tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 21

Auntie Mabel Ch. 21


John, Sue and Mabel were having a drink of wine in Mabel's bedroom. They had just finished fucking each other, and were all very thirsty. Sue had just decided to be Mabel's best friend and lover. They were all naked, and lying on Mabel's big bed together.

'I still haven't come yet' complained John,

'I've fucked both of your cunts and arses and I still haven't come. I ask you is that fair?'

'Oh you poor baby, still got a big hard cock? We will have to do something about that won't we Sue?' said Mabel kissing his knob.

'You might be able to do something about his cock, but my cunt and arse are sore. I've had enough of John's cock for one night,' said Sue.

'I could always cum in your womb May, who knows we may get lucky,' suggested John tentatively.

'No thanks my darling boy, I am too old to get pregnant. I was just being a stupid old woman, jealous of a younger woman. Regardless how Alison fell pregnant with your child, the fact remains that she is, and that is all there is to it.'

'I assume you did want a child when you were younger?' asked Sue.

'I left it too late; I waited until I was forty years old before I settled down with Simon. We then discovered that he had a low sperm count and couldn't get me pregnant.

I didn't make a fuss about it so as not to embarrass him. Now of course it's way too late, but I am looking forward to helping to bring up John's baby.'

'That reminds me Sue,' said John seriously,

'I originally came round to see you to ask your advice, regarding whether or not to tell my parents that they are going to be grandparents soon.'

'Fuck me John, I had forgotten about Doreen and Sam, of course they will have to be told eventually,' said Mabel.

'What do you think we should do Sue?'

Sue was honoured that they asked her advice, on such a serious matter.

'John is eighteen; he is a man.

Are we perhaps worrying too much, about his parents reaction to the news?'

'I've known Doreen and Sam a very long time; she is very straight laced. Sam probably won't be too concerned, he will know that Alison is a rich woman and won't ask for anything from them,' suggested Mabel.

'In fact I may even consider telling Sam, and then asking his advice on the best way to break it to Doreen.'

'Still it is early days,' said John ' it wouldn't hurt to leave it for a couple of weeks surely?'

'It's your decision John, you are the father,' agreed the women.

Alison was ensconced in her new computer room; she had it built onto the side of the farmhouse specifically to house her electronic equipment. It was fully air conditioned and sound proofed. Although Alison didn't actually work as such, she made a lot of her money by using her computer. She used it as a tool to buy and sell Futures on the markets of the world.

Sarah being a Sales Directors Secretary and a genius; knew what she was doing but simply wasn't interested in getting involved. Alison had asked Sarah to leave her job at the factory, and help Alison run her fathers Oil Empire. She was thinking about it but not with any great urgency. Sarah liked her job, it wasn't hard and it paid well.

The horses were all sorted and she was at a loose end. She thought she would pop in and see Sue, Jane's mum for a chat. Sarah had been having some disturbing dreams about Sue. Although Alison loved her; and she got on very well with Diana. Sarah needed a mother figure in her life. Mabel was simply too Sexual, Sue fitted the bill perfectly.

Jane had just got back from town to find the house empty. She was making herself a cup of tea when the doorbell rang. It was Sarah, Jane invited her in and handed her a cup of tea.

'I'm sorry to disturb you Jane, but I wondered if I might have a chat with your Mother?'

'Sorry sexy, mum's not in and I have no idea where she is. I could ring her and see if she has her phone with her?'

Jane could sense that Sarah was uneasy, and asked her why she wanted to talk to Sue.

'Well as you ask, I admit that I find all of the group very nice people. I particularly find you very desirable. However I am I bit perturbed, that Alison seems to be offering me around to all and sundry.'

Jane realised that Sarah was really scared of becoming a sex toy.

'Sarah I fancy you like mad, you know I do. However I would never have sex with you if you didn't want it. Neither would John or any other member of our group.

Alison will come to realise this, and ease off a bit on the sexual bullying. Neither Mabel or Sue would allow you to be upset, regardless of what Alison thinks.' Jane could see Sarah was relaxing at this news.

'So sexy bum, you find me very desirable do you?'

Sarah blushed deeply and looked down at the table.

'Of course I do Jane, you are the only person apart from Alison that has made love to me in ages.'

'Well if it helps you to relax around the group, I won't let anyone fuck you unless you say it's OK.'

'Thank you so much Jane, but what if Alison offers me to John?'

'Fuck John, and the horse he rode in on, if I say he doesn't fuck you then he fucking doesn't,' promised Jane vehemently. Sarah let out a deep sigh of relief,

'Thank you so much Jane, I'm sorry I'm such a prude but I was getting scared. I was so embarrassed when Alison pulled down my panties in front of John, and licked me. He must have seen everything, and although I found it erotic to be treated like some sort of slave girl, I was more scared than happy.'

'I tell you what sexy bum, come upstairs to my bedroom and we'll have a cuddle. You can tell me what is acceptable to you, and what you would rather not do.'

'You won't try and fuck my bum, will you?'

'No Sarah your bum is safe from us all, I promise. If in the future you want me to fuck your bum, you will have to get down on your knees and beg me, is that fair?'

Sarah believed this spitfire of a girl, and followed her upstairs to her bedroom.

'You owe me a good fucking sister, but I will let you off with a fingering if you want,' reminded Jane.

'Do you want me naked?' asked Sarah meekly.

'Yes Sarah I want you naked, so get your kit off,' ordered Jane with a smile. Soon they were both naked and on the bed.

Jane just looked at Sarah's beautiful body, it was everything she had always wanted. She was slender with long legs, and firm breasts. She had an arse to die for, it was firm and tight with no sign of cellulite.

'You have a lovely arse Sarah, I suppose it's all that riding that keeps it so firm?'

'Thank you Jane, I do try and keep fit, but I can't compete with you. You are the most beautiful girl I know, and you are only eighteen. Your body is young and smooth and very sexy. I often think about sucking your fantastic breasts.'

'Well stop talking and start sucking.'

Jane lifted one of her breasts and stuck it into Sarah's face. Jane closed her eyes as Sarah's mouth closed over her nipple, and she sucked it hard.

'I love having my tits sucked, it makes my cunt wet. Feel my cunt sexy bum.'

Sarah's hand slid down Jane's belly until it felt her pubic hairs. Her fingers slipped easily between Jane's wet cunt lips, and were soon gripped tightly by her young cunt muscles.

'Finger my cunt sexy arse, finger it hard until I come,' demanded Jane. Sarah loved the feel of Jane's hot young cunt, and wanked it as hard as she could.

Jane opened her legs wide, to allow Sarah complete access to her yearning cunt.

'Wank me, wank my cunt, I want your fingers right up inside me, you fucking posh bitch,' she growled. Sarah fingered her even harder, until with a scream of lust Jane orgasmed over her fingers.

Sarah watched the beautiful young girl writhing on the bed. She felt good that she had caused such a reaction in Jane. It made her feel powerful for a little while.

'Oh fuck me backwards sexy arse, that was a fucking good orgasm. Do you have a licence for those fingers or what?'

Sarah giggled, ' Oh Jane you are so droll, I love making you come for me I really do.'

'It's my turn now sexy bum, turn over onto your tummy, I want to kiss your lovely little arse.'

'Jane that is so rude, you promised you wouldn't fuck my bum.'

'I'm not going to fuck your bum, you little tease I'm just going to kiss it.'

Sarah turned onto her tummy, and blushed as Jane opened her legs to get a good view of her anus.

'Fuck me Sarah, you have the most perfect little arse hole I have ever seen. It's just like a small rosebud, and I want to kiss it.'

Sarah face went bright red as she felt Jane spreading apart her bum cheeks, and kissing her directly on her anus.

'Jane please, it's so rude of you to kiss me there, what if your mother was to find out?'

'Shhhh open your legs a bit wider please I want to lick your arse.'

Sarah shut her eyes tightly, as she felt Jane's tongue licking between her bum cheeks and all around her anus. After a while Sarah relaxed, and unclenched her buttocks.

'Good girl Sexy Arse, let me lick your arse properly,' whispered Jane.

Sarah realised that it wasn't so much whether it was her cunt or arse being licked. They were after all so close together, that it was hard to lick one without the other. It all boiled down to trust in your sex partner.

Once you believed that they wouldn't hurt you or do anything that you didn't like, you could relax and enjoy the sensations. Sarah was definitely enjoying the sensation of Jane's tongue licking her forbidden place.

'Turn over on you back Sweet Cheeks,' said Jane. Puzzled Sarah did as requested.

'I thought you wanted to lick my bum?'

'Oh I do, I just want to lick it while you are on your back. Lift your lovely long legs right up so your knees are against your tits. Hold your legs there for me, while I lick your sweet cunt and arse hole.'

Sarah felt completely exposed as she did as Jane asked. Jane could now see her cunt and arse together.

'I feel very naughty doing this Jane, I'm scared in case your mother walks in and catches me.'

'Hey sexy arse, mum loves you, and she loves me, so you don't have to worry even if she did see your sweet little arse. Anyway if memory serves me right hasn't she already seen your sexy little botty, when Alison licked you in front of everyone?'

'Please don't remind me of that, I was so humiliated to have her pull my panties down in public.'

'Well hardly public but I do appreciate what you mean. If you want I could have a quiet word with the posh cunt, and tell her to treat you with more respect.'

'No please don't interfere Jane, I love Ali and I'm sure she doesn't mean to humiliate me.'

'Do you think your Mother really likes me?' she continued.

'Yes,' replied Jane busily licking Sarah's wet cunt, ' she told me so.'

'You are so lucky to have a mother who loves you, I hardly know my mother.

We only meet at the Christmas gathering of the clan. She is always trying to marry me off, to some fat rich acquaintance of hers.'

'Hey if you don't want them then pass them along to me, I could do with a rich sugar daddy. John's got a big cock but precious little money.'

'This is making me feel really sexy, I love your tongue licking me there.'

'Licking you where? Tell me where I am licking you Sarah.'

'You know where you are licking me,' said Sarah blushing furiously.

'Tell me where I am licking you,' ordered Jane firmly. Face flaming Sarah whispered ' You are licking my bottom.'

'No Sarah I am not licking your bottom; I am licking your sexy little arse hole. What am I licking Sarah?'

'You're licking my arse hole,' whispered Sarah very quietly.

'That's a good girl, just for that I am going to finger fuck you till you come for me, do you want me to finger fuck you?'

'Yes please.'

'Do you want me to finger fuck you gently or hard and fast?'

Jane watched in delight, as Sarah blushed all over her body.

'Fuck me backwards Sarah I have never met such a sexy shy person in my life, you are worse than I was when I was still a virgin.'

Sarah took a deep breath and said clearly,

'I want you Jane, to finger fuck my cunt as hard as you can please,'

Jane laughed and said ' Brace yourself Shelia.'

She slipped two fingers deep into Sarah's wet cunt and commenced finger fucking her as ordered, hard and fast.

Soon under the frantic ministrations of Jane's fingers Sarah was screaming in passion as her orgasm shook her body. Jane was very tempted to slip a finger deep into Sarah's arse, but decided not to at this stage. She really wanted to take her anal virginity, but was willing to wait until asked.

Sue excused herself from Mabel and John, she got dressed and told them that she wanted to walk home to think about things. Still naked they kissed her warmly as she left. She walked back to her house deep in thought.

Sue had never felt more alive than she did now. She looked back to the time before she caught Jane with the can of hairspray in her cunt. She realised that she had been drifting away from her daughter, just at the very time that Jane had needed her most.

Jane was right; she needed to talk to me, but could only open up when we had become intimate. So we are having a sexual relationship, we are hardly going to get each other pregnant are we? As she walked into her house she heard voices upstairs. Smiling to herself she crept up the stairs and opened Jane's bedroom door quietly.

Sarah wouldn't have heard her if she had come in banging a drum. Sarah was arched back on the bed, in the midst of an orgasm with Jane still finger fucking her.

Sue thought it was only polite to wait until she was noticed, rather than startle them with a cough or something.

'Have you had enough finger fucking? Sexy arse?'

'Oh no I need more, I love your fingers inside me, God you've made me wet myself,' she panted.

Sarah started thrusting her cunt at Jane's fingers, as if to drive them deeper into her cunt. Jane decided to try clitoral stimulation, and rubbed Sarah's clitoris as fast as she could.

'Oh Jane what are you doing? I'm coming again I'm Coomiinngggg'

Jane held her tight as she bucked and thrashed on the bed. Her cunt juice had made a big wet patch, as it had soaked through the bed covers.

'I hope you're going to wash those covers Jane,' commented Sue dryly.

'Oh fuck me mum, you almost made me wet myself.'

'One of you sexy fuckers wetting herself; is quite enough I think,' replied Sue smiling at her daughter.

To Jane and Sue's utter amazement Sarah had put one hand between her legs, and the other arm was covering her breasts. Her whole body had turned red with shame and embarrassment.

'What the fuck are you doing Sexy arse, it's only my mum. It's not the Fucking sex police,' said Jane exasperatedly

'I'm so sorry Mrs. Sanderson I'll leave at once,' Sarah whimpered scrambling out of the bed, her face scarlet with shame.

'Whoa, Jane grab her will you, what is the matter Sarah? You are amongst friends here, there is no need to run away,' said Sue moving towards the panicked woman.

Sarah just froze like a rabbit caught in headlights, as Sue crossed the room and gathered her into her arms. Sarah's terror subsided as she was held against Sue's breasts. Sue was whispering comforting sounds into her ear, and Jane was stroking her back as if to gentle a scared animal.

'What the fuck is the matter with you Sarah? asked Jane.

Sarah was trembling, so Sue led her back to the bed and sat her down.

'Sarah, you are Ok here, we love you and we won't let anyone hurt you,' assured Sue stroking her hair gently. Jane had the sense to cover Sarah with a dry bit of blanket, so she wouldn't feel so vulnerable.

'I'm so sorry, what must you think of me being naked in Jane's bedroom?' asked Sarah. Sue surprised Jane by quickly stripping off her clothes, until she also stood naked.

'Look Sarah, we are all naked here. You have nothing to be ashamed of, you are amongst friends and lovers.' Sue lifted up Sarah's chin, so she could see that Sue was as naked as she was.

To Sue's pleased surprise Sarah buried her face between Sue's naked breasts, and hugged her tightly.

'There there, that's a good girl, calm down and tell me all about it,' whispered Sue. Sarah's heart was slowing down from its panicked speed.

She felt so safe with her face pressed between Jane's mother's breasts, she didn't want to let go even for a second.

'I tell you what Jane, we will all lie down on the bed and cuddle until Sarah can tell us what scared her Ok?'

With Jane's help they got Sarah back on the bed, with Jane cuddling her on one side and Sue on the other. Sarah had found Sue's nipple and was gently sucking it, as her body relaxed from its rigid tense state.

'There there darling, you're safe with us, calm down and tell mum what the matter is,' crooned Jane to the frightened girl.

'Give her a minute Jane she's got her mouth full of my tit, any chance of a cup of tea?'

Jane kissed Sarah, and slipped out of bed and ran downstairs to make the tea. Sue cuddled Sarah and kissed her face and hair.

'I'm sorry miss, I'm sorry' she was muttering to herself around Sue's nipple. Sarah realised where she was and that she was sucking Jane's mothers breast.

'Oh my God I'm so sorry Mrs. Sanderson, what must you think of me?' she said apologetically.

'The name is Sue, dear girl and I am sorry for frightening you so. It was silly of me and I hope you forgive me,' replied Sue gently. Sarah's first thought was to get off the bed, but she felt so warm and secure in Sue's arms, that she decided to stay where she was for a bit longer.

She realised that Sue was naked, when she slid her hand down and felt her warm bottom.

'Sorry about sucking your nipple Sue, but I needed to do it so badly.'

'It's Ok Sarah; I find it very comforting when my nipples are sucked. If you ever need to suck on a nipple, you can always suck on mine.'

Sue hadn't meant that literally, but Sarah immediately sucked her nipple back into her mouth again. Sue was stroking Sarah, her skin was smooth and silky, her hand also reached the other woman's bottom.

It was soft and yet very firm, Sue felt a pang of regret when she realised that her bottom would never again be as firm as Sarah's.

'I'm not scared when you touch my bottom,' murmured Sarah snuggling further into Sue's arms.

'You need never be scared of any of us, we would never hurt you.'

'I really need you Sue, I love Ali and Jane and Diana, Mabel and John scare me a bit. But when I saw you, and you didn't want to fuck me, I felt so protected I could have cried.'

'You are now a member of our group; we will all protect you. John is the most protective young man I have ever known. He looks after Diana like a big brother, despite the fact that he fucks her.'

Mabel has had a lot of worries lately, in no small part due to Alison. However she will come to love you as well, you are a very good girl.'

'Am I? I try and be good but it is so hard, I get depressed now and again and drink too much,' Sarah confessed to Sues breasts.

'Sorry about wetting your sheets, it was naughty of me.'

'That wasn't your fault, it was that oversexed daughter of mine that made you come so hard.'

'I really like Jane; she is very protective of me as well. Although I think she really wants to fuck my bum.'

'That's your fault for having such a fantastic little arse, all the women are jealous of it.'

'I do I lot of riding you know, it keeps one's bum toned.'

'God Sarah you are so posh, but I love you anyway.'

'I need you to love me Sue, I really do. Ali loves me madly but hers is a sexual love. As she is feeling poorly due to morning sickness, she arranged for Diana to fuck me.

If I had wanted Diana I would have asked her myself, I don't need my sex to be arranged for me.'

'Well as to that if you ever feel overwhelmed and pressurised regarding sex then just ring me and I will be there for you,' promised Sue kissing her.

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