tagLoving WivesAurora Blue Ch. 02

Aurora Blue Ch. 02


Caution: wife sharing story ahead! If this subject is not your thing, please do not read any further and please demonstrate enough maturity not to comment. I'm most interested in feedback from fans of this genre.


A couple months after Aurora Blue had met her two newest, bestest friends, I was at the bar with Tim. Several people from work had wondered over for a few drinks, and I asked Janine to meet me there and then we'd leave to get dinner someplace nearby. Everyone but Tim had left before she arrived, however, and he was pretty much just keeping me company until she did.

He'd been married to his wife May for twelve years, ten years longer than I'd been married to Janine. I'd initially confided in him the first year of my marriage, when Janine and I were not having much sex, and I'd never updated him on my situation. In his eyes his wife was a saint, right up there with his mother, and he wasn't worthy of her. Sound familiar? A visit to the strip club was his answer to a sexless marriage, and he'd always try to drag me along. As we sat their drinking, I was finding it harder and harder to fight off the urge to brag about my recent games with Aurora Blue. I finally couldn't stand it, and told him what I'd been up to with Janine.

I skipped over the details, and basically just let him know that I put a blue wig on her, which he'd seen at the Halloween party, called her by a different name, and screwed her all night like some cheap tramp. I didn't say anything about her reenacting all the times her old boyfriends had fucked her, because he'd never understand that.

He didn't buy my story––Janine was far too sweet for something like that. But then he pressed me for details, like what the hell kind of game did we play that involved a blue wig. Oddly enough I was welling up with pride, and I couldn't help myself and let him know that sometimes I'd used a dildo on her.

"You used a lady's longhorn on Janine?"

"Actually, we pretend she's Aurora Blue, but yeah, I did."


"And I'm telling ya, man, set May up with a costume, and-"

"Hold on, you might be comfortable talking about Janine, but I am not comfortable talking about May, awright?"

"Yeah, that's fine. I wasn't insinuating anything."

After a few moments of silence he said, "So is it big?"

"Yeah, pretty big."


Janine finally showed up and she looked good. Recently she'd cut her bangs straight, and they just kissed the top of her glasses, while the rest of her long hair was pulled into a ponytail. Tim was drinking whiskey, and even though he's a big guy he'd tossed back three and I think he was starting to feel it. I was on my second beer, and I ordered Janine a margarita and an extra shot, attempting to get her caught up. It was just going to be the one last drink and then we'd grab dinner.

Part of me was the tiniest bit pissed off that Tim couldn't admit his wife had it in her to be nasty, especially after I'd volunteered some personal information to help him see the light. Anyhow, I began to ask Janine questions, like if even sweet girls enjoyed a little nasty sex every once in awhile. She gave all the right answers and finally Tim said, "Awright, so it's not just that May is some kind of puritan. It's a bigger ball of barbed wire than that. And it's really not something I can speak my mind on with a lady present, awright?"

"I'm sure I've heard it all, Tim," Janine said, and she was using her Aurora Blue voice. Little by little, Aurora was taking charge over situations outside of the bedroom that Janine might have otherwise found intimidating.

After a little more coaxing from both of us, he finally caved, "Awright, but I warned ya. Actually, be kinda nice to get your perspective on it." He looked at Janine when he said that. "See, I'm kinda on the large side. I mean, down there. I'm always, you know, afraid I'm hurting her."

"Does she say it hurts?"

"Well, no, but then I'm usually very careful. It'd hurt if I wasn't so gentle, I know that."

"Tim, she'll let you know when it hurts."

"I ain't so sure she would. She's a bit old fashion when it comes to being husband and wife. And don't get me wrong, she's a great wife, big on wanting please me, and... I just can't say for certain she would let me know."

"Trust me, Tim, she'll let you know. Even if she doesn't say it, it's one of those things impossible for a woman to hide."

When she said that, I couldn't help but wonder which of Janine's exes had granted her this bit of wisdom.

Tim was closing in on the bottom of his fifth Scotch and feeling loose as a result, but even still, I was amazed Janine was getting him to open up about May. "Awright, maybe I'm not just concerned with her feeling pain, but––well, it would just be wrong. She's my wife. She's classy. I'll tell you what the curse of being big is, and that's any lady you lay with is automatically a honey. I know it's stupid, but only a honey would want something that big, right?"

"Are you telling me you're actually afraid she might enjoy it? That's silly Tim."

"I know it sounds silly, but you don't know May. She's always been a nice girl. She's had one other guy besides me. Look, I just know she couldn't handle me in anyway other than gentle, awright."

"Well Jesus, how big are you?" Janine inquired.

Janine had no idea I'd told him about giving her the high-hard-one with a dildo, and so she had no idea why he got a shit-eating grin when he answered, "Bigger than you could fit in a purse, okay."

Still channeling Aurora's voice, Janine seductively said, "Even nice girls can enjoy a big one, Tim."

For a minute everyone remained silent, and I waited with bated breath for someone to say something.

Tim then exhaled a frustrated sigh, and drank the last of his whiskey. "No," he finally said. He was smiled, but he also seemed decidedly angry with Janine's persistence, "No they can't. There's honeys and there's ladies, and there ain't much in between."

Both of us were surprised by this strong reaction and we looked at each other in disbelief.

"And of the honeys I've known," he went on, raising his voice even louder, "I could barely tolerate them long enough to finish up business, so I'm really not interested in having one for a wife."

After that he got up noisily and went to pay his bar tab so he could leave. Janine, fixing a bratty smile on her face, then said to me, "Aurora could handle it––all of it!"

"Don't be so sure," I cautioned, "I think he's got about six years of backed up cum."

She then leaned up against me and whispered, "Aurora would have him begging for mercy."


After paying his tab he stopped by our table and apologized. Janine apologized too, saying that she didn't know May very well, but was certain May is everything Tim said she was.

When he left, Janine giggled in a cruel way, and said, "He's a cheater. If he hasn't already, he's definitely going to."

"You sure that's not just a little wishful thinking on your part?"

"Please!" she laughed. Then, showing a bratty smile again, she rolled her eyes towards the ceiling, placed her finger on her cheek, and playfully said, "Although I wonder how big he actually is."


The newest Other.

Buying Agent Tim was way more awkward than purchasing Jude or Kyle, because Agent Tim was eleven inches of tar black rubber and I could only imagine what the cashier thought about that. Yet almost immediately after going through the trouble of purchasing him, I'd decided to wrap him up in an old towel, hide him in the trunk of my car, and leave him there with my muddy tennis shoes, car jack and a couple quarts of oil. I couldn't wait to buy the massive dildo, but when I took it out of the bag and had it in my hand, it just seemed ridiculous. There was a sexual tension surrounding our whole conversation at the bar, something Tim, Janine and I had all experienced together, and the idea of introducing a fantasy around it threatened to ruin what had actually taken place. I guess it was just more exciting to imagine real possibilities than to play a game. It's like how Agent Jude Law never produced an orgasm, but Agent Kyle, standing in for someone who at one time fucked Janine, never failed to churn out a confession from my Cylon.

For the next couple of weeks, as I drove to and from work, knowing Agent Tim was back there in the trunk, I just couldn't ease my mind from the danger of Aurora Blue getting laid by Tim. Then we drove to dinner one night, and Janine was sitting in the passenger seat looking stunning, and I just kept thinking that I had eleven inches of cock back there for her, so what was I waiting for? I mean, did I really think something was going to happen?


Three weeks after we'd chatted at the bar, Tim came up to me just before quitting time, and said, "May flew back to Texas to visit family. I have two nights off. Call Janine and tell her you have something to do, and then let's you and I get shit faced at 4 Plays."

At first I tried to get out of it, but he was being real pushy. He obviously had no one else to ask and was truly desperate. I finally agreed, but said I need to clear it with Janine.

"Don't tell her!"

"Dude, I'm not going to lie."

"Don't do it, she'll tell May."

I assured him May wouldn't find out, and then stepped into an office to call Janine. Something told me she just might not be cool with this, and I was right.

"You want to go to a strip joint with Tim––Tim, the guy who's looking to cheat on his wife!"

"Trust me, Nini, I'm not going to do anything."

"Well, what am I going to do? And I just picked up stuff for portabella burgers."

I pushed it a little more, saying she should rent some videos to watch while I was gone, and that I'd bring Tim over for dinner before hand. Plus, if we got enough Scotch in Tim during dinner he probably wouldn't last long at the club, and then Janine and I would get up to some real fun. I also mentioned that it might be a little kinky doing it after my night at 4 Plays.

"So you want to go out and gawk at naked girls, and then come home all hot and bothered and smelling like cheap perfume and expect to screw me. I don't think so. But if you'd really rather go to a strip club than spend an evening at home with a certain blue haired hotty, then be my guest. Maybe I'll just see what Kyle has going on tonight."

"You are so fucking terrible. I'll owe you for this, okay."

"You bet you'll owe me!"

I couldn't believe it when she actually agreed, and I knew she was saving it up until she needed something to hassle me about.

Tim wasn't particularly enthusiastic about going to my place for dinner, especially since we were having portabella burgers, but without much of a choice he followed me to the liquor store for a sixty dollar bottle of Scotch and then to my apartment. I figured if I shelled out for the good stuff he'd end up drinking more of it, and wouldn't be in a huge rush to get to 4 Plays and I wouldn't be trapped there all night.

When we arrived, Janine had already started the coals going on the barbeque, since in California it was still legal to barbeque on balconies in two-thousand-and-four. She came out of the kitchen wearing a pink and baby-blue striped tank top and a pair of black board shorts. The straps of her blue bra didn't line up with the straps of her tank top, and the top hung barely bellow her belly button, allowing us to clearly see where her blue panties peeked over her low riding shorts. She also had on Aurora's blue wig, and I practically jumped when I saw it. She had kept her glasses on, though, so she wasn't full on Aurora Blue, and it wasn't exactly a suggestive outfit, but rather a youthful getup that made my baby-faced, twenty-six year old wife look like she was an eighteen-year-old, free-and-easy, Berkley student.

Janine was obviously planning to torture me by prancing around as Aurora, like, 'Look at the hot little number you'll be missing tonight!' What she didn't know, however, is that Tim knew about our game and the wig, and he slid me a slightly baffled look as she came at us and grabbed the bottle of Scotch from my hands.

She made Tim a double and got me a beer as I took the portabellas outside to the grill. Janine is five-eight and only hundred and twenty pounds, but Tim's a big guy, about six-two and easily two-hundred and ten pounds, and I'm six feet, one-eighty-five, so the balcony was barely big enough for the three of us and the barbeque. The air was nice, though, and so we remained crammed on the balcony, while watching the sunset and keeping an eye on the mushrooms.

It was then that I realized why the idea of going to 4 Plays appealed to me. It wasn't just to see the girls, because really, why would anyone stare at hamburger when they could get a steak at home? The reason I found it appealing was that the entire evening presented another chance for Janine to hint at what a naughty little girl she could be. She was just a little jealous over the gentleman's club, which was sure to make her a little feisty. And the very fact that she knew Tim and I were about get up to no good and tolerated it, introduced a precarious climate into the evening's atmosphere. So even though I was sure nothing would actually come of it, a dangerous, kinetic energy surrounded us, and that was exciting enough.

"What'd you rent for tonight?" I finally asked, breaking the awkward silence.

"Pieces of April."

"Aw fuck, I wanted to see that."

"Well, you'll have to watch it tomorrow and have your little Katie Holmes fantasy without me."

Tim caught on to what she'd just said, and proclaimed, "Whoa, Janine. I just now noticed. You do look like Katie Holmes. A lot like her, in fact."

"Well, she's a year younger than me, so I guess that's a compliment."

"Of course it's a compliment, she's beautiful. You know who I get all the time?" he asked, but didn't wait for an answer. "Kiefer Sutherland."

"Oh god," she yelped, disgusted, "You're better looking than that. You have a full head of black hair!" She then looked harder at him, while saying, "Maybe… Maybe you have his eyes."

We ate inside around the coffee table and I had no idea how to keep the conversation going. Janine was fairly liberal and absolutely against the war, and Tim was just right of center, or a 'liberal Texan', and favored the war. Janine appreciated that I had my job, but she always felt like I was pushing a caffeinated drug soda onto a helpless stressed out consumer society, and Tim was straight up marketing, so work was better left alone, too. We'd recently bought her a hybrid and Tim was an all out Ford pickup man. She donated money to PETA, and he went hunting with his sixty-five-year-old dad a couple times a year. Being the only woman in an office full of programmers, she had to constantly work at earning the respect of her peers, while he worked the hot pants off the girls at 4 Plays so they could earn a couple of his dollar bills. Any other time it might have been fun to let them go at it, but as I said, Janine was already in a rowdy mood.

She finally asked us why we got off on strippers, and I lamely tried to defuse her question with some academic appraisal of the female form. Then Tim threw in his two-cents, "I know I'll never understand woman, Janine. But you'll never understand men, either. Don't try to figure us out. I don't even understand why we go."

"Would it bug you if May went to-"

"Please," he interrupted, sounding firm and forceful, "Let's please not talk about May. You'll never understand that, either."

"Okay," she retreated, but with the devil still in her eye she made her point another way. "Then what if I took off my top? Would that be enough to keep you guys here with me?"

"Do you really not want me to go?" I asked.

She took a big sip of wine and shook her head, as she said, "No. Go. Have fun! I'll watch my movie."


We arrived at 4 Plays around nine. Tim had put away two doubles at dinner, and had just killed another double as I knocked out my second beer. I'd only been to a few strip clubs in my time, and this place was nicer than any of them. Still, it always feels bizarre to have naked woman straddling poles and dry humping the ground while everyone goes about business as usual. I ended up tucking a few bills into a few thongs and then spotted one chick that was pretty cute. I nudged Tim and asked how you go about getting a lap dance. "Give it a little time," he said, "Because once you start spending that kind of money, it's hard to stop."

I had another two beers and he another double, and realized we were cabbing it home at that point. The time for a lap dance finally rolled around, and I had this pale French chick, a little on the skinny side, and slightly spidery, but with a really killer face and ass. She climbed on my lap, and at first it was great, but then her lingerie covered ass started to connect with my jeans covered cock, and that had to be crossing some kind of line. Even if the club allowed it, I didn't think I could. Up to this point in my life I'd been completely honest with Janine about everything, but this she'd have a tizzy over, and I didn't want to start lying to her now. I had a hardon before I even knew what was happening, and then I jerked my hip away and put my hands over my groin. My hands unintentionally bumped up against her ass in the process, and caused her to quickly sit on my knee and point both her index fingers while shaking her head 'no'. I knew the rules about touching, and I stupidly tried to assure her, "I wasn't touching, I just can't do the crotch thing." The altercation kind of killed the vibe, which was for the best, I suppose, and she finished her dance with very little contact.

I looked over at Tim, who had no qualms about his girl grinding her ass over his dick. She was turned around, facing me, and as she squeezed her own tits, said, "My god, your friend is huge."

Just as she was finishing up, my cell phone began to vibrate. I saw it was Janine, and thought I'd better answer or else I'd face the consequences later. With my right hand I covered my right ear and then pressed the phone tightly to my left to hear her over the music.

"Hello, Janine?" I asked, unable to hear her at first, and when I finally did I noticed she sounded funny, like she might be crying. "You okay?"

"Yes," I finally heard her say, "Guess who's here?"

I now realized she sounded funny because she was excited, and I answered, "I don't know, why don't you tell me."

"Mmmm. Agent Kyle came by, and he's giving it to me so good."

At that moment I understood she was driving the blue dildo into herself, completely worked up as she spoke to me. I looked at Tim, who'd just given the girl a tip, and kind of adjusted himself in his seat and ran his hand through his hair.

"Come home, baby," she moaned, "Come home and make your Cylon confess. Don't let Agent Kyle do all the work."

"I'm coming home, Aurora, but first tell me about this work Kyle's doing."

"Mmmm," she hummed, and then I don't know what came over me, I touched my finger to my lips, telling Tim to be quiet, and then handed him the phone.

He put it too his ear and gave me a totally shocked look. He then said quietly away form the receiver, "Is this for real?" I shook my head and scooted my chair around beside him, and he held the phone between both our ears.

I spoke into the mouth piece, "Tell Agent Kyle to spank your ass."

We heard the loud slap, and she said, "Ooohhh, he liked that. I think he's going to do it again." And again came the slap, and then another, slap, slap, slap, and she said, "Oh god, Kyle, fuck me good! Fuck me good like that! Fuck me hard like you fucked me in Mexico!"

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