tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAussie in LA Ch. 02

Aussie in LA Ch. 02


After dropping Carmen and her sister off at school, I went back to my hotel for a shower and to sleep. I was woken a short time later when the phone rang, it was Carmen and she was in the lobby. I invited her up to my room and moments later there was a knock at my door. I opened the day to see the hot girls I fucked yesterday, Carmen and Sabrina. Carmen was wearing a very short mini skirt, which just covered her arse, and a tight V-neck tank top, which showed her wonderful cleavage. From what I could tell, she wasn't wearing a bra as her nipples were poking through the thin material. Sabrina was wearing a crop top, which was a couple of sizes too small as it highlighted her bust beautifully and the short mini skirt with the split up to her panty line, she had on the other day. I invited the girls in and gave them both a long, passionate kiss while squeezing their arses.

As I was only wearing boxers, my ever-growing cock was starting to poke out of its hole and Sabrina was the first to notice. She got down on her knees, removed my shorts and gave my cock a soft kiss on the head. She opened her mouth and sucked softly on my cock as I pulled Carmen closer. I kissed her while one hand fondled her tits through her shirt and the other ran up under her skirt and played with her arse. I ran my hands towards her pussy and noticed she wasn't wearing any panties. I kissed her harder and played with her clit while Sabrina deep throated my cock. Her tongue was doing magical things on my cock because moments later I blew my first load for the day down her throat. Carmen broke away from me and joined Sabrina cleaning up my deflating cock. The girls kissed, sharing my cum between them.

I walked away from the girls and went and laid down on the bed. As I lay on the bed, the girls got to their feet, Sabrina undressed Carmen slowly revealing her huge tits and bald pussy before sucking on her nipples a little and teasing her clit. Then Carmen returned the favour, she undressed Sabrina and played with her tits and nipples and finger fucking her bald pussy. The girls came over and Carmen positioned her hot, wet cunt in front of my face. I opened her lips with my fingers and sucked on her clit, bitting softly until she started moaning. I inserted three fingers into her cunt, when I found her G spot, I tickled it making her scream in delight. With my other hand, I reached up to play with her nipples only to discover that Sabrina was sucking on them. I followed her body with my hand, squeezing her tits & nipples with my fingers, down her stomach to her wet pussy where I played with her clit. She started moaning on Carmen's tits causing her to grind her pussy harder into my mouth. I inserted one, then two, three fingers into Sabrina's pussy stretching it open. I then put my whole fist up her cunt and fist fucked her until she screamed and her pussy lips locked around my wrist. I licked and fist fucked the girls until they both screamed and moaned in multiple orgasms. My cock was now rock hand and ready for action. The girls fell off me in a crumbled heap catching their breaths.

When the girls had relaxed for a while, Sabrina got up and went to her bag. She pulled out a strap-on dildo and a tube of lube. The strap on had two cocks on it, a little 3-inch and a bigger 7-inch cock. She bought them over to the bed and sat on Carmen's legs. She wrapped the straps around Carmen's back and lubed up the small cock. She forced it into Carmen's pussy and tightened the straps leaving the 7-inch cock pointing straight up. She lube up the fake cock and slipped her pussy lips around it. She sat there for a minute and handed me the lube, telling me to fuck her arse like I did to Carmen in the shower. Not having to be told twice, I put a little lube in my hand and rubbed it all over my cock, then a little in her arse. I fingered her arse with one finger to open up her hole, then two. I replaced my fingers with my cock and pushed the head in. She let out a loud moan in delight. Sabrina had lent forward and was kissing Carmen while I got my big cock into this super tight passage. I pulled out a little, grabbed her hips and pumped my cock into her arse in one movement. She screamed in pain in delight so I stopped to let her arse accepted my cock. After about a minute she started rocking between us giving me the signal to start fucking. Between the three of us, we picked up a steady rhythm and were soon fucking like rabbits. The girls were moaning and kissing and their moans were getting louder and louder and I felt Sabrina's arse clamping around on my cock. Carmen started screaming as she was cumming, Sabrina shouted too and the three of us all orgasmed together before collapsing in a twist of naked bodies.

I pulled my cock out of Sabrina's arse with a little pop and she rolled off Carmen. I lay down between the girls, giving them both hugs and kisses before falling asleep.

I woke to the sounds of water coming from the bathroom and found Sabrina missing from the bed. I looked down at Carmen's hot body, her pussy lips sparkling in the light, her tits bouncing softly as she breathed in and out. I gave her a light kiss, before getting up to investigate the sounds. I walked in the bathroom to find Sabrina washing her body in the shower. I climbed in behind her quietly and raised my hands around her body and squeezed her tits hard. She jumped, surprised and turned around and we kissed, our tongues investigating each other's mouths. I ran my hands over her body, gentle squeezing her tits and nipples in my fingers, trailing my finger down her tight, flat stomach until I reached her pussy. I ran my fingers between the slits of her lips and inserted two fingers in, resting my thumb on her clit. She reached down and grabbed my cock and pushed it towards her pussy. I pulled my fingers out and replace them with my cock. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I lifted one leg into the air so I could fuck her deeper. I fucked her harder and faster, my balls slapping against her arse with each pump. I picked up her other leg and wrapped them around my body and I grabbed her arse. I forced my cock into her deeper while two fingers disappeared up her arse hole. This sent her over the top as I fucked her harder and harder, she had multiple orgasms before I blew my load into her cunt. We cleaned up and dried off before going back to the bedroom. Carmen was still asleep and we took the strap-on off her and lay down to sleep too.

I awoke a few hours later to find Carmen drying off after a shower and getting dressed. She pulled a G-string out of her handbag and put in on, followed by her super short mini skirt and tank top. I got up and walked over to her, butt naked and asked we she was going. She had to go home and baby-sit. I kissed her and gave her arse checks a tight squeeze and she left leaving Sabrina and myself alone.

Sabrina was still asleep with her legs spread wide and her lips wet. My cock was hard again so I positioned my cock at her pussy entrance and slowly pushed it all the way in. She moaned softly in her sleep and I slowly piston my cock in and out of her tight, wet pussy. I started to get faster and faster until she responded by fucking me back. We set up a rhythm and we fucked harder and harder until we both came. She was still asleep. I rolled off her a fell asleep.

The next morning awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs. Sabrina had gone to work and left a note on my breakfast trolley from room service. 'Thanks for the best fuck session of my life and will see you tonight at my place'. The address was on the card. I ate my breakfast and showered. I got dressed and went to buy some new clothes for the event. On the way back to my room, I was stopped in the lobby and told that a limo would pick me up at 7:30pm. Wonderful.

I showered and got dressed in my new suit and went downstairs just before 7:30. I was shown to the limo and I jumped in only to see Kari Bryon sitting on the back seat. She was wearing a stunning dress, which showed off her cleavage leaving nothing to the imagination and it was short. I caught a glimpse of her panties when I got in. She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips then placed her hand on my leg. Her hand slowly crept into my crotch, where she stroked my responding cock through my pants. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my rock hard cock. She lent over and kissed it before deep throated the entire length in one go. I ran my hand down her back and hitched up her dress. My fingers followed her arse crack around to her pussy. I moved my fingers under her g-string and inserted two fingers into her dripping pussy. She pushed her cunt against my hand as I finger fucked her. She lifted her head from my cock a pulled my pants down around my ankle. She then straddled my lap, grabbed my cock and guided into her hot cunt. I pulled the straps on her dress down exposing her huge, bouncing tits and played with them. I sucked and kissed her nipples, bitting softly while twisting the other with my fingers. She fucked me harder, her pussy getting tight around my cock and then exploding in a wave of orgasms. This caused my cock to explode filling her hot cunt full of sperm. She climbed off and cleaned me up with her tongue, then got dressed again as we pulled into Sabrina's driveway.

We got out of the limo and I escorted Kari into the party. We walked inside and were greeted by Sabrina. Kari gave her a wet kiss, grabbing her arse. Sabrina turned to me and I gave her a french kiss, running my hand up under her skirt and squeezing the blood out of her arse. She was wearing a short summer dress. Her arse was barely covered and her tits about to fall out. She looked fucking hot. I walked in and saw Carmen wearing the same dress as Sabrina. All the girls were in the same dress. She was on her knees sucking a guy's cock. I looked around and saw a lot of girls on their knees. In fact all the guys were butt naked. Kari came up to me and undressed me, I didn't mind as it looked like a sex party. As soon as I was naked, Kari sucked on my cock again and Sabrina explained the rules:

1. All males are to be naked at all times.

2. Girls are to be dressed at all times, except they are not allowed to wear any underwear.

3. If you want to have sex, you must go to a private room with no more than three girls at a time.

4. You must return here after 30 minutes in the private room.

5. Condoms to be used with all intercourse partners

6. You can choose who you want to suck you while in this room

7. Have fun

I looked up to see Emma Watson standing against a wall waiting for a cock. I called her over and she replaced Kari on my cock. I pulled out of her mouth and led her to a private room. I removed her dress and kissed her deeply backing her up into a wall. I grabbed her arse and picked her up, guiding my cock into her wet pussy. I slipped in easy and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I fucked her hard and fast while sucking on her neck. I grabbed one of her tits and twisted it in my hands causing her to scream. I picked up my rhythm and fucked her harder. Moments later she was screaming as we came together. I pulled out of her and she pulled my condom off putting it in a small bag. She put her dress on and left the room. I cleaned my cock and went back out to the hall awaiting my next fuck.

I walked back into the hall to select my next fuck and noticed stars like Maya Gallo, Phoebe Halliwell, Buffy, The Olsen Twins and Valerie Birkhead. I ended up fucking all of them and finished with an all-in daisy chain in the hall. I had Buffy sucking on my cock as I ate Carmen. When she came she swapped with Ashley, then Valerie, then Sabrina before overflowing Buffy's mouth with my cum.

After everyone was done fucking for the night and nearly everyone had left, Sabrina led me to her bedroom, where Carmen, Kari, Sabrina and myself all slept for the night. I woke up the next day with a hard-on and Kari's tits next to my face. I stuck out my tongue and licked her nipples while playing with her pussy. She woke up and climbed on and fucked me. The movement in the bed work up Carmen and Sabrina. Sabrina sat on my face and I licked her to a quick orgasm followed by Carmen. When Carmen came, this caused me to loose control and blew my load into Kari, which made Kari cum too. We all cleaned ourselves up and went down for breakfast. The girls just wore their G-strings and I put on my boxers.

Sabrina's 18yo sister, Helena was at the table eating her breakfast when we walked in. She was wearing a see-thru nightie. When she saw me, she tried to cover herself up, but Sabrina stopped her. Sabrina pulled the nightie off her sister leaving her butt naked in the kitchen. She laid here sister on the table and spread her legs open. Sabrina got down between her legs and began to lick her pussy. Sabrina fingered me to come to her and she pulled my shorts down exposing my fully erect cock. Sabrina ordered me to fuck her virgin sister. Her pussy was nice and wet and my cock slipped in easy until it was stopped by her virginity. Helena was moaning softly and was rocking her hips trying to get my cock in. I held onto her hips and forced my way in causing her in scream in pain. I stopped and let her relax. Carmen and Kari were sucking on one of her tits each and Sabrina had her pussy over Helena's mouth. When she was relaxed enough, I pulled almost all the way out and fucked her hard. She ate at her sister's pussy and was enjoying the attention. She rocked her hips at me and I fucked her hard and fast. I heard Sabrina cum and she climb off her sister and Carmen cleaned up the mess. I fucked her harder and faster and felt her lips contract around my cock telling me she was about to cum. Her moans getting louder and quicker until her body tensed up and she came. This caused me to blow my load deep into her body filling her up with cum. Kari was waiting to clean up my mess and I pulled out she went to town on Helena's pussy. Sabrina cleaned me up.

It was a wonderful end to the best holiday of my life.

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