tagErotic PoetryAussie Limericks 61-80

Aussie Limericks 61-80


'The limerick's an art form complex
Whose contents run chiefly to sex
It's famous for virgins
And masculine urgin's
And vulgar, erotic effects'
Rupert Hart-Davies


There was a young lady from Buchanan
Who came with a noise like a cannon
And got so incredibly wet
From each fuck that she'd get
That she kept a very large fan on

There was a young lady from Bukkulla
Whose hair grew duller and duller
From the come of her man -
'But it's still better than
With a baby getting fuller and fuller'

There was a young lady from Bullamalita
Had a girl-friend, a pretty young lass name of Rita
They had lovely long walks
Lots of intimate talks
But what she liked best was when Rita would eat her

There was a young lady from Bundella
Prayed often to find a fun fella'
Not one who was sad
But a bright, cheerful lad
Who in bed rude stories could tell 'er

There was a young lady from Bunga
Strange things her bed she kept under
A brass, penile flute
A pump and a lute
And other, assorted quaint plunder

There was a young lady from Bungendore
Had to add to her room a dungeon door -
'It's not to keep in
Those with whom I sin
But to keep out those who come back for more'

There was a young lady from Bungiebomar
Who made love on an old, spongy sofa
At the crucial minute
He disappeared in it
And they haven't discovered him so far

There was a young lady from Bungowannah
Advertised her charms with a banner
She screwed night and day
When hot, on the roof lay
While the breeze from the banner would fan her

There was a young lady from Bunyip
Has a scar on her nose and on one lip
When down on her knees
She was too eager to please
Using her teeth his pants to unzip

There was a young lady from Burcher
Small creatures would often nurture -
'I love them you see
When they're fond of me -
But not when they shit on the furniture!'

There was a young lady from Burgooney
Whose fate was to marry a right looney
Her friends wished him dead
But in his defence she said
'When he farts in the night he's really quite tuney'

There was a young lady from Buronga
Whose toe-nails grew longer and longer
She strengthened them daily
And called out quite gaily -
'I'll hang from the trees when they're stronger'

There was a young lady from Burragorang
Whose favourite pet was an orang utang
It wasn't his play
But the way his prick lay
When down from the ceiling he'd hang

There was a young lady from Burroway
Who decided it best to go this-away
But with a sad sigh
Heard her lover's - 'Good-bye'
As with her best friend, he went that-away

There was a young lady from Burtundy
Especially liked fucking on Monday
When her man asked her why
She replied, a bit shy -
'It's the one day I wear my clean undies'

There was a young lady from Burwood
Met a midget she knew would be good
Though lacking in height
He fucked her all right
On a stool, made of wood, where he stood

There was a young lady from Busby
Preferred her young men to play rugby -
'I love it!' she squealed
As she lay on the field -
'Having all of them scrum down above me'

There was a young lady from Buttai
Had for her pets two rhinocerae
Had trained them to please
When taking her ease
By carefully using their proboscerae

There was a young lady from Buxton
Who most of the day simply sucks on
Some lollies and sweets
While waiting to meet
Unsuspecting young boys, then she fucks them

There was a young lady from Byabarra
Whose trick was to vanish, 'Abracadabara'
It was really quite weird
Until she appeared
In the men's room, and they had her and had her

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