

Mabel stood behind her as she looked into the mirror. She put her arms around her waist and hugged her tightly.

'Do you trust me Jane?' Jane just nodded being too upset to speak.

'If I didn't know for certain that your body wasn't perfect for this dress I wouldn't allow you to wear it. I have never worn this dress since the day I met and loved my husband. It is very special to me, and you must believe that your young body is perfect and will compliment this dress.'

Mabel turned Jane to face her and then stood back.

'Stand straight girl, tits out tummy in.' Jane took a deep breath and stood as tall as she could, she thrust her breasts out towards Mabel, and sucked in her tummy as ordered. She looked fabulous.

'Fuck me Jane, just as well I'm not a lesbian, because if I was I would be fucking you right now.' Said Mabel admiringly.

Jane giggled and saw in the mirror that even her giggles caused her breasts to move in a seductive manner. She looked at the girl in the mirror and admitted that she was sex on legs.

'If this doesn't get me fucked by John then nothing will,'

'Oh I would bet on it dear,' said Mabel.

Jane went scarlet, as she realised that she had spoken her wishes out loud.

'Oh my God Mabel what must you think of me, I sound just like a tart wanting to be fucked.' She gasped in horror.

'No dear one, you sound like a woman wanting to be fucked, as do we all.' Mabel replied quietly.

With Mabel's help Jane carefully removed the dress and laid it on the bed. She was now so comfortable with Mabel, that she just sat there naked collecting her thoughts.

'Can I ask you a personal question please Aunt Mabel?' Jane said hesitantly.

'What, another one?' Mabel replied.

'You already know what my pussy looks like, you're wearing my underwear, what more could you possibly want to know about me?' She said with a smile.

'It's a bit embarrassing; it's about anal sex. Some girls at work think it's horrible and dirty, and no decent woman should do it. Others say it's ok, and can be used as a form of contraception.

I just wondered what your opinion was on the subject,' asked Jane tentatively.

'I tend to think that if a girl is old enough to ask the question, then she should be told the answer. Both groups of girls are correct, anal sex can be dirty and painful, either through intent or more often ignorance.

My experience of anal sex has been just the opposite. With the proper preparation it can be fantastic. Women are very lucky sexually; we can orgasm more than once during the sex act. Men unfortunately can only come once.

With anal sex we can achieve multiple orgasms, which is when they just keep on hitting us one after the other until we sometimes have to beg them to stop.' Mabel explained. This fitted in with what Jane had seen happening to her mum on the kitchen floor. She had apparently been having orgasm after orgasm until she was almost passing out from pleasure.

'I understand that, but what do you have to do to change it from being dirty and painful, to being fantastic?' she asked.

'The secret to good anal sex is cleanliness and lubrication. First ensure your bum is clean inside as well as outside, then use plenty of lubrication in and around your anus so whatever is going up it will slip in without hurting you.' Mabel replied.

'Have you heard of a Douche bag? It is used to squirt soapy water up into a woman's vagina to clean it and it is often used to wash out sperm after sex. There is also something called a anal douche, that is used to squirt warm soapy water up the rectum to clean it out. It's very similar to an enema but not as drastic.

Jane was fasinated by this new information, and filed it away for later thought.

'Anything else you would like to know about it?' Mabel asked suggestively.

'Have you tried it?' Jane whispered, blushing furiously.

'I thought you would have to ask that question, you sexy little minx. Yes of course I've tried it. I love being fucked up the bum, it makes me come every time and I can't get enough of it. There now you know another of my sexy secrets.

Now it is time you got dressed and took your dress home.' With that she sat and watched Jane put her normal clothes on and wrap up the party dress. With a hug and a kiss she saw her off home.

As a surprise for Jane, Mabel had also invited her parents to the dinner party. Sue and Bill were delighted, and were looking forward to meeting the mysterious Aunt Mabel. Mabel had also invited a mystery guest; she said that this party was to celebrate a special event.

Mabel arranged the seating to allow Bill to sit next to Doreen, Sam to sit next to Sue and of course John to sit next to Jane. There was a spare chair next to Mabel's, and this is where the special guest would sit. Mabel had a caterer supply the feast, so she could devote her attention to her guests.

They all turned up wearing their best dinner jackets and evening dresses. Sue and Doreen were delighted to have the chance to wear their posh dresses again. John had hired a dinner jacket, and looked every inch like James Bond. Mabel wore a black evening dress and had her hair in a complicated bun that made her look regal instead of sexy.

Jane stole the show in her sexy creation; she had hidden it from her parents under a light overcoat. It wasn't until John gallantly removed it for her that it was revealed. John was the first one to see it, and despite himself he felt his cock harden instantly as his eyes drank in every detail of Jane's body.

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