tagBDSMAurora Is In Charge

Aurora Is In Charge


Never wager with a woman who has a gleam in her eye, especially if that woman knows you better than you know yourself. He told her he thought Brazil's beach volleyball team was the best and that he thought they would take the gold in the Olympic Games.

"You couldn't tell me how they play! You are so busy watching how their suits ride up the crack of their ass, they could play like shit and you wouldn't even know!" she allowed.

"Not so," He replied. "Women think men can't pay attention to both," he added and laughed.

"Put your money where your mouth is, then." She offered. And proceeded to tell him what she had in mind.

"I they win gold, I will be yours for Friday night. I will be your slave and refuse no command or wish for the entire night. If they don't you will be my slave for the night. So, what do you say, big boy. Are you sure of your assessment or are you chicken shit?" she taunted.

Before he thought, he responded with a big, "Hell yes!" He should have thought. Now, it's late Thursday afternoon and he was driving an hour into the country to her lake house for his period of servitude. It was beautiful out there, but it is way-the-fuck out there.

"Welcome, Jim, to be called slave from here on out, did you have any problems finding the place?"

"No, Aurora, just out in the middle of nowhere," he said.

"Slave? From Friday afternoon until Saturday morning, you may, well must, call me Mistress. Do we understand?"

"I understand your words, "Mistress", just not your plans."

"For Friday, Slave, those will be released to you on a need to know basis. The first of those involves you going upstairs and taking a shower. I will show you the bathroom and the bedroom where you will be staying."

Aurora took him upstairs and gave him the tour. He was impressed with the house. The bathroom was amazing and the shower, especially, was huge. She showed him where the soap and shampoos were and handed him a towel. She led him to the bedroom and showed him a blindfold on the bedside table.

For the rest of Thursday afternoon and night, they had a great time. They cooked homemade pizza, drank wine and watched some really good movies. They sat on the porch as the evening cooled and talked of the possibility of their future. He had assumed that they would sleep together, but as the evening wore out, she sent him to his room.

As he readied for bed, he remembered the blindfold on the night stand and turned over in his mind what this might be used for, beyond the obvious of course. His dreams were filled with the possibilities. The next morning, they had coffee and cooked breakfast together. The first part of the day, they hiked and laughed and had a pleasant morning. As early afternoon approached, she gave him his instructions.

"Go and get busy," she instructed. "When you're shaved and showered, go to your bedroom and lay in the middle of the bed with your blindfold in place."

"Yes, Mistress." was all he said.

As she requested, he showered and shaved, went to the bedroom and put on his blindfold. He climbed up on the bed and scooted to the middle of the king size mattress. He laid spread eagle on the bed and waited for her to come to his room. Just when he thought she had forgotten him, he heard the door open.

"Are you ready to fulfill my every wish and command?" she asked.

"Yes," he answered, his nipples becoming erect and his dick stirring with his response.

"Be still," she instructed him and almost immediately both arms and legs were restrained. He lay there, his arms tied to the side rather than above his head and his legs to each corner of the footboard. Again, minutes passed. Her methods, he thought, were more studied than previous encounters.

Then he felt her climb up on the side of the bed. Then he thought he felt someone climb on the other side of the bed and, finally, someone on the head of the bed. Fruitlessly, his head moved from side to side and he arched his neck trying to see what was going on, but the blindfold she had picked worked well. He was in the dark in the silence.

"Let me explain," she offered the thoughts gathered in his confused mind. "I was having coffee with a couple of my friends the other day. You know how girl talk goes among friends. Well, maybe you don't, but they were complaining about their partners. They either refused to try new things or responded badly when confronted by the sexual desires of my friends. I explained to them that I was lucky and did not have that problem with you."

He listened in stunned and confused silence. What was she saying? Who else, if anyone, was in the room?

"Later that night, you and I were watching the volleyball game," she went on, "and I saw an opportunity. Once I had won my bet, as I knew I would, I called my two friends, who shall remain unnamed and unseen, and asked them if they would like for me to prove my claim. Both said yes even though one was a little more hesitant than the other. So, there you have it. I have given each the okay to use you as they please as long as you are not harmed. I have explained that we have the afternoon and the night. Shall we start? No, on second thought, I think we need a drink and you need time to come to an understanding of your situation now that you have more information. We or one of us or two of us...Oh hell you'll figure it out, will be back shortly."

He felt all three get off the bed and heard the door close as they left him in the dark and quiet of the empty room. He had not even been able to respond. What did it matter, he thought, as he pulled against his restraints. What would they require of him, do to him? "What the fuck?" he thought.

All kinds of thoughts ran through his head. Then he heard the door open.

"Hello," he said. There was no response, but he could hear someone padding across the floor. The visitor stood by the bed. He could hear their breathing. They just stood in silence for a moment or two and then he heard rustling. He wasn't sure what it was until he heard a zipper. "They are getting undressed," he thought and then he felt someone on the bed. There was no talk and he assumed they might think he would recognize his voice.

The next thing he felt was a wet tongue on his hard nipple. His dick twitched and then there was a soft hand on his balls and then around his hard dick. While this intruder fondled his manhood, a mouth closed around his nipple and began to suck. A tongue flicked it as it was sucked and a hand squeezed his dick until he thought it would burst from the head. Then it stopped and there was movement on the bed. He thought his "user" had moved to the head of the bed and knew it to be certain when he smelled the scent of female excitement. She lowered herself over his head just enough to caress his mouth and nose with her pubic hair.

This wasn't his girlfriend. Her scent was different and she kept her pussy neatly trimmed. She moved back across his face again lightly, teasing him, and his tongue instinctively came out and reached for her sex. He felt it touch lightly between her swollen lips and she moaned, the first sound he had heard from this stranger.

With this encouragement, he felt her lower her pussy to his mouth. Almost heavy against his face, his tongue explored her lips and opening and he felt his nose rub her clit. She was so anxious and excited; practically all he had to do was hold his tongue out! She rocked her hips and humped his tongue and his nose. She was wet. Her juices ran on his face, she was moaning and her pressure against his face was more aggressive. He knew she was on the brink of orgasm, but wanted to hold the sensation. When she rocked her hips, he got his lips around her clit and she almost screamed, but stayed still with his lips sucking and his tongue working. "Yes, yes, yes," she repeated until she convulsed on him and his face was drenched in her sex. When she stopped moving, he released his hold on her to breath and swallow.

She eased her weight off his face and rotated her hips, painting his face with her cum drenched pubic hair. She moved from straddling his head and he felt her get off the bed. She bent and kissed him deeply.

"Ummm," she said as he heard her head towards the door. When the door opened, he heard his girlfriend and her other friend laughing in the other room. Hearing them laugh was no clue to who they were. He knew they were women, but she had many women friends. Who were these two?

He felt his last visitor's juices drying on his face when he heard the door open again.

"Hey, Baby," Aurora said. "How was it? Was she mean to you?" she asked in a tone like a mother uses on her child. She reached over and cleaned his face with a warm cloth. She tilted his head and gave him a sip of her favorite wine.

"She was horny," he said. "Yes," his she confirmed, "and neglected and denied such small pleasures as you just provided. She will want another go at you before this is over. Aren't you glad to be of service?" she finished.

"Who was she?" he asked knowing most of her friends.

"Oh, no," she laughed, "that would never do. Actually, after this is all over, it will make me hot just watching you wonder every time you are around one of my girlfriends. Well I don't know who is next, but someone will be with you shortly."

"What the fuck?" he thought again. He lay in silence and noticed that his dick was still hard and his balls were tight against his body. "Damn," he thought, "who's next, hell, what's next?"

His vivid imagination was interrupted by the opening of the door. This one was smaller. He could tell because he couldn't hear her movement across the floor. He knew when she was by the bed only by the breathing. He heard similar rustling to the first visitor. Either she had a belt on or something in her pocket, but he heard clothing hit the floor. Almost immediately, she was on the bed. "Interesting," he thought, "she must not wear underwear."

She straddled him, also, but this time his new friend was facing his feet. She brought her legs together and squeezed him between her thighs. He grunted under the power of her legs. "She's light," he thought, "but strong!"

She grabbed his dick and lowered her head and began to lick his balls. She took each one in her mouth and played with it, sometimes gently and other times rough. He began to moan and she backed her pussy up against his face. She was shaven smooth as a baby, but she was wet. As his tongue found where her lips met and the point began to part them and explore her insides, she began to rock her hips, grinding herself on his face. She lowered her mouth down over his dick and he tried to take command of her pleasure, but she was aggressive and used his tongue, chin and nose as she wished.

On one of her down movements on his face, he felt her fingers, playing with her clit and venturing inside herself. Then they were gone and his next reaction was surprise. While she skillfully sucked his dick, he felt her pussy-juice soaked finger circle his rosebud and enter. When he groaned, she buried to the hilt and pushed her pussy hard against his face. She removed her finger and her mouth and lay flat on top of him with her legs on either side of his head. She pushed herself back against him and he found her clit with his lips. He latched on with all the suction he had and she squeezed his head between her legs. She began rocking her hips again, pushing hard against his nose and he held on to her clit. It was only seconds into this last attack of his face that she paused, squeezing his head until he thought it might pop, and she came, in waves, filling his mouth with her juices. She came longer than anyone he had ever known, holding tight to his head as she occasionally jerked as if she had been startled.

Finally she released her grip and rolled off of his body. She lay beside him breathing heavily. She still held his dick in her hand. He was still hard, begging inside to be released! He thought maybe she had passed out as the minutes passed, but, ever so often, she would squeeze his dick, not enough to give him any relief, just enough to keep him hard and hoping for more. As he was contemplating his pleasant misery, the door opened and two laughing bodies entered the room.

"Well, well," his girlfriend commented, "you appear to be in a desperate state! The night is about over and, even though you were the slave, it would be fair to leave you like this," she laughed.

He could hear her walk across the room. As she did so, the hand around his dick released and that "attacker" rolled off the bed as he heard feet hit the floor. Someone else climbed on the bed as she rolled off and, as the new visitor dropped her pussy to his face, he knew it was his girlfriend.

"Finish what my friend started in the other room, Slave," she commanded and he tasted the beginnings of her excitement. She was wet to his dry mouth and he began to tease her as he knew she liked. I just minutes she was oozing her excitement and, then, she pulled off his face. She slid down his body, raising herself as she reached his dick. She lifted herself and he felt that familiar pussy as it slid up and down the underside of his shaft. She came almost to the head and he felt her hand guide him inside her. "Yes," she said and sat still for a moment flexing the muscles inside her body, gripping and releasing his shaft that was already tight in its new home.

"I need for someone to distract this slave or my ride will be short," she said. First one, then another body moved onto the bed. The first continued to move to the head of the bed and he felt the familiar bush of his first visitor drop to his face. He welcomed the addition, not because he wanted her, but she kept his mind occupied, kept him from pushing into his girlfriend's pussy and cuming before she got started.

She had begun to move up and down on his shaft and was moaning with her own pleasure. He concentrated on the pleasure of the woman on his face and she began to vocalize her excitement. Things were beginning to build for all three when he heard a buzz and felt the vibration of a dildo on the inside of his thigh. It found his ass and its operator circled the area with her lubed toy, held it tight against his body and entered him. He moaned and the woman on his face yelled in excitement. His girlfriend sat down on his dick and began to rock her hips, pushing him deep inside her.

"Suck my nipples," she said to someone. "Yes, like that. Oh yes, she said." Her new friend began to take him faster, the one on his face ground on him harder and his girlfriend began to pinch his nipples. That was all it took and everyone in the room let out and unmistakable scream of release. He released his pent up juices inside his girlfriend and hers ran down his dick and onto his balls. The girl on his face covered him and fell against the headboard and he felt the vibrations cease inside himself and the intruder slowly remove itself.

There was a collective "damn" and everyone took a place on the bed to recover, all with hands, heads and legs draped across his bound and exhausted body.

"Come on," he finally heard his girlfriend say, "let's shower and get dressed. He began to try and move, but, of course, was still tied to the bed. "Not you, honey. Everyone has to get left and then you can clean up."

He listened to them all laugh and talk as they got in the shower together and his mind tried to invent bodies and faces to go with the people who had used him tonight. Would he ever know, for sure, who she had shared him with? Knowing her, no was the answer. Shortly after the shower stopped, a parade of fresh smelling women passed his bed, each kissing his cheek as they left the room.

After he had fallen asleep and napped a short time, best he could tell, the light came on in the room. His girlfriend reached and removed his blindfold. The light was harsh on his eyes, but as they adjusted, he saw, gladly, the beautiful smile of the woman he loved.

"Don't plan on this being a regular event," she said as she untied his now stiff limbs from the corners and sides of the bed.

"I hope not," he responded. "You are my favorite and besides that, it would kill me!" They both laughed and he went to take his shower. "Where did these come from," he asked as he walked out of the bathroom with two pair of thong underwear. "Souvenirs," she explained as she grinned at him. More clues, he thought as he looked at sizes and returned to the shower.

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