tagIncest/TabooAunts Go Camping

Aunts Go Camping

byGeorge VI©

This story and all characters are fiction. All characters are over eighteen.


"Look, here's a cute one," Julie said quietly, pointing to the young man that was walking down the road near her campsite.

"Oooh, yeah, he's with that group of college boys across from the bathrooms," replied her sister Stacy.

Their sister-in-law, Carol, watched the young man, but didn't comment. She was taken aback sometimes at how open her two sisters-in-law could be in ogling young men and teens. Carol liked the looks of the young man, too, but was reluctant to admit it out loud to her husband's sisters.

For sixteen years now, Carol and her husband and kids have taken annual camping trips with her husband's two sisters and their families. All three nuclear families had boys in the same age range, now eighteen to nineteen; as well as girls who were similar in age. The cousins all got along well, and it made camping easier for the moms now that they were old enough to wander around the state park on their own.

With their camps now set up on the first day, and hot dogs boiling in a pot over the Coleman stove on a picnic table, the three fortysomething wives and moms sat at the table sipping wine coolers and winding down, waiting for their husbands and kids to return from a game of Whiffleball at an open field.

"Here come the boys," said Stacy. Carol turned to see the four boys sauntering down the road. She recognized her eighteen-year-old son Tom's slender figure; Stacy's eighteen-year-old son Jason, a head taller than Tom, and broader-shouldered; and Julie's sons Rick and Billy, nineteen and eighteen respectively, both significantly shorter than Tom, particularly the younger Billy.

"Tom's developed a nice build," commented Julie.

"Yes, he has," agreed Stacy.

Carol was a little surprised that Julie and Stacy would be admiring their nephew so openly, after just ogling another teen not much older. She felt herself getting a little flush at the thought of older women admiring her son.

"Have both of your boys hit puberty yet, Julie?" Asked Stacy.

"Yeah, they have," replied Julie. "How about Tom, has he completed puberty?"

Carol was flustered by such a brazen question about her own son. "Uh, he shaves, and his voice has changed, if that's what you mean."

"And he's developed down below?" Was Julie's follow-up question.

"Uh, I don't know. I, uh, guess," stammered Carol.

"You haven't seen him naked lately?" Asked Stacy.

"No," answered Carol. Was it the wine cooler or the questions that made her face feel warm? Carol presumed that Julie and Stacy, who had been drinking all afternoon, wouldn't be so crude if they were completely sober. It was an odd conversation. But, Carol thought to herself, she had secretly admired Stacy's son and Julie's two teen sons herself. It was strangely reassuring that other "normal" women her age would take note of such young men in their own family.


As the four boys entered their campsite, the three moms told them to come and eat. Stacy's son Jason, the tall muscular teen with short blonde hair, hurried to the table. Jason had been looking forward to camping all summer. He had always enjoyed camping with his mom's family, but in recent years the extra-added attraction was spending time at the camp and beach with his two attractive aunts, Julie and Carol. What a pair of bookends! Julie had shoulder-length blonde hair, a pretty face, and big round tits! And Carol had shoulder-length brown hair, equally as pretty, long shapely legs, and even slightly bigger tits! Jason had spent many hours under the sheets creating teen fantasies about these two mature women, imagining them, separately and sometimes together, stripping for their nephew and letting him play with their big tits before letting him fuck them.

Julie didn't look much like Jason's mom Stacy. They had different hair color and texture, and different faces altogether. But sometimes Jason wondered if they looked similar naked. Jason had peeked at his mom's bare tits a couple of times, and wondered if Julie's tits had a similar shape, and similarly-sized and shaped areolas and nipples. He'd gotten erections seeing his mom's tits - imagine how great it would be to see his aunt's!

As hungry as Jason was, as he prepared his meal, he stared down where Aunt Julie sat. Her tank top was gapped open slightly, and he stared down into her cleavage. Jason caught Julie's eyes, and wondered if she'd caught him looking at her tits. Julie smiled at Jason, stood up, and got behind him. She reached around him and adjusted the Coleman stove's flame. In the process, she pressed her big tits firmly into Jason's shoulder. A wave of arousal shot through Jason, and he instantly felt his cock twinge in his shorts. Julie took her time adjusting the flame with her right hand, and rubbing her tit back and forth along Jason's shoulder. She placed her left hand on her nephew's left shoulder, and squeezed his muscular arm.


Carol's son Tom quickly grabbed a plate of food and sat at the picnic table, squeezing in next to his Aunt Stacy. As others squeezed in on the other side of Stacy, she moved closer to Tom, until their bare legs were pressed together under the picnic table.

Tom was a little surprised at how aroused he got just feeling Aunt Stacy's bare thigh rubbing against his in their shorts. Tom, like his cousin Jason, had secretly admired his busty blonde Aunt Julie for some time now, but it was only recently, in his most horny moments, that he had fantasies about Aunt Stacy. Clearly Julie was a MILF, but Stacy was a pretty average-looking mom at best. Stacy's figure, which was heavier than her sister Julie, her brunette "mom" hairdo that curled under several inches above her shoulders, and her constantly present glasses made her look bookworm-ish, like some librarian, or Sunday school teacher, or - just some mom. Tom thought Julie was pretty and voluptuous, as was his own mom Carol, a revelation that Tom tried to suppress. But Stacy was your average mom. Still, recently, while receiving an unusually long goodbye hug from Stacy after a holiday party, Tom had noticed that Stacy was kind of cute behind the glasses, and her fleshy figure had one thing going for it - big tits, nearly as big as Julie's, really.

As Tom ate his hot dog, he took notice of how smooth Aunt Stacy's thigh was. It may have been fleshy, but it was shaved and smooth. And Aunt Stacy didn't seem to mind rubbing it against her teen nephew's hairy leg. Even her calf was now pressed firmly against his. Julie placed a paper napkin on her lap. As she did so, she briefly rested her hand on the top of Tom's thigh just below his shorts. Tom couldn't remember any woman, or girl his age, ever placing a hand on his thigh like that before. He was getting hard thinking about Stacy. Sure, he'd love to fuck Aunt Julie, but he'd do Stacy in a second.


The girls and husbands returned to the campsite and got in line for food. In line behind them, Carol grabbed a paper plate and prepared her meal, leaning over the picnic table. As she leaned over to make a salad, she glanced over and saw Julie's boys Rick and Billy, who were sitting on the opposite side of the picnic table, trying to peer into her tank top. Carol instinctively put her left hand up to her chest to hold the top closed. Rick and Billy looked up at her, smirking, and then smirked at each other.

Rick and Billy had always been a handful. They were mischievous little brats sometimes. They were smart and good students, but around the family they always seemed to be in trouble. They weren't really bad kids, but always went an extra step than the other kids, and were generally the instigators when there was trouble. And they never seemed remorseful for their sins, always just smirking when being scolded or punished. Rick, the older teen, had red hair and freckles, and although Carol would never say it out loud, reminded her of Alfred E. Neumann, a smirking troublemaker. Billy, with short blonde hair, wasn't so snide looking, but was capable of egging on his older brother and causing just as much trouble. Carol didn't dislike the boys - their pranks were usually relatively harmless. She wished her son Tom wasn't so timid sometimes.

Carol felt her face go flush again as she caught the boys staring at her breasts. But it was far from the first time that she'd caught one or the other staring at her body since they'd reached puberty. In fact, upon greeting the boys now, instead of running away from a hug as they did in their youth, Rick actually would seek her out and give her long hugs, running his hands down low on her waist, and up the sides of her breasts. And as embarrassed and flustered as this could make Carol, she was flattered by the attention that she so rarely got from men these days. She had to admit that she had come to think of the teens as more than nephews. As long as others didn't notice their gazes and touches, she secretly enjoyed them.

The two other moms got in line behind Carol, but Rick cut through to grab some cookies from the table. Rick stood directly behind Carol and reached around her for the cookies with is left hand. As he did so, Carol felt her nephew's right hand touching her left butt cheek over her shorts. It wasn't just an incidental bump, either. It was a full open-palm squeeze. Nobody noticed the slightly shocked and surprised expression on Carol's face as she got her ass felt, and Carol was too surprised to say anything in public. She simply endured the grope for several seconds before Rick left the table.


The following afternoon, the three husbands went golfing. The remainder of the three families - the three wives, the four boys, and the girls, loaded up Carol's van and Julie's SUV with towels, blankets, coolers, and beach toys, and drove down to the public beach.

This was the part of the trip that Jason most looked forward to, seeing his aunts in their bathing suits. Carol was wearing the same pink one-piece suit that she wore last year. But Julie had a new red one-piece suit. It appeared to be pretty conservatively cut under her shorts, but it did scoop down in the front and expose most of the busty blonde's tanned and freckled chest, and cling nicely to her body, accenting her tits. Julie had just a little too much flesh on her tanned thighs, and her ass was a little larger than the teen girls at school, but Jason admired her whole body. He hoped that the suit would cling nicely when Julie removed her shorts and got wet.

At the beach, Stacy immediately whipped out a camera, and made the entire family pose for pictures, with one of the girls clicking the shutter. As they all bunched together to pose in front of a pine tree at the back of the beach, Jason was happy to see Julie standing next to him. While posing, she pressed her left tit into his bare shoulder, as she had the evening before at dinner. Then she placed her left hand on his left hip. As they all froze for the photos, Stacy slid her hand down over Jason's butt, and squeezed his left teen butt cheek over his flimsy bathing suit. Jason had a bit of a hard-on by the final photo, and wondered if it would show.

While Julie was secretly rubbing on Jason, Stacy was standing behind Tom. Tom felt his bespectacled aunt leaning into him, and felt both of her big tits pressing into his back. Then Stacy pressed forward, and rubbed her crotch into Tom's butt. Tom could swear he actually felt his aunt's pussy mound slowly rubbing up and down on him, as the group said "cheese."

Carol was the tallest of the group, and found a place in the back row, behind the girls. Rick and Billy found spots on either side of her. Soon Carol felt hands on both of her butt cheeks over her shorts. Carol froze as she did the evening before. Then Billy put his arm around her and squeezed her waist. Between photo clicks, he reached around her, and got a quick feel of the side of her tit over her bathing suit top.

As the photo session ended, Carol let out a secret exhale. She had now let Rick squeeze her butt twice this weekend, and Billy touch her breast, without any admonishment.


The moms laid out beach towels to claim their spots. Jason watched Julie strip out of her shorts, wiggling them down her hips. All the kids headed into the water, the girls on one side of the beach, the boys on the other. Soon Julie and Stacy joined the boys in deeper water. Initially Carol stayed up on shore by herself, but soon Rick and Billy ran up from the water and insisted that she come out and join them. Aroused at the thought of splashing around the two teens in just their skimpy bathing trunks, Carol shyly agreed. The two brothers stared at Carol as she unzipped her shorts and tugged them down her legs, leaning over to show some cleavage. Carol couldn't help notice their stares and grins, maker her blush. On her part, Carol caught a glimpse of Rick's wet trunks. They were stuck against his legs, and Carol clearly detected the outline of Rick's teen dick hanging down his right leg. It wasn't hard or anything, but the fact that she could see anything at all aroused her. Rick really has grown up.

In the water, after a brief game of "Marco Polo", the boys and women took turns lining up and swimming between each other's legs. This was something that they'd done since the boys were toddlers, but it took on some erotic overtones with the boys all grown up and darting between the mature women's bare spread thighs just inches from their crotches. In fact, Billy somehow managed to rub the back of his head across Carol's crotch, and Rick got a hand on her upper thigh.

As each one swam through the gauntlet, they would in turn let others swim between their legs. Rick stood behind Carol as the others swam between their legs. The aggressive redhead put his hands on his Aunt Carol's hips, and goosed her. Carol felt his semi-stiff cock pressing right between her butt cheeks over her clinging bathing suit.

The game turned into a general game of grab-ass in four feet of water, with various aunts and nephews pairing off and getting separated in the crowd of swimmers, pushing the others under water and trying to knock each other off their feet. Julie and Jason in particular got mutually aggressive at this game. Each managed to get in a number of "accidental" feels under the water. Julie started it, grabbing Jason's butt. Then Jason returned the favor, squeezing his aunt's big butt over her bathing suit. Julie then tried to pull Jason's trunks off. Jason stopped her, but Julie managed to palm his crotch in the melee. Jason reciprocated by "accidentally" getting a palm over Julie's crotch, without verbal admonishment. The wrestling became general, with both of them blatantly grabbing the other's body parts under the water, surrounded by unknowing strangers.

Jason and Julie each grabbed the other around the waist, and the wrestling momentarily turned into a general hug as the two panted and laughed. Julie wrapped her legs around Jason and put her arms around his waist, half floating in the water and half-carried by Jason. She slowly squeezed her nephew's butt with both hands. Jason, emboldened by Julie's groping, held her up by his hands under her butt, and took the opportunity to slip both hands up under her suit and feel her bare ass. Julie pressed her crotch against Jason's, and slowly dry humped him underwater. With the water now up to their necks, Jason took the opportunity to reach up with his right hand and feel his aunt's left tit over her bathing suit. Julie just stared into his eyes, with a dirty smirk on her face.


Ten yards away, a similar faux wrestling match had broken out between Stacy and Tom, although not nearly as rough. Stacy was the initial aggressor, trying to tug Tom's suit down, and managing to get it to mid-thigh once and getting in one good feel of Tom's bare teen ass before he pulled it back up. When Stacy began to play with his cock over his suit under the water, Tom stopped fighting. Tom wasn't all that desirous of his fleshy aunt's big butt, yet when he grabbed her there, and she didn't even attempt to push his hand away, he took the opportunity to get in his first good feel of an adult woman's ass. He really wanted her big tits, and managed to get his aunt in deep enough water that he slyly felt her tits under the water, over her bathing suit top. Without her glasses, Stacy squinted at Tom as they silently groped.


It was two-on-one between the tall busty brunette Carol and the two shorter aggressive brothers Rick and Billy. They quickly ganged up on her, separated her from the rest of their family, and drug her to deeper water. Carol fought off their four hands, which were all over her body, starting low on her thighs and working their way up, over her ass and crotch, up to her chest. Carol had an embarrassed grin at first, pushing hands away only to have them reappear somewhere else on her body. Nick swam up from behind and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her off her feet. As he pulled her back, he got both hands on her tits over her bathing suit, and had a long feel of them before Carol escaped his grasp.

When her nephews started sliding their hands under the suit onto hear bare ass, Carol tried harder to stop them. "No... Don't... Rick... Billy...No... Stop!"

But the boys would not be deterred. They giggled as Billy slid his hand under the back of her suit and felt her bare ass, while Rick simultaneously slid his hand in at the crotch and rubbed her pussy mound over her pubic hair.

"Don't...I'm warning you," Carol muttered, but didn't want to draw too much attention to them in the crowd. Eventually she stopped protesting. Instead, all she could do was writhe to their touches, pressing her hips forward when Rick rubbed her crotch, then arching her back as Billy felt her breast from behind. She struggled slightly as Billy slid his hand inside her top and squeezed her bare left tit, but she also couldn't deny the pleasure the young boy's attention was bringing her.

When the girls found the aunts and nephews, the secret erotic touches broke off, and they all headed up to the beach.


Up on the beach, Julie grabbed a can of beer and sat in a lawn chair. Jason grabbed a chair and sat nearby, watching Julie rub lotion on her legs, arms and chest. Julie lowered the straps on her bathing suit top, exposing a little more cleavage, beyond her tan line to the pale white flesh of her cleavage. Jason watched, with a feeling of satisfaction that he had just felt up that body, but at the same time aroused and frustrated that his buxom aunt was just a few feet away and he wanted more of her. He tried to be casual and look around the beach in his sunglasses, but his eyes kept returning to his Aunt Julie, memorizing every inch of her bathing suit-clad body, and also looking for a sign of acknowledgement from her that she had also enjoyed their little grope-fest. Her top had slid down enough that he felt he was getting a better idea what the shape of her tits would look like topless. Damn, he'd felt those puppies over her suit, but he sure wanted to see them!


Tom strategically placed his beach towel right at the feet of Aunt Stacy's beach towel. Tom lay on his stomach on his towel, looking up at Stacy as she stood on her towel right above him. She spread her legs wide, and rubbed lotion into her inner thighs and calves. She put her right foot up on a nearby chair, holding a "Captain Morgan" pose, rubbing her jiggling inner thighs, and affording Tom a view right up to her bathing suit-covered pussy mound.

Stacy sat down cross-legged on her towel, and caught Tom staring at her. She handed him the bottle of lotion, and asked, "Can you do my back, Tom?" Tom sat up and accepted the bottle and the invitation. He poured an ample amount of the warm cream into his right hand, and placed it on his aunt's back. He rubbed the lotion into her flesh, down as far as the suit allowed. Stacy pulled down her straps, and Tom rubbed her shoulders.

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