tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 20

Auntie Mabel Ch. 20


Sarah Bingham-Smythe was an alcoholic woman who suffered from occasional bouts of depression. Her mother had dumped her off to boarding school as a very young girl, and she had been given no love or affection all her life. It wasn't until she became involved with horses, that her life gained some meaning or purpose.

The riding stable down the road needed a stable hand part time. The job was unpaid; the only plus was that the girl chosen could ride the horses in the morning before school started. By morning they meant at dawn, the rest of the job was basically shovelling shit from one place to another. Sarah was the only applicant so she got the job.

Sarah's mother didn't hate her; she just didn't notice her. Sarah was brought up without any love at all, her father was always somewhere around the world. He had wanted a boy, and was very disappointed in her that she was a girl.

He never came to parent's days; nor for that matter did her mother. The other girls had a nickname for her; it was "Annie" as in Orphan Annie. She threw herself into the world of horses, and her drive and dedication made her a noticeable name in that world.

When she was eighteen she came into a trust fund, and using her brilliant mind invested it wisely. She tried the lesbian scene for a while, but again never met anyone she could connect with on a permanent basis.

By the time she began working as the Sales Director's secretary in the same factory as John and Jane, she was self sufficient, very well off and an emotional mess.

She found her job a piece of cake; she rarely had to work late. This gave her plenty of time to spend on her horses. Her life revolved around horses, she loved to ride. She was a good show jumper but excelled at Dressage.

She was considered for the Olympics when she was younger, but chose instead to remain behind the scenes of the organisation. She started drinking gradually; it crept up on her until she found herself unable to sleep without a glass of wine or five.

Sarah wasn't a lesbian as such, but had very little to do with men during her life. There were men in that world, but Sarah regarded them as competition rather than possible friends. Sarah had issues, and one of them was that she was a virgin at thirty.

She never got involved with men, or for that matter women; because she found almost everyone else stupid. Even her horsey friends, often couldn't converse out of the world of horses.

Sarah was a Genius, and needed someone of equal intelligence to connect with. It was only when she met Alison Armatage; that she found her perfect match. Consequently when she fell in love, she fell all the way.

Alison's horses had arrived, and were made comfortable in Sarah's stables. Diana exploded into Sarah's life like a bomb; she was full of love and energy. She stormed through the old farmhouse like a cleaning tornado; soon even Sarah's tack room was clean and tidy.

Sarah would sometimes walk around her house, admiring it as if she was a stranger. She had stopped drinking, except for one glass of wine last thing at night. She found herself relying on Diana, and trusting her more and more.

The first thing Alison had changed was the bedroom. She had the entire farmhouse renovated and re-decorated, and the master bedroom was now the biggest room upstairs. The bed was one of Alison's own four-posters, brought from the Hall.

She had the bedroom decorated in an Arabian style, with rich silks and fabrics everywhere. The first time they made love on the bed was wonderful. There was plenty of room for all manner of positions, and Alison put Sarah through them all.

They hadn't seen much of the gang during this time, as everyone had their own things to do. This night Alison had rung John, and after talking to him for a while had passed the phone to Diana. Diana had spoken to him for a few minutes, and then hung up.

Sarah was lying naked on the bed waiting for Alison, when the door opened, and Diana walked in. Sarah covered her breasts with her hands, and asked Diana what she was doing there.

'Miss asked me to join you tonight Sarah.'

Sarah blushed all over her body, as she realised what Diana meant.

'I thought you wouldn't do anything like this, unless John said you could.'

'Miss asked his permission, and he has asked me to join you tonight.'

'Do you want to join us?'

'Oh yes Sarah I like you very much, and I would love to be with you and Miss.'

As she was speaking, Diana was undressing in front of Sarah.

During the time Diana had been with Sarah, she had always been friendly and helpful. But there had never been the slightest come on from her towards Sarah. Sarah had never seen Diana naked as she was now.

She stood by the side of the bed and smiled at Sarah.

'Do you like Diana?'

Diana was dark haired, large breasted and had striking emerald green eyes. Her nipples were very large and protruding.

She had a very hairy body, her dark pubic hair spread up to her belly button and down the inside of her inner thighs. Her armpits were hairy bushes, and she even had hairs growing around her anus.

Sarah kept her pubes trimmed in a Brazilian cut, and kept her armpits free of hair. Diana was such a change from Alison, that her body fascinated Sarah. She asked Diana to join her on the bed.

'Why do you do what John asks?'

'I belong to Jonny, I am his woman, my body is his to do what he likes with.'

'He wants you to have sex with Alison and I?'

Diana just shrugged, 'Why not? I like you both, and I have had sex with Miss many times.'

'What sort of things do you get up to in bed,'

'Oh everything, Miss likes to fuck me everywhere.'

'Even in rude places?'

Diana was puzzled at the word.

'I mean does she play with your bottom?' asked Sarah blushing.

'Oh Yes of course she does, Miss loves to fuck Diana up her arse, hasn't she fucked your arse yet?'

'No of course not I find that kind of thing dirty and rude.'

'Jane loves to fuck arse's too; she has fucked me many times.

Alison has also been fucked by Jane in both her holes,' said Diana in a matter of fact voice.

'Yes well I'm sure that's all very well, if you like that sort of thing. However I really don't feel that I would be comfortable doing that,' said Sarah seriously.

Just then Alison walked into the bedroom. She looked very pale and shaky.

'What's the matter love? Asked Sarah.

'Fucking morning sickness, afternoon sickness and evening sickness,' she groaned miserably.

'I'm really not up to much at the moment, that's why I invited Diana to join us tonight. I don't think I'm going to be up for sex for a while.'

'You didn't have to do that Alison; I'm not worried if we don't have sex every night. I just love to hold you and be with you,' protested Sarah.

Alison groaned and held her head in her hands,

'I'm sorry my love I didn't mean to upset you, I just feel so inadequate at the moment. Diana was meant as a love gift to you. Anyway she fancies you like mad, and was glad to join us. However if you want you can send her away.'

'Please don't send me away Sarah; I miss being with women. We don't have to fuck if you don't want to. This put Sarah in something of a quandary; she hated upsetting people.

As usual she bowed to Alison's will and told Diana that she was welcome to share their bed tonight. However she wasn't sure about the sexual side of this.

' I don't mind if we fuck or not Sarah, I just like to be with you,' said Diana. Sarah relaxed upon hearing this, she hated to be put into a position where she was pressurised into doing something. That night they all just cuddled together like kittens, and slept.

Jane had gone on the pill, condoms were all very well but Sue thought that as John was so potent, it would be safer if Jane was doubly protected. Jane didn't mind she liked to fuck with spontaneity; condoms seemed too deliberate and dull.

Sue had been very concerned in case they had strayed into incestuous territory, when she had sucked Jane's nipples as John was buggering Sue's arse. They were sitting around the kitchen table, when Sue voiced her concerns to her daughter.

'Fu..... Dear me mum, if a mother sucking a grown up daughters nipple is incest, then surely a daughter sucking her mothers nipple is incest isn't it?'

Sue agreed that it probably was.

'Well then, is every baby that sucks its mothers nipple having an incestuous relationship?'

'No of course not, it was just that I am really concerned about this aspect of myself that seems to need John.'

'You need John? what about me? My life was so uncomplicated before I got the "hots" for him.'

'I wonder if I've got the "hots" for him as well? I still love Bill, and I must admit our sex life has improved tremendously since John entered it.

As Mabel said, as long as I don't ask too much of him then there isn't really any harm in the situation. However I am well aware that I am the only married woman in your little group, and as such I do feel very guilty.'

'Sarah likes you,' said Jane.

'Doe's she? I wonder why? I'm hardly in her class or Alison's, I wouldn't have thought that she even noticed me.'

'Oh Mum, I think she noticed you when she watched you being fucked up the arse, by her lovers, baby's, father.'

'Ouch! That hurt even to think about. I must admit I am suspicious about how Alison got pregnant so easily. It usually takes a lot longer than that to click.'

'Well it fucking scared me I can tell you, I feel a lot safer on the pill with big bollocks John sniffing around my cunt.'

'Oh Jane you do have a way with words don't you, I'm now trying to get the picture of John sniffing you between your legs out of my brain.'

'If he had contented himself to sniffing Alison's cunt, instead of filling it with his cum we would be in a different situation.'

'Well it's too late now Jane we mustn't cry over split cum.....milk I mean,'

'By the way darling mum, how come you are fucking in your bedroom again? Last night I had to turn the telly up to cover your screams of ecstasy.'

'I only had sex in the kitchen, because I was embarrassed in case you thought I was a naughty mum. Now you know for certain I am a naughty mum, there is no point hiding my sex life from you anymore.'

'I enjoyed you sucking my tits you know,' said Jane wistfully.

'Well let's not discuss that further,' said Sue primly.

'Why not mum; I was starting to love Auntie Mabel more than my own mum. That can't be right, the only difference between you, was that I was making love to Mabel and not to you.

I really wanted to be able to tell you all about my Sexual worries, but I was too scared. I told Mabel everything, about how you caught me wanking, how I lost my virginity everything. Now we have shared sex, I know I can now tell you everything. Isn't that I good thing?'

'When you put it like that, then yes it is a good thing. If I wasn't married, I would probably be fucking John right now. I think about him all the time. I want to show him why I was known as the best cock sucker, in the group of girls I used to hang around with.

'It's a deal, next time we get John to ourselves, you can show him and me just how good you are at sucking cock,' offered Jane smiling at her mum.

John was thinking, he had a lot to think about. He was going to be a Dad, just like his Dad. What really worried him was that everybody knew about it, except the two people who should know. His mum and dad, they were going to have a grandchild. They should be told.

The trouble was that his mum Doreen, was so straight laced about sex. If he hadn't seen her that time when he was young, then he might have believed someone if they said Doreen was a man. She never showed affection or passion towards his dad Sam.

Jane had told John that her mum screamed out loud, as she came over Bill's cock. They kept her awake sometimes when they were fucking. John had never heard his parents fucking, he had never even seen them kissing passionately.

How would Doreen react to the news that her perfect son had not only fucked Lady Alison Armatage, but had got her in the club. It didn't bear thinking about, but they would have to be told. If not now; then certainly when his baby was born. He had to talk this over with somebody wise; Mabel had enough on her plate at the moment. John decided to talk to Jane's mum Sue about it.

Sue and Jane were just finishing their tea when the doorbell rang. Jane went to the door. Sue heard her daughter from the kitchen.

'Fuck me John, can you smell wet cunt from two miles away or what?'

Sue went scarlet, as she realised what Jane had just admitted to John. She had a minute to compose herself, as John kissed and fondled Jane. She looked up as he walked into the kitchen.

'Hello Sue, you're looking good enough to eat,' he said bending over to kiss her.

She opened her mouth to him as he kissed her slowly; she felt her cunt melting as his tongue thrust inside her mouth.

'Johnnies got a hard on,' sang Jane delightedly. Sue glanced down at his crotch and saw a large bulge.

'Oh my God John, did I do that?'

'Well to be honest your daughter started it off, but you certainly knew how to finish the job,' he replied smiling at her.

'He said he smelt your wet cunt, mum and had to cum over.'

John blushed at Janes joke,

'No I didn't Mrs. Sanderson, I came over to ask your advice about a serious matter.'

'Mum can't possibly advise you on anything serious, until she has sucked your big cock.'

'Jane, stop it at once,' said Sue, her eyes riveted to John's cock, as it strained against the material of his trousers.

'Mum says she is the best cock sucker you will ever experience, I challenge her to prove it.'

'Jane is very good at sucking my cock Mrs. Sanderson, but I'm sure your greater experience would teach her something.'

'There you go mum, you can't back down now; family honour is at stake.'

'Where do you want to do this Sue?' asked John looking into her eyes.

'In Jane's bedroom' she heard herself whisper.

Before she knew it Jane had dragged her upstairs and was stripping John naked.

'I was only going to suck him Jane, why is he naked?'

'He is fucking naked because I want him fucking naked,' her daughter replied firmly.

'Language Jane please.'

'Sorry mum, I'll wash my mouth out with John's cum later.'

'How do you want me Sue? asked John.

'I was just going to get you to sit in a chair, but now that you're naked, you may as well lay down on the bed and be comfortable.'

Jane pulled up a chair so she could watch in comfort. Sue just stood and looked at his cock, it was semi-hard now and lay along his inner thigh. She really wanted it in her mouth, without realising she undressed in front of him.

Her blouse and skirt dropped away quickly, she turned away from him as she pulled down her lace panties, allowing him a good view of her naked arse. Standing up and facing him she unhooked her bra, and allowed her large breasts to fall free. Her nipples were already hard, and felt very tender in the draft from the bedroom door.

'Fuck me Mrs. Sanderson, you are fucking beautiful,' said John admiringly. His cock rose to salute her large naked breasts, and the dark triangle of her pubes.

'Do you like my tits John?'

'Oh yes Mrs. Sanderson, you have lovely big tits, they're even bigger than your daughters.'

'Good I'm glad you like them, I want you to fuck them for me.'

'Wow, I've never done that yet, how doe's that work?'

'I will lay on my back on the bed, you will straddle me so your cock is between my tits.

You start to fuck my cleavage and as your cock is thrust forwards, I suck it into my mouth.'

'Jane you will have to rub some KY between my breasts, and then hold them against John's cock as he fucks me.'

Sue arranged them as she wanted.

She ended up laying on her back, with her head supported by a pillow on Jane's lap. Jane had entered into the spirit of the thing, by stripping naked as well. John straddled Sue's lower chest and laid his cock between her breasts.

Sue watched as Jane rubbed Ky on John's cock, rather than between Sue's breasts.

'Test run John' said Jane, lifting both Sue's breasts so they squeezed John's shaft between them. John thrust his hips forward, and his shaft slid between Sue's tits and into her ready mouth.

'By George he's got it,' exclaimed Jane excitedly. Jane held her mothers breasts tightly against John's cock. She couldn't resist sucking Sue's nipples until they stood out proudly. From her position she could clearly see his cock fucking her mum's breasts, before his knob emerged and was sucked into her mum's greedy mouth.

'Oh fuck me Sue, your tits are fantastic and your mouth is so hot,' moaned John with his eyes shut.

'What do you like best John, my mouth or my cunt?'

'Oh your cunt Mrs. Sanderson, I love to fuck your tight hot cunt.'

'What about my arse John?' Sue whispered seductively.

'Oh your arse is so tight, it grips my cock so hard when you come for me,' he gasped. John leaned forward and kissed Jane's mouth, she continued squeezing her mother's breasts and rubbing her nipples, as he kissed her deeply.

Sue was having a wonderful time; she had John's big cock to play with. She had a perfect view of his glistening knob, as it approached her open mouth. As it slid between her lips, she applied suction trying to suck the cum out of his big balls.

She was aware of her daughter rubbing and sucking her nipples. She knew it was wrong of Jane to be doing that. It was wrong of her to permit it.

Sue also knew it was wrong of her to be there in the first place. She was being tit fucked by her daughter's boyfriend for fucks sake. What was wrong with her lately? Was this the effects of the menopause? Sue thought she might have to ask Mabel in private next time they met.

Fondling her mother's breasts and being French kissed, was melting Jane's cunt. Her juice was dripping onto the sheets.

'I'm going to come,' John whispered into Jane's ear. They both looked down at his cock sliding between Sue's breasts.

Sue had her mouth open ready to suck his knob, when without further warning, John squirted a jet of hot cum into her open mouth.

'AAAGGGHHH' he yelled, as his balls contracted again, and another jet splashed out of his knob. This one splattered over Sues face and breasts.

Sue had to sit up to swallow John's cum, when she had done so she lay back down again. The pillow had disappeared, and she found herself looking up at her daughter's wet cunt as Jane leant forward again to rub John's cock.

Sue's mouth was full of John's cum, and her nostrils were full of the smell of Jane's wet pubes just hovering over her mouth. Sue reached up and grabbing Jane's hips, thrust her tongue deep between her daughter's cunt lips. Sue sucked Jane's cunt lips into her mouth, and licked the cunt juice from her daughters arse.

'Oh My God' screamed Jane in shock

'Mum's sucking my cunt, I'm going to come.'

'Fuck meeeeeeeeeeee' she screamed, as her cunt exploded with pent up cum. Sue held her breath, as her daughters cunt juices flooded down and over her face.

'Oh Fuck Me John,' screamed Sue ' I need you to fuck me hard, my cunt's on fire.'

John was totally embarrassed; he had just shot his load into Sue's mouth. He couldn't fuck anyone to save his life. Luckily he didn't have to.

Jane's heart stopped, as she heard the front door close.

'Hello, anybody in? I'm home for lunch,' shouted Bill. John and Jane went white with shock, as they heard Sue's husband Bill walking around downstairs looking for Sue.

'Leave this to me' growled Sue, jumping naked off the bed and wiping her face and breasts clean of John's cum.

'Stay here and be quiet,' she ordered and ran naked out of Jane's bedroom and down the stairs.

Bill was just about to look upstairs when a naked Sue jumped on him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and said.

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