tagErotic PoetryAussie Limericks 201-220

Aussie Limericks 201-220


‘The limerick’s an art form complex
Whose contents run chiefly to sex
It’s famous for virgins
And masculine urgin’s
And vulgar, erotic effects’
                                   Rupert Hart-Davies

AUSSIE LIMERICKS     (201 - 220)

There was a young lady from Turramurra
Had a shape quite unlike any other
Was incredibly tall
With no tits at all
And balls, just the same as her brother

There was a young lady from Ulladulla
Whose love life got duller and duller
Her boy friend was lazy
His sloth drove her crazy
And to sleep his inaction would lull her

There was a young lady from Uriarra
Found there grew in her yard a huge marra'
As at heart she's a prude
And she thought its shape rude
She took it off to the tip in a wheelbarra'

There was a young lady from Wallsend
To the men in the town a true godsend
She'd fuck them all day
Not take any pay
Then at night, in the pub, any tips spend

There was a young lady from Warrnambool
Spent a night with a man with a whopping tool
When she woke up next day
Said - ‘I'd previously say -
Size just doesn't count - what a fool!’

There was a young lady from Warren
To whom passion for men was quite foreign
It wasn't their height
That she didn't like
But the odd, dangling bits they had on 'em

There was a young lady from Warrimoo
When her new lover's cock came into view
Expressed her surprise
As to its full size
Much smaller than some she already knew

There was a young lady from Wauchope
Was persuaded one day to elope
But while getting her down
From her room to the ground
She slipped and got hung by the rope

There was a young lady from Waverley
Whose fame was really unsavoury
It was said blokes that she'd met
That she'd cosset and pet
Were often kept in virtual slavery

There was a young lady from Wedderburn
Who'd 'neath her love's nose a large feather burn
He had morals so quaint
During sex he would faint
So she'd learned to revive him for another turn

There was a young lady from Werribee
Gave frequent donations to charity
None knew the cash sent
Came from time that she spent
At her nightly, and pricey activity

There was a young lady from Weston
Who when loving would keep a thick vest on
She thought it good form
Also liked to stay warm
But mainly to hold her false breast on

There was a young lady from Wickham
Said - ‘Balls? I know where I'd stick 'em
The big ones I'd seize
And in the fridge freeze
Course sometimes I might check 'em and lick 'em’

There was a young lady from Williamtown
Whose juices were roused by a circus clown
It wasn't his hat
Or his falls on the mat
But his tongue, 'tween her thighs, 'neath her gown

There was a young lady from Willoughby
Lay asleep beneath a large willow tree
Her lover's prone form
Kept her comfy and warm
And his balls made a very nice pillow - see!

There was a young lady from Woolloomooloo
Gave all men in town a lovely view -
Especially when sitting
Quietly shitting -
Through a slat in the back of her outdoor 'loo

There was a young lady from Woolwich
Found a man by the road, in a ditch
She first played Samaritan
Then later she married him
When she found he was really quite rich

There was a young lady from Yamba
Liked best on a mountain to clamber
One wet, windy day
She fell quite a long way
Now she walks with a permanent camber

There was a young lady from Yass
Had a long, strong affair with a bass
But it wasn't his singing
That got her all tingling
But the tight, rounded curve of his arse

There was a young lady from Young
Of her lover loud praises had sung
And a portrait she'd painted
To the gallery donated
Just to show how well he was hung

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