Aunts Go Camping

byGeorge VI©

Then Billy squirted his cock jism all over Carol's right tit. Mere seconds later, Jason shot white goo all over her left tit and chest.

Carol laid back and looked at herself, covered all over in the cum of her four teen relatives. She thought about jumping into the lake to wash off, but she left it on, allowing it to dry and cake on her flesh as she got dressed.

The entire group got dressed and finished off the beer, and headed back towards camp, drunk, happy, and satisfied. Carol's husband did ask where they'd been, and she simply replied that they went down to the lake and found the boys, and watched the sunset.

Carol quickly passed out in her sleeping bag, still sticky with her four lovers' cum that would nearly match her husband's DNA. She woke up with a headache from the drinking, a sore pussy and asshole, a small hickey on the underside of her right breast thanks to Rick, and a smile on her face.

Tom also had a headache from the drinking, and slept little once the alcohol started to wear off, replaying in his mind all of the nudity and fucking and sucking he'd gotten the past two days from his aunts and his mom. Especially his mom. He felt like life would be a little different from now on, a little better. He was already looking forward to his dad's next business trip out of town, when he might be able to hook up with Mom again. And he'd look forward to all family get-togethers with Julie and Stacy.

Jason had his dreams come true, fucking Aunt Julie and Aunt Carol, together and simultaneously, playing with the busty blonde and the busty brunette's tits like they were his own personal fun bags. And fucking his own mom was a major bonus, and one he hoped to repeat. Available big tits and pussy, right inside his own home, what more could a teenaged boy ask for?

The husbands didn't notice the extra-long hugs and quick kisses goodbye that morning when they broke camp and the three nuclear families drove off on their own. But Stacy, Julie, and Carol all whispered to each of their nephews that they hoped they would see them again soon.


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